Terror Tactician Glenn Beck Calls All Progressives Terrorists

On his Fox News show today, Glenn Beck claimed that all progressives are terrorists, “Many of these people are nothing more than terrorists, economic terrorists, free speech terrorists, religious terrorists, racial terrorists. They are attempting to silence you through terror. They have not gone to a flight school or strapped bombs to their chest, but they are terrorists just the same.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

After quoting Edmund Burke, Beck called progressives terrorists, “Fear is the way they get you to do nothing. It’s a tool. They terrorize you. They call you names. Many of these people are nothing more than terrorists, economic terrorists, free speech terrorists, religious terrorists, racial terrorists. They are attempting to silence you through terror. They have not gone to a flight school or strapped bombs to their chest, but they are terrorists just the same.”

After invoking Martin Luther King and God Beck continued the attack, “The progressives are going to go crazy over this monologue. I don’t care. They will scream and whine about me calling them terrorists despite the fact that they do it to you and me on a daily basis. They’ll scream that there is nothing wrong with what Congress has done, or with what this president and administration has done so far.”

Beck then went on a full on paranoid rant of half truths, “In America I don’t think we take over the auto industry. We don’t take over healthcare…They taken over the banks and other institutions. They’ve completely changed the way money flows through the system and you don’t know it yet, or your neighbors probably don’t. They’ve given themselves the ability to seize any institution they deem a threat….They’ve taken control of the student loans. They have through regulation, not legislation, set up a system to take control of energy in our homes. They are circulating memos in the administration that would effectively grant amnesty to illegals, again without Congress…”

Notice that Glenn referred to his remarks not as comments or commentary, but as a monologue. Who gives monologues? Actors give monologues, so while Beck’s old white audience is sitting at home getting frightened while worrying that Obama is going to turn off their electricity, and the illegals are going to come and get them in the dark, remember that this man is just giving a monologue. Glenn Beck is acting, and laughing all the way to the bank over the hate and fear that he is so recklessly inspiring.

His comments about the Democratic and Obama agenda have no relationship to reality, because Glenn Beck isn’t about reality, but the reason why I dedicate time and space on this website to Beck is because millions of people out there think that he is speaking facts and the truth. Glenn Beck all the others big and small who insist on ratcheting up the rhetoric so that progressives are terrorists and conservatives are free speech censors are all playing the same game. They are trying to manipulate your emotions for their own gain. They don’t care if they are poisoning the well. To them what’s another gallon of division and hate?

I can’t play that game. I won’t play that game. I still believe that there are people out there who are capable of not seeing the world through the us versus them mentality. There are still Americans who see the big picture of how the very fabric of our freedoms are destroyed when extremists on the Right and Left insist on demonizing one another, and using scare tactics to gain supporters.

When Glenn Beck refers to progressives as terrorists, or someone else paints conservatives as censors, and they using scare tactics to manipulate your feelings. It is then that we as individuals need to look into our hearts, stand tall, and be true to ourselves and our values. The real terrorist isn’t your friend or your neighbor who may be a progressive or a conservative, but they are the people who spread fear for their own personal gain. Those who are destroying America are those who for matters of ego, money, or fame feel the need to scare and divide, and those on the Right or the Left, because I have heard it from both sides, who scream loudest about terrorism or censorship are usually the ones who most likely to terrorize and censor others.

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14 Replies to “Terror Tactician Glenn Beck Calls All Progressives Terrorists”

  1. Beck, Palin, Limpballs all provocateurs of fear & when they get caught they whine and try to throw it at progressives! Truth be told…progressives are truth tellers, they want change and forward thinking, conservatives stuck in fear and paranoia, not want change want to regress back to the good old days of McCarthyism, Nazism, slavery! Everyone looks the same and acts the same and worship at the same church or burned at the stake or Stoned as modern Theocracy’s do. I’m damn sick of hearing their lipstick on a pig bleating and crying, and blowhards of the right, persistent whine of idiocy!
    This country was founded on separation of church and state.
    The freedom to express ourselves. Limpballs, Palin, Beck practice “HATE “speech which is not protected under the constitution. I can’t wait until the whole kit and kabootle are carried off for hate speech.

  2. maybe one of them should just fulfill his expectations, reload, and put the cross hairs on the back of Beck’s head ;-)

  3. The daily dose of poisonous hatred, fear and ignorance that Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, and others serve up each day proves something that a Washington Post columnist named Courtland Milloy once said. To paraphrase, he said that we have a lot more to fear from homegrown ignorance than from a terrorist attack from without. They are trying to take this country backward by demonizing those of us who want to move forward, and they are truly dangerous because they don’t care who gets hurt in the process of their cynical bid to win at any cost.

  4. if thats not hate speech I don’t know what is. If you want to make headway you should attack him directly on the things he has said factually rather than disprove opinions. I have not read from anyone who can call him out on exactly what he claims to be facts as untrue, and then provide the “real truth”. i would love to know what he’s lying about so please let me know

  5. Until it is banned, the Republican Party is, has been, and always will be, America’s Ultimate Hate Crime against humanity. We MUST take it out, any way possible. Thank you, Jason, for inspiring my own tenets into this worthwhile goal.

  6. the problem is that beck and his followers simply ignore facts. where should we start? hawaiian birth certificates? the fact that bush took this country from it’s largest surplus to it’s largest deficit? (and yet tax cuts are good?) the fact that allowing tax cuts to expire on the richest 2% of the US population isn’t the “largest tax increase in US history”? (in fact, ronnie had the 2nd largest in US history; the largest was in the 40’s.) how about the fact that sadam had nothing to do with 9/11? or maybe the fact that the mosque “at the site of the 9/11 attacks” is blocks away, isn’t a mosque (but rather a prayer room with community etc.), and in fact there’s already a mosque in the building? but don’t let facts get in the way of your beliefs.

    oh, and since you obviously didn’t get the joke, Palin made the ‘reload’ comment and it was she who had the map with cross hairs targeting various politicians with whom she disagreed. if it’s hate here, it was hate back when she did it. oh, but i forgot, those pesky facts again …

  7. His followers ignore the facts? Ultimate Hate Crime against humanity?
    I am now sure hardly any of you have truly seen a complete Glenn Beck show.
    IN Glenn Beck’s shows, he says himself NOT to trust him, he says “Look up the facts yourself”, and I sure have.

    And I am sure that both sides of the political war of ideas see problems (as citizens at least) in the world, we have core ideals, such as world peace, happiness, and freedom, but the way that the left sees it, well, I’m not a Leftist Senator, so I don’t think exactly as they think, but I have come to understand, that they see the way to solving the answer to all this sadness, is that there should be an established Nanny State, where the people don’t think for themselves “because they CAN’T think for themselves”, that there should be a worldwide communistic government, and redistributed wealth from the rich (hard workers with good educations and good ideas, like Bill Gates) to the poor [Illegal Immigrants, people who live off the govt., people who work hard but are still having hardships because of others who don’t want to work in their community, such as thieves, (and I agree that that is a little troubling and that is probably where we agree, that crime must be stopped) .

    The Government is completely taking advantage of this opportunity (where they have more than half of the Congress filled with progressives, both Republican and Democratic) to get in as much fear and problems as they can, – Health Care for example, our Health Care System will fail, just like Greece’s, and the people of America will be pouring out their complaints and power to the government, saying “Hey! Help us oh mighty government!”, THEN the government shall take that power and rule.

    They already have so many people inclined to this, there is even a group called the International Socialist Organization who, actually, is helping out with the “Counter” Restoring Honor Assembly. (Again, why would they “Counter” a restoration of honor? Do tell)

    Glenn Beck in his shows always, constantly, and constantly, quotes the very people who the leftists love so much. He quotes them, right from context, and that’s where we get our fear from.

    I know that telling you that “your all wrong!” would be a fools dealing, your all just going to hate on me and get all defensive, so I am sorry, but this HAD to be brought to attention.

  8. My gosh are you brainwashed.

    First, wealth distribution is not taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Wealth distribution is not allowing the middle class to become the lowest class. Why you ask? Because a country does not run on its rich. It runs on all classes having buying power and not a huge separation between them. It means full employment. You have Becks twisted idea of Wealth distribution, not what it really is. The rich are welcome to get rich, but they must pay the same taxes as everyone else. This country cannot continue without a strong middle class. SO while you are out there supporting just the rich, remember you are nothing to them.

    This bs about a nanny state is just that. Bs. Pure talking points. Meaningless. Repeated enough times so you will memorize it.

    There isn’t a civilized country that doesn’t have healthcare. Our healthcare providers have proven they are not here for healthcare but for profit at any cost. The cost is human lives. Something you may hold in low esteem. BTW, are you aware that having heath care drops the deficit? Single payer which we should have would drop it considerably more. Every person that your godlike Healthcare providers drops raises the cost that the government pays.

    No one I know of wants a “worldwide communistic government “. That is hilarious and another talking point we hear bandied about by the wannabe’s. Beck got you on that one to. And you obviously suck it up big time.

    By the way, there is a huge gap in your silliness about Gates down to illegal immigrants. Its called the middle class that just wants to work. SOmething the republican party doesnt want. Nor does beck.

    Your problem is when you looked at the facts, you never left the Glenn Beck show. Do try and get away, and take a step back and look at the things Beck says. If you can free yourself from him, you will find they are just as funny as we do.

    BTW, please present your facts that the “International Socialist Organization” is helping with any rallys. Because we know you have been sucked up on that one too. The Colbert/Stewart rally is not a counter rally, as neither of them are pretending to be the pope like Beck did.
    I await your “International Socialist Organization” facts. I know they wont be coming.

  9. Lies? here you go.

    “In America I don’t think we take over the auto industry. We don’t take over healthcare…They taken over the banks and other institutions. They’ve completely changed the way money flows through the system ”

    No one took over the auto industry. they went from disappearing to profitable which angers beck.

    No one took over healthcare as we still have the same corrupt healthcare providers. Current healthcare allows them to insure more people and make more profit if they choose, that angers beck.
    No banks have been taken over and almost all have paid the loans back. That angers beck

    You guys are so easily had.

  10. If progressives are free speech terrorists, why are the republicans refusing to debate this year? Its because they have no candidates that they want opening their mouths

  11. Here let me help you.
    “Ed Note: The rally Beck was referring to when he directed viewers to the CPUSA.org website was the One Nation Rally taking place on Oct. 2, 2010, not the Colbert/Stewart rallies which are scheduled for Oct. 30, 2010 as this post reported. The post title has been altered to reflect the change, and the incorrect portions of the post have been struck. We regret the error.”

    ANother beck lies and misinformation play.


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