Barack Obama and Sarah Palin: A Contrast in Freedom

This 4th of July long weekend provides us with a chance to examine our freedom, and how our leaders view freedom, specifically Barack Obama and self styled shadow president Sarah Palin. Examining Palin and Obama side by side paints an interesting contrast. In 2010, Obama put out a statement praising the, "enduring spirit of America," while in 2009 Palin took to Twitter to and threatened to sue the entire Internet.

Danger Lurks as the GOP Hoovervilles the Unemployed

As Republicans continue to filibuster extending unemployment benefits, the economic fate of our country hangs in the balance. Their obstruction to extending jobless benefits is a more a result of their ideological contempt for the social safety net that can historically be traced back to the New Deal than their claimed discomfort with a growing deficit.

Alicia Lewis: Victim of the Sarah Palin Attack Machine Speaks Out

Stanislaus Shredded Documents Photo: John Myers

An exclusive interview with Alicia Lewis, who found herself the unwitting victim of the Sarah Palin attack machine during the Palin Stanislaus speech shakedown. In the course of following a lead about documents which were being disposed of suspiciously, Ms. Lewis stumbled into the middle of another Palin drama and found herself being labeled a dumpster diver and "political operative" by Sarah Palin during Palin's national speech last weekend.

Glenn Beck Manipulates History to Attack Women’s Rights

Glenn Beck celebrated “Founders’ Friday Women’s Day” today. Yes, you know this isn’t going to a good place. Beck, apparently having ran through all of the modern era villains, reached back to the last century to find his latest victim, "one of the most horrible women in American history", named Margaret Sanger who was a……NURSE! Shudder. A nurse who cared about unplanned and unwelcome pregnancies, a “champion of women’s rights” -- clearly a threat to the modern conservative.

White Republican Overseers Order Obama to Do His Job

Republicans who are loath to do their own jobs are thankfully not reticent to run around pointing fingers at Obama and demand, “Mr. President! Do your job!” This is said in what I can assure you is not a racist tone, because the only racism we need to worry about is reverse racism, as you would know if you were a rich white man who has suffered mightily trying to get someone to stop you and ask for your birth certificate.