Fox News Hosts a Terrorist to Discuss the Ground Zero Mosque

Fox Hosts Terrorist to Scare Republicans
Fox Hosts Terrorist to Scare Republicans

The GOP media arm and political organization Fox News took to the airwaves today to continue their Fear And Anti-Law Campaign against the Cordoba Center (aka, the scary Mosque of terrorists). In order to really, really scare people, they dipped into their vast pool of political terrorists and came up with this guy, Walid Shoebat — a self-professed “former terrorist” and born-again Christian. Er, that may have been redundant at this point. At any rate, this Christian terrorist was on Fox and Friends today and he did Newt and Sarah proud by furthering party division and racism in this country. USA! USA! USA!

Yesterday, my fellow sane people, you may have heard the echo chamber of Republican bots across the country repeating the mantra that it was like letting Hitler build a monument on the concentration camps to “let” a community center (with several prayer rooms) be built within two blocks of the hallowed ground of Ground Zero. I guess Republicans really love them some Hitler, because they’re pulling this guy out for all of their arguments since they lost the 2008 election. I guess Hitler and the modern day Republican Party share a lot of values.

Fear. Intimidation. Propaganda.

So, to counter the reasoned pleas of those few sane Republicans left in this country (who tried desperately to remind their party that Republican leaders like Newt and Palin were advocating to violate our laws and freedoms – gosh, did they just notice this now?), Fox stepped it up today by having on a real terrorist to…well, scare everyone.

Said “former PLO” terrorist and reborn Christian (oh, Walid! Welcome to our nationalism club of brown shirts!) Walid Shoebat tossed around accusations against Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and the Cordoba Center, ironically accusing Imam of being a terrorist.

Walid also wants us all to know that if we “let” (aka, follow our laws) private citizens build something on private property, we are giving the terrorists everything they want.

Watch Scary Warning here (and imagine for old time’s sake the terror alert level going up as the election day drew near):

And honestly, who can doubt the veracity of this? After all, no one knows terrorism like the modern day Republican Party. So, if they say so…………..

And this guy, Shoebat? He’s got a stellar history! If this guy isn’t a Bretibart video waiting to happen, I don’t know who is. He also, too, thinks Islam is the devil and has called it thus. Gosh, those reborn Fox Christian Republicans! Spreadin’ Jesus’ love.

Here’s a brief look at Shoebat’s past statements according to Media Matters:

Shoebat: “It is very clear that Obama is definitely a Muslim.” On September 10, 2008, Shoebat appeared on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show to spread falsehoods about Obama. Shoebat claimed that in Obama’s speeches, he was “talking about the same kind of issues that CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, would want to fight for, and that is fighting for the terrorist cause.” Shoebat later claimed: “No one is called Hussein unless he is Muslim. So it is very clear that Barack Hussein Obama is definitely a Muslim.” He added: “I haven’t heard a really serious testimony of his Christian conversion. A Muslim who converts to Christianity, the first thing he does is denounces Islam. Has Barack Hussein Obama denounced Islam as a false religion?” Liddy responded: “No.”

Shoebat appeared on God’s Learning Channel to bash Islam and Obama. In an online interview with God’s Learning Channel, Shoebat made a series of unsupported, inflammatory claims about Islam and Obama. Among these were the claims that:

* Shoebat: Obama “bowed down” to the king of Saudi Arabia because he is African. Shoebat stated of Obama: “He is from a Nigerian stock, you know, he is an African. To meet with a king who is from an Arab ‘pedigree’ he would have to bow down. … He is culturally Muslim. No doubt about it.” (12:50)

* Shoebat: Obama is a “combination between socialism and Islam.” Shoebat stated: “Obama is — culturally grew up as a Muslim, and the whole world knows, Obama is a socialist, kind of ‘communistic’ views. His whole upbringing, you know, he’s a combination between socialism and Islam. And you find them collaborating together quite well, because Islam and socialism have one thing in common: revolution.” (85:37)

* Shoebat: “[I]f Islam is not the Antichrist system, why do you think the devil wants to put a ‘cultural Muslim’ in the White House?” Shoebat said: “In fact, Obama is allowing [Rep.] Keith Ellison (D-MN) to entertain a hundred different applications of Muslim activists to work in the White House. … The fox is entering into the henhouse. This is why I always argue, I say if Islam is not the Antichrist system, why do you think the devil wants to put a Muslim — a ‘cultural Muslim’ in the White House?” (14:35)

* Shoebat: Obama is doing the bidding of the Islamists. Shoebat stated of Obama: “He is doing the bidding of the Islamists. Definitely, no doubt about it. It’s very obvious what’s happening. We’ve said that before the election.” (11:45)

Shoebat again suggests “the devil” had a hand in Obama’s election. In a 2008 interview, Shoebat said: “This is why I like to argue with many Christians an interpretation of the Bible. If Islam is not playing the major role in Antichrist spirit, why do you think the devil wants to appoint somebody connected to Islam in the White House?”

Shoebat repeats “birther” arguments. In the same 2008 interview, Shoebat claimed Obama is ineligible to be president by calling his citizenship into question:”

Wow! He seems so fair and balanced! I can see why he’s a perfect fit for Fox and Friends. Oh, you know what? Much like so many of the Right wing’s heroes, this guy isn’t exactly who and what he says he is.

Yeah. The Jerusalem Post says the bank Shoebat claims to have bombed said it had no record of the attack. Oopsie. Sort of a Joe the Plumber moment there. But then, you’d think maybe he would be proud of not being a terrorist.

I guess I don’t get the Right wing at all.

And meanwhile, Democrats are split on the issue, or rather, some are afraid to stand up for our constitution and our freedoms in the face of more right wing Get Out the Vote hysteria.

Wonder when the Democrats will realize that if they give in on the principles of this country again just because they Right is shrieking, they are giving the terrorists exactly what they want.

The Right will never stop shrieking and making accusations about Hitler. It’s best to ignore them. And it would be really nice if the Democrats would stand together for once, united against this kind of political scare tactic, and say ENOUGH. We will not be cowed into giving up our freedoms again. We will not be cowed by accusations of not being patriotic or of being like Hitler. And we will certainly not allow our values to be destroyed because the Republican Party has nothing positive to offer this country this fall.

They’re just going to have to find something else to terrify their base with. That shouldn’t be hard.

All citizens of this country should unite over this attempt to violate freedom of our religion – left, right and center. The constitution is very clear about this issue. Laws were made as a guide for when we are at our worst, not our best. Let’s not give in to our fear this time.

16 Replies to “Fox News Hosts a Terrorist to Discuss the Ground Zero Mosque”

  1. So this guy is to Islam what all those “former Pagans” the religious right likes to trot out to talk about our Satanic celebrations before Christ entered their lives and saved them. As a Pagan, I know that’s nonsense, as I’m sure this guy is just as much a load of excrement. They do like to shovel it out and expect to be believed. Oh to be a gullible FOX viewer. Life in black and white must be so simple!

  2. Shoebat-sh*t crazy.

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from FOX News. And Rupert Murdoch just gave a million dollars to the GOP’s thin coffers. Who could have predicted that?

    I find it treasonous that the GOP is stirring up Islamophobia and Muslim bigotry while we have soldiers fighting in countries with Muslim populations. Why don’t they just take our soldiers out behind the RNC or FOX headquarters and shoot them themselves. “Friendly fire” has never been so rampant in this country.

  3. So by virtue of being named “Hussein”, President Obama is a Muslim. “Walid” doesn’t sound all that Christian to me. Maybe he needs to change his name to Matthew, Mark, Luke or John.

  4. Ha! Brilliant. Love it, G Katz. I guess on Fox if you SAY you’re a terrorist and now a Christian, you have status. I’m sure they’d all vote for Walid for President. In fact, Walid 2012 is probably coming up next…..Hold on to your seats!

  5. That is a great point….and what Fox with their faux-militarism doesn’t get is that our troops are working WITH Iraqis, and our troops celebrate events with them and live among them. Our troops are not scared of Muslims like Fox tries to trick its old white viewership into being. Our troops know there is a difference between insurgents, terrorists and Muslims. Why is this so hard for some people to grasp?

    At times, I’m so deeply horrified by what Fox is doing to this country that it takes my breath away. I wonder if we will look back on this time and say, “I wish we had done something.” I hope it never comes to that.

  6. I claim no political affiliation, however I think both “sides” of our government are blowing this whole thing exorbitantly out of porportion.

    Do we live in a religiously free country? Yes. Although some people would fight me on this issue, the fact of the matter is that in most other countries, if you are not part of the state religion you are considered to be a threat and will be persecuted as such. This is not the case in the US. While some fanatics are completely anti-insertreligionhere…that is also part of this country’s freedom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. While the news media (liberal and republican) both seem to have a much larger soapbox than anyone else, of course they are going to cause more of a stir.

    The key is listening to what they say and then drawing your own conclusion about what YOU personally think about a topic. Both sides are horribly biased, and this is what upsets me about liberals bashing republicans and vice versa. Everyone always assumes that because someone on one network says something that contradicts something on another network with rival views…that one or the other is obviously wrong. This sort of constant vendetta between the “left” and the “right” does nothing but confuse the dumb citizens of this country who don’t have two brain cells to form an original thought. I’m tired of hearing democrats rage on MSNBC about how all republicans are money-grubbing warmongers who are aiming to debase the liberties and freedoms of this country. likewise, I’m especially tired of Sean Hannity constantly rail on Obama about issues that are totally frivolous. The truth is that all politicians, regardless of political stance, are all guilty of destroying the liberties of this country in some way or another.

    I agree with the original poster when he stated that both sides need to rise up against this sort of injustice as far as telling the Islamic community that they can’t build a community center/mosque just because people are “afraid” of what they don’t understand. I, as a Christian, have many Islamic friends, have been to Iraq and Kuwait, and have a very good understanding of their religion and culture. While there are “radicals” who definitely DO want to cause fear and terror…they are a very small percentage of the Islamic world. “All Muslims are terrorists” is the same as saying “all Christians are white supremacist Nazis”. Any intelligent person knows that both of these are total fallacies, however both seem to be widely believed. A religion does not cause someone to act radically violent against another…that person makes that choice, and all religions (excluding…Buddhism maybe..?) have these individuals.

    Should they be able to build this thing? Why not? It’s not like they’re wanting to lay the foundation INSIDE the old WTC grounds…they’re wanting to put it something like 3 blocks away. I see no problem. Now, if they build it and suddenly it becomes an anti-“AMERICAN” (not anti-Christian or anything else) protest area…then by all means close it down.

    My main point is that no matter what your political side or religious creed, if you live in this country, you are a fellow American. Thus you have the right to any and all constitutional rights as anyone else regarding your personal religious practices.

    And just for the record…if you’re going to preach constitutional rights, you also need to realize that your liberal politicians are mostly involved in killing one if the biggest constitutional rights of all: the right to bear arms. Without that liberty, we would still be under the Union Jack.

    Just some food for thought.

  7. I liked your comments and agreed with most of what you said until you said that liberal politicians are trying to get rid of second amendment rights. Can you please give me several recent examples of legislation they’ve passed?

    Are you aware that second amendment rights grew under Obama?

    I personally own a gun but I am not comfortable with having people carrying guns into bars as they can in many states. I’m a liberal, I’m a great shot, and I would never vote for Sarah Palin.

  8. I never said their legistlations were successful, I merely stated that they are responsible for the majority of the attempts to quash and limit the right for “all Americans to bear arms”.

    Criminals are always going to carry guns whether they are outlawed or not. Therefore law-abiding citizens should also be able to arm themselves. As far as carrying in a bar? I’ve never thought that was a good idea, but limiting WHERE guns may be carried does not need to flow over into whether they should be carried at all. Personally, if someone were to draw down on me while I was at the ATM, I would like to at least have a fighting chance.

    As I said, I claim no political party or side. I merely believe in the constitution and this great nation. I’m not a republican or a democrat…I’m an American and a patriot. I call it like I see it, and there have been a lot more democratic attempts to repeal gun rights than to strengthen or improve them.

  9. OK, well, that is true overall. I thought you meant recently, and yet recently, under Dem majority, gun rights have expanded:-) I enjoyed your comments.

  10. Thank you, I don’t normally visit political blogs (I was following the report on the troops pulling out of Iraq and just happened upon this post). I’m just tired of turning on the news and hearing the constant bickering between the two political sides. It really does nothing to further the future of this country, and only a handful of Americans seem to realize this. I’m proud to say that I can include myself in that group. Based on your statement about “left right and center” pulling together, I would include you there as well.

    For the longest time, I was one of those “sheep”. During the first 4 years of Bush, I was a hardcore liberal. During the second 4, I become extremely conservative. And this was all due to the influence of the news media. I finally realized that watching the news is like panning for gold. Most of the time you get a bucket of dirt with a lot of disappointment…but if you look closely, you’ll find that little gem hidden in the massive pile of junk. That’s why when I DO watch the news, I prefer to watch Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and even sometimes the BBC…just to see what EVERYONE is saying.

    It pains me to see people who are so stubborn about their views that they refuse to even listen to another side in order to consider the actual facts. I actually lost a girlfriend at one point in time because of a conversation (which she turned into a political persecution) over the military presence in Iraq/Afghanistan. She would constantly make anti-military remarks, so I told her that it’s not the military who chooses to be in the war…it’s the government. The military men and women are only doing their jobs, taking their orders from the top just like any other employee would at their daily job. When I tried to explain to her that yes, war is war, but also that the troops are serving a protective service to the civilians in those countries I was promptly met with “the news said…” and a giant line of anti-war propaganda. As I said before, I have been in the middle of that warzone, and I know firsthand that our military presence there has made an enormous impact on the quality of life for the once VERY fearful citizens of both Iraq and Afghanistan. She would not even entertain the idea that I was right, and in fact tried to tell me that I was the one was being fed lies.

    This is why absolutely hate the fact that our country is being split in two by political bias. I respected the fact that she had her own opinion about the war, but when I tried to open her eyes and show her that she was being completely obtuse in reasoning…I was met with complete hostility. I now realize that sometimes it’s not even worth trying to give someone the facts, because unless they choose to realize that they may in fact be wrong, then there is no chance of anything actually sinking in.

    Sorry if this seems a bit of a rant…I’m in rare form this evening.

  11. Well, Mickey….I’m glad you wrote. I feel some of your frustration…I reported on the situation in Iraq weeks ago and not many people wanted to hear it because many people have their idea about what’s going on over there…but of course, they aren’t there and they don’t know the things that we are doing for good over there. As I wrote in my drawdown story, this is not a simple issue. I wish we hadn’t invaded, but we did. And as you point out, the troops are doing their jobs. And the folks I meet who just came back from Iraq are proud of the work they’re doing with the IA and the civilians.

    No matter my ideology, I try to remain married to the facts and in this case, what I discovered didn’t fit with my ideas about the situation. I am amused to hear how the media is reporting the drawdown now, since it’s been going on for a while. It’s like it just happened.

    You’re discussing the importance of remaining open to facts and not getting suffocated and close minded due to epistemic closure. I couldn’t agree more.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and feel free to have a rant that worthy of reading any time.

  12. Mickey, you make several valid points, including the culpability of both parties (and media venues) engaging in partisan politics.

    However, I adamantly disagree with the impression of equivalency of culpability which you are implying in your post. I’ve never seen this extent of race-baiting, fear-mongering, and general hysterical manipulation of the public by the GOP and its media arms – FOX News and right-wing talk radio.

    In fact, the argument of “everybody does it” is not only intellectually immature (even your teenager will use this argument to defend prohibited behaviors), but this argument insidiously attempts to stifle detailed analyses or criticism of more flagrant and irresponsible behaviors, simply because they are in the “same category” as less flagrant behaviors.

    Why is this so important? Consider that this same argument has been used in the debate on racism. If an example of black racism AGAINST whites can be documented (as Breitbart abortively attempted with Sherrod), then the howls immediately start up which sound like this:

    “Everybody does it. Every race is racist. Why should we talk about racism against blacks when blacks are racists themselves against whites.”

    While I agree that every race has its racists, there is little equivalency in the actual DEGREE and actual EFFECTS of racism between whites and blacks in our society. There are multiple studies which show how crippling racism has been and continues to be for black Americans. Google author Tim Wise and his work for a real education on the true state and effects of racism in our country. There is NO equivalency. That’s why we, as a society, can’t just say “Oh, well. Everybody does it.” We have to continue talk about and identify the details and facts about racism, and work diligently for change in racial attitudes in our society.

    In conclusion — Yes, the Democratic party is engaging in its share of partisan politics, but they’re slinging spitballs compared with GOP’s wedge-issue grenades and cultural depth charges. Until the GOP ratchets back down to the level of spitballs, there’s no equivalency — and they deserve the aggressive criticism and censure by all reasonable Americans. By the way, I voted Republican for 40 years — until the GOP’s abyss of hell opened up in the last ten years. In effect, the modern GOP made a liberal Democrat out of me. That’s the only credit I’ll extend to them.

  13. C.L. my point was to show the division in our country, not to set a threshold for acceptable partisan mudslinging tactics. “Everybody does it” is not intellectually immature, it is a fact. Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are all in the same boat. I in no way said the two sides were equal in their ways, only that they are both responsible. There is no grey area…there is only right and wrong, regardless of the degree. Your racism comparison actually proves the point I was going for – one injustice does not justify another. Blacks and whites, liberals and conservatives…both sides must take equal responsibility to END the division. Racism and reverse-racism are, as you said, in no way equal. Anti-black racism is far more prevalent and its methods in the past and current day are atrocious. Still, anti-white racism is still fueled by the exact same fire. They both have something in common: racism. If one is wrong the other is still equally wrong, regardless of the amount. Racism will always be racism no matter who it is against.

    I in no way meant to cause a stir, only to point out the facts. The fact is that wrong is wrong no matter how wrong it is. The only way things will ever change is if everyone is held to the same standards of accountability. We are all Americans. We are all equal. Same crime, same punishment.

    Also, my “teenager” is non-existent, as I’m 25 years old. I never used that logic when I was a teenager, either. Most of my friends were adults, and I generally led a social life away from immature teenage behavior which everyone else was doing. It’s something I’m thankful I did, as it has shaped me into the person I am today.

  14. My primary impression of your response is one of pride: I’m very proud that our country has articulate and intelligent young people such as you, Mickey.

    America needs young people like you right now — and especially in the coming years of struggle for our country’s identity (“soul”).

  15. As soon as republicans accept the fact that we are no longer living back in 1910 when you could order a Model T in any color as long as it was black. Cars come in many colors, and just because O’Reilly drives a red car (just for this discussion, I have no idea what he drives) does not mean that someone who drives a blue car is a loon, someone who drives a green car is an America hater, but that their choices are as valid as O’Reilly’s and Hannity’s. O’Reilly has stated several times that there is only black and white, not accepting that there are many shades of grey.

    [Except that my Black-Gold car really is superior to any of the red, blue and green cars (;-)

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