The Conservative Love Hate Relationship With the Constitution

While endlessly professing their undying love for all things constitutional, the document, the Founding Fathers, strict constructionist judges, conservatives also hate the Constitution and are willing to throw it out in favor of a document founded on bigotry and religious intolerance. It is mind boggling because Conservative groups claim they love the Constitution made by the Founding Fathers without amendments meant to protect freedoms for all Americans.

Republicans, teabaggers, and conservative extremists have even suggested convening a Constitutional Convention to draw up a new document that reflects bigoted views of the religious right, corporate governance, and racist Aryan groups. Racist Aryan groups are not just extremist hate groups like the KKK, but more likely they are older, white, racist Americans.

Conservatives play on people’s fear of Barack Obama’s presidency, and racist organizations like Fox News stoke racial hatred by claiming Obama is paying reparations to African-Americans by stealing from white people. Although conservatives cannot exclude blacks from their constitutional freedoms now, they are threatening to rewrite the Constitution to exclude Latinos by investigating and repealing the 14th Amendment; eventually they would exclude all but white Christians.

Republicans used to pander to the religious right for votes, but neo-conservatives and teabaggers alike speak of replacing the Constitution with the Bible’s Ten Commandments. These are dangerous, Christian Dominionists, and fanatical true believers. An even more ominous portend is the outrage over a mosque being built in America near Ground Zero. It’s hypocritical for conservatives who clamor to return to the Constitution of the founding fathers, but are willing to deny religious freedom to non-Christians.

It is curious that morons like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann shout the loudest about returning to the Constitution of 1776, when, if that were the case, they would not have the right to vote much less hold political office. However, hypocrisy is the hallmark of the conservative movement, and dunces like Palin and Bachmann are beacons of hypocrisy.

The Founding Fathers meant for the Constitution to be fluid or they would not have included provisions to amend it, but conservatives’ goal is for wealthy land owners and corporations to control the nation as they did in early America. Republicans subvert the Constitution to favor wealthy Americans in the form of special privileges whose sole purpose is to fill the coffers of the extremely wealthy.

Republican lawmakers know what the Constitution says, or at least they should; but do they really mean to subvert the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend? Apparently, they know exactly what they are doing, and would exclude all but wealthy, Christian, white people if they could get away with it.

The only reason Americans enjoy the freedoms we have is because of the Constitution, and the unalienable freedoms it guarantees, but freedoms are dangerous to conservatives because they limit total control from the bigots, corporations, and the wealthiest Americans. Depriving some Americans their religious freedoms, Civil Rights, and basic human rights is the goal of conservatives, and they find willing support from racists and religious extremists firmly rooted in the Republican, racist, and teabagger dogma.

The Constitution is meant to protect all Americans, but the latest round of attacks on the Constitution is for the sole purpose of creating fear among Christian Conservatives. Republicans hate the Constitution because it doesn’t favor only conservatives, so they subvert it and threaten to change it.

Historically, amendments to the Constitution are to ensure that every group enjoys the same freedoms equally, but Conservatives want to remove freedoms. The reason they hate the Constitution is because it protects all Americans, and one thing is abundantly clear; conservatives do not care about all Americans, or the Constitution.

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