Republicans Put The Brakes On The Sarah Palin Crazy Train

Palin Madness
Palin Madness

Republicans Are Just Not That Into Sarah Anymore. Why is that? Let’s take a quick literary licensed gander through Sarah’s head:

Sarah Palin was sitting at Ted Steven’s funeral, steaming mad as she watched Democratic Vice President Joe Biden speak about her mentor and fellow oil money in my house friend, Ted Stevens. No one had asked Sarah to speak and this was her state. It was unforgivable.

Assuming they would change their minds, she wore her best outfit and everything….and showed up late and made a fuss over herself, like she did at the Decoration of Honor Memorial Day Commemoration event during which she wore a black skirt so short it rode up to hooker level while she sat smugly on stage having created chaos at the last moment by announcing she would, after all, deign to speak for fallen Alaskan service members.


But today, a year after she quit her job as governor because of her utter inability to understand the First Amendment, no one in Alaska wanted to hear from Sarah the quitter. Rejection gnawed at Palin, churning through her angry gut until she was unable to mask her contempt for her surroundings, try as she might. Her little chin was thrust out and her nostrils flaring as her lip curled in disdain. This was not going to be one of her better days, and she knew it.

Returning to the terra firma of sanity which doth reside outside of Sarah’s head: Rumors blazed that Palin was behaving poorly during the memorial….and may have had her Blackberry out, trolling the internet for other things to feel insulted over. Some think that this is when Palin, already humiliated, came across the news that poor Dr. Laura was quitting her job after falling over the cliff of her repeated use of the n-word. There’s debate over when exactly she tweeted out her jumping the racism shark missive; some say she did it DURING the memorial, but others suggest she waited until it was over. In either case, Palin couldn’t have been too knee-deep in grief if she could rile herself up enough to pound out her now infamous tweet.

And some people in her own party are slowly learning what Steve Schmidt learned the hard way during the critical seven weeks of the 2008 campaign during which he was trying to sell us on Sarah Palin as ready to be VP because she was a PTA mom. And that is that Sarah Palin is emotionally unstable and does not stand for Real America anymore than she stands for Alaskans.

John Avlon of The Daily Beast reported:

“Black Republicans tell John Avlon that Sarah Palin’s tweet in defense of Dr. Laura was ridiculous and indefensible—and that she may be “no longer fit to lead.””

No longer fit to lead. Well, that would assume, boys, that she was at one time fit to lead, and she was not. She was never fit to lead. Steve Schmidt risked his career to go on national TV and warn the nation about Sarah Palin’s erratic mental problems and her refusal to prepare for interviews or learn anything.

But Sarah Palin has never thought that the issues mattered. She announced this happily to her opponent after a Gubernatorial debate of candidates in Alaska. She told him that he had a great grasp of the issues, but the people don’t care about issues. They loved her.

At any rate, in what I can only describe as the reverse of the trickle down theory, the more the Republicans get to know their Mama Grizzly a bit better, the more they hop on the Not Fit to Lead bus.

Last week it was the Muslim American Republicans who begged the GOP to stop using Park 51 to gin up votes, reminding the good old boys that they were, in fact, advocating to break the laws of this country when they suggest that Park 51 shouldn’t be built on private property. These leaders urged the GOP leaders to stop stooping to division and fear in order to Get Out the Vote.

This week, it’s the African American Republicans. John Avlon reports:

“Sarah Palin’s post-VP nominee career has so far benefitted from bomb-throwing. The process follows a tight script—a crude, semi-calculated comment is shot into the middle of a political debate via Facebook or Twitter. It gains national attention. Liberals are outraged. Conservatives rush to her defense. Sarah Palin dominates a news cycle and becomes more beloved by her base.

But by unnecessarily rushing to the defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger—after she dropped the N-bomb 11 times and told the caller “don’t marry outside of your race”—Sarah Palin might finally have gone too far and picked a fight she cannot win.
This is the sound of Sarah Palin jumping the shark in two tweets:

• Dr.Laura:don’t retreat … reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence”isn’t American,not fair”)
• Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective w/out the shackles, so watch out Constitutional obstructionists. And b thankful 4 her voice,America!

The few black conservative candidates, columnists, and media figures—who represent the GOP’s only hope for reclaiming the legacy of Lincoln and, with it, long-term demographic relevance—are not amused. They’re now saying what many in the GOP increasingly believe: Sarah Palin is not fit to be a serious leader of the Republican Party.”

So, let’s see. It was OK when Palin lied about Death Panels, asked for Obama’s birth certificate, made noise about reloading against Democrats, and called Obama a terrorist. But the GOP, or rather, some in the GOP, are drawing the line at her open support of Dr. Laura’s clear racial insensitivity.

And while the good old boys don’t have a problem with her failure to understand what the First Amendment means, which really should have been an issue…since they claim to stand for law and order, others are urging them to listen to Sarah Palin because she is “scary”.

Avlon reports that Michel Faulkner, the former NFL player and Harlem preacher challenging Charlie Rangel for a House seat said,

“The constitutional stuff she’s saying doesn’t even make any sense. She doesn’t know what real shackles are… But ‘don’t retreat, reload?’ Lady, are you kidding me? That is scary language in anyone’s terminology. Sarah Palin scares me.”

Finally, some conservatives with values are speaking out against this ill-informed hate monger who has used divisiveness and smears to gain power for too long. Sarah Palin is not a genuine conservative and the sooner the Republicans own up to this and give up on their dream of Sarah as their modern day Reagan, the better off this country will be.

Hey, Republicans, you have Scott Brown. Unless you ruin your party with your Tea Party purity tests (which clearly mean nothing or Palin – Queen of Pork – would not be their leader), in 2016 he could be a serious threat. It will be a happy day when Sarah Palin’s fits of piques are no longer broadcasted from network to network, but instead fall unheard into that abyss of the has-beens and the coulda-beens. Retire your weapon of mass destruction, boys, before she ruins not only your party but this great nation.

But we know Republicans aren’t really in charge of the Queen of Smears. They’re just putting on a show. Palin will run as the insurgent outsider and her base will love her for it, never questioning whether being an insurgent is different when Sarah does it just because she’s white. Don’t think she’s going to go away. All of this hate is what she does best; It’s how she ran for mayor, how she ran for Lt Governor, how she ran for Governor, how she ran for VP and how she will run for President.

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  1. Remarkably I just tweeted about this tiny brain fragment.

    @sarahpalinusa said “thx 2activists trying 2silence”isn’t American,not fair”, yet thats exactly what she would do 2 Muslims in NYC #Fraud

    Sarah you know I am always shocked when you write about Ms brain fragment and the lack of de-fragmentation. I cant remember if it was Jason or you that said that she would be strung along until candidacy time comes then dropped. And I agree with it. They will ride that train until its embarrassing and then get off. Sounds like the ride is almost over

  2. Once again, Sarah, you knocked it out of the park! BTW, Linda
    (Celtic Diva) at Mudflats had an interesting post up yesterday re-examining Palin’s behavior towards ethnic complaints. Linda shows that Palin continually failed to respect a citizen’s right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. In light of so many people starting to see the real Sarah Palin, perhaps they should re-examine what they thought they knew about all those FrivolousEthicsComplains™

    Ironically, Ms. Newly-feminized Palin got some of her cred by “taking on big government,” yet when in power, sought to stifle that in others.

    Nice job. You do a lot to get the truth out there.

  3. Thanks! I actually was over there looking for their take on Ted’s funeral to link to them, but I couldn’t find anything on the twitter incident. But while I was there, I saw LKB’s GREAT post on the ethics complaints. Love her! She’s amazing.

  4. Another great post Sarah…lets hope the crazytrain runs off the cliff SOON! I’m sick of MS screechy and her idiotic bots!

  5. Great Sarah, another very well done post exposing the Alaskan goldbricker. I don’t think our former beauty queen knows what shackles are – though with those ethics violations, she SHOULD

  6. I just fear that the Republicans are going to have a hell of a time trying to stuff this genie back into her bottle when they are finished with her.

  7. If by ascendant you mean a gigantic flame out on the road to loserdom than you are right, and by mud you mean a two term president than you are right. Even at his lowest ratings Obama is still more popular than Palin. People have seen through the Wicked Witch of Wasilla and the closest she is ever going to get to a white house is if she and Todd head to Sherwin Williams and break the brushes out of the garage.

    Please seek immediate mental health treatment. You are delusional.

  8. ..And even at his lowest Job Approval 45% ratings right now (Rasmussen), he’s still better off than Palin’s hero GE spokesman and tax-and-deregulate President Ronald Reagan was at the same point in his 1st term.

  9. Gee folks if we should be so lucky her time will be up. However, she will find someway to “reload” on us. I don’t know how much more I can take of this crazy woman. She belongs on a reality show for idiots not for political office. Todd should make her look at herself in the mirror and say to herself “I will never be president”, “I will never be president”. Sooner she realizes it the better her family and our country will be free.

  10. I wouldn’t trust Rasmussen. It is a right leaning pollster. But I will agree the republicans think Reagan is their god. However, through his deregulations of everything was the downfall of this country to this day. Republicans also fail to see when he left office he left at the time the biggest deficit. It is true all they have to do is google it. You’d be surprised how many people think him a god that you never question. Do any of you know that when he ran the first time against Carter he made a backroom deal with Iran to hold the prisoners longer so Carter couldn’t get the bounce for having freed the prisoners. Remember when George H.W. Bush said he was out of the loop? He damn well know what was going on having been a CIA head at one time. Remember the Iran Contra mess. Reagan denied everything but he knew what was going on. These republicans never care about our prisoners in Iran or our soldiers. They are expendable to them.

  11. You kidding I hope she is their down fall. I want to see moderate and liberal republicans back in power. All you have left are the teapublicans. The old republican party threw allot of good republicans out. Believe me I am a democrat and always will be, but it is important we have 2 parties that comprise the best of both parties. Since Gringwich came into power in the house he said there will be no cooperation with the democrats. Its been down hill since. We don’t have any good republicans right now that I would cross over and vote for. We need moderates. Not these conservates who want to destroy social security, medicare and unemployment for people in need. God help us. But if they manage to get back in I hope independents and democrats who vote for republicans finally realize that they have no intentions in helping the working poor or middle class in this country. It will take the downfall for the tea party people to finally realize what a bill of goods they were sold by the republicans.

  12. While I don’t agree with ANYTHING Ms. Palindrome stands for, I can’t help but want her to remain in the fore of political debates. People need to hear what republicans really think and see just how foolish and hateful they are. My prayer is that Sarah Palun will be around for a very long time to help progressives shape a better America.

  13. AFM, I have never forgotten that the American prisoners were held longer so Reagan could get credit. One of the most despicable acts ever.

  14. Thank you Sarah! Let us hope come Nov. 23rd the “Stabbing America’s Heart” private jet/bus book tour becomes the mini-van tour of the backwater.

    I’ll be tweeting you!

  15. My take on the essence of Sarah Palin. What she wants more than anything is to be acknowledged for her intellect. Obama, a measured, calm, confident person who had Columbia and Harvard degrees before being US President was also known nationally as being the 1st black Harvard Law Review president, accomplishments which are impeccable. Palin, in comparison, with her stitched together, multi college degree in something or other is like Fredo in the Godfather, who yearns to be taken seriously when he is basically a fool compared to his little brother Michael.
    This dialogue from the Godfather mirrors Palins anger and envy well. Think of Palin as Fredo, Obama as Michael and the US people as “Pop”, Don Corleone

    Michael: I’ve always taken care of you, Fredo.
    Fredo: “Taken care of me!” You’re my kid brother and you take care of me! Did you ever think about that, did you ever once think about that? Send Fredo off to do this, send Fredo off to do that! Let Fredo to take care of some Mickey Mouse night club somewhere! Send Fredo to pick somebody up at the airport! I’m your older brother, Mike, and I was stepped over!
    Michael: That’s the way Pop wanted it.
    Fredo: It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!

  16. The best thing that Sarah can do for her career would be to keep her head up her @ss. She is a worthless person and wants others to be as narrow minded, and as self centered as she is. What a mindless imbecile! Her attitude has ruined the GOP. Now the Republican Party is full of disappointing Know Nothings. They have done Nothing recently for anybody. They just want to prevent the Democrats from getting new jobs for people. They certainly ruined our economcy by creating a 10 trillion dollar deficet. We should send the Republican Party leadership where it belongs. To a place where loonies, frauds, deceptive mental midgets and right wing religious bigots can live together.

  17. Hi Sarah,

    Great article as usual.

    I am a local politician in Ireland. Our take on Sarah Palin (however misinformed) is that while she undoubtedly has a base of support, it would seem that it is not all that big.

    They coverage she gets in the media seems to be disproportionate to the amount of people who would actual vote for. This I think is the same for a number of “politicians” around the world.

    Well one can only hope!!

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Donall,

    I’ve been to your beautiful country a few times — Dublin, Limerick and also on the northern border and along the coast. Absolutely breath-taking:-)

    Interesting to hear your take on this; I often wonder how Palin is perceived overseas, and for that matter, how American politics are perceived in general. I seem to have traveled overseas during major American moments, so I first heard about Clinton’s blue dress while in Paris (they seemed to think we were provincial and silly for caring), Bush’s invasion while in London….I won’t get into that.

    You’re correct in terms of her press coverage versus the votes. Palin has that charisma and need for attention that the 24 hour news cycle feeds off of — but, what it consumes and sells it often destroys. We’ll see.

    The one problem we have with Palin and the Tea Party is that they manage to poison the well of debate here, causing us months of having to debunk their latest craziness so we can get on with the business of governing.

    Thanks for the fascinating comment! Hope to hear more from you.

  19. Tis a grand wee country as they say.

    If only we could sort our government out we would be a lot happier.

    Its very hard to get a real view of American politics in Ireland, unless you read a lot of blogs and put in an effort.

    The general consensus in Ireland is that there is the very vocal right (unfortunately we get fox news over here too) who roar and shout and generally want to give out about things. The Mosque in New York for example. And Prop 8 in California. Sarah Palin in general. Most of what they rant about is taken with a pinch of salt because they do it so much and it really dilutes their message. Not to mention the apparent inaccuracies involved in said rants :)

    And then there is the Hollywood comedic left. We get all the Daily Show/Colbert Report/Rachael Maddow who spend their time making very funny and relevant points on how incorrect and hypocritical the right media and politicians can be.

    This of course is the 101 version of how the majority of people I know see American politics because it is what we watch on TV.

    So it is pretty much as you say, the well of debate seems to be poisoned a lot and we get very little information on the actual running of the country (unless we look for it).

    After reading back on this, it is more a critique of the media more than anything else.

    Irish people were delighted when Obama elected and we are still stumped at to why there is so much negativity towards universal health care. But Strides are being made.

    Thanks for the reply. Will continue to follow your writings with gusto!

  20. Not sure what you mean by “send the Republican leadership where it belongs.” Personally, I say give the whack jobs what they want, as indicated by Todd Palin’s membership in the Alaska Sovereignty movement, and which Sarah tacitly endorsed by attending one of their conventions, whose goal is to secede from the US of A. This way they can create their looney tunes Right Wing Paradise for Liberal-hating, gun-obsessing, Pseudo-Christian maniacs. While I’ve been a cynic about the intelligence level of Republican voters in this country most of my life, I confess, Sarah Palin’s fans and the Tea Baggers have emerged, shockingly, to seize a new high ground of political and social dumbness. There is no solution for detente with this unreasoning, hating segment of our society. They will just continue to muck up any efforts at true dialogue between Liberals and the rational segment of Conservatives (which has been shrinking at an unbelievably fast rate). Better to let them form their own Republic with Sarah as it’s President. All of her adherents and Tea Party nut cases can move up there, find their Nirvana, and be out of our hair forever. It is a Win-Win solution if you ask me. It might be Palin’s only hope for a political life as this Crazy Train of hers in the Lower 48 certainly sounds like it is running out of steam. I say, Alaskan Sovereignty now!

  21. I’m 58 and a SEAL (Secular Egalitarian Atheist Liberal) and went thru this with Rich Nixon. About the time we thought he was gone forever they brought him back of all things a Peace Candidate AND he won to become POTUS!!!!

    It is better if she stays in the public eye showing her hate than allowing her current incarnation to fade away and she come back with a new image of womanhood.

    As of now her pretending of motherhood & family is as transparent as a pane of glass to most Americans. We need to keep her where she belongs, on the fringe with all the exposed Right Wing Dominionist Witch hunters.

  22. It’s doubtful that Palin graduated, here’s her path…
    Fall 82: Hawaii Pacific University
    Spring 83: North Idaho Community College
    Fall 83: North Idaho Community College
    Spring 84: Out of school.
    Fall 84: University of Idaho
    Spring 85: University of Idaho
    Fall 85: Mat-Su Community College (reportedly part-time)
    Spring 86: University of Idaho
    Fall 86: University of Idaho
    Spring 87: University of Idaho

    If you’d like to check the details here’s a great article: Sarah Palin’s Crazy College Daze – A chronology of her College/University years

  23. I have several friends in the UK that I communicate with daily, and they are shocked that here in the US a person would go without diabetes medicines as well as others. I pray for the day we enter civilization to discover that living is not war and life is about giving.

    I to enjoy seeing “outside” opinions on this country’s politics. It has to be a great source of amusement to you guys. I know I would be laying on the floor laughing if I lived in Ireland

  24. Sarah Jones, when u grow up and get a life, then come see me, otherwise shut up this drivel. You are so eat up with jealousy, its ridiculous. Sarah has looks, kids, makes loads of cash and is the most influential politician in the country. You have none of these nice perks. Ever look in the mirror,lol? I dont see anyone paying you 100K a speech or buying a book from you either. What drives you Marxists morons wild is that Sarah Palin has it all and you dipsticks have nothing. You and your welfare taking, f0od stamps, section 8 and medicaid applying buddies, can take your worthless, lazy butts to Cuba and do REAL Americans, a big favor.

  25. John , any time u want to come down here and talk like that to my face, come on. Otherwise, shut your pie hole up! Loser. By the way am 57, so dont worry about seeing a 20 yr old body builder,lol. Enjoy spending my tax dollars too while you can, your time of being able to that is at an end. Know you and your kind never work , you just suck off society like a parasitic worm. To think many have fought and died to let your kind live in this country makes me puke.

  26. Steve, since u so well educated, care to tell us how much u make a yr? Sarah makes lets see millions, and u make how much?????Do millions think u are attractive? If so , post a 5×7 glossy. Last does anyone want u to speak to them for any price, much less 100K a pop? lol I rest my case, loser! Read 1st Corinthians 13:11, u might learn something. When u die and meet St Peter, sure he will be real impressed with your love of Karl Marx.

  27. Yes, just as St. Peter will be so impressed that Palin makes millions, and millions of people think she’s attractive. That’s how one gets into heaven, alright.


  28. Ohme! I don’t Steve, have no idea how attractive he is – can’t help but laugh here – but even if he looks like the gargoyle in my garden, I know that he’s far more “attractive” than Sarah Palin. The office of president of the US isn’t a beauty contest. Even if it was only about looks, Palin wouldn’t win. That she clearly thinks the office POTUS is a beauty contest, shows her understanding of the position.

    As far as “how much does Steve make” compared to the millions that Sarah has raked in fleecing the gullible and using income as proof of whether or not Steve is well-educated …it’s obvious to me that whether Steve graduated from Bum-F’d-Egypt Elementary or whether he graduated from MIT, he’s light years ahead of Sarah Palin. I determined that by reading his comment above. It’s logical. I have yet to hear Madam Palin make sense about anything. Anything! I listen to her screeches all of the time, listening carefully to see if she’s ever going to say anything that makes sense AND if she’s ever going to make it through an appearance without exposing how hateful she is. Even when she limits her comments to the 140 characters allowed on Twitter, she fails at both logic and is always nasty.

    All of her millions haven’t helped her in the brains department. She would have been better off had she asked fans to each send her one index card containing one fact and to make sure to keep their contributions at 140 characters or less. We’d be better off with Miss Teen South Carolina than with Palin – she was at least cute.

    Love Sarah Palin if you want Sarahfan but don’t expect anyone else to agree with you.

  29. Who do you think you are coming on here and insulting Sarah Jones, you 58 year old walking commercial for erectile dysfunction? You limp d**k old f**k. The only reason why you are a “sarah fan” is because you stay up at night dreaming of putting your flaccid manhood into her. Have you ever looked in the mirror you pathetic no life never has been and never will be anything in your whole life?

    By the way enjoy your Medicare which young attractive people like Sarah Jones and I have to pay for you lazy old Marxist p**ck. I am sure that will also enjoy the Social Security that we will be paying for as well. We are working hard to pay for all the mistakes that you and your worthless generation have made. Why don’t you help us cut our losses and just die already?

  30. Hi Shiva,

    Ireland is by no means perfect, we have probably more laughing at ourselves to do first before we can at anyone else. Well maybe we can laugh a little at O’Reilly. :)

  31. Can I ask from an outsider perspective.

    Do you really think the basis for a good politician has to do with the amount of money they earn in a year and what they look like? Your arguments don’t seem to contain any real fact as to why you will vote for her? What Issues do you agree with? What has she done to help improve your country?

    You seem to be very angry at people who have a different position from yours. If you talk about the issues and the reasons why you think she is a good politician you might not be able to change peoples opinions but at least people will respect your argument.


  32. Pstttttttt having things doesnt make you a success. its who you are inside. Sarah Palin has failed that test.

    I do see you have all the talking points well lined up and ready to go. I still find them hilarious

  33. Bill,

    You certainly are big and bad:-) I appreciate your defense of my never-ending support of those who seek to destroy their own freedoms, but I feel compelled to urge you to leave off the part where you hope someone dies soon.

    Even though they are expensive, the older Palin fans whining about Big Government while they cash their Medicare checks that you and I fund have a right to speak.

    We have the right to reject their message. But why, when they do such a good job of unmasking their ugliness and thereby marginalizing themselves even more? Sarahfan’s comments are quintessential Sarah fan comments. I find them deliciously perfect in their juvenile attempts to make me feel bad about my looks.

    Oh, to be so deep….If only……To be 58 and have the mind of a child….oh, my.

    Somehow, I manage to get through the day even though I have to gaze upon my beastly liberal Marxist self. Do pray for me, as I know God only loves the beautiful. Oh, and also, too, I am praying for Sarahfan to become acquainted with the English language.

  34. Well I was going to say something mean about the plane but then again I thought better. Unlike republicans who wish democrats dead I will pray she never is elected even a dog catcher. I’d be afraid she kill the dog and cook it.

  35. Hey, is it you Sarah or Bristol or Willow or maybe its Todd acting like Sarahfan. How much does she pay you to troll?

  36. Sarahfan, your so good on the bible crap how about where it says a rich man going through an eye of a needle has just as much a chance getting into heaven as a poor man. I just read this morning that poor people give more to charity than the rich. Your gal has a PAC to collect money from saps like you. Did you check out how much money she gave to other politicans running for office. She keeps more than she gives out. Stop buying the BS. Google the bitch’s name and you will see allot of things about your gal. Don’t blame us because we see through her lies and you don’t

  37. Thanks for the editing. Sometimes I let my anger get carried away. But people get the point. I will try to be more careful.

  38. Welcome to our country. It is always great to get others point of view. I have Italian relatives and they often wonder what happened to our great country. I swear up is down and down is up. If I didn’t know better I would think we are in Germany with the right wing going nuts. We all aren’t going over the cliff. Are your elections long or short? I wish ours were like in England. I don’t know what is happening to the american people. I have become ashamed of their attitudes toward immigrants, people of different religion and the way they put poor working people down. The republicans are happy to help themselves and the corporations. While the democrats want to lift all boats. I am afraid come Nov we will get the republican party back and the working people will be screwed again.

  39. Donnell

    My husband retired from the Army after 22 yrs. We have what they call Tricare. It is socialized medicines for retired military and the pay is based on the rank of the soldier when he/she retires. I happen to live in a small rural town in Tennessee. Many people here barely make a living wage. These folks work very hard. I try to tell these people that there is nothing wrong with socialized medicine. I have seen it in Canada and Europe and not one person I know who has it would be willing to give it up. These people are being sold a bill of goods. They hear socialism and it scares them to death. I consider myself and my husband does to a social democrat. I try to explain to people that they receive socialized things everyday around us and they don’t even realize it. Many are senior citizens. They yell “Don’t take away my social security or medicare”. Both are socialized programs that are popular with everybody including republicans who receive them. But many do realize that the republicans want to take those programs away from all of us and put our social security in the stock market. People are so damn dumb to realize what happened to many people who had their 401ks in the stock market and how much they lost. They just think the republicans are going to save them. What uniformed people we have in america. No wonder we get what we deserve. I voted for Obama. I know some who didn’t because he was black. How backwards people think. They only see his color. Really this is what the problem is about, his color. No one will tell me different. Racist, hateful people in this country and I am ashamed they excuses they are using for pure hate.

  40. Sarahfan, what’s the matter? Did John hit a raw nerve? Gosh your just like crazy moose momma. I swear I think you are the real Sarah because she really can’t take it. Your writing is sounding more like her. Come on SF tell us. I b

  41. Yep, you did say you were 57 yrs old, right? Hmmm you won’t be around to see minorities (whites) in about 60 years. I am white and I am older than you but I have many friends that are minorities and will have no problems. You see in my family we have whites, asians, blacks and even a couple of gays. You should try meeting people from other minorities you might just learn something. You are scared to death of your own shadow.

  42. Hi Ct Dem, Welcome to the blog. We don’t get very many trolls. From what I can see we have Sarahfan. We get a good laugh at them. One good thing here is they don’t delete you if they don’t like what you say. You know like on Crazy Palin’s facebook blog. She has a woman that does her blog for her and cleans it up.

  43. Thank you AFM.

    Our elections are generally called a month before the date is announced and then there is a month of madness and it is all over. This I find a benefit. The American elections seem to go on for over a year. Having said this in Ireland and the UK guess work is used and parties generally start the groundwork to a campaign about a year before it is announced, So it really is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. The only difference really is the media coverage.

    But never fear, rational people know the goodness of decent honorable Americans. And there are plenty of you. The right wing nuts we use for entertainment :)

  44. Thanks for the info AFM. It really is very interesting.

    I just dont understand how when you say to someone “Do you believe healthcare is a right?” that someone can answer no. It is ingrained in the very fibre of our being over here that money should never be ab obstacle to somebodys health.

    I suppose the insurance companys would loss pretty much everything they have if universal healthcare was passed. And money talks in every country in the world (unfortunately).

    Thanks very much for the information. Great talking to you.

  45. And here’s one that will blow your mind: a friend of mine who lives in Britain recently expressed her scorn for Obama and his socialized medicine. I tried to explain to her that here, people can’t go to the doctor or the emergency room unless they are rich or have insurance. I tried to tell her that a year ago, during the healthcare debate, I saw an ambulance stop and set the patient (who was trembling and clearly very ill) on the curb because they didn’t have insurance.

    But she refused to understand. I found this the height of the sort of arrogance bred from privilege; after all, she has free medical care. She can’t even comprehend what healthcare reform was addressing in this country. Prior to the Democrats passing healthcare reform, we had WORSE care here than in some third world countries. And sadly, I found out she was listening to Fox and reading WND. It’s almost impossible to dialogue with people who chose to submerge themselves in that sort of blatant propaganda.

    The power of Fox News and the Tea Party rallies of misinformation and fear is disturbing and wrong. These folks are morally and ethically complicit in undermining this country, and yet they walk around with their flag pins and their costumes and present themselves as the real patriots. It’s truly shameful behavior.

    Every country has their radical nuts, but boy — we sure seem to let them run the show right now.

    Believe it or not, these folks take to the air and within a week, even moderate Democrats are debating the weapon of mass destruction the Right tossed into the national debate. So, they frame almost every important debate around fear and lies. Then we have to wait for weeks or months for the media to finally fact-check them and just in time, the average American gets the real information. But then, and this is what kills me, the next time around, that same American falls for it AGAIN!

    As you so astutely pointed out, this is a failure of our media — and perhaps our school systems:-)

    Most Americans are not crazy, angry, racists. The minority who are, are simply quite vocal:-)

  46. Donall my new blog friend Sarafan only pushes the Fox Network talking points. You can’t reason with them. You say the sky is blue and she’ll say the sky is pink. They aren’t in touch with reality. I mean look at the teapublicans and what they are all about. They get their marching orders from Fox News. They tell them the muslim are building a church right on ground zero. When in fact its 2 blocks away and the so called church is actually a prayer room. I mean when did we lose freedom to pray where we want? They yell at the democrats and the president that we are socialists, marxists, communists. I mean we call be all of them. Plus if you want my thought on the situation I see the beginnings of nazi germany. Remember in the movies when the nazis say “let me see your papers”. That is what the republican party wants now.

  47. Why thank you Donnell,

    I honestly don’t know what happened to the american people. My husband, father-in-law and my dad all spent over 20 yrs in the military. We have had to good fortune to travel all over the world and meet many fine people. We were never the kind to stay on post when we were in a foreign country. We always got off the post and got to meet the locals and shop among the people. I can’t imagine europeans treating americans they way we have been treating the people that come here for a better life. I am so ashamed what is going on. People forget their roots. I am glad I had a mother that was from Italy and my husband bought here as an adopted child from Germany. I love both countries very much and in general they like us to. But our relatives wonder why things are like they are now. I think you all get more information then we do. I try and read papers that are in english from overseas and the BBC. I don’t think the american media is giving us the facts any longer. Corporations own the papers and TV stations. If Murdock has his way he’ll buy every liberal station he can. People are so hateful towards liberals. Well keep us informed. Why don’t you write articles for us and give us your take on america. I bet people would read it. I know I would. Come on go for it.

  48. Fox News is a cancer to our country. I pray the cancer doesn’t spread to other countries. I hope Canada doesn’t allow them to poison their c ountry. Thanks to Fox News and this ground zero muslim church we will have an increase in violence. Then they will turn around and say they didn’t cause it. I wonder if the fool preacher in Fl realizes that some crazy nut is going to kill him for burning their koran. These preachers are nutjobs who don’t realize their koran is as important to them as the preachers bible. How crazy is this.

  49. Haha thanks for the lovely compliment AFM.

    But I feel I would be out of my depth and at 26 I have so much more to learn.. about everything. Maybe in another 10 years I will be in a position to blog about the state of the world.

    I will however continue to read with vigor :)

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