John McCain Palinizes Into a Pit Bull With Lipstick

mccain palin 2010 One of the fascinating things about John McCain's reelection campaign is not only has he sold out and moved further to the right, but he has adopted the political persona of his 2008 running mate, Sarah Palin. McCain, like Palin, has abandoned his reputation for bipartisanship, his former positions and values, and is now plain pandering to an angry GOP base. In short, McCain has been Palinized.

One of the fascinating things about John McCain’s reelection campaign is not only has he sold out and moved further to the right, but he has adopted the political persona of his 2008 running mate, Sarah Palin. McCain, like Palin, has abandoned his reputation for bipartisanship, his former positions and values, and is now plain pandering to an angry GOP base. In short, McCain has been Palinized.

The latest episode to illustrate the metamorphosis from McCain to McPalin is his obstruction of the Defense Authorization bill. After saying earlier in the day that he would not obstruct the bill, McCain did exactly that in the Senate Armed Services Committee. Here is the video from Think Progress:

When committee chairman Carl Levin asked for unanimous consent, McPalin stood up and said, in a very un maverick like manner, ” I’m not going to allow us to move forward and I will be discussing without leaders and the 41 members of this side of the aisle as to whether we’re going to move forward with a bill that contains a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy repealed before, before a meaningful survey on the impact of battle effectiveness and morale on the men and women who are serving this nation in uniform. It’s again…moving forward with a social agenda on legislation that was intended to ensure this nation’s security.”

McPalin has replaced McCain’s honor and America First, with the image of a reformer, Washington outsider who wants to secure our borders. Those same ideas are often found on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. The transformation of McCain was inspired by the fact that he now has a Tea Partier primary challenger in J.D. Hayworth. In March, Palin went to Arizona in attempt to give McCain Tea Party cred, “I want to clear the air right now, in respect to the Tea Party movement, a beautiful movement. You know what? Everyone here today supporting John McCain, we are all a part of that Tea Party movement.”

The comparison between McCain 2010 and Sarah Palin 2006 is striking. Palin sold herself in Alaska as a maverick who was willing to work with Democrats, and she when she took office as governor, she did work with Democrats on issues like socializing oil profits. McCain was the Senate version of Palin. He sold himself as a maverick and worked with Democrats on issues such as campaign finance reform, immigration reform, and climate change.

It can be argued that maybe McCain and Palin never were in the middle, but after Obama’s election and the GOP’s subsequent move to the far right, both McCain and Palin abandoned any pretense of moderation, sold out, and moved further to the right. In a desperate attempt to hold on to the twilight days of his career, John McCain has thrown on a wig, some lipstick, and disguised himself as a pit bull. It is a cynical move by a desperate politician who will do anything to keep his seat.

In 2010 John McCain has done the unthinkable. He has picked as his role model the most unpopular, outside of the GOP, politician in America. War hero John McCain is so terrified of retirement that he has become a winking, you betchaing senior citizen Sarah Palin. John McCain has willingly Palinized himself, so as you watch the video of McCain ranting against DADT and threatening to deny bullets and body armor to the troops, remember the man on the screen isn’t John McCain. He is John McPalin.

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  1. McCain and Palin have no guiding principles or ideology except for self-serving expediency — which is why they look and act so similar.

    “Country First?” Naw.

    “Me First” is more like it. Selfish to the bone. A lot of that going around these days in the GOP.

  2. McCain has forfeited any trace of honor he ever had in his efforts to hang on to power at any cost. He has adopted many of Palin’s worst traits, the very ones that make her so unpopular outside her base, and this is the legacy that will replace his former one of honor and bipartisanship.

  3. I used to actually like John McCain. I really thought he was a fair and balanced man. I didn’t even know who Obama was when the primaries started. I had made up my mind I would vote for Hillary or McCain. I have always respected that woman. She’s a very admirable strong and wise woman. Palin really should try to learn some lady like qualities from Mrs. Clinton. And educate herself before talking. Clinton is something Palin will never be. Palin’s just too dumb. Imagine sending palin out to talk to world leaders???? OMG..frightening! When he brought out Palin–something about her right off the top I just did not like. I felt nothing sincere about her. She was vicious! And I had to question the man. It was pretty clear he chose her TO WIN! That’s all. No thought about this country. JUST WIN! And thats when I lost all respect for the man. That woman does not have one sincere bone in her body or one brain cell for that matter. God? I dont’ think she even knows him at all. Christian woman? No. More like MONEY WOMAN. Money is her God. She has shown that time and again. Anyways, after losing respect for McCain when he brought her out I started reading about him more..and found out he wasn’t a true hero! He folded under pressure and talked. Ask the neighbor in the next cell. His dad got him off and covered the whole mess. He’s a womanizer. Left his handicapped wife after an accident for a millionaress. He caused people to die while he flew a plane while serving. I believe he was drunk too..very irresponsible they said he was. A military brat child who got away with murder. Called his wife a C in front other reporters. Always made fun of various races. I read some of thsoe statements he made too. Wow! He’s one mean little ol man now. Palin then helped bring out even more of the worse in the ol man. Or I just finally saw it. They really believed they had the people with all that hatetalk during the primaries?? Think again. Neither of these clowns..McCain or Palin will ever make it to the White House! NEVER IN THEIR WILDEST DREAMS . Hayward scares the heck outta me. HE CANNOT WIN..but looks like we may be stuck with mean man#1! :(

  4. Jason, that is a really good description of John McCain er, John McPalin.

    I fear this new McCain–this McPalin–is what is left of his legacy.

    I remember when I was in my early 20s and first starting taking an active interest in our country’s politics. Even though I was still a staunch liberal and not an avid political junkie, I do remember how much I admired John McCain. I still remember the news coverage about his service, devotion and love of this country. Heck, I even remember thinking he would make a great President. The stories about his life as a POW–his sacrifice; he epitomized “war hero”. God, that coverage was moving–really moving. I miss that John McCain.

    Fast forward to what he has become. He rallies against what he fought so vehemently for–freedoms, liberties, the people. Yes, people. He always was a supporter of comprehensive immigration reform. He frequently crossed the proverbial “aisle” in effort to do what was best for the people. Now, he champions the views, not of this country, not of the people, but that of his party. Party does not equate to people. It equates to political power. It is the same thing Palin craves–political power. She doesn’t strive to educate herself about issues. She’s happy with the party platform. She embraces her own version of the facts and throws abstract rhetoric around like it somehow equates to sound policy. And John McCain has made line of thinking his own.

    I want the old John McCain back sans Sarah Palin.

  5. Mr. Magoo is getting more senial everyday, right before our eyes. It’s really scary to know that there are people in power with Mr. Magoo’s newest ideology. At a time in history, KNOWING, that the American people are suffering and need help, we DON’T need any Mr. Magoo’s in power, Americans need help till the jobs come back!!

  6. That’s one grumpy old man who needs to hang it up before he destroys any hope of having a positive legacy. And it may already be too late. I lost whatever respect I had for him during the presidential debates in 2008. Disgusting performances.

  7. Thanks Dee,

    He is definitely not the John McCain of his previous years, and I am not sure if I can ever remember a former presidential nominee morphing into the personality of his running mate the way McCain has. To me that suggests, some definite cynicism and maybe a lack of strength in his character.

  8. And let’s not forget the part McCain played as one of the Keating 5. I’ve always thought that he got away with a light reprimand only because of the political power backing him up and not because he was less guilty in the Keating mess. McC may have worked hard to regain respect after that but character has a way of showing through. John McCain has always been spoiled and deserts principles in favor of what he wants to do.

  9. According to that 10 page Rolling Stone article from 2008, John McPalin was never the man either of you believed him to be.

    (the original article is no longer available from Rolling Stone archives for free; this is the next best thing — )

  10. The way he is acting makes me wonder how he truly behaved as a prisoner of war. This man has no honor left. I am willing to bet he sold his soul to the devil to win at all cost. Well all I can say come time he meets with his maker he’ll have lots of splainning to do. How does he look in the mirror everyday. He morphined into Palin and like her the hunger for power is the most important thing to them. Palin power and money and of course her fake Jesus love. I sure wish we could all see how god will judge this crazy bunch.

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