Glenn Beck Now Believes That God Is Doing HIS Bidding

Last updated on August 10th, 2014 at 04:59 pm

Glenn Beck hyped his 8-28 rally by warping the words of Lincoln into a warning into a plea for attendance on Saturday. Beck warned that non attendance will mean that, “God will wash this nation in blood.” Yes, America, Beck now believes that God is doing his bidding.

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Beck paraphrased Lincoln to hype in 8-28 rally, “In a nutshell God will was this nation with blood if he has to, but he doesn’t have to. He doesn’t have to. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are forces that we. We are not fighting against Barack Obama. We’re not fighting against the Democratic Party. We’re not fighting something that simple. Oh, how I wish we were. We’re not. I told you after September 11th, there is a perfect storm formulating, and it is here, and I have begged, if you have listened to me, as the market started to melt down, I told you, I begged you then, please get off of this party thing, and let’s have real conversations, for the love of Pete, let’s please come together.”

He continued, “Why? Because I said at the time, we are passing all of the exits. There is one exit left. There is one exit left, and it is God. Everything that is coming our way is too big to handle on our own. If we do not put God at the center of our own personal lives, and the center of our country, we will not survive. The country will be washed with blood, and someone will have to start over, and God only knows how long that takes.”

The message here is that if you and I don’t get really scared and head down to Washington, D.C. to support Glenn Beck’s white power rally disguised as freedom this weekend, the Lord will take personal revenge on you, for not supporting Beck, by washing America in blood. Beyond the obscene level of fear mongering as self promotion, Beck is also calling for civil war, hence the reference to Lincoln’s second inaugural, most importantly he is claiming that the only way to make God happy is to establish a Christian theocracy.

Despite Beck’s protestations otherwise, this is all about partisan politics. If Glenn is against both parties, then why does he participate in fundraisers for Republican candidates? If Beck is about a struggle beyond politics, why does he endorse candidates, as he did with Doug Hoffman? What Beck is doing here is appealing to the Left Behind crowd. This Saturday’s rally is not about the cause, whatever that is. It is all about Glenn Beck milking his cash cow with another publicity stunt, as senses that the utters of the clueless conservative crowd are ready to fill his pail with more riches.

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