Once Again The Media Over Estimates Palin and Her Mama Grizzlies

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Sarah Palin's candidate loses in Georgia

Media Over- Estimates Palin Mama Grizzlies

Yet another Palin loss in Georgia…… The media dubbed “GOP kingmaker”, huh? More like a Mama Grizzly slinking away with her tail between her legs.

Karen Handel, the Palin endorsed and pushed GOP Georgia Governor candidate, conceded today after losing to primary opponent Nathan Deal, who was endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Georgia’s own Newt Gingrich (why his word should be worth anything is beyond me). So Mike Huckabee’s word carried more weight than Sarah Palin’s in conservative, evangelical Georgia. That has to be disturbing for the Palin people.

Palin invested heavily in the Georgia primary, even campaigning for Karen Handel and telling the crowd in Georgia:

“It’s epic. It’s historic. The eyes of America are on you, Georgia, to see if you really do want that positive change and to get rid of that ‘good-ole-boy’ network that really gets in the way of just doing the thing that the people who want to hire a good governor are expecting of their government.”

In 2008, Palin was credited with helping Republicans Senator Saxby Chambliss win re-election when she flew to Georgia to campaign for him during a tough run-off.
Assuming she held the same gold Kingmaker wand in her hand, Palin flew to Georgia to campaign for Karen Handel. But in spite of Palin’s big push, Handel lost.

If Sarah Palin’s endorsement can’t win a primary race in red state Georgia, whose constituents are receptive to Palin’s message, what does this say about Palin’s potential ability to influence an election, primary or general?

In case you’re in doubt about predominant Georgian values, here’s the statement of current governor Sonny Purdue:

“Nathan Deal has worked tirelessly to represent our Georgia values in Washington against the forced liberal agenda pushed by Roy Barnes’ allies such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and John Edwards. The refusal of those leaders to listen to the will of the people on critical issues such as out-of-control spending and health care mandates simply reminds Georgians about the way Barnes ruled imperially here before 2003.”

So, yeah, Georgia is not a bastion of liberal thought. This is prime pickin’ for the Mama Grizzly and Karen Handel was one of her star Mama Grizzlies.

So while Nathan Deal will run on the Republican ticket, facing Democrat Roy Barnes and Libertarian John Monds, we’ll await the media’s painful relinquishment of their rather hopeful narrative about Sarah Palin being a Republican Kingmaker.

We get it, we know they want her to run because, let’s face it, Obama v Palin is a narrative the media is drooling over. It would be an epic confrontation of extreme right wing partisan ideology versus the philosopher King of centrism. The sheer hilarity and outrage would make the networks rich. Easy money, really. They wouldn’t even have to work for it. Just roll tape at 11 of Palin reading off her palm and pointing her finger at Obama, while Obama debated the pros and cons of economic sanctions against Iran.

But at some point, the media is going to have a write a new narrative for Sarah. One the public can’t see through quite so easily.

19 Replies to “Once Again The Media Over Estimates Palin and Her Mama Grizzlies”

  1. Sarah I am simply shocked that you would write a report on Sarah Palin. How unlike you!

    Sarah is worming her way back into the GOP, yet she goes on about the good old boy network. Well that’s both the Democrats and the GOP that she is slamming.

    You have to wonder how much influence Romney and Palin have. or anyone who endorses someone. I think people for the most part make up their own minds and don’t really listen to outside influences. At least when it really comes right down to actually doing the deed.

    But I agree with you it is time to rejoice as people who fall into the syrup, I mean the Sarah pit fade into the background. She can make great speeches full of half sentences and people will clap for her but I don’t think she is electable, delectable or in any way really that influential

  2. Haha, yes, shocking, I know:-)

    I agree with you that I doubt an endorsement means as much as the media purports it to, but sometimes it can be the final push a candidate needs. The media has been pushing the meme that Palin is the GOP kingmaker with her endorsements, and this meme doesn’t appear to be accurate.

  3. Ah Ms. Jones, your indictment of the media is SPOT ON. Cynical, but totally accurate.

    But I have to admit, I’d wet myself with excitement over a Palin/Obama spectacle too! Hard to blame the media there…

  4. The day that Sarah Palin’s grossly overextended 15 minutes of fame end can’t come soon enough. What’s often lost in the media’s narrative is that she often endorses people who are already in the lead. I firmly believe she will lose all credibility if her endorsees lose the general election. If that happens, she can forget about running for president in 2012.

  5. Great article, Sarah! Kingmaker, huh? She’ll be a weight around the neck of every candidate she supports come November. She can’t even push them to victory in the primary when the base matters.

  6. Great point about the primary being the time she should shine. If she can’t even get the conservative base behind her in a red state, what are her chances?

  7. When she went to Georgia late Sun eve-early Mon morn. the “Homer Debacle” had all ready happened but the vid hadn’t come out until Mon morning. Her bots…had already went into full spin control Saturday afternoon…even She knew it was a Debacle of EPIC proportions….

    So when she gave the “Bring it on” speech(screech) in Georgia, the vid had either hit the media (most likely did) and she was letting her own special brand of “Mental Madness shine”!
    I mean come on…”Bring it on”? Who was she talking to? She wasn’t campaigning for Karen…she was talking about herself! I haven’t heard any clips of the speech, but that she was actually talking about”The Homer Debacle” there!
    Now maybe its just me…but if I were running, I would want someone who would & could articulate my intentions if I won the race what I would do for the people.
    Not “Were, all about the constitution, the troops, faith, commonsense conservative(I know that certainly make no sense but this is a example) values, and hey would ya listen to what happened to me this weekend”? “Bla,bla,blab, Bring it on! Bla,bla,bla…”
    Karen Handel was probably Mortified!
    Oh you just know…another wheel flew off the crazy train from that video…Did you notice the next day she was commenting on Fox about Ted Stevens….about the plane crash and they did only AUDIO??? And she did some REALLY inappropriate giggling on that too, also….
    what a Maroon! Crazy! Psycho!

  8. Please, don’t write us all off as race-baiting, homophobic troglodytes. Roy Barnes was actually the governor of my state before the current incompetence. He won in the face of ads proclaiming “Roy Barnes: Too liberal for Georgia.” In fact, he stomped a mud hole in the a$$ of his challenger.
    Progressives outside the South risk disengaging entire segments of fellow progressives with sweeping commentary about the mere direction in which others live. My county in Georgia has voted progressively for decades.
    Making generalized statements about all Southerners, whites, males, heterosexuals and/or Christians (all of which I am… and I am an extremely (gasp) liberal person with many friends who have the same makeups), only serves to bring us all down to the level of the folks who make general statements about people of color, various religions, different sexual orientations, etc. for use in inflammatory rhetoric.
    We on the Left would be wise to remember ourselves sometimes.

  9. I don’t think that I made sweeping statements about the people in Georgia, except to acknowledge that the current people in power offer an extremist conservative position on things – which does tell us (supposedly, since they got elected but see my next article on this topic where I discuss the election and racketeering charges currently pending against the state of Georgia) something about the predominant values. Sonny Purdue got elected and this is what he stands for, along with the majority of the elected officials — even in blue counties like Chatham county, you find blue dogs, not liberal Democrats. The people are not all conservatives, but you can’t deny that the state swings more to the hard right than the average state.

    If you read my writing, you will see that I differentiate the modern day conservatives, the extremist Christians, etc. In this article, I was discussing the segment that wanted Palin to come to Georgia and the current leadership’s value system – which is, like it or not, hard core conservatism based on evangelical values. She did influence Chambliss’ re-election run-off when she came to Georgia to campaign for him. That is something you would not see in a non-hard core red state. Palin is poison in areas that are moderate right.

    As a state, it is a red state whose state legislators have tried to give a fetus the same rights as a human being, voted to secede if healthcare was passed, among other hard core conservative values.

    In political terms, this makes the state a red state and its values hard core Republican right and Christian. That does not mean that all of its inhabitants follow suit, obviously:-)

    No one here is writing Southerners off as anything. This is purely a discussion about the prevailing ideology and how it relates to Sarah Palin’s ability to persuade the majority of voters.

  10. But Sarah, the fact is, Karen Handel was ahead until MooseJaw opened her mouth, spewed and woke people up so they voted for the other guy. SarahPalin has rapidly become the Kiss Of Death to the Republican Party – and she won’t go away. It isn’t just the Dems & Indies who think she needs to get lost. She is now losing the Republicans (yes even the RWNJs) and in fact, people are running away from her endorsements.
    Even NPD has its downside. She won’t quit, but eventually she may very well be driven out and put back under her rock by her own party and it can’t come too soon for many who just can’t figure out why she is even relevant at this point. Does the Republican Party want to spend 40 years trying to overcome the divisive racism & hatred this creature spews in its name?
    And they will pay-the American people will get sick of all of this – and she will head be simply a wispy nightmare memory on the consciousness of America.

  11. You are right – she endorses people who are ahead. And then they lose! At some point, candidates will get wise & realize she’s toxic to normal human beings.

  12. As long as Republicans allow Sarah Palin to write their dialog & spew her noxious venom, she will be the face of the candidate she is endorsing. The candidate chose to allow this woman to come & campaign for her and she lost. It is not lost to many of us that this was not about the candidate, it was about SARAH SARAH SARAH. When the endorser is a racist ignorant bigot, the candidate therefore (it will be concluded) not only agrees with that philosophy but will be thought to have the same toxic values.
    I don’t think all white males are racist homophobic pigs, but I do believe Sarah Palin is a racist homophobic pig. Ergo – candidate is also the same. It may not be true – but if it wasn’t, maybe Sarah should be told to shut up & go home and butt out.
    But the Republicans are in love with her. It will be fun to watch her totally destroy the party.
    Progressives come in all sizes and shapes and sexes. When someone endorses you, it can be assumed their views are shared with you.

  13. I have one question for all of you. The responses to this article are filled with comments like…”Does the Republican Party want to spend 40 years trying to overcome the divisive racism & hatred this creature spews in its name?” or “She’ll be a weight around the neck of every candidate she supports come November.” or finally “what a Maroon! Crazy! Psycho!” If all of these things you claim were true, I would think you would want Sarah Palin around as much and as long as possible. Her presence based on your statements does nothing but hurt the GOP and its’ candidates. Isn’t this what you are looking for? Common sense would tell us that.

    I have a theory…all of you come to these websites to “spew” your nonsense because these are the only places you can get any kind of response to your skewed views. Your rantings in the real world get no response and coming to places like these give you comfort, they make you feel significant.

    The truth is Sarah Paling scares you. If she didn’t you people would not give her the attention you do. Sarah Palin is the polar opposite of all of you and that frightens you. I am what all of you call a “far right wing conservative” who is nothing more than a racist, a bigot and a homophobe.” Your words not mine. I do not believe that Sarah Palin is who we are looking for as a candidate in 2012. I believe her “talents” would be better utilized in other capacities. The fact that Sarah drives all of you MAD though really makes it hard for me to not wish for a run.

    I truly feel sorry for all of you. You live a life that turns to an all powerful government for all the answers. You reject people like Sarah Palin who wish for nothing more than government to get out of the way and let the individuals of this country live their lives as they see fit. I don’t need the government to give me anything. I just need them to let me be. Give me the freedom to succeed or fail on my own. I pray that you wake up from dream world you live in where government gives you everything you need. Government can only give what it takes from others.

    Go ahead…”kiss the hand of the people that bind you in chains.” You people are pathetic.

  14. Feel sorry for yourself then and save us your pity. You don’t even know what Sarah Payme stands for or how she left Alaska in more debt than California and was the biggest pork taker per capita of any governor.

    What were you saying about her wanting “government” to get out of the way? You meant after they gave her all the money, she wants them to let her spend it any way she wants. Yes, we know that.

  15. I just find it interesting that the rest of the country can look past their own bigots and hatemongers because the ones down here are louder and more strident. A friend of mine from Chicago who lived here during college perversely claimed that he actually preferred Southern racism because, at least, one always knew where one stood; his point being that though some are more subtle in their hatred, the numbers are not so different as folks in the North would like to believe.
    Sonny Perdue, whom I despise as you might imagine, was the first GOP governor since Reconstruction. Now, granted, those were largely the Southern Democrats with whom Nixon partnered using race baiting. It should be noted that in 2006, Perdue won with roughly 58% of the vote, a difference of 418,675 votes. In a state with 5,755,750 registered voters, that is certainly erasable, but voters who feel there is no reason to get out usually don’t. Redness is a color that could be changed here with a little help and support from the rest of the Union and the media and blogosphere at large.
    Kindly stop looking down your noses and let’s change this flimsy narrative together. It may take admitting some unpleasant things about yourselves, but it will be worth it.

  16. More debt than California? I don’t know how to respond to that. Alaska’s debt is approximately 9.4 billion….California is running around 2.3 trillion. Clarify for me.

  17. Two further points:
    1. As the Baby Boomers retire and move south, we are probably becoming redder as y’all, that’s a gift by the way ;), get bluer.
    2. Lest we forget, Palin’s candidate did lose her runoff, albeit to a complete homophobe. Good news is, with the size of the LGBT population in Northeast Georgia, that could be just the boost we were looking for. Keep your fingers crossed.

  18. Honey, I hear you loud and clear but you are talking to the wrong girl. I am not looking down my nose at anyone:-) And this might be a good time to remind you about the bees gettin’ more honey and all….

    200,000 newly registered Democrats were purged from the GA voting rolls in 2008 by Republican SOS. Yes? And with those registered Democrats, things would have been a bit more interesting. Of course, the challenge in GA is GOTV for the Dems in areas other than ATL.

    I understand exactly why you are miffed; and no one should write off any part of the country and there’s plenty of that going on w/i the country.

    You make excellent points about the state, but in the end, when talking about the political leanings RIGHT NOW, it would be inaccurate to suggest that GA was moderate. It’s simply not the case. The history of Georgia’s voting patterns was not relevant to this story.

    However, just because I didn’t write about it here doesn’t mean I am not aware of it, which is why I suggested you go read the other story before you make assumptions about where people are coming from.

    There’s plenty of LGBT in other parts of the state – NE county doesn’t have a lock down on that one. At any rate, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for y’all – make sure you GOTV and work it. God forbid if Deal gets in. He’s a real nightmare.

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