Stuck in the 80s GOP Compares Obama to Clark Griswold

RNC 2010 Plan: Clark Griswold is BAD!
RNC 2010 Plan: Clark Griswold is BAD!

Republicans Blast Obama for Vacation Days, Forgetting Their Leader Quit

You’re standing at the water fountain at work and your Republican colleague Skip wanders up. Just as you lean over to get a sip of water, Skip beings to poke at you. “Hey, so still glad you voted for Obami? Huh? NoBAMA!” His voice rises dangerously as you peer questioningly up at him.

You wonder what could have happened to work Skip up into a lather; he’s a generally nice guy until he starts talking politics. You knew something was off with Skip when he started talking about FEMA camps last year, and since then, to be honest, you’ve avoided Skip when you can. It turns out Skip watches Fox News. And just like any addict, right after he shoots up, he’s manic. But now you’re trapped and Skip knows it.

Skip (now foaming slightly at mouth): “Yeah, your Clark Griswold Obami! Socialist Marxist vacationer! Laziest President ever!”

You wonder if you should call a mental health professional?

Well, let me fill you in, lest you, too, be caught unawares at the water cooler by a colleague who begins to spew Fox Talking Points. The RNC had a blog post about President Obama taking “another” vacation. Another brilliantly relevant and accurate political criticism of the President naturally ensued.

Glaring as it was in hypocrisy, Republicans took a shine to it
. They figure between the racial division they’re drumming up on one hand, this little nod to the lazy Black man on the other will really finish Obama off and get them the House back this fall!

They even came up with a clever name to stick on Obama. They’re gonna call him Clark Griswold! Like those movies? You know! The Vacation Movies!

This was probably their way of appealing to the younger generation. Truly, so cute! Just so fresh. Also, too, I can SO see this sticking. When I look at Obama, I immediately think: Clark Griswold! Also, Clark Griswold reminds me of Christmas and Christmas is naturally evil. Aren’t Republicans killing Christmas? Or was that just a rumor?

But in case you missed it, they were careful to pick a white person….so, you know, they wouldn’t remind you of their Obama waffle debacle.

Lest you get all caught up in the utter genius of the Republican marketing plan, pause to appreciate the sheer hubris! Not only is it outrageously, hysterically hypocritical for Republicans to be criticizing the President’s upcoming vacation given that Bush took more time off than any President in modern history and the second most vacation prone President was Reagan….but the Republican Party is currently being led around the nose by one Sarah Palin, who QUIT HER OFFICE MID TERM.

Boys, I don’t think you can get more lazy-like than that. And boys, I can see your desperation from my kitchen window and lastly, no, boys, that’s not a compliment.

Gosh, now that I think about it, I guess we’re just lucky old Bush didn’t just up and walk out on us too. Bush didn’t like to work hard. Palin didn’t either. Palin never went to the Juneau, the seat of Alaskan government offices, she preferred to work from home (causing her constituents to sport buttons asking “Where’s Sarah?” and bumper stickers pointing out that the Capital was in Juneau, not Wasilla) and she also preferred to charge her state for her choice to not come into work.

So things could be worse.

Obama could be charging us for per diem while he’s away from the White House, like Palin did, because you know, if he answers a call or an email, well – whammy! He’s workin’.

I hope the Republicans are prepared to grow government so that we can follow their examples while in office. We’re gonna need a whole new committee just to figure out how to get the tax payers to fund every breath Obama takes. Are y’all gonna buy him 150,000 worth of clothes every 7 weeks, too? That’s a lot of cash, but hey, we just want to live up to your expectations.

I’m worried that Republicans would then turn around and label that an “irresponsible overreach” as they did the recent Democratic bill to aid 9/11 victims and response workers with their healthcare costs. To be honest, I can’t follow their fiscal stance anymore. Clothes: OK. Un-taxed Per Diem for avoiding work: Fine. Aid to 9/11 responders and families: Bad?

And just so as Obama gets the drift, this has nothing to do with your color, Obama, it’s just not acceptable for YOU to vacation. Capiche? Lest you be called lazy. They’re not CALLING you lazy, sir. They’re just ….alluding to it. Which is not racism.

It’s only racism if you object to being treated differently. Which they sincerely hope you will, so they can call you a whiner. Or they’ll leave that to Sarah Palin. She knows all about whining.

Not that partisanship over vacations is anything new; nope. It’s the hubris and the implications of these attacks coupled by their proximity to the other attempt to use racial division to win their fall elections that kinda gives the RNC away here.

So, it’s not OK for Obama to take week off, but when Palin does it, she’s bein’ a Mama Grizzly. I mean, when she lives at home and refuses to even go to the home the tax payers are funding and refuses to even go into the TOWN where the legislature is located…during the few months they are in session….it’s because she’s a loving mother and she expects us to pay for that. And then there’s the RNC bondage strip club money and the week the Republicans took off to go to Hawaii with RNC money.

Oh, gosh yes, Republican leaders have been the beacon of ethics and hard-work. Bush spent a third of his overall Presidency on vacation. He spent 487 days at Camp David, and 490 days at a ranch in Crawford. That’s a total of 977 days.

Bush also took time off during 9/11 attacks.

When Bush takes one third of his presidency off, it’s OK because he’s a hard-workin’ man. When he is on vacation and waits a week after an attempted attack to speak to us, it’s a well deserved break.

You’re wondering what happened to Skip. Well, poor Skip was sent off to one of those mental health hospitals that Reagan shut down. Since Skip doesn’t have insurance, he expects his neighbors to pay for his care because that’s the Republican plan. Unfortunately, Skip’s neighbors dislike him, so we’re not sure how this is going to work out.

But we know that like all Republican plans, we’ll end up paying for it.

Hey, RNC, here’s a tip: Why don’t y’all try coming up with a platform of IDEAS you can sell the American people? See, that way, you would have something of merit to discuss instead of making fools of yourselves and proving just what hypocrites and liars you are. And most of the country likes Clark Griswold. Epic fail.

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  1. Good one, Sarah. I could see this coming when I saw that the President was going on vacation. I love how all Sarah Palin’s failings are forgotten as she blasts everyone else.

    Did Bush really only take a third of his presidency off? It seemed like half. The man was always on vacation and at the same time spouting about how we were fighting for our very existence. Real mixed message there, but then nothing coming out of Dubya’s mouth was clear.

    Ms. Refudiater has refudiated Reason and Truth, but she’s following in some mighty big footsteps in that.

  2. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Its “Eye-dills” they want to sell us not IDEAS!
    They would have to like…THINK for that to happen! Faux snooze allows no free thinkers!!
    Only sheep wanting “Rill ‘murikan Eye-dills” Patriots, “Usa, Usa,Usa” Funny haven’t heard faux say too much about the Troops coming home, or Ms Mama Patriot? WTF?
    Oh yeah I forgot, President OBAMA bringing the TROOPS home! that doesn’t count.
    So we will just cap on PO for being on vacation and maybe, just maybe no one will notice the Troops coming home, yea, that’s what we will do…’cause we got Eye-dills, USA, USA, USA….

  3. You are too clever for me, Hraf. Yes, this was the “official” time off, but does not include his general time off (days golfing or reading “My Pet Goat” but honestly, I dig that he tried to read at all and supported his efforts to share his new hobby with children, if only his policies had helped children actually learn to read) or pretty regular brain vacations.

    So, in the interest of not being inaccurate due to bias, I have gone with the least amount of days off I could find. Even then, he beats all records.

    Now, if he had actually worked while IN office, this wouldn’t be so bad. But he was not known to be a worker. In fact, the general sense of entitlement shared by the modern day Republican Party has given us a whole new slew of these grifters who expect the American people to fund their existence.

    But here’s my confession: I remember when the press criticized Bush for his many vacations and I actually defended him. I figured the job had to be really stressful (perhaps partly of his own making). My reasoning was that I would rather have had a president who knew enough to take time off than one who type a’ed it all the way.

    And that’s what really kills me. The sheer pettiness of this.

  4. let’s see, at this time going into the Bush presidency he had taken 14 locations accounted for 114 days. Obama has taken nine vacations accounted for 45 days.

    I say just let this one go by the wayside because it’s utter stupidity. Here today forgotten tomorrow. Brought up again during his next vacation and then forgotten again within a couple days.

    The Republicans are just stupid.

  5. I read where it was 225 days Bush 70 Obama at this point in their terms. But it doesn’t matter, let them try and use this. They remind me of the Coyote on the Road Runner. All their schemes come back to blow up in their face.

  6. It’s hilarious to watch someone preach to the choir. After the clever article is posted, all of the clever posts go up. Then the pats on the back and the butt kissing commence.

    I hope this is an entertainment website, because the political commentary is TIRED!! You need some new material.

  7. LOL. So, you’re saying that the Puke’s idea of comparing Obama to Clark Griswold is not tired, but commenting on their tired strategy is tired? Looks like someone is embarrassed by their party.

  8. The Griswold thing is pretty lame, too. Go back and read the comments on all of these posts/articles. It’s a funny interaction between the writer and the commenters. Fan – “I liked your article, they should have called Bush Goober” Writer – “Good comment. You’re so witty”. Fan – sitting at home. Wow she thinks I’m witty.

    Have you ever watched Saturday Night Live when the skit is just trying way too hard to be funny and just isn’t? I can just see them backstage slapping each other on the back. Then an audience member gets the backstage treatment and kisses ass to the actors and writers, even though the skit was a bomb. That is what it looks like to me and I find it amusing.

    They are not my party. I am as fed up with the Repulicans as I am with the Democrats. Between the whole bunch of them, my grandkids country will be owned by China and India. Unfortunately, most Americans (or at least the ones that vote) will not change their political affiliation, no matter how bad the candidate or policies.

  9. Do you know what else is hilarious? When someone comes on to a blog and feels the need to prove their “independence” by insulting other people. What do you expect an author to say to a compliment? When someone likes me takes the time to say something positive, should say, F**K You I don’t care what they think, because I am just like Independent In SoCal and too cool to accept a compliment.

    No one care about your independence, and probably you are not independent at all. The whole persona is nothing more than a cheap way for you to feel special because no one in this world otherwise cares what you say. I would not be surprised if this little shred of Internet independence is all that you have. I really wish your mother would have been pro-life.

  10. Independent u are obviously unused to an exchange of ideas civilly. We often disagree here. U read one or two things and judge. But when we disagree we talk to each other. We don’t scream. We leave that to the Palin fans

  11. What a bunch of babies. I apologize if your feelings were hurt. A look in the mirror may be in order, Bill.

  12. I’m here today reading Miss Sara’s article because I was searching for any info I could get on what mental health services were like in the eighties. I was a teenager in those days and clearly had manic depression but my mother refused to accept that I had a problem that she couldn’t fix.

    Now that I have gotten that out of the way I want to admit, I have always voted Republican as I was raised to. But obviously I am learning that there is so much more to politics than settling on labeling myself as one party or another. That said, I totally understand the frustration that independents and Dems have towards the Republican party. Do I agree with everything the Republicans stand for? No. Do I support the party for the right reasons (to myself)? Yes, I think I do. But I appreciate what I have taken from this and just want to remind those who are being ever so petty that this is indeed a free country (at least for now) and everyone has a right to their own belief system and should be able to spiritedly exchange thoughts and ideas.

    So thanks Sara, for bringing this information to those of us who just accidentally ended up here. I find your article amusing and informative.

    God bless

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