The Tea Party’s Support of Republicans’ Most Corrupt Bastards

Tea Partiers call for Hanging Pelosi, Reed, et al
Tea Partiers call for Hanging Pelosi, Reed, et al

The Tea Party’s Support of the Most Corrupt Bastards Club

Say you’re a Tea Partier pushing for the right to impeach your congressional official or, rather, being convinced this is what you want to do by your Republican Fox Party overlords, and being further convinced that your target should be a Democrat with an Hispanic name.

And say you’ve learned your talking points just so; you chant “takin’ back our country!” “kick out the corruption!” “repeal the pork!” “send congress to the moon!” “stop the socialism!” “WAP the Kenyan Socialist!” (er, no, you better NOT chant that one this time), etc and you carry your misspelled sign calling Obama a “Blackbeard Pirate Socilist” and things are just dandy in your world.

It never occurs to you that the only people you ever go after are Democrats. In fact, you repeat on camera the mantra that this is “not a Republican thing”. It never occurs to you that you are a corporate tool. It never occurs to you that it is, actually, a Republican thing, funded by the corporate masters who benefit mightily from the Republican Party’s platform. It never occurs to you that your signs which call out “Hang ’em High!” and then list the “traitors” in congress, which just so happen to be all Democrats might be partisan.

It never occurs to you that you are being used and lied to. It never occurs to you as you run around blaming the guy who just got into office for a deficit created by his predecessor lowering taxes for the rich and not paying for said tax cuts (along with a war that was never put on the budget) that you might just be playing the Blame Game you keep accusing Democrats of playing when they try to remind you of history.

The sixth tenet of the Tea Party is to end corruption. I know, you might not have noticed this given the signs they carry and the message they have. But the Tea Party wants everyone to know that they do indeed have standards. The Newsvine Tea Party section defines them thusly:

“These are the Core Principles that applicants are should (sic) support (not in any particular order though):

1 ) Lower Taxes
2 ) Smaller Government
3 ) Fiscal Responsibility
4 ) Transparent Government
5 ) Ethics Reform
6 ) An end to Corruption
7 ) Stricter adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
8 ) An end to deficit spending
9 ) A balanced budget
10 ) Less intrusive Federal Government”

Oh, and in case you Tea Partiers were thinking of leaving a racist comment, you are warned right under the list that racist comments will not be tolerated. Which is great. It’s sort of closing the barn door after the horses are out, and sort of sad, because if you’re on a date with someone whom you have to warn that you will not tolerate being raped, well, you shouldn’t be on that date, if you know what I mean.

And so…yeah. These are their values and yet Sarah Palin, who took the most pork per capita of any Governor and hired a DC lobbying firm as mayor of tiny Wasilla to bring home the pork, leads them. As Governor, she not only brought home the pork, kept the money for the Bridge to Nowhere but never built it, but also hired another big DC PR firm to get her national publicity at the taxpayers’ expense. Hello, Vogue of February 2008.

Palin has more than her share of corruption as well, from tax evasion to multiple ethics charges, many of which, contrary to her spin, she was not exonerated. Many of them were “settled” after she repaid the state. But in Troopergate she was found to have violated the state’s ethics laws.

Corruption spreads on both sides of the aisle. Of late, it’s made a happy home in the Republican Party simply because like mold, corruption takes root in the right environment. The modern day Republican Party is loath to hold its leaders accountable for violating ethics laws (they ran two candidates with ethics violations for President and Vice President in 2008 and they got away with it because they knew their base would not care). The list of busted criminals and cheats currently in office is astounding.

The only tainted politician to have left office of late was Palin, but she left to pursue more money after being told she could not have a personal fund (as opposed to the PAC which she also has) to collect (bilk) money from the American people while governor. And she wanted that money. She tried just keeping it, but the wholly Palin cowed Personnel Board had to put their foot down. Even they couldn’t find a way to make that OK. So she quit.

But Ensign, Sanford and Vitter are still in office. And that should be food for fodder for your Tea Partier, but of course, it’s not. To this end, their latest target is Rangel. Rangel used his stationary to solicit donations for a vanity project at his Alma Mater (and let’s be honest, the official stationary means something). Bad on him.

Palin did a lot worse. She used her office supplies and staff to campaign for office. But that was OK with the Party. They felt like she would be a great Vice President. Clearly, those kind of ethical problems aren’t a problem when it’s on their side of the aisle.

Rangel should be investigated.

But while they’re at it, they should hit up Mitch McConnell, whom CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) has named right along with Rangel as “Most Corrupt” in Washington.

Salon Reports:

“But thanks to the newspaper’s diligent reporting, names of several of the bigger donors have emerged over the past several years. Toyota, which gave $833,000 to the McConnell Center and considers the Kentucky senator among its main Washington assets during its current crisis; RJ Reynolds and Phillip Morris, which gave $150,000 and $450,000, respectively, and which know they can count on him as a staunch backer of tobacco interests; and Yum Inc., the huge KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell franchiser and a $250,000 donor, whose management was surely pleased when McConnell sponsored a special-interest bill protecting the fast-food industry against lawsuits alleging that their products cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Yet of all the dubious donors to the McConnell Center, the worst smell emanates from BAE Systems (for whom McConnell grabbed three earmarks worth $25 million) for the British-based defense firm that just settled a years-long, transatlantic bribery investigation last month by paying a record $450 million fine negotiated by prosecutors in London and Washington. BAE subsidiary United Defense Industries gave $500,000 to the McConnell Center because, as a spokesman proudly explained to the Courier-Journal, “We have a very good relationship with Senator McConnell. We appreciate all he’s done for our company and our employees in Louisville.””

Running against pork? Tea Bagging against corruption? Marching to impeach?

Until the Republican Party applies these standards to their own party even occasionally, they stand for nothing. The Tea Party says they stand for an end to corruption, and yet the only people they aim their vitriol at are Democrats, most of whom, oddly, are not accused of corruption. The sixth tenet of the Tea Party is to end corruption and yet they’ve aligned themselves with the most corrupt party.

Any citizen worth their salt wants the Most Corrupt Bastards thrown out of Washington no matter what side of the aisle they’re on. These folks are paid well to represent the people, not to grift pork for their egos. I know, that’s naive; they are all egomaniacs or they wouldn’t be in this business. But they need to draw the line at corruption. If they won’t, we need to.

The Senate Ethics Committee needs to add McConnell to its investigation list, sooner rather than later. And the Fox News Teapublicans need to hold themselves to even a remote semblance of the values they claim to stand for, otherwise they stand for nothing.

7 Replies to “The Tea Party’s Support of Republicans’ Most Corrupt Bastards”

  1. I think one of the biggest problems in America is that we only know about our representatives through their reputations or news articles about them.

    The tea party can go on thinking that McConnell is a God simply because the rank and file have no clue what he is like. Or what he actually represents.

    But in the same context one could extend that to almost any congressman or political person. Very few of us look in to see who is giving these people money and who they are really representing. I know I don’t. It’s just barely enough to keep up with the daily line of crap that comes out of all of them, and about them. So to some degree I can understand why the tea party six that Sarah Palen is actually the Virgin mother Mary and Mitch McConnell holy father. They know absolutely nothing about their leadership, and absolutely nothing about the beginnings of the organization they are in. Because of this ignorance( I mean ignorance to the degree that they have not looked deeper into the representatives) they embrace absolutely corrupt politicians.

    And of course they say this is not a Republican kind of thing. The coffee party did the same thing. This is a nondenominational organization and the next thing you know they are doing their best to support illegal immigrants.

    the list of items that you displayed above contains many honorable ethical positions. But as I have noted before they can go two ways. The first way is when a teabag party supported nominee gets elected he will be absorbed into the mainstream of Congress. He will do very little or have very little impact on the items noted above.

    The second thing is the people who support the people who say they support the items on the list are used big-time. There is no intention by the GOP, Republican party or leadership of the tea party to create such a utopia. If we remember, and I can be mistaken, almost all of the rights anyone has lost in this country have come under a Republican regime. If Dick Nixon had had his way in the way of one of his little cronies Richard Cheney, the only right you would have today is the right of making sure that the elite have rights and you don’t.

    The items listed above as I said before are honorable items. But I have a feeling that no one who reads this will see all of them enacted in our lifetime. In fact I think this country and quite frankly the world will go the other way. There will be no utopia like was found in the movie “The Time Machine”

  2. The Tea Partiers are consistent in their cluelessness about the fact that they are being used in the worst way. They are being encouraged to vote against their own best interests by cynical people who care nothing about them. While they fall into the trap of supporting some of the most corrupt politicians in Congress, they are being used as tools in order to convey a false impression of a people’s movement. Their idol
    Sarah Palin is the most visible face in the efforts of the hard right to make the advent of fascism more palatable. It’s alarming that people see her cutesy, folksy facade as endearing and disarming. I firmly believe that is the intention of those backing her, because I don’t believe for a minute that people who seriously care about the well-being of this country and its citizens would foist such hateful, ignorant people on us. It’s up to rational, thinking people of all political persuasions who genuinely care about this country to ensure that nutbags like Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, and Sharon Angle never get in a position to inflict their negative, regressive agendas on the rest of us.

  3. The Tea Party views are too one sided and black and white.

    If you don’t agree with them, then you are like considered unamerican, despite the fact that the constitution protects your right to have your own opinion. Sarah and her followers act as if there’s a fine print on the constitution when it comes to who it works for, and I’m not talking about illegal immigrants, but legalized American citizens who practice their right on political and religious beliefs which Sarah and the Tea Party has shown to have no respect for as they claim to protect and support the constitution.

    Their hopeful presidential candidate, who they try to make look like an American hero, at least the loud and ignorant ones, has shown to have no right to judge others based on her own actions and words like….

    (1) Abusing her power as governor who showed that she believes in censorship.

    (2) Never bothers to correct her knowledge of things and stays ignorant while acting as if it’s her right to judge what is American and what is not.

    (3) Ends up doing things that are like screaming “terrorist” in a airport like the death panels myth that she started which is the opposite of being responsible and professional.

    (4) Has said that she wants public schools to teach creationism, a religious belief, while I heard that the president wants to add 16 more days to the school year and tea partiers are saying that “he’s” trying to manipulate the American children’s education. She also declared that the U.S. is a Christian nation, and as I said, she has no respect for other people’s beliefs, like Muslims who had nothing to do with 9-11.

    The Tea Party, at least the majority, are nothing but self-righteous angry people who believe they are the real Americans, as well as the hard workers as if life and reality was that black and white, who will bring back a golden age that never existed while never bothering, especially their leaders, to make plans to make those fancy ideas work. Nothing but insults and misleads from them.

  4. If these people end up getting control of the government, their supporters will end up realizing that they were lied and screwed with with the things that the Tea Party wants to remove which will no doubt make being an American citizen too expensive for the middle class and lower.

    Things like Medicare, social security, public schools, the 14th amendment, and other things which would get in their way while saying freedom and liberty like Sarah Palin who has shown to believe in censorship.

    This isn’t taking back the country, but taking it over by removing all the road blocks, like laws and amendments that are designed to prevent them from doing anything illegal, take Sarah Palin for example, hence molding the country for them while we’ll be nothing but servants to make their political positions as pleasant as possible as if they were nobles which pretty much makes this Tea Party the “Red Coat Party” because what they’re doing is similar to what the real Tea Party was against and why the Revolutionary War was started.

    The “fake” Tea Party started because a black president was a threat to their comfortable positions, which is why more and more people are asking why they weren’t around during Bush’s term and why they started a month or two after the new one came into office if they are so noble as they claim. Or why, being the uncorrupted righteous, they need to pull dirty tricks like death panels and other misleading stuff, instead of having a point that explains why they’re against the president’s plans who has shown to be willing to discuss this, while TP members act like spoiled three year olds.

    The Tea Party has shown to be too angry and hateful to have an actual opinion because when you ask them a question, they either answer it with freedom and liberty, as if waving the flag makes you more American then others, or that the fore fathers would be against this, but I think someone like Ben Franklin would think that the health reform plan would be a stroke of genius, a penny saved is a penny earned, and the health reform would save a lot of pennies for the lower class there by helping them have a higher personal finical saving for other things because of affordable health expenses, it’s optimization, not a hand out since it’s for everyone if they choose it, and freedom and liberty isn’t threaten, while it supports that land of opportunity thing. Back to the point, no opinion what’s so ever, even a personal one.

    This Tea Party is fighting against profit cuts for the leaders of that party, not for the people and their rights who they see as servants.

  5. There are many members of the tea party movement that adhere to and subscribe to the ideals that founded this country, I believe we all want to protect our civil rights and liberties yet still help our fellow man when needed.
    There were lots of grassroots tea party rallies all across the US with no affiliation whatsoever, there are still several that are “not of one party” many and most are independent of each other. there are several douchebags that are making money under the tea party flag (send us your donations) to the tune of millions. There is underhanded dealings in every party, and opportunists around every corner. When Ron Paul was running for President tea party rallies were everywhere, here in Arizona we have several organizations none are affiliated with each other, there are several in across the country as well, the larger ones seem to get the interest of “funding” and possible swaying of interest, however they are NOT, I repeat, NOT all on the funded bandwagon. the latest rally here in Tucson, John McCain was NOT met with a warm welcome at it was obvious to all that there are these neo-cons are pandering to the tea party movement. There is also a lot of anti tea party press that paints them to be Nazi, racist hate mongers which could not be further from the truth. Fact is much of the negative press towards, liberals and conservatives is used to keep us from agreeing on things, making up lies on both sides to keep us arguing and not focusing on the REAL picture.

  6. The “smear the other guy” campaigning has gotten so prevalent in this country there is too much of the bad press out there, and most of it stretches the truth if are not outright lies altogether.

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