Newt Gingrich Claims that Obama Not the GOP Governs for the Elite

Newt Gingrich was on FNC’s Hannity where he kept up his pre 2012 presidential campaign rhetoric by saying that Barack Obama and the Democrats are, “Government by the elites, by the elites, and for the elites.” This is unlike the Republican Party which opposed unemployment benefits, didn’t want to lift the damage cap on BP, and is fighting to protect tax cuts for the rich.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Gingrich and Hannity were engaging in the favorite conservative hobby of lamenting their own victimization, when Newt described the current state of our government as, “What you have right now is government of the elites by the elites for the elites. Whether it’s elitist judges overturning the vote of the people in California, or it’s elitist politicians in Washington, or in city hall, or in the attorney general’s office in New York state.” Gingrich then dredged up Scott Brown and the meaningless Missouri healthcare vote to claim that something big is happening in America.

Gingrich’s points play well to the reality challenged Fox News audience, but for the rest of us who reside on Earth, and are paying attention, there are some obvious differences between the facts and Newt’s opinions. Republicans have referred to unemployment benefits as welfare, and caused hardship for millions of Americans by obstructing an extension of benefits. Republicans obstructed aid for small business, which they claim to be in favor of, lifting the damages cap on BP, and when they are not obstructing legislation, they are fighting to keep the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans.

Obama has not passed a single bill that would benefit strictly the elite the way that Bush did repeatedly throughout his two terms. Perhaps Gingrich has Obama confused with his Republican predecessor who once said, “Some call you the elite, I call you my base.”

Gingrich was trying to revive the tired Republican attack on Obama as an elitist. It didn’t work in 2008. It is not going to work in 2010, and it most definitely won’t work in 2012, but the party of no ideas is still going to keep spinning their broken records. It is interesting that the Republicans think that the American people are so stupid that they can get away with assigning their own traits to Obama. The legislative record since 2008 reveals that there is one party that is firmly on the side of the elite, and it is not the one being led by President Barack Obama.

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  1. I am sorry, but it’s time for these folks to be laughed at publicly. Just how stupid does he think Americans are? How insulting.

  2. This is the same fool that brought us the Contract On America. He and other Republicans reek of the very elitism they like to accuse Obama and other Democrats of. I would say that wanting huge tax cuts for the very wealthy to continue, while balking at extending unemployment benefits or at job-creating legislation that keeps teachers and other public employees employed, qualifies as arrogant and elitist.

  3. More projection from the right. Yawn.

    It’s sad really. I’d love to see a psychological evaluation of the right wing. Narcissism, sociopathy, paranoid schizophrenia and delusion… they’re literally insane…

    At the point where you strike down a bill intended to fund healthcare for 9-11 responders because it would impose a tax on profits made in America by wealthy offshore multinationals, how can you possibly claim you’re for all the little Joe Twelvepacks?

    How can anyone take Newt seriously? Oh, wait, I get it. Go back and listen to Sarah Palin’s speeches. In the wingnut lexicon, “Elite” means “educated and intelligent”, not “wealthy and privileged”. I always forget how the right likes to redefine words.

  4. Newt is a liar. He runs with liars and he lies with them. It’s quite obvious to everyone but the Republican base who runs with the elite. Democratic ties to corporations are far less than those enjoyed by the Republicans and it seems rather odd that the GOP is busy calling President Obama anti-corporation that one of their more prominent “thinkers” would accuse him of running with the elites.

  5. Well, we know that logic and consistency are not traits that we can associate with them. On one hand, Obama is a wimp and on the other he is a tyrant taking freedom away from Americans.

  6. Newt has lost his mind now!!!!! There is NO WAY the GOP can use this b.s., people KNOW who bows to corporations, and the rich. If Obama caters to the corporations and rich, then WHY WHY would he be toughing up regulations, oversight, and people who make grater than $250,000/year taxed more, and only allowing the Idiot from Texas tax cut expire for. This country has been brought down to almost nothing economically, care of repubs from the last 8 years the repub had power. Even a blind person can see through Newt. People here in Georgia do not believe a word Newt says, you can’t trust him as far as you can throw an elephant!!!!

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