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The Heritage Foundation Declares War On Islam

Finally, a Conservative put in writing the Islamophobic state of the Republican Party and conservatives as a group. The Heritage Foundation’s James Jay Carafano wrote an op/ed regarding whether America should call the Afghan war unwinnable and leave, or continue the war with a new, prolonged strategy.

It’s no surprise that war-oriented conservatives want a perpetual state of war with someone, and there are valid considerations for continuing the offensive. But it was a not-so-subtle statement that proves, at least for conservatives, the war on terror is indeed a war on Islam.

Carafano was commenting on the efficacy of keeping military pressure on Al-Qaida and its cohorts, the Taliban, since the invasion, and wrote that: “Since then, the American-led counteroffensive has done much to turn back the Islamist tide.” Carafano revealed that the conservatives at the Heritage Foundation believe the Afghan war is a war on Islam; not a war on terror.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that some say directed Bush’s war policies, makes consistent pro-corporation, pro-military, pro-oil policy recommendations to Republican legislators. They are not nice people and have contempt for Americans, and minorities in particular.

But Carafano’s statement that our soldiers are fighting and dying to “turn back the Islamist tide” is the height of evil that signals America’s intentions in a country that is entirely Islamist. Apparently, Carafano’s article is meant to announce GOP policy, and Republicans intend to “turn back the Islamist tide” in America.

It began in earnest with the so-called Ground Zero Mosque that Republicans and their hate-filled pundits at Fox News have turned into a freedom of religion issue. Of course, according to the Christian Conservative community and fear mongers looking for votes, freedom of religion does not apply to Muslims. Republicans are scaring white Christians over a mosque, and resurrecting beliefs that Obama is a secret Muslim bent on destroying America and Christianity; because white Christian bigots want to believe it.

It is pathetic that over 30% of Americans with sub-human intelligence believe the lies about President Obama’s religion, and worse that they care about such worthless drivel. However, those sub-human bigots are programmed by directives from groups like the Heritage Foundation and Fox News, and it is obvious now that there is a “Crusade” against Islam by Christian Conservatives.

How long before the Heritage Foundation tells Christians to begin an Inquisition in America? They have given the directive, and the first victim is President Obama. He knows to avoid impeachment, he must answer the Inquisitors concerning his faith, obedience, and devotion to Christianity. A stronger, more resolved man would have told the Inquisitors to sod off, and Americans who are not sub-human would respect his defense of the Constitution.

But alas, these are frightening times, and being disloyal to Christianity while the United States “turns back the Islamist tide,” right here at home, is certain-death. In time though, the Heritage Foundation members will have to face the Inquisitor because some angry person  will accuse them of being secret Muslims or Atheists, and then, they will suffer.

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