Glenn Beck Now Believes That God Is Doing HIS Bidding

Glenn Beck hyped his 8-28 rally by warping the words of Lincoln into a warning into a plea for attendance on Saturday. Beck warned that non attendance will mean that, “God will wash this nation in blood.” Yes, America, Beck now believes that God is doing his bidding.

Beck paraphrased Lincoln to hype in 8-28 rally, “In a nutshell God will was this nation with blood if he has to, but he doesn’t have to. He doesn’t have to. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are forces that we. We are not fighting against Barack Obama. We’re not fighting against the Democratic Party. We’re not fighting something that simple. Oh, how I wish we were. We’re not. I told you after September 11th, there is a perfect storm formulating, and it is here, and I have begged, if you have listened to me, as the market started to melt down, I told you, I begged you then, please get off of this party thing, and let’s have real conversations, for the love of Pete, let’s please come together.”

He continued, “Why? Because I said at the time, we are passing all of the exits. There is one exit left. There is one exit left, and it is God. Everything that is coming our way is too big to handle on our own. If we do not put God at the center of our own personal lives, and the center of our country, we will not survive. The country will be washed with blood, and someone will have to start over, and God only knows how long that takes.”

The message here is that if you and I don’t get really scared and head down to Washington, D.C. to support Glenn Beck’s white power rally disguised as freedom this weekend, the Lord will take personal revenge on you, for not supporting Beck, by washing America in blood. Beyond the obscene level of fear mongering as self promotion, Beck is also calling for civil war, hence the reference to Lincoln’s second inaugural, most importantly he is claiming that the only way to make God happy is to establish a Christian theocracy.

Despite Beck’s protestations otherwise, this is all about partisan politics. If Glenn is against both parties, then why does he participate in fundraisers for Republican candidates? If Beck is about a struggle beyond politics, why does he endorse candidates, as he did with Doug Hoffman? What Beck is doing here is appealing to the Left Behind crowd. This Saturday’s rally is not about the cause, whatever that is. It is all about Glenn Beck milking his cash cow with another publicity stunt, as senses that the utters of the clueless conservative crowd are ready to fill his pail with more riches.

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  1. There would be a blood bath even with a theocracy. Who rules? The Mormons? Catholics? Dominionist Evangelicals? They would kill each other in a heartbeat.

    Beck is an insane sociopath. I’m reminded of Henry II’s plea re: Becket, but I won’t say it outloud.

  2. basically Mr. Beck is saying that he wants the Taliban in control. Not the Islamic Taliban but the right wing Taliban. You notice he never mentions names? He never mentions Newt Gingrich and insane people like him at least that I hear of. I must admit that I won’t listen to the fool but still. We cannot live under a religious government.

    Religions are under the pressure of you will go to hell. Religions will pass that along to us as a government. This is how you will live or you will go to hell. And if that happens you will see a revolution when that happens unlike you’ve ever seen before.. Religion is about control. They must control you to save your soul or so they say. You must live this way. That may work well in a religion, but it doesn’t work well as a religion running a government of 350 million people who all think differently.

    Of course that’s just my opinion.

  3. Boy, we just never get to the end of it, do we? I mean, the road to crazytown. It gets more crowded, it gets crazier by the mile, but we never seem to arrive. I mean, what’s next? How do these people on the right continually out-do each other in their quest for absolute insanity? And can they keep it up until the Midterms?

  4. Quoting Beck: “…There is one exit left, and it is God. Everything that is coming our way is too big to handle on our own. If we do not put God at the center of our own personal lives, and the center of our country, we will not survive.”

    It seems that Glenn Beck, who has a history of substance abuse and has gone the Alcoholics Anonymous route to attain sobriety (or at least cite their program as having helped him), is spouting the central point of AA: surrendering to a higher power. As can be expected of someone with an addictive personality, he is a bit(?) overzealous about it. In his case, it is ridiculous and dangerous because he has a national audience.

  5. People who are devout followers of any religion can be very gullible. Questioning leaders is equated with heresy, lack of faith, etc. He knows all he has to do is throw out a big “Amen, Jesus!” and talk about the “precious blood” or the more negative “blood from your enemies” and he stands to gain an entire audience who cares little about the context in which he uses such terms.

    Glenn Beck is dangerous on many levels–from his vile rhetoric to his invocation of religious doctrine to make his point. I hate to make a correlation BUT he is exactly what he accuses so many others of being…

  6. This is the ranting of a mad man. FDR managed to shut down the broadcast idiots before they destroyed the country; maybe it’s not too late for the Obama administration to do the same.

  7. I don’t think Obama has the authority to do that, maybe he has the authority but the political will to do so was not there. However, today it was reported that a man stabbed a cab driver after asking him if he was a Muslim. I think we know where that type of thinking comes from. Add that onto the guy who listen to Beck all the time and dragged his guns and went to shoot up that company the Beck always talks about. Sooner or later the rhetoric that these people are using is going to reach an explosive point and then something will be done

  8. I wish Beck’s big get together would be a giant flop with no nitwits showing up. Beck is scary with his hateful religious manipulation.

  9. That sounds good….let’s go ahead and just throw out the 1st Amendment because it’s convenient to you. Go ahead shut them down….maybe then we can shut this website down after that. It works both ways you shut one form of media down where does it stop? Think before you speak.

  10. I guess the best way to have a dialog according to ommama is to silence anyone who disagrees. Seems I heard of a country that came into existance in 1917 and came apart in the late 80’s that had this philosophy. Seems to have worked well there. Just for the record I am a supporter of many of Glenn Beck’s ideas and I also disagree with him. I totally disagree with your opinion and the author of this article. That is the one of the great things about this country, we can have different opinions. If you remove the first ammendment you may find that not only are the opinions of those you disagree with silenced but your voice may be silenced also. Even though I desagree with you that would be a great injustice.

  11. I attended the 8/28 and must inform you that it was not a flop. I feel that you need to know that all of the people I met were polite and about as far from hateful as you could get. I believe the rally was about the people not Glenn Beck. Could you expand on the hateful religious manipulation with an example. If this is true I would like to know, I would not want to attend rallies with hateful people. I also do not feel I am a nitwit. Could you again provide some concrete examples.

  12. Could you explain to me why this statement is true:
    “People who are devout followers of any religion can be very gullible”.

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