Shameless Sarah Palin Exploits the Death of Ted Stevens for Self Promotion

palin stevens Shortly after it was announced that former US Sen. Ted Stevens had passed away in a plane crash in Alaska, Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to offer words of condolence for her political mentor. In fact she used few words of condolence, and instead used Stevens to defend her $500 million theft of taxpayer money a.k.a. the natural gas pipeline.

Shortly after it was announced that former US Sen. Ted Stevens had passed away in a plane crash in Alaska, Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to offer words of condolence for her political mentor. In fact she used few words of condolence, and instead used Stevens to defend her $500 million theft of taxpayer money a.k.a. the natural gas pipeline.

Palin’s Facebook tribute started off well, “It’s with great sadness that Todd and I hear the reports coming in of Senator Ted Stevens’ passing in the plane crash near Dillingham. In our land of towering mountains and larger than life characters, none were larger than the man who in 2000 was voted “Alaskan of the Century.” This decorated World War II pilot was a warrior and a true champion of Alaska.”

In the midst of honoring Stevens’ legacy, in typical Palin fashion, she felt the need to promote and defend herself, “In 40 years of service in the U.S. Senate, he fought tenaciously for Alaska’s future. Alaskans know how much we owe to Senator Stevens, but all Americans owe him a debt of gratitude for his leadership on many issues, including the crucial energy issues that fuel American prosperity. Two years ago, he sat at my kitchen table over a salmon lunch, and we talked about our long anticipated Alaska natural gas pipeline and our mutual commitment to have the Last Frontier’s rich resources contribute to America’s quest for energy independence.”

Palin closed by correctly mentioning Stevens’ co-sponsorship of Title IX, “Our Senator was also known for spearheading efforts to ensure equality in education, and his Title IX legislation allowed girls to be on a level playing field in the athletic arena. Our hearts and prayers are with the Stevens family and the families of the other victims of the crash.” For Palin Title IX is about sports, but it is really a much more significant piece of legislation, because it banned discrimination based on sex in all federally funded educational institutions. The legislation covers all areas of academic life including healthcare and housing. It is much more than a piece of sports legislation.

It is interesting to me that Palin failed to mention that Stevens was her political mentor, but she did manage to tell, or maybe concoct, a lunchtime tale that just so happens to defend her recently collapsed natural gas pipeline project. I can’t help but wonder if this charming memory was included as a response to our own Sarah Jones’ recent post about how Palin fleeced the taxpayers out of $500 million in a very shady pipeline deal with TransCanada.

It is not accidental that Palin just happened to pay tribute to Stevens in a way that showcased her issues. Palin has now proven that she does not possess even the most basic social grace; she can’t even honor the dead without lapsing into self promotion. I guess she was showing restraint. She managed not to plug her reality show or her new book, but only she could turn a tribute to Ted Stevens into Facebook infomercial for Sarah Palin Inc.

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  1. Sarah just breathes and you libs go bonkers…..LOL

    Wait till she debate’s Obama, You heads will really expolde.

    He’s going to need a lot more teleprompters!

    Get out the POPCORN!!!

  2. Yes, we are terrified. Will Sarah be using the big girl teleprompter or the palm prompter? I’m just gonna weigh in that the palm prompter makes her seem slightly less pathetic when she makes jokes about Obama’s telepromper and also, too, gives her a chance to do that winkin’ thing, which distracts the people from those pesky issues.

    The mere notion that you don’t realize that Obama could out debate Sarah Palin in one breath while negotiating with the Iranians in another is so hysterical and yet mind-blowingly out of touch with reality, that I question your age. Palin can’t even find Iran on a map. She didn’t even know the history of the UK. She thought Africa was a country. The fact that you don’t understand the implications from these blunders tells me a lot. You don’t know enough to realize why they are important. You just think it’s a simple mistake, and you equate it with a mistake Biden makes — one of his gaffes. The difference is that Biden knows history, he knows who is in charge of what country, he knows where they are on a map because he knows the relationships between the various countries. Those things matter. Really, they do.

    All of Palin’s fans act like teenagers; is this because you are, in fact, teenagers? Or is this a case of like attracting like?

  3. The teleprompter accusation is so old. Palin used not one but TWO teleprompters at her NRA keynote speech. There is a gallery of photos of Palin using teleprompters at about 20 separate events on Pensito Review’s Facebook page . We all know just about anyone (including a teacher) could mop the floor up with the cowardly Sarah in a debate.

    Here’s another idea for Sarah to get more money. Have a reality show and call it “Funeral Crashers” like she did at the late Governor Wally Hinkel’s funeral where she was unwelcome but showed up anyway because we all know she can’t resist any face time opportunities. Maybe she can invite Kate Gosselin and Snookie to show up.

  4. I feel redundant. I hate her/I hate what she stands for (graft/fraud). I think she’s certifiably insane (NPD/Psychosis). She is a horrible parent/a rotten mother to her girls. She has a filthy mouth and she is STUUPID. I don’t mind simply ignorant/but this raving bIt*h is out of her mind and should be institutionalize. She is dangerous & she is mean/nasty to people if they cross her.
    I wasn’t a real fan of Ted Stevens/but he was killed & most decent human beings do take a little time to say “I’m sorry” or “he did some good things for us”.
    She uses people’s DEATH to promote herself? She has NO decency and NO shame.

  5. Palin the VP candidate called for Sen. Stevens to step down after his felony trial in the campaign of ’08, but she didn’t mention that cozy kitchen table anecdote.

    Palin loves to distance herself from those who actually gave her the big breaks in politics when they are no longer useful. Now that “Uncle Ted” has safely gone on to his reward, Palin can exploit his successes as part of her own.

    She did the same thing with the great Alaskan governor (two terms), Wally Hickel, her political mentor who helped her with her gubernatorial aspirations, and who was then discarded by Palin after her election. Her self-serving words after his death, and her presence at his funeral, were not appreciated by many Alaskans.

    In fact, Gov. Hickel said it best a year or so before he died when asked about Sarah Palin: “I don’t give a damn about Sarah Palin. … That was a sad day for Alaska and America.”

    RIP Sen. Stevens and Gov. Hickel. Thanks for your service. Neither of you quit.

  6. the only reason my head will explode is because of her nasal voice and run-on sentences. President Obama already out-classes and out-speaks her. it’s only a matter of time before palin loses to him for real.

  7. Your right. President Obama did such a great job debating McCain because of his teleprompter and McCain did so poorly because he didn’t use one. Ms Palin’s debate with Mr. Biden was a thing of beauty. As I watched her shuffle through her stack of 5 x 7 note cards, I thought that if the election thing didn’t work out for her she would make an excellent black jack dealer.

  8. Or, I dunno, she could so do like those late night infomercials selling wigs. I hate to be petty, but did you see the back of her head in the video where she was confronting the poor teacher? She had all of these clips in it, trying to look like one of the people, I guess. It was a fail. You can even see where her fake hair starts. I just don’t get it! She has millions of dollars! Get good hair!

  9. Sarah didn’t do too well in her impromptu debate with Kathleen Gustafson. Also, too, Palin doesn’t give anyone credit for helping her at any time because she thinks her success is all because of her…talents.

  10. This is so disgusting, but not surprising. She is a horrible person. I don’t believe Ive ever seen someone so narcissistic and self-serving- EVER!! She just does not get how badly she comes across. Her fans are the interesting part of this though. Why don’t they see her clearly, my God, this woman does not act like a Christian.

  11. Her Cliff Notes eulogy was another classic Palindrone. ‘ Ted’s dead. Bummer. But enough about him…’ She just doesn’t get it. Over the top narcissism + an 85 I.Q = BORING! I’ve got an idea for a reality show for her, kind of a riff on Jeff Foxworthy’s show. She can call it ‘Am I Smarter Than A Third Grader?’ If she ever has the bad luck to sit down to a debate with Obama, there will be large chunks of undigested Caribou Barbie doll in his stool.

  12. Palin will always try to use anything or anyone for her benefit, fame ho!
    I saw her this morning on a clip from fox (audio clip, I’m sure she didn’t want us to see her eye’s rolling!) and she WAS actually giggling about that amount of planes private and commercial in AK. Considering Ex Sen Stevens just was presumed dead, giggling is not appropriate.
    Perhaps…she was just nervous…since rumored babydaddy of Track Palin…Curt Menard jr. passed away 9 yrs ago yesterday in a very Mysterious plane crash… water in the gas…!
    We do know what Thugs are protecting her….
    So…who in the MEDIA has the cajones to investigate Palin???Who??? Time is NOW!
    Expose her like the bug in the light…☼sunshine☼ is the best disinfectant!!!

  13. What a bunch of vile, hateful, leftist lumatics! You are hilarious in your ignorance and stupidity! ROTFLOLAAOY!!!

  14. Basheert, you are an evil human being. You are vile, mean, nasty, pathological and stupid. You need psychiatric help.

  15. Jason, why do you post outright lies? “Palin fleeced the taxpayers out of $500 million” Have you no ethics whatsoever?

  16. What really touches me is that she posted her stupid Facebook thing BEFORE Stevens death was confirmed and BEFORE Stevens’ family issued a statement.
    Stupid, Sarah! Thoughtless, Sarah! Kind of NEGATES your sympathies and condolences gesture, don’tcha think?
    Oh right, sorry. No, you don’t.

    Really, Sarah. Is there any line you won’t cross? Do you honestly think that Stevens’ family and political allies are reading your Facebook and you’re scoring some power points? Of course, you know that they are indeed, not reading your Facebook.
    Who, exactly, was that for? Do you honestly and truly believe that to be appropriate and in good taste?

    I don’t believe for even one second that Stevens had “a salmon lunch” in your kitchen – ever. Of course it was salmon; it couldn’t have been pasta salad and ham sandwiches.
    Now, if you had said that you had deep conversation over a nicely-cooked prime rib at Double Musky, I would have completely bought it.
    Note to Sarah handlers: do a little background research, ‘kay?

  17. Are you a member of the frivolous ethic complaint circle jerk? You sound just like one of those freaking lunatics!

  18. No, not a lie, John. If you were Alaskan, you’d know that it was a complete media circus. It was not small. It was headline.
    Individual political views had nothing to do with it – it was in-your-face, all day/every day.
    People were just stunned when she asked him to step down.
    “A sad day for Alaska yesterday when he was found guilty of seven felonies,” she says. “But — and now he needs to do the right thing, and the right thing is, as he’s proclaiming his innocence and proclaiming, too, that he will go through the appellate process, OK, then he needs to step aside and allow our state to elect someone who will be supportive of those ideals of America: the free enterprise, the missions that we’re on, to win the war, those things that have got to take place in order to progress this country. Ted Stevens has got to play a very statesmanlike role in this now.”

    Like she really needed to publicly humiliate him some more. And like Stevens WASN’T supportive “of those ideals of America…” Jeez, that’s what he was all about! That’s what he lived for!
    She later called for Mark Begich’s resignation, reflecting that she had always been confident in Stevens’ innocence.

  19. Yeah, I know, right? Me, too. Whenever I encounter vile hateful lumacy, I laugh. I laugh so hard that I roll around on the floor, gut-busting laughter, holding my sides. Hearty, mirthful laughter.

  20. I’m a 38 year Alaskan. The quote attributed to Wally Hickel by C.L. is a blatant lie! Reading comprehension isn’t a strong suit of yours, is it? All of a sudden Ted Stevens and Wally Hickel are being lavished with praise from the left! LOL! What a bunch of transparent frauds.

  21. Tell me when Palin doesn’t do something that is narcissistic and self-serving. Remember when former Alaska governor Hickel died recently and she invited herself to his funeral? He has been quoted as saying about her that she sought the limelight and lost her moral compass. That means he obviously was not a fan of hers in the end, although he helped her originally. In addition, the idea that only liberals have a problem with her has been debunked. All anyone has to do is read numerous blogs to find that there are conservatives who are equally dissatisfied with her.

    It is extremely important to bear in mind that her willful ignorance and divisiveness are what we don’t need in national leaders. She has shown no political growth since 2008 when she came on the national scene, and her phony folksiness got old a long time ago. The “defenses” of her followers are absolutely pathetic, as many of them focus on frivolous things like her alleged “hotness” that liberal women are supposedly “jealous” of. Another gem is that she quit because she cared so much about Alaskans, but the funniest by far is that she has more executive experience than President Obama, although the nearly 19 months of his presidency have been filled with turmoil. Her appeal is to people who are either unable or unwilling to engage in any critical thinking. Anyone who makes excuses for her divisiveness, her factually challenged screechfests, her inserting herself into issues that don’t concern her, or
    her reading from her hand after making fun of the president for using teleprompters has definitely suspended his or her critical thinking ability. What we see now is what would be the case if she ever became any kind of national leader, and it would be much worse because the stakes would be much higher.

  22. Leftists are such cowards, aren’t they? They support censorship as it is blatantly displayed on this forum. What a bunch of gutless frauds.

  23. I am sorry for Ted Stevens family and offer my condolences. Period. Nothing in it for me.

    Wow, there is an unhinged and very unhappy troll dancing around this comment section. Someone needs his daily dose of nasty. Don’t you have a dog to kick and a wife to beat?

  24. She not only went to Wally Hinkel’s funeral unwelcomed, she took Piper, the only 7 year old child there.

  25. John is dense and obviously he’s missing a few screws. He thinks there is censorship. He just can’t get that his angry unhinged posts are impossible to take seriously. He isn’t capable of discussion so he attacks. Who does that sound like?
    Seriously, only an unhappy and bitter individual would spend his time spewing hatred on a liberal blog. It’s a nice day “John.” wouldn’t you rather be outside or at a conservative blog, really get a grip!!!! There are many places for the foolish to lick the bottom of Sarahs feet. This isn’t one of them.

  26. John is from Wasilla. He stops by here from time to time.

    John thinks the comment rating section is silencing him! It’s called democracy. But we all know how Serror feels about democracy and free speech. Those are her rights, not yours or mine.

    He’s obviously really angry that anyone dares to write the truth about $error. Cuz if she were queen, blogs like this would be shut down or the owner taken care of by the “department of law” whose sole purpose according to Palin is to deal with her enemies.

    I hear super scary music in the background.

  27. Perhaps John is SO angry because he’s just starting to see the truth about Sarah the Queen of Lying and Opportunism? But since he is angry at himself because he has sent her money fo so long. His ego won’t let him admit the truth so he lashes out calling people names.
    John, I’m a conservative and in my tea party group everyone sees the truth about Sinful Sarah. Face it already-she’s a shameless opportunist who only cares about herself. Family, faith and flag????BS. Her book should be called me, me and me!

  28. There’s no censorship. Anyone has the option to open John’s comments. I do, just to add my thumb down!

  29. That’s not the point. We are oh, so sure $arah knew she wasn’t welcome. But, that’s $arah for you. Opportunistic troll.

  30. She always takes Piper with her to use as a shield. Piper could have easily stayed with whoever was taking care of Trig that day but instead they took her to a funeral of a man she never knew. Of course, this wasn’t a new idea for her, she’s been using these kids as props and shields for years. Palin will never change, especially since she threw her unwed, pregnant daughter under a bus in front of the nation rather than produce proof that she was Trig’s natural mother. She lost all credibility the moment she pulled that stunt.

    For her to release a Facebook post prior to the family saying anything is typical of $arah and her “look at me!” stance. She pretends now that she didn’t stand against Stevens at any time and to make a reference to anything about her own work is just more of her advocating for the only person she cares about-herself! I don’t believe that story of Stevens having lunch at her house, it’s just a way to finagle her name into the story, looking for praise for the $500 million she gave away for a deal that will never be completed.

    The day this woman disappears from the news, never to be seen or heard from again, cannot come too soon.

  31. I will never forget the first time I seen her. She walked up to the podium to speak and I thought she is a VERY nice looking woman. Then she opened her mouth. In seconds my cat and I were on the floor with our paws over our ears.

    Palin will never make it to the nomination stage. The party of GOOP will never allow her to stand up to Obama.

  32. LOL “Wait till she debate’s Obama”? Are you serious? How delusional can anyone be to think she has the “ammunition” required to go up against ANYONE in a debate? SHE CAN’T EVEN HANDLE KATIE COURIC, LAMEBRAIN!

    Seriously, she can’t even cope with Bill O’Rielly and he’s supposedly on her side! Look, this has NOTHING to do with “liberal” or otherwise, it has to do with basic competence. Even Republicans are slamming her at this point. Time to stick a fork in her before she ruins the careers of any more aspiring Republican political candidates…

  33. John, you need to rent an IQ. “truth is censored”? Where’s your truth at? All I see is someone calling people names and backing up NOTHING he says. I’ve seen transcripts of the interview in question, and yeah, that’s what he said. I understand it doesn’t fit your psychotic world view, but too bad. Sucks to be you, I guess.

    You should really ask yourself how it is that any and EVERY negative fact about Palin is, in your mind, false. The fact is, we don’t NEED to lie because she provides us will all the proof we require that she is a fraud and is using people like YOU to enrich her own bank account.

    I honestly do hope the repubs lose their tiny minds and give her the prez nomination. Maybe when you see her collapse like a house of cards before the scrutiny of the media, you’ll realize that regardless of your political leanings, what’s being said about her is correct.

    I’d bet real money that she would avoid any debates, probably siting the biased “lamestream media makin’ stuff up” or something. She’d be constantly running away from microphones like Sharron Angle, guaranteed!

  34. But you just know he crawls back to the forums or wherever he calls home and crows about how he “destroyed” the stoopid libruls over on politicususa. It’s sad really. But kind of amusing too. Amazing to see Palinbots go berserk at any and every less than positive comment about her. It must take a lot of time and energy to keep up with the task! (I hope you aren’t accepting any tainted socialist handouts instead of having a real job!)

    I suspect that for many of us it’s largely just idle amusement. I mean, I enjoy me some Palin bashing, but I don’t really take it very seriously. It’s just an amusing diversion from boredom. No matter how much “John” bristles and shrieks, I’ll never *really* care about anything Palin does or says. She’s just fodder for SNL sketches as far as I’m concerned. I’m just as happy mocking Carrot Top or Lindsay Lohan…

  35. Very possibly. Some people have great difficulty admitting they were wrong. Clearly John has invested a great deal of emotion into Sarah and is terrified we might be right. That’s why he doesn’t offer up a debate, or any facts that contradict the “lies” he claims are being spread here. He has nothing but empty personal attacks straight out of the second grade.

    I agree with you that the issue of Sarah has nothing to do with right or left. The Palinbots immediately assume you must be one of those godless communist liberals if you dare question her, but plenty on the right (and the unaffiliated like myself) see right through her too.

    I make my decisions based on the meaning and context of the specific issue being posed, not on any extremist ideology. Sometimes I lean left, sometimes right. It really depends. But I can tell you one litmus test I do have: I’ll choose the most intelligent and informed candidate every time. And that will NEVER be Sarah. If McCain ever proved what a terrible leader he would make, it was when he inflicted $arah on the world.

  36. I’ve read post after post of people bashing Sarah Palin, doing everything except calling her a w–re, denigrating her intelligence, questioning her christianity, slamming her for the way she looks, how she presents herself, how she talks – everything there is about her.

    Then I see the same people sanctimoniously declare that their ‘side’ would NEVER stoop so low as to call names (when that is what I’ve seen being done), NEVER be mean-spirited or petty (hmm. what are the definitions of those??) and of course, would never cross any lines of propriety.

    I realize that I have come to a location where the politics are far-left liberal. I’ve no problem with that (although, judging from what you’ve shown, YOU will have a great problem with my comments…). Many of my friends are liberals and we’ve no difficulties between us.

    But I have never seen such a group so united in the single-minded and MINDLESS pursuit of attempting to destroy another person as here. That is, by the way, not a compliment.

    Schoolyard bullies are rank amateurs compared to your vindictiveness. Fraternity hazing is childs’ play. But through it all, your attempts to rip this woman apart still fall pitifully short and, it seems you’re collectively unable to stand that, so you try even harder – you get even shriller – you shout louder – you string more epitaphs together and try to make them seem “reasonable and reasoned”.

    And you only are fooling yourselves.

    Truth hurts sometimes. The truth is that partisanship has overtaken reason – anger has obviated debate – common sense has left and in its place vindictiveness has arisen.

    No one – not Sarah Palin – not Newt Gingrich – not Joe Biden (with his remarks about where he wants to put his ‘rosary beads’) – not even Barack Obama (whose three trillion dollars in new debt is resulting in crushing destruction of the entire United States economy) – is as completely evil as you have attempted to characterize Mrs. Palin.

    Given that we are ALL supposed to be Americans, I am DEEPLY disturbed by what I have read here.

  37. I couldn’t care less about Sarah Palin’s appearance. The issue is how she actively participates in the hatemongering of the hard right, and is still no more knowledgeable about the country some think she should lead than she was in 2008. We’re not talking about a 20-something like Brittany Spears, but about a middle-aged woman who wants to be taken seriously as a politician or at least a GOP power broker. So many of the people who defend her fall for the okey doke about her being a victim, which she endlessly plays on. I guess they forget or choose to overlook how back in 2008, she instigated anti-Obama hatred at her rallies. Partly because of her, the death threats against Obama increased, and the Secret Service specifically singled her out for blame.
    If she is going to continue putting herself out there, badmouthing the president, offering no solutions beyond her stale, tired talking points, and saying things that are incredibly stupid, then she will always provide ready-made ammunition for her increasing number of enemies. She only has to look at the woman she sees in her mirror to see who her worst enemy is.

  38. I do not see “hate-mongering” from the right as a group. I see concerted efforts from the left to discredit the right and anyone else that does not agree with them, but I do not see an effort from the so-called ‘right wing’ to do the same to people on the left.

    I have never seen anyone at any GOP / Tea Party rally espouse hatred toward Obama, Mrs. Palin included. Mr. Obama is responsible for his own following, and his actions create the backlash being felt by him. Even among those who originally voted for him his popularity has waned as his policies have shown themselves to simply be more tax-and-spend than any previous president’s in the entire history of the United States.

    We do not hate Obama, Anne. We hate what is being done to our country. My children and my grandchildren and their grandchildren will be paying for the excesses of this first 20 months of Mr. Obama’s administration.

    The left complained long and bitterly about the Bush Deficits. In the last two years of his administration, while fighting two wars, Bush had a 450 billion dollar deficit and a 150 billion dollar deficit. In the entire eight years of his administration, the deficit increased approximately 1.5 trillion dollars.

    Mr. Obama has increased the national Deficit 1.5 trillion trillion dollars in a SINGLE 12 month period – eight times the rate of Mr. Bush, whom you on the left castigated for years for the deficits. Yet I have heard nary a complaint one about Mr. Obama’s debts. The next 7 months his deficits are on track for 1.6 trillion dollars more – twice George Bush’s runup in only 25% of the time.

    Make no mistake. These are Obama’s deficits, not George Bushs’. These are Obama’s problems, not George Bushs. This is Obama’s 10% unemployment, not GWB’s. These are Obama’s wars, not GWB’s. This is Obama’s economic woes, not GWB’s. Obama owns every single thing that has happened on his Presidency – just like Jimmy Carter did.

    Are YOU better off today than you were four years ago? Is YOUR 401K doing better than it was in 2006? Do YOU have more money in your pocket now than you did in 2006?

    If YOU can’t answer YES to each of those questions, then you need to look at who has controlled the purse strings and the economy for the past four years.

    In 2006, Democrats took complete control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. In 2008 they took complete control of politics in Washington – Presidency and all of Congress. As the Congress controls expenditures, liberal Democrats have controlled the economy since 2006, exclusively.

    The Left AND President Obama can no longer blame President Bush for these things. You folks have to take responsibility for the fact that your policies have resulted in a four-times increase in the debt, an increase of over 4 percent in unemployment, an increase in bankruptcies, an over 30% increase in defaults on loans, just to mention a few.

    Your experiment with my Nation has FAILED. NO one, NO nation, NO person, NO WORLD can put a pretty dress on this one and make it any better. NO one, NO nation, NO corporate entity, can spend borrowed money and get themselves out of debt. It is an economic fantasy to believe that it can be done, yet the Liberal Left has swallowed that camel whole, believing it is a gnat.

    You are blind guides.

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