Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways

Watch out or Sarah Palin and her entourage will attack you!
Watch out or Sarah Palin and her entourage will attack you!

Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways

Sarah Palin is a petty, mean girl not fit for prime time. It doesn’t matter if she’s just a celebrity, even successful celebrities know better than to behave like this. But in Palin’s case it’s worse, because Palin is the person the Republican Party is seriously touting as their Presidential candidate in 2012.

Let’s take a walk through the halls of Palin’s mean girl mind, and see if this sounds anywhere near sane.

Palin is remembered by fellow female high school basketball teammate in Lorenzo Benet’s book “Trailblazer” thusly:

“She ran around like a rabid little thing,” Welch (a fellow player) recalled. “She did not like to lose and sometimes cried after losses. She was very petulant and formidable – there was no stopping her. We’d be practicing and drilling – she wanted the ball so badly she’d get really red in the face and scratch and claw until you just wanted to say, ‘Here, take the ball.’ When I heard they nicknamed her Sarah Barracuda after the way she played on the basketball court, I thought, ‘Wow, perfect.'”

In typical mean girl style, Palin never goes anywhere without an entourage, whether that entourage is family, friends, or paid supporters — Palin is never alone.

That’s because Palin is a coward beneath the bully exterior, just like all of those mean girls in high school and junior high. Without their entourage to snicker, curl their lips and roll their eyes at their prey, the lead mean girl is nothing. She depends on her back up for power. Palin’s bared teeth and the contemptuous, smug smile are dressing for her entourage’s power. On her own, Palin is a thin-skinned paranoiac.

In Palin’s political career, that back up has come from friends whom she elevated to positions of power, due to her notorious paranoia of people who have not demonstrated the kind of loyalty she requires; which means, if you won’t lie for Palin and look like you believe it, and even attack the person telling the truth, you’re out.

The list of friends Palin has thrown under the bus is literally unconscionable. Her enemy’s list is huge. In typical sociopathic style, these relationships never last long. After the campaign, one McCain aide described Palin as “she has no relationships of trust.”

When her book of mean girl swipes disguised as an autobiography came out, ex-friends of Palin’s whose characters she impugned, like John Bitney, came out of the woodwork, declaring that they had had enough.

Not content to use her office to try to get the partially disabled (from his military service) Trooper Wooten fired, Palin and her family filed over ten complaints against Wooten. Palin then dishonestly represented these claims in her book, alleging that Wooten had “ten different citizens complaints filed against him.” She also forgot to mention that they were all dropped.

Wooten has this to say about Palin, her father and husband relentlessly attacking him for years (oh, and for you Palinistas, please recall “Governor Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act”) :

“They’re like poisonous snakes in the grass who spew nothing but venom,” Wooten said. “They just lay in wait and they attack you until you’re dead.”

Palin and her entourage honed taunting, teasing, and humiliating those who failed to give Palin unquestioning worship until they could unleash a mass weapon of destruction upon anyone who dared cross Palin. Palin continues this even now that she is no longer an elected official. If anything, the last year of Palin-as-celebrity has given us an uncomfortable glimpse into the darkness beneath the charm.

Some people just shouldn’t be in power. They can’t handle it. Palin is one of those people. We heard the cries from Alaska from people whose careers and reputations were ruined by Palin, but until you see it up close or it happens to you, it’s hard to comprehend.

Some of Palin’s petty and rather embarrassingly public fights have included Joe McGuiness, David Letterman, Steve Schmidt, Politifact, Katie Couric (whom Palin infamously accused of suffering from low self esteem in her own hagiography), Ashley Judd, Joy Beher, and Andrea Freidman, etc.

Palin has wielded her fame against a teenage Levi Johnston, university students, John Bitney, Walt Monegan, numerous Alaskan bloggers, an Alaskan kindergarten teacher and blogger, and now last weekend, a Homer schoolteacher.

Welcome to the newest petty feud of our mean girl, leader of the Tea and Republican Party. Over the weekend, Palin dipped a bedazzled toe into a nonsensical and stupid fight with Kathleen Gustafson, a schoolteacher, who was protesting in an area where Sarah was shooting her TLC reality TV show. Palin was on public property, but apparently Gustafson had a sign reading “Worst Governor Ever” on private property and this got under Palin’s think skin….

So she couldn’t resist the urge to confront Gustafson, who was, after all, simply practicing her First Amendment rights that Palin likes to natter on about in her speeches. But Palin didn’t go alone. This was no one-on-one.

Palin’s daughter, her husband, and several other body guards or pit bulls accompanied Palin as she crossed the metaphorical hall to confront the lonely school teacher.

Watch what happens here, and note the super mean girl eye roll exchanged by Palin’s daughter and Palin when the schoolteacher says what she does for a living. Apparently, schoolteachers are contemptible or worthy of scorn for some reason in the Palin household. Perhaps it’s a thing about only liberals reading or some such silly idea Palin got into her head. Even more special is the reaction of Palin’s entourage who try to interfere with the cell phone videographer’s rights by trying to get the camera away from him and when that doesn’t work, they spend their time trying to block his view of Queen Palin. Kinda reminds me of the Alaskan bloggers Palin had thrown off of public property during her book tour.

And it’s things like this that show us just who Palin is. She tries to leave all the dirty work to her entourage, but when the entourage changes and the behavior stays the same, it’s a reflection of the leader. See Meg Stapleton’s many inappropriate press releases taking pot shots at constituents during Palin’s brief time as Governor for proof of this.

Think Progress posted this today:

And this mean girl is who the Republican Party thought fit to run as Vice President of our country and thinks fit to run as the President of our country. The Republican Party’s mantle of shame over this clearly not ready for prime time celebrity or politician should know no bounds.

But we all know they have no shame.

Update:: Sarah took to her Facebook page to claim that the eye roll of scorn never occurred, “The LSM has now decided to use this brief encounter for another one of their spin operations. They claim I – wait for it – “appear to roll my eyes” when the lady tells me she’s a teacher. Yes, it’s come to this: the media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines.”

Oh but our good friends over at Palingates have the video:

Updated Again: The Palin cult are going after Kathleen Gustafson hard. They bandy about derisive accusations that she is in a “drag” choir — their words, I have no idea what they’re talking about and frankly, it’s none of my business – the woman is a private citizen who has every right to criticize a former elected official without being harassed. They are also accusing Gustafson of “impersonating a teacher” on tape because she is a “theater tech” and “not a teacher” so they are also going to inundate her boss with this little news, in hopes of getting her fired, although they’re still debating whether or not she is indeed a teacher. For real. Charming group, eh? Oh, they also think the reason progressives hate Sarah Palin is because she wouldn’t abort Trig. How sick are these people?

Never you fear, citizens, if you speak out against Sarah, a splendid variety of your rights will be trampled upon and your career will be threatened. Just fair warning and all.

And Sarah Palin does nothing to stop these people. If she were a real leader, a good leader, she would lead by example and repudiate (not to be confused with the newly minted refudiate) this kind of behavior. The utter shamelessness of these people who claim to stand for freedom and liberty knows no bounds.

Sarah Palin is a bully. Imagine if this woman were your President.

42 Replies to “Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways”

  1. The woman happens to be an idiot. I heard her today in Georgia on the radio going on about how Obama went against the constitution and bailed out AND took over private industry. The crowd roared with delight

    But I wonder if any on the crowd were suppliers to GM or Chrysler and were back to work. Did the cupcakes have enough sense to bow their heads in shame?

    All it takes is for public people like her, Boener, McConnell to lie continuously for people to walk down the primrose path. Not having a clue where they are lead.

  2. She has just posted on her “Fakebook” how she didn’t roll her eyes…. now watch and judge for yourself!

    The peezoo started to spin this on Sat afternoon right after the incident.
    This is from Conservatives4Palin:

    “Shannyn appears to be referring to an incident that occurred today in Homer. Our sources tell us that some people were standing near the location where the governor and Todd Palin were filming for the TLC series. These people were protesting and holding a large
    sign criticizing Governor Palin. She went over in an attempt to politely talk to them and perhaps reach some understanding. They refused to even shake her hand or listen to her explanation for why her resignation was necessary and the best thing for Alaska. Instead, they just kept yelling “quitter.” Ironically, when the governor asked them, “So does that mean you wanted me as your governor?”, they said, “No!” (Just the sort of logic we’ve come to expect from the Left.) Finally the governor just walked away. There is no reasoning with hateful people who have never been “in the arena” themselves or have had to put it all on the line in public office. As the governor would say, it’s so much easier to tear down than to build up.

    I’m not a constitutional scholar but I don’t think what the governor did is in any way a violation of anyone’s First Amendment rights (or “1st Ammendment Rights” if we go with Shannyn’s version). In fact, it would seem that Governor Palin was just exercising her own First Amendment rights. She’s a private citizen, you know. She has the right to counter-protest.”

    Hmmmm! Quite a different story wouldn’t you say???? 8)

  3. Nice way for them to get away from the fact that the liar from Alaska was elected and not picked

  4. She’s a middle-school mean girl trapped in the body of a middle-aged woman. If she can’t deal with signs like that, why on earth would anyone think she could deal with the relentless scrutiny all presidents must deal with, especially the daily dose of disrespect President Obama is subjected to? Her fans are just as bad, since they unquestioningly back up her obnoxious behavior. In addition to fomenting hatred, fear, and ignorance among these fans, she is providing an extremely poor role model for her kids. Sooner or later, they will have to go out in the world and make their own way. They are in for a very rude awakening if they try to emulate her, because they’ll find out just how unforgiving the world can be to stupidity.

  5. Hey Sarah, nicely done – making a list of all the people Palin has feuded with is a great idea.

    But don’t forget the denoument – someone in the entourage tore the sign down anyway, even after Palin chirped and wrote about how happy she was we could all be so huffy together and disagree! The pic is on Shannyn Moore’s site.

  6. See now, cwakacaligirl, this is how it’s supposed to work:
    You get elected, you do your job, you serve your term to the best of your ability and in the best interests of your constituents. Along the way you try to keep an election promise or two. One thing you don’t do is quit halfway through the job to pursue private interests that came to you as the result of your elected position (’cause that can be interpreted as opportunism).
    Naturally, if you do (quit that is), your integrity comes into question, you get some bad press, your electorate gets a tad pissy with you, and if you’re not too terribly dense you sometimes pick up on a hint of their dissatisfaction. Despite their relief that you aren’t representing them anymore, they yell, “Quitter!” at you on occasion, even when it’s inconvenient for you.
    There’s the logic that seemed to confuse you, cwakacaligirl.
    Hope I’ve been of some help.

  7. Yes, it’s come to this: the media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines.”

    Isn’t this the same woman who likes to make fun of a guy who says “uh” sometimes?

  8. She went over in an attempt to politely talk to them and perhaps reach some understanding. They refused to even shake her hand

    She didn’t extend a handshake, how could “they” have refused it? I’m sorry, but a smart and talented politician is capable of disarming opponents in a one-on-one encounter, and she blew it.

  9. geo see update! 8)
    Maybe that will clarify things for ya…That woman is a Idiot and a LIAR! Comprende?

  10. And had her brows botoxed until they were all jacked up. Remember when they were all spiked up? They don’t move now. Just like her heart.

  11. “rabid little thing” LOL That describes her perfectly. Lovely. First thought that has always come into my mind is “petulant” but “rabid little thing” is even better.

  12. That we can’t trust a word Sarah Palin hand-writes or Blackberries to her ghost-writers at Facebook is a given, but the simple fact of the matter is this – Kathleen Gustafson did not bring up politics, leanings or social issues whatsoever, there was no disagreement on how Sarah Palin governed. Mrs. Gustafson was calling Sarah Palin to the mat for abandoning a job she fought for, campaigned for (and performed apallingly) and discarded as soon as better opportunity arose.

    Sister Sarah can’t even be counted on after swearing a oath on her Bible.

    When all else fails to prop up Sarah’s ‘gracious’ nature to confront and try to charm a disgruntled ex-constituent, by all means, unleash the hounds of hell to attack the woman who made her look bad. My sympathy to Gustafson and all the other Alaskans merely attempting to call this fraud out in their many justifiable and concerned complaints about the Governor’s abuse of power and tendency to make personal gains in office.

    That she and her Administration used the power of their office to continually label ethics complaints as “frivolous” is in itself, a violation and mean-girl / entourage behavior. But that is what happens when you stack your deck with unqualified BFF’s from High School.

  13. When Palin is confronted by anyone, her response is always a snarky sneak attack in true ‘mean girl’ style.

    What is pathetic is here is a politician? king maker? celebrity? who has not manged to mature beyond 8th grade emotionality but has the Republican party by the balls.

    Palin has defenders who will go to the mat to defend her lies and deceptions, thinking they will win her favor. Woe be to anyone who dares to retract Palin: the knife will move so quickly, they’ll never see it coming.

  14. Thanks for the tip. I updated the post and linked to Shannyn. I only wish we had video of the sign being torn down. What disgraceful behavior. We have a right to express ourselves in this country, so long as we don’t infringe on other people’s rights. And that sign was not infringing on anyone’s rights.

    I’ve also read some of the Palin fans club’s musings on this issue and was amused to discover that they viewed the sign as intruding on Palin and TLC’s rights. As someone who works on plenty of reality shows, I can say for certain that the production company has no rights on public property and, in fact, often has to buy off people who won’t stop making noise while you’re shooting. It’s part of the business and absolutely hysterical to me that the Palin fans think TLC and Palin have the right to not be interfered with by the teacher’s sign. They have a really tenuous grasp on reality.

    TLC knew what they were getting into; they know how polarizing Palin is and that’s why they wanted her show for their fundie line up. I’m sure they expected this and were prepared with cash to buy off angry citizens.

    Too bad all the teacher got was her sign ripped up by a bunch of hoodlums who don’t value the rights of others or the very freedoms this country was founded on.

  15. Hi Sarah!! Well by now we have ALL seen the video. Sarah went over to a teacher exercising her right to Freedom of Speech by holding a sign on PRIVATE PROPERTY. We all heard the dialogue (in spite of what St00pid says). Sarah babbled incoherently and became paranoid/her daughter is a snarky bitch with a mouth like her mother who evidently doesn’t like teachers either.
    The teacher DIRECTED a play in school that included a DRAG band/so the ‘bots have come unhinged (yawn/again with the unhinged???) and accused her of being gay? (Her husband is a fisherman). They are trying to get her fired after $arah tore her sign down. The sign that was on private property.
    The eyeroll was obvious/$arah doesn’t like teachers (translation paranoid schizophrenic about authority figured????)! Now we know that Chuckles was a teacher and Chuckles is pretty damned CREEPY.
    So like a good little paranoid exhibiting massive amts of pathology, she looses her Flying Monkeys onto a teacher for directing a play.
    If (as she states) she was “fightin’ for rill Americans”, this teacher was exercising the rights $arah is fighting to preserve.
    So – conclusion: This teacher REALLY got to $arah. $arah cannot “do” off the cuff-$arah only travels with “keepers”. She is not ready for prime time at all. What about this teacher was SO annoying to $arah? SHE approached the teacher, who was quietly standing on private property, they ultimately destroyed her banner.
    Paranoia they name is Palin.

  16. and now Sarah’s crazies are trying to ruin the Teacher. Sounds exactly like a Palin. Can you even imagine if anyone has the nerve to disagree with her at home? I wonder if that is why she’s so upset about Joe living next door. She’s afraid he’ll see what she really is like.

  17. The Palin thugs would NOT have torn the sign down if a camera was around. They waited until Billy Sullivan left.

  18. First, my applause to the Homer school teacher who really exposed Payline’s pathetic demeanor when confronted face to face, one on one by a real working person. Hopefully, more Alaskans will provide Payline with continuous face to face discussions on video so all can see the mean crass stupidy of this pshchopath. Think about it – this could produce a new TLC video entitled See Payline Totally Lose Control. And, since Payline told the school teacher she is so concerned about protecting our Constitutional rights, why not put up some signs about Todd’s secessionist politics, or perhaps play the video showing Payline being blessed by a witch doctor or the video showing her face those tough “GOTCHA” questions like — What books do you read?

  19. She doesn’t like anyone getting too close to the veneer — it’s hard work keeping up all of those lies. She wouldn’t want Joe to see her melt downs for no reason or her utter freak outs. or the fact that she doesn’t mow her lawn and there are a ton of nannies and all of that. Yeah, that’s not so good for her Mama Grizzly image. She’s so scared of the press she hyperventilates when someone asks her a question.

  20. This is a very petty attack on palin, you did not tell the whole story. The teacher was mean spirited, you did not play that part, or what about the sign,” worst governor ever”. I did not see her eyes roll , her head moved . Palin was nice.

  21. Gene: I think I can safely say that we ALL saw the snarky head roll/the sideways head nod to skank daughter/ Sarah is very very intimidated by people who have an actual education/and that put her on the spot. The teacher asked her a question. She was on PRIVATE property – $arah went to her. The teacher asked her why she quit. Please, enlighten us on how asking the QuitterTwat why she quit is mean spirited? She is a voter in AK – she had a right to ask her former Governor WHY she quit and what she was doing FOR Alaska since that WAS the reason GovTwitterpants gave when she quit.

    Just because you were given your wallet Palinoscopy doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t see through her grifting, fraudulent, lying, psychotic, NPD behavior. She is obviously threatened by teachers-perhaps someone should take a long hard look @ her Daddy.

  22. I wondered how long it would take for the threats from the palin goods to start!!!! Also wondered how or rather why this is a threat to them.Palin did in fact roll her eyes and make faces and her daughter has a dirty mouth that needs to be washed out with soap.This teacher did nothing to deserve the attacks from the palin thugs.

  23. Left out of your list of public fights was the one she waged with the legislature to fill the seat vacated by Senator Kim Elton when he accepted a position in the US Department of Interior.

    She kept ignoring the recommendations of the local Democratic Party as per usual procedure and kept proferring he own candidates who were repeatedly shot down by the legislature – Republicans and Democrats, alike. She went through three rounds of this foolish, feudish fight until the legislative session ended. Why, because the original preferred candidate had publicly questioned her qualifications to be vice-president.

  24. What a bunch Palin haters we have here. $400,000 plus im friveless lawsuits for Palin personally owed and millions costing Alaska and time to defend, was the reason Sarah resigned.
    Look at the name calling of you people. How many states are you governor of ?
    Palin is smarter than all of you.
    Gallop poll has Palin 46..Obama 46.
    ppp pol has Palin 76% aproval from rep..
    You libs hated Reagan and now you hate Palin.
    Palin will beat Obama in 2012.
    Be afraid libs, be very afraid.

  25. You are wrong about the lawsuits. The state paid for the ethics complaints against her. The only time she paid was when she didn’t like the answer they gave her (guilty) and so like Karl Rove she filed a charge against herself in a different venue and hired DC lawyers to make sure the answer came back differently. Even they didn’t find her innocent or not guilty; they said they needed more information but since her husband and administration refused to honor the subpoenas the state had no choice but to let it go.

  26. I am not wrong . I gave the facts. So tell me what did she do wrong?
    You don’t make any sense. The state did not pay for all of them.

  27. LOL. You are a fool. The state paid for all of them except the one she filed against herself.

    You can check it out for yourself, (google ADN ethics charges Palin who paid) but I’m sure that would make you feel super bad about the money you sent to her.

  28. It’s the AK law for the state to pay for the ethics charges. They paid for them all except the one she filed against herself – and the only reason she didn’t have them pay for that one is because she wanted her lawyers from DC and to have a confidential relationship with her, not the state. Texas churches donated a ton of money for those lawyers, too.

  29. Englishsaddle, my facts are based on Palin own words and back up by the liberal media, all charges have been dropped.
    You call me a fool, but I tell the truth.

  30. Mean-spirited? How about just pissed? If I hired a contractor to remodel my kitchen and she quit halfway through to “work to improve kitchens all over America” that leaves me with a half-done kitchen and a bad attitude. If said contractor returned to my house with an entourage filming her about all the wonderful kitchens she’d remodeled, would you call me “mean-spirited” if I let said contractor know she did a crappy job? Sarah has a lot of gall coming back to Alaska acting the diva.

  31. Wow that’s so awesome! You mean, all I have to do is say something and it’s now a “fact”?

    Guess what everyone, I am the ruler of the entire universe and this post is irrefutable proof! All bow down and worship me! W00T!

    And quick, someone call the justice department, because apparently we have A LOT of totally innocent people wrongly imprisoned… Also, Nixon was not a crook.

  32. How about her mouth movement. That said more than her eyes. She cringed. Oh no Sarah “thought”. A teacher. YIKES!

  33. LOL! Afraid of a nitwit who writes on her hand? LOL! Yes very afraid if the election gets stolen again and we have another 8 years of stupidity in the White House. And please Palin is as dumb as a rock. And if you can’t see it, then I feel sorry for you. I suppose you watch Fox News too. Well the Mosque was being funded by a supporter of Fox. But I suppose that won’t stop you from watching after a week of crying about it. If you guys don’t like the name calling then pick someone with a brain to represent your party. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel with Sarah.

  34. It doesn’t look like she rolled her eyes to me. It looked more like a “Ohhh, a teacher” thing. As a republican, she probably had a lot of run-ins with the teachers’ unions. I don’t know about Alaska, but here in California the teachers’ unions are very liberal and carry a ton of political weight.

    Who cares if she rolled her eyes or not?

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