Nobody in Jacksonville Will Pay $50 to See Sarah Palin

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Every morning she hears it as soon as she wakes up, tick-tock, tick-tock. It follows her wherever she goes. It is the sound of Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes almost being up. Another sign that the end is near for Palinmania came in Jacksonville, FL where her fundraiser for Heroic Media was moved from a 2,936 seat theatre to a 609 seat venue due to poor ticket sales.

As Sarah Jones reported on Sunday, Palin was set to be the big draw and the headliner for a fundraiser benefiting the conservative anti-abortion organization Heroic Media, and as will all organizations that get conned into paying Palin to show up and babble with promises of filled coffers in return, Heroic Media is finding out that Palin is not quite the draw that they thought she was, or to put it another way, she isn’t much of a draw at all.

According to the Florida Times-Union, organizers of the event were very upfront and honest about why they decided to move, “An Evening With Sarah Palin” from the 2,936 seat Moran Theatre, to the 609 seat Terry Theatre, Florida Director for Heroic Media Mark Nelson admitted that there weren’t enough tickets sold to hold the event in the bigger building, “We would rather have a packed theater than a theater that’s not so packed.”

Not so packed, is a very polite way of saying, “Palin isn’t selling any tickets and if we hold this thing in the big building, we are going to look like idiots because it will be less than a quarter full.” How many tickets have been sold to the Jacksonville fundraiser? Considering that the venue holds 609 people and there are still some $50 tickets for sale on Ticketmaster, a generous sales estimate is probably somewhere in the 400-500 range, which means that the event organizers were expecting about 3,000 people, and instead will be lucky to get 20% of that total. (The Palin popularity myth has claimed another victim).

Heroic Media has a generic sounding name, but the group was founded by Swift Boater Brian R. Follett, so the curse of the Palin Money Pit could not happen to a more deserving person or organization. Heroic Media was really hoping to rake in the bucks with Palin. They are also offering a special $500 package, where the sucker, I mean lucky audience member gets, “2 reserved seating tickets, 2 tickets to private reception with Gov. Palin, recognition in event program, memento photo with Gov. Palin.” In case anyone wanted to part with even more money, for $1,500 you could have, “10 reserved seating tickets, 2 tickets to private reception with Gov. Palin, special recognition in event program and on web site, memento photo with Gov. Palin special gift bag with copy of Gov. Palin’s book Going Rogue, pennant flag with your logo and name displayed and/or event signage.”

Like any good grifter, Sarah Palin has managed to gain the confidence of her marks by selling them on the notion that she is a marketable commodity. She isn’t. Mother Jones reported on the disaster that was the Sarah Palin Tea Party Convention Banquet. There was the fiasco in Atlanta where a religious benefit for special needs kids was booked for a 13,000 seat arena, but only sold 1,000 tickets, via The Immoral Minority and now the Jacksonville debacle.

Sarah Palin can’t sell tickets, and she can’t draw a paying crowd. Few people will want to pay for the privilege of seeing someone who will not go away. Palin is divisive and at best will only be able to draw from a niche audience. If an organization wants to hold a fundraiser, don’t waste your time and money on Sarah Palin, instead, book the most popular professional athlete in your community. They probably won’t cost $100,000 plus expenses, and some of them may even appear for free, if you still find yourself needing to have Sarah Palin appear at your event, in the words of Thomas Tusser, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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  1. Maybe these people who organize these events are finally learning that the American people are so very tired of Sarah Palin.

  2. I would pay if I could watch her make faces like that all night, I mean, by all that’s holy, what a great picture. But seriously, to pay money to listen to somebody ramble on incoherently for even five minutes…I don’t get it. Does anybody really understand anything she is saying? Does she?

  3. Gotta love the town I grew up in – Jacksonville! They don’t seem to be buying into $arah

    As an adult, I am living in Little Rock. Sarah passed through here about six months ago. The Republican party rented Verizon Arena that holds thousands. As the time drew near, the ticket prices went from a couple of hundred down to $20.00 and they still couldn’t get the crowd. The day of the speech, technitions were called in to make the arena look smaller, ie draping off sections – more focus on the floor space. Don’t remember the exact number who attended, less than a 1,000. Someone taped her speech, if you want to call it that. Someone screened her questions and I believe this was the debut for her palm notes. She is pitiful.

  4. While I am pro choice I do have a question for any anti abortion people on this board. In all due respect to your beliefs, why would an orginization that is promoting anti abortion views hire a speaker that had an abortion? While I believe that Sarah had the right ( and made the correct choice) in aborting a nonviable fetus, there is a huge disconnect there. Sarah’s life was NOT at risk at that point and she could have waited to see if “nature took its course”(many have). But if groups promoting rape victims and incest victims be forced to carry to term, then the emotional strain of carrying a dead fetus is a non -argument in Sarah’s case. I am not writing this to stir up trouble, but truly am interested in the dynamics of this mind set.

  5. It’s becoming obvious, due to “dismal” ticket sales, that Sarah’s 15min of stuffing herself in people’s faces is rapidly coming to an end.

    Sarah has ONE speech – it never varies. It has no subject and is simply a string of dog-whistle terms all strung together. She NEVER is relevant. She NEVER references any interest in or knowledge of the group whose conference she is speaking at. She has made the KissOfDeath mistake of a speaker which is “KNOW THY AUDIENCE”. Perfect example was that bone-headed blabber at the Wine Conf in Vegas where they even twittered how BORING uninteresting/and WTF is she doing here thingys.

    She does not have the ability to give a decent speech. She moves erratically, she points, she LECTURES, she’s jumping/twisting around (from the drugs??), she’s a horrible speaker. She basically says NOTHING over and over and over.

    I’m amazed they still sell any tickets to her. We’ve all seen and heard her stammer and jabber and trip over her forked tongue too many times.

    She’s history and she will never BECOME anything but the Quitting has-been never-was that she now is.

  6. And actually, I don’t think it’s entirely uncalled for, since Bible Spice’s political career is mainly based on being the Republican MILF who brought some (sexual) energy to John McCain’s limp campaign.

  7. It’s a proud day for America when a huckster like Sarah Palin can no longer sell their bile to anyone. G-d Bless America!

  8. I wouldn’t pay $50.oo to see the Eagles back in the 1990’s, and I sure as hell won’t pay $50.00 to hear a woman who reminds me of Fran Drescher, with that annoying voice.

  9. If we buy the tickets and show up and BOO will we be SILENCED by her people? Will our First Amendment rights of Free Speech be denied? YOU BETCHA!

  10. 15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,…….minutes and counting………bye bye sarah you laimbrain moron……

  11. You can hear everything she has to say or has ever said publicly for free by going on YouTube. As she isnt likely to change her stance, so there would be no surprises in seeing her live. And why do they call her Governor Palin when she quite specifically resigned from that position. It should only be used to address people who complete a term.

  12. I’m so glad this is finally coming true. The more than 50% who know how stupid she is have caught up with those idiots on the way to the rally. What a vision! Hey, why aren’t you guys following us sheep to the Barbie Rally? Oh, that’s why. duh. what was I thinking. (no shit you dumb asses) Why did it take you 2 years + to figure it out. Your right to vote should be revoked. God I hope they nominate her in 2012. Oh please, please, please let that happen. God that woman is an Idiot!

  13. And to think she could have been our veep. what was the mccain camp thinking? if not for that bimbo he may very well be prez right now and then we wouldnt be having debates about race and islam.

  14. I have to dance with glee over this. I am curious about a couple other posts, however.

    First – suz1941 – tell me more about the apparent debacle in Little Rock. I remember when she came down here, but largely tried to ignore it. If she couldn’t pull in a crowd in Arkansas she really must be falling by the wayside.

    Second, to Fawn. I’m anti-abortion, but more importantly, I’m pro-Life. I agree with you, inviting Palin to speak at a pro-Life event is madness. She’s not pro-Life, and one must question if she is really anti-abortion. I’m very interested in learning more about this claimed abortion of hers. In many cases, pro-Life groups will invite individuals who have had abortions and regret them to talk about their experience. The purpose is kind of like Evangelical Fundamentalists who trot out “ex-Catholics” or “ex-Muslims” who then trash talk about horrid being that was. Sometimes, they also just make up their experiences to inflame the devotees.

    Like I said, I’m anti-abortion but abortion is a symptom, not so much a cause. To be authentically pro-Life means advocating for those things that allow people to live with the dignity proper to human beings. Outlawing abortion won’t end the killing of the unborn. Only real social and economic change which ensures that all people have their personal integrity respected and needs met will eliminate the felt need for killing anyone (including war, capital punishment, etc.).

    Palin represents a type of bigoted hatred that – when unleashed – will result in horrific consequences for all people. This sort of culture of Death simply cannot be tolerated by any right thinking individual.

    Peace to all.

  15. This is a scene that is getting played out all over the country. In this economy, people aren’t going to pay big bucks to see someone who the vast majority of the nation believes is not qualified to be president. These organizations lose money on the Palin appearance plus venue rental and other associated costs, so one should never buy the spin that Palin is raising money for charity with her appearances. If she really was interested in raising money, she would appear for free or for the cost of travel and accommodations.

  16. The writing is on the wall when you can’t even sell 20% of a venue for a so-called “celebrity” like $P. Her fees will be dropping like a brick and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. $arah, take your screeching and find a quiet place without internet or cell phone access to live out your days. It would make the rest of us so happy to never hear from you or about you ever again!

  17. Your position is very well reasoned, consistent, and thought out. I believe that the government should not be involved in the abortion discussion. It is an individual decision, that is best left to the individual, but if one is to be pro-life, in my opinion, they should be like yourself, pro-all life not just that of the unborn child.

  18. Remember, this is the free market at work, but Sarah will be able to rake in the cash as long as organizers are still stupid enough to meet her price. A more honest assessment of her appearance values, and I used to work in promotions, is probably in the $10,000-$3o,000 range. She is being exponentially overpaid, and no one in their right mind should pay her $100,000 plus expenses.

  19. @SFT – Love that appellation, “Bible Spice.”

    @David NicholsonCole – The English teacher in me would point out that “Governor Palin” is correct, even though she did not serve out a full term.

    In office: Governor Xyz. Out of office but still alive: Governor Xyz. Dead within one generation: The Late Governor Xyz. Dead longer than one Generation: Xyz.

  20. More Liberal Lie’s.
    Funny,Palin is a bigger draw than Obama and the Liberals can’t stand it.EAT YOUR HEART OUT BOYS”

  21. Working full time, whether at home or outside the home, may leave little time for fact checking or critical thinking. I know, because I have been there. I was staunchly pro life some decades ago and I remain pro life. Sarah Palin says she is pro life. She is charismatic and fools a lot of people. She uses the pro life platform because it is politically expedient for her. It is my fervent hope that any pro life person who may be reading this post do some fact checking. Do not accept Sarah Palin on the basis of a blanket recommendation by your pro life organization. Go to palingates dot blogspot dot com Go to mercedejohnston dot com to see how the other grandmother and the aunt of Tripp are treated by “pro life” and “pro family” Palin and her daughter.

  22. Excellent post. Thanks for your insights into the whys. I consider myself pro-choice as well as pro-life. It was heartening to see how abortions dropped off during the Clinton years. People had the resources and support to take care of their children and newborns. Not so much these days sadly. I have heard the Palin abortion story before as well but I’ve never actually read a factual account. I’m interested as well in the truth of that. Thanks again.

  23. The comment about what was John McCain thinking… I think it was apparent that John McCain has given over to the political advisors and has been saying and doing everything they have decided he should do and or say. These “experts” are driving a wedge between the public that once admired and respected him whther we agreed with his politics or not. It is sad when you really look at how he has become a pawn and lost the potential he once had.
    I found the abotion discussion to be a really good one and for once it has not been overly religious in nature. I do not think abortion is the best alternative to pregnancy. It should not be seriously considered as birth control since it is more about a health option for the woman or at the worst as a family planning tool. All other options for birth control should be available to women and they should use them to prevent the pregnancy. Abortion should be a last resort and should be avoided unless no other option exists.
    I for one wish Sarah Palins mother had had the option and had exercised it.

  24. I live in Jax, FL. Many times in the past I have seriously thought about moving to get away from the seemingly large and very vocal Religious Right Neo Conservative segment here. While the people I meet seem reasonable, tolerant and middle of the road, you’d never know it from the voices heard loudly shouting for a ‘return to yesteryear’ in more ways than one! This article gives me hope that the vocal are the actual minority. Palin and the Anti Abortion shrinking segment don’t truly represent the majority of citizens. And glad to see that the shinking minority aren’t willing to pay $$$$ to hear her agree with them!
    It’s a comfort to me that Pro Choice sentiment or ‘none of the government’s business’ issue of a woman’s private rights to control her own body can live in peace here in NE Florida. I’ll delay planning a move for now…..and plan to vote a strong Progressive ticket in November!

  25. I was thinking the exact same thing. Pathetic. Equally pathetic is how she desperately tries to spin it and say she did it for Alaskans and Americans as a whole. Well, I guess she’s partly correct and I’m sure Alaskans are grateful she quit them. If only we were all so lucky!

    Jack Twist: “I wish I knew how to quit you”
    Ennis Del Mar: “You mean like Sarah Palin quit Alaskans?”
    Jack Twist: “Yeah.”

  26. @BitcoDavid, thank you for the breakdown. I have to wonder: when the terminology was established, did TPTB consider that, one day, a Sarah Palin would come along?

  27. Thanks for breaking it down, BitcoDavid.

    I have to wonder if when these terminology was established, they considered the possibility of a Sarah Palin disgracing it?

  28. Oops, sorry for the double-post above. First post wasn’t showing…now both are. I blame Sarah Palin for that, too. ;)

  29. LOL @ “Bible Spice”…You have to love the creativity of the American public once they zero in on a “zero” like Palin. I hope her 15 minutes of fame is longer than that. It takes a while to turn a ship as large as ours, but while the turn is being made (and it is), she will do more damage to her lunatic cause with her erratic, nonsensical ramblings. Once her exposure to the masses is complete, she will be forever be banished as a absurd historical footnote.

  30. Nominating Palin underscores the general disdain that the Republican leadership has for its constituency (remember “access” and “tchotchkes”?). They really don’t care about WHO gets to sit in the chair, but rather WHO DOESN’T. The racist, lying, spinmongers who are engaged in the never ending campaign to tear down our President, don’t care about America as a whole, but rather their narrow (minded) slice of it.

  31. True…the whole “you might be aborting the next Einstein” argument is turned on its ear with this post….lol. While I am sure there are still 157 people in this Country that would disagree, we would have been better off without her. She has, and continues to, offer nothing.

  32. Well, you might could pay me, but I would have to have headphones of Stephanie Miller or Randi Rhodes podcasts… She is lovely (Sarah Failin) but stupid beyond belief..

  33. I think the time is coming that she’ll have to start paying people to listen to her at any event. Good-bye mama grizzly b—h!!

  34. @ Scott….I think you’re right on target with your comment. She is “good” for the more progressives’ cause because she brings to light the craziness of the right wing extremist thinking (or lack thereof). Hey, and in the meantime, she’s a good laugh for us!
    And I, too, believe this ship is turning around…….

  35. I agree, but since you may also be aborting the next Hitler, the argument is rendered moot, anyway. The fact of the matter is that there are so many variables involved in what and who we are, that that argument always struck me as fallacious. I used to have a friend who was given to saying that if abortion were legal back when he was born, he wouldn’t be here, today. I would point out that if his mother had eaten 2 bowls of cereal instead of one, or walked instead of taking the bus, he wouldn’t be here today.

  36. I agree with you 100%. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s hard for people to understand how a liberal can be “pro-life” until they hear me out. These things are symptoms of a social problem, and I am FOR the lives of all being protected. The way to do this is not through legal channels, but by educating, assisting, and caring.

  37. Amy:
    There is nothing wrong with being pro-life. The problem is that a lot of “pro-lifers” don’t actually live their words. Just look at the guy who killed Dr. Tiller. Or all the Republicans cheering for more war(Iraq being one example).

  38. Imagine what the rest of the world thinks of America when slime like Palin is all over the news talking utter crap?

    Not good for your international reputation…

    Get rid of her, quick!!

  39. It is refreshing to hear all you kind people on the left speaking you minds. I thought that kindness was something that all Americans had, but I can see how wrong I was; I’m glad I’m not a Liberal any more, I wouldn’t want to be associated with the likes of you guys. I am ashamed for you all, you are really missing the boat. How do you expect to have peace, when you are so angry, rude and mean spirited? Every human being is our brother and sister, don’t forget it, because it’s true, isn’t it?

  40. Oh my gosh! This story renews my faith in the intelligence of the American people! (David: See we’re not all negative.)


  42. you are so right when -Clinton was in office he did good for the people, we were doing real good until we got a republican then all finances went topieces for the regular every day working man, Bush was for the moneyed group they did very well while every working people got (zero).

  43. you my dear must be a republican if they are pro life why the executions? a lot in Texas , mr. B u s h is a resident and at one time governer , where is all the compassion for life? makes one wonder which way they the g o p are all about. selfish as far as i can see and a lot of untruths, NO GROUP. THAT IS THEIR ANSWER TO ALL THINGS . NO NO AND NO AGAIN AND AGAIN, GET WITH THE ONES WHO WORK FOR THE PEOPLE ,THE DEMOCRATS.

  44. I’m with anonymous if she would quit her job as governor to run after the money while being reckless with her words and causing division in our country, then how low would she go. If you are willing to help in the destruction of your country then blow jobs for money would be a step up in my opinion.

  45. I was in St. Louis at the time and I ain’t never seen anything like it, give me a link where she drew a crowd like that ain’t that many slow people in the world, if they did gather they would disburse quickly listening to her speak, it’s like chalk on a chalkboard eeeeeeeeewwwww.

  46. It is a personal matter for the woman and most likely a very hard decision, Iam pro choice as well as pro life as in eliminating the death penalty and no wars for oil but also I would like to see the conditions better for women so they would not have to make this choice and sex education so they wouldn’t have to be put in this position.

  47. Be careful how you judge that, because not all people are on the level that you are on and never feel as if you have arrived, because we as christians never arrive at absolute perfection, because we are flawed, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but apparantly you right wingers think you have reached perfection and stand in God’s shoes judging, if you are a true christian then you know God is the ultimate judge not you let him do his job, vengeance is mine sayeth the lord, not yours.

  48. When she stops trying to destroy my country and repeating over and over again that free speech bull then I’ll be nice, but don’t talk to me about morals when you got a knocked up teenage daughter and then advise me that my daughter doesn’t need sex education in school, don’t use your office to go after your ex brother-in-law and destroy other people’s careers cause he won’t fire him, and don’t keep disrespecting my president and actually expecting him to respond to your facebook and twitter rants when he is the leader of the free world. So if you want to discuss nice then go to her facebook page and remember judge not lest ye be judged.

  49. I purchased two tickets to see Sarah Palin at this event for $123.00. Anyway, in response to your comment; yes Sarah Palin’s life would have been at risk if there was a dead baby inside of her. That baby would eventually begin to decompose and have a serious effect on her health. Pro-Life is the way to go; I find it ironic that Vietnam vets were called “baby killers” when it was in fact the women of America who fought the year Vietnam ended to have the right to kill their babies. Women may be the more emotional and gentle of the two sexes, but they are also the most evil and cruel [just as in nature] when they decided to kill their only children, born or not.

  50. Anonymous is right. I do not think that what you see above is a political correctness situation but more a habit or a religious construct. I see G-d spelled that way across many forms

    I for one totally sick of this BS about saying God, Merry Christmas and all that kind of stuff. I believe if it’s Christmas time that you should tell people Merry Christmas and that store owners who have sales or whatever should be able to say Merry Christmas. It’s kind of that kind of season. And when the Muslims have celebrations than they should be absolutely free to say what celebration it is. personally I am an atheist but I believe if you have a religion these holidays celebrate an event within that religion. Stand up and celebrate it and use its name. Be proud of it

  51. David, I find it very strange that you say something like this given the things that people outside of the liberals are saying. Obama is a Muslim etc. etc. the hatred and bigotry for Mexicans and people of the Islamic faith, and the constant need from the neocons for war.

    What you see here is extremely mild compared to what is coming out of the right wing of this country. Maybe your speech would be better suited pointed at them. Just my opinion

  52. I belong to a web cam site and talk to people from quite a few different countries every day. Most of them are disgusted at our conservatives and the things they say. I think that many other should stand back like the people who don’t live here have the ability to do and take a look at what these people are doing. They are an embarrassment to the United States

  53. It sounds like this event was NOT publicized or advertised correctly. And, noone has even HEARD of the people holding this event either.

    No matter WHO is appearing or speaking at an event, if noone knows about it, noone will show up or buy tickets. If you don’t promote it properly, it will be a failure and doesn’t always reflect on who you were going to have speaking.

    I realize there are many Sarah haters, but the bottom line is this…..If you do a pro-life speech in a liberal area, not many people will show up…..If you don’t promote the event well enough, not enough people will show up….

    There ARE OTHER FACTORS that sometimes the reason people do not show up at events. ALSO….what is unemployment like there? Do people have jobs? There are alot of things to do with your money nowdays other than go to events, even IF you want to go.

    For a $50 ticket, you could only hear the speech. Most people want to meet and greet the speaker when they go to these things, and well, that is out of most people’s price range. She had NO problem raking in the people on her book tours where they could actually meet her !!!! They were lined around the buildings, camping out for days, and hundreds if not thousands had to be turned away due to time restrictions…..

    While you liberals are gloating over all this, its really much ado about nothing. Sarah can still attract the crowds, they still want to hear her and see her…..dont be fooled !!!

  54. NO…you dont have to PAY to listen to Obama speak. You cannot GET RID of HIM “SPEAKING”….Now IF he would just do something OTHER THAN “SPEAK”….our economy may not go to hell in a handbasket. And yes, I know its Bush’s fault. Thing is, if you had a job and blamed everything on the person before you that had that job, what would YOUR boss tell you? To shut up, do the job or they would find someone who would ….right? Right…..They would say that is WHY YOU are here and THEY ARENT……so do the job or I will find someone ELSE who will ?

    Well, NOONE held a gun to Obama’s head and FORCED him to RUN FOR PRESIDENT….HE KNEW what an alledged “mess” the country was in supposedly….HE CAMPAIGNED b******** and moaning over it ….HE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO “INHERIT” the alledged “mess” right? BUT YET….He STILL “applied” for the job and claimed he could do it and “fix things”.

    He is NOW FAILING and BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE FOR HIS FAILURE…..ITS HIS JOB NOW…..and JUST LIKE if it was YOU on YOUR JOB….He needs to DO his job ….QUIT whining…. OR LEAVE .

    Sarah isnt running the country, OBAMA IS and all the hell he DOES IS TALK…..oh yeah…..and eat cheeseburgers, icecream and vacation as his ugly fat arse wife talks about starving our kids and what we “should” eat. Its cause Obama wants all the damn cheeseburgers I guess for himself ? Spread the cheeseburgers? Just sayin?

  55. DEMOCRATS have been “in charge” for some time now….THEY HAVE THE MAJORITY……

    I am sick to death of hearing them CRY that Republicans are “holding them back”. They arent “Holding them back” from ANYTHING.

    Hell, even IF judges do go against them and rule on something, or EVEN IF the people dont WANT IT…..they are RAMMING it down our throats anyways……SO I can hardly say they are being “held back” in ANY RESPECT…..

    This is just an EXCUSE for their EPIC FAIL …..

  56. EMOCRATS have been “in charge” for some time now….THEY HAVE THE MAJORITY……

    I am sick to death of hearing them CRY that Republicans are “holding them back”. They arent “Holding them back” from ANYTHING.

    Hell, even IF judges do go against them and rule on something, or EVEN IF the people dont WANT IT…..they are RAMMING it down our throats anyways……SO I can hardly say they are being “held back” in ANY RESPECT…..

  57. Isn’t it funny that the Republicans trashed our economy to the breaking point and then have the gall to act surprised that no one has fifty dollars to hear Sarah Palin speak? Who would want to pay to hear the Anita Bryant of the new milleneum?

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