In Jacksonville An Evening of Empty Seats with Sarah Palin

An Evening of Empty Hope with Sarah Palin
An Evening of Empty Hope with Sarah Palin

This is What an Evening of Hope Looks Like for Palin Fans: Empty Seats, Short Speech

The story here is that there was no audience, which might mean that there’s hope for America after all. Bristol might draw more people in Tennessee than Palin drew in Jacksonville.

Sarah Palin arrived in Jacksonville Florida tonight to speak at Heroic Media’s “Evening of Hope” fundraiser. There was a stark contrast between her last visit here, when long lines greeted her, and tonight when 75 empty chairs greeted her in a small venue. The venue had already been moved once due to low ticket sales. The new venue holds about 600 people. She spoke for 35 minutes. There were still tickets available when it started.

This is the GOP’s great white hope.

Heroic Media is a shady organization which uses the media to convince women not to have abortions.

First Coast News covered Palin’s arrival into Jacksonville:

Abel Harding of the Florida Times Union on live blogged Palin’s speech. I’m including the highlights here:

7:47 Abel Harding:
Shes reading the blast against healthcare, abortion. Head down, focused on the podium. Too much to write on ones hand, i suppose.
7:48 Abel Harding:
Palin rips into Crist. Calls him your “current Republican Governor…”
7:49 Abel Harding:
Half hearted jeers from crowd, She said Crist said “he lost his pro-life convictions” when he vetoed mandatory sonogram bill.
7:50 Abel Harding:
Palin says women made to feel incapable. Can’t have kids and work.
(Newsflash: Since you don’t support single mothers, please don’t lecture them about how they can have kids and work.)
7:52 Abel Harding:
God said to be salt and light, says Palin. Pop culture hurting us, she says.
7:53 Abel Harding:
No word on whether or not Bristol is part of pop culture w/ her new “Dancing with the stars” gig.
7:53 Abel Harding:
For the record,,,Palin said she wasn’t here to talk politics…
7:54 Abel Harding:
Um. Lots of Obamacare, mid-term elections talk…
(Guess Abel doesn’t “get” Palinese: “not here to talk about politics” means she can bash anyone she wants, but you can’t ask questions!)
7:56 Abel Harding:
Palin said she wanted a boy, would be “so much more special.”
(Way to go, you Mama Grizzly! Boys are so much more special than girls.)
8:06 Abel Harding:
Palin takes dig at Obama, says abortion isn’t above anyones pay grade.
8:10 Abel Harding:
Palin said Todd gets Google alerts on his Blackberry for her…
(Yes, he does: gotta make sure none of those evil citizens are saying bad things about the Queen!)
8:10 Abel Harding:
Uh-oh. She said she’s reloading, hearty applause. I ducked. Thougt she was serious.
8:13 Abel Harding:
Little hiccup there. She’s done…closed with the God Bless America line… Rep Renaurt on stage…questions coming up?
8:17 Abel Harding:
Moment of silence…questions coming up. Stray tuned. Heroic Media says they need 1 million dollars for statewide campaign…
(You would too if you just paid somewhere around $100,00.00 for 35 minutes of Why I Should Have Been President But The Mean Black Man Stole My Job. There is a moderator for questions, of course. Per her contract. Lots of questions go by, the men jump in to answer them because they pertain to politics.)
8:27 Abel Harding:
“What would you say to a friend who wanted to support Planned Parenthood?” Thats the kind of question moderator is directing to Palin.
8:28 Abel Harding: Rep Renuart said “follow the money”
when it comes to Planned Parenthood.
8:29 Abel Harding:
Thrasher said “never in our history has the federal government told people what they needed to do like that.”. Talking about healthcare reform.
8:30 Abel Harding:
Thrasher said he hopes Palin will come to 2012 GOP convention in Fla, “that’s when we’ll start to take back America.”
8:31 Abel Harding:
Palin says Obamacare will take healthcare away from special needs kids. “the only way they can fulfill their promise is to ration healthcare. Faceless, nameless people will run a death panel.” (In case you missed it, this was her response to the Planned Parenthood question—sorta like the debates when she told us she might not answer the questions because she was gonna speak directly to the Kool-Aid.)
8:35 Abel Harding:
Palin saying Bristol “is a jock” but will be participating in “one of these family oriented shows.” (This would be Dancing with the Stars because nothing says family like a reality show?)
8:38 Abel Harding:
Thrasher shared story of his special needs grandson who started kindergarten this year.
(Why do they feel the need to point out that this child has special needs? Children are not props or tools to be used. They are entitled to their dignity and privacy, just as any person is. I am exceptionally uncomfortable with these people’s willingness to exploit their children.)
8:42 Abel Harding:
Palin said Supreme Court took democratic process away from us with Roe v. Wade…
(It’s probably best not to even touch this – let’s just file this under things Sarah Palin doesn’t understand about how government works.)

Now, why would anyone pay so much money to hear what seems to be Sarah Palin’s struggle with her own failures, her disappointment over losing to Obama, and her need to soothe her seething anger with lies about Obama?

The only question remaining is if you lie but no one is listening, does it really matter? This, I suppose, is a matter of internal ethics. And are lies labeled as heroic really hopeful? Americans are dubious.

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39 Replies to “In Jacksonville An Evening of Empty Seats with Sarah Palin”

  1. I wonder why they pay that much? Just to please anyone who would come see her talk about nothing? I know now why Sarah doesnt allow the media in. It would let the secret out for the next venue that they already heard the speech. The speech you just documented was the same as the one where the Fox announcers said she was stupid.

  2. Anybody in the Hershey, PA area tomorrow for her event? I wonder if she will fly to MDT (Harrisburg) for that trip, stay overnight, then go to the Beck thing the next day?

  3. “Palin says Obamacare will take healthcare away from special needs kids. “the only way they can fulfill their promise is to ration healthcare. Faceless, nameless people will run a death panel.”
    This little piece of BS cheeses me OFF!
    Ummm sort of like the 254 people who died on her watch who were on Medicare???
    Why does no one look into that??? YES she knows DEATH PANELS!! SHE HAD HER OWN DEATH PANELS IN ALASKA!
    Something else bothering me…was that a ALASKA AIRLINES that said McCain/Palin was that from today???
    Do AA have that on their planes?
    If so I will sue them! I flew on AA and would of never ever got on their plane had I known it said that on it.
    Call me picky…but!!!
    Does anyone know?

  4. Yeah, her Death Panels were real. Over 250 people DIED under her mismanaged system, which was then shut down by the feds. The only program to be shut down by the feds.

    And she has the nerve to accuse Healthcare reform of having possible death panels. She is McCarthy, out of power. If she ever gets into power, there won’t be any mercy shown this country.

  5. Thank you Sarah! Excellent as always.

    I love this part:

    Thrasher said he hopes Palin will come to 2012 GOP convention in Fla, “that’s when we’ll start to take back America.”

    As a visitor or what? Will they have bendy straws?

  6. I believe the footage is from the campaign in 08. People do not dress like that in August in Jacksonville. There were no crowds to greet her this time.

    I love the guy saying she is very polarizing and then the guy says low ticket sales had nothing to do with $arah.

  7. Phil, you were correct the first time. Sarah Palin’s fans ARE slow.

    Palin and the RWNJ “Pro-Lie” crowd (h/t to Sparsam!) scream that they want small government, yet they would impose their extreme religious beliefs upon all Americans.

  8. Lovely. She had exactly the audience she deserved. There is a saying (and I forgot who said it) that every nation has the government it deserves. I would argue that the same holds true of the GOP: they have the leaders they deserve. Another brilliant piece, Sarah.

  9. I guess her family drama being played out in People and US magazine isn’t POP culture either. At least NOT when they are paying her 100k a pop for photos and “exclusive” interviews. Bristol has taken full advantage of this so-called POP culture by her interviews and her Dancing with the Stars gig.

    How exactly is Bristol a “star” anyway? She is famous for being a pregnant unmarried teen.

    What a hypocrite. I mean both Bristol and her mother.

  10. The GOP enabled this goofy grifter, and now they are reaping exactly what they have sown. If this woman is their “great white hope,” then they are in serious trouble. I hope the “reception” she got in Jacksonville is only the start of a trend of rejecting her negativity, know-nothingness, and divisiveness.

  11. Yes….Americans need to know. I think by “take back America” they mean hijack America for Dominionist grifters. This organization (HM) is a perfect fit for Sarah. Lots of shady dealings in the name of the Lord.

  12. See, it’s not bad when she does it, because she is using her daughter’s pregnancy to spread the word of the Lord through pop culture.

    I know it doesn’t look like the word of the Lord, and it doesn’t feel like the word of the Lord, unless it’s the Dark Lord, because she’s so angry and full of spite and creates such division, but this is how she justifies her behavior.

    I’m sure mainline Christians cringe watching her sell herself as the second coming when she wraps herself in hate and lies.

  13. “Follow the money” to Planned Parenthood, eh? Well, look no further – I donate. As do lots of ordinary American women who go to PP fundraising events.

    Against abortion? Don’t have one.

  14. They say that a lie told often enough, people will believe it to be the truth. A principal friend of mine, told me how a young student, told her that President Obama was Muslim and his birth in HI was conspired. She walked him through a logical process to clear his mind about it. I had a business acquaintance who sent me these horrible lies constantly- I was on his email address list – He sent it to everyone. I tried talking sense into him, and had to finally block him because I was so disgusted. Perhaps, common sense real people should start an email campaign- not smearing – but “grown up” – for each of President Obama’s achievements (to help counter the lies). Low information is what is causing people to believe in the stupidity.

  15. If you decide to do this let me know because I am a recipient of those hateful lying chain emails from conservatives. The stuff they put in those emails is so outrageous and they don’t care when you ask them to stop sending them. I tried debunking them but they didn’t even bother reading it. Finally replied all and told them I was voting for the Muslim who hated America because I wanted USA to be socialist country. That did it. There’s a link on the sidebar to Obama Achievements. It might be pretty easy to whip up a chain email.

  16. Thank you to the posters of those last 2 comments about the outrageous chain letters from conservatives. I had the same experience during the ’08 campaign with my old college roommate, someone who had been a friend for more than 30 years. I asked her nicely, then firmly, then angrily to stop. She insisted that her sending these ridiculous racist lies around was not an endorsement of them; she was just offering them so everyone could judge for themselves. She had never done anything like this before, so it shocked me. I ended the friendship, but I’ve wondered since then if there might have been another way I could have handled it that would have gotten through to her. Hearing others had the same frustrating experience is reassuring.

  17. Palin is a compulsive liar, and she is a very stupid person. That’s McCain, you’ve created a ignorant monster. She is an embarrassment to America. Palin, go home and stay home, you are a disgrace to women in this Country. Your are not funny, smart or worth listening to at all.

  18. Sarah Jones,

    You are a lowlife piece of human trash. Cant you seem to find ANYTHING to do but trash Palin? I am SURE there are OTHER articles out there, and yet you are POSSESSED by her. Are you another liberal bulldyke with a jealousy complex?

    First off, the economy is bad due to the monster YOU and those like you VOTED into office…..there isnt alot of money floating around for people to attend such events, many don’t even have JOBS…..again, cause of the monster YOU voted for.

    This event was NOT promoted properly or enough, and that again, was not Sarah’s fault .

    This piece of horseshit blog or whatever you call it sucks and so do you and your hate filled minions.

    “See, it’s not bad when she does it, because she is using her daughter’s pregnancy to spread the word of the Lord through pop culture. ”

    POP CULTURE? That was Obama stupid ass….NOT Sarah…..remember “YES WE CAN” , “YES WE CAN” ….Umm Ummm Ummmm Barack Hussein Obama …Ummm Ummm Ummm ” ?????? Remember people supposedly fainting in the aisles at his speeches ? Give us a damn break… are one idiot !!! Kids singing chants and hymns to this monster in OUR TAX PAID SCHOOLS ?

    “I know it doesn’t look like the word of the Lord, and it doesn’t feel like the word of the Lord, unless it’s the Dark Lord, because she’s so angry and full of spite and creates such division, but this is how she justifies her behavior.

    OH YEAH….”angry and hate filled” ? Like your friggen SELF ISNT ? Creates division? Oh like ummm…..ramming health care down people’s throats when 70% dont want it? Umm like…..letting ILLEGAL mexicans come take away benefits MEANT for TAX PAYING AMERICAN citizens? …..Ummmm like whining and saying “Its JUST because I am black” everytime YOU FAIL ? Ummm like blaming Bush even though its YOUR JOB now and you would NEVER get by with that in the private sector on YOUR OWN JOB ? They would FIRE your ass? Oh like….wanting a MOSQUE built over a gravesite where parts of the plane and 9/11 bodies were scattered all over that building? Even though ….AMERICANS DONT WANT IT ? DIVISION ?????????? You are a damn IDIOT…..Obama has DIVIDED this country LIKE NEVER BEFORE….. !!!! AND IS STILL DOING IT !!! Racially, Religiously, you name it !!!


    “I’m sure mainline Christians cringe watching her sell herself as the second coming when she wraps herself in hate and lies.”

    Sarah DOES NOT sell her self as the SECOND COMING. AGAIN you stupid bitch, that is OBAMA……. From one of his speeches…..”There will be an ephiphany, and a light will shine down, and you will say…..”I MUST VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA”……WTF ? Then you have Farrakhan calling him “The Messiah” too….? YOU NEED TO GET YOUR DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT YOU BULLDYKE !!!!

    Look, you stupid bulldyke bitch….Sarah has NEVER claimed her or her family are PERFECT. You can fully be a Christian and make mistakes, it doesnt make you PERFECT…..NOONE IS…..not you or the monster you voted for EITHER….GET IT ?

    Yes, Bristol got pregnant…..yes, Sarah is for abstitence and against abortion…..WHEN YOU ARE FRIGGEN PERFECT IN ANY ASPECT OF YOUR SORRY LIFE CALL ME OKAY ? Until then shut the hell up and sit down.

    NOONE is this WORLD is PERFECT…..but Obama CLAIMED HE WAS and could FIX AND CHANGE IT ALL ……He ISNT doing it …..GET IT ? If he didnt want to look like SUCH A FAILURE…..he shouldnt have went around proclaiming he COULD MAKE EVERYTHING SOME UTOPIA !!! Oh wait….but then…..HE WOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN …..ELECTED !!! ????

    Sarah did NOT cloak ANYTHING in the name of the Lord…..yes, her daughter had her baby and DID NOT ABORT IT because they dont believe in abortion…..and likewise Sarah had Trigg….and DID NOT abort him either…… AND YOU HATE THAT…..we understand !!!! Just because you did ONE thing “Wrong” in your life DOES NOT MEAN you have to CONTINUE to do them….. IF that was true there would be NO drug or alcohol abuse clinics, no Battered Women Shelters, ect….WHY? Because people who WORK in these….ALL experienced these things, THEY ARE REFORMED and been there and “DONE THAT”.

    You liberals ACT like you are so “TOLERANT” and “UNDERSTANDING”…..but you are the MOST INTOLERANT pieces of trash on this earth !!!

    Hate blogs LIKE THIS PROVES IT……and “authors/bloggers” or whatever you call yourself and those like you from the “National Enquirer” and “The Globe” ect…..PROVE IT TOO……trash IN , trash OUT.


  19. I can’t believe that a worthless no good drop of sperm that your mama should have swallowed like yourself CMW, would think that you would have any right to speak about anything you lying piece of shit. You do realize that not a single thing that you typed above was actually true. Maybe if you turned off Fox News and got the cock out of your mouth you could actually learn something. You are a pathetic retard. Yes, let me spell it out for you R-E-T-A-R-D. There now do you understand it?

    You may have thought that you could come on this site and bully a woman who happens to have opinions that you disagree with, which I guess would explain all the childish typing in CAPS, because mentally challenged infants can’t argue so all they can do is throw themselves on the floor and scream.

    A**hole, you can’t bully anyone here. If you want to dance, MF-er, I am right here. Bring it sunshine. You apparently like having your anus violated, so why don’t you come on back here and bend over for me, sweetie. You are too stupid to know that you are being sodomized by Sister Sarah. You are an idiot, so why don’t you go back to your Real America, where reading, writing, and thinking are irrelevant, and leave the intelligence to those who can form complete sentences.

    I hope one of those “illegal mexicans” that you are so afraid of crawls into bed with you some night and shows you what really goes on South of the Border, you racist prick.

  20. Thank you Bill! I was so pissed reading that Tards ranting idiocy I was trying to think how to respond… but I do think you have done a excellent job responding the this pond scum and telling him that women like Sarah Jones & all of us who comment here, will not be bullied but a cockless impotent ballez cockroach like CMW!
    It obvious that recent revelations have unhinged the already Unhinged…but if they do not agree they need not spew here.

  21. First of all I agree with pretty much everything CMW said. To Sarah Jones, If you truely believe that 250 people died under Sarah Palins watch, magnify that number by hundreds of thousands and you will have the number of poor innocents that will die under Obamacare. That will mostly be the elderly and the innocent unborn. I think it is atrocious the foul language that Big Bad uses, I feel sorry for him, so much hatred in his heart, may God still find blessings upon him and forgive him. I also have to admit that although I do agree overall with CMW, he needs to ratchet down his temper abit too. Hey whether we agree or disagree, there’s no need for hate speech towards one another.

  22. I went to the “Evening of Hope” my biggest disappointment was that I was not allowed to bring a camera into the event. I sat in row G and there was many empty seats in front of me but discovered as people came in that they had been in a meet and greet with Governor Palin, so many came in after the lights dimmed. I did not see 75 empty seats after these people found their seats.
    Governor Palin did take a humorous swipe at Governor Crist not being a Republican anymore asking “what is he now anyway?, then later about his veto of the sonogram bill. She did point out many of he negatives of Obamacare that health savings accounts will be limited to $2500 a year, which many families with special needs children use to help cover medical cost.. My wife being terribly sick for the last 3 years I was already aware that Obamacare, changes the tax deduction for medical expenses from 8% to 10%, which basically is taxing the sickest. Governor Palin pointed out that Obamacare will also provide federal money for abortions. Of course this is the big payback for the 35 million Plan parenthood contributed during the 2008 campaign. In my Humble Opinion Governor Palin speech stayed on topic, and for the record Governor Palin doesn’t taken speaking fees from non-profit pro-life organizations. I think the biggest take away that a unbiased reporter would have reported would have given a national byline to that reporter who’s intent was to share information and not propaganda. You’ll understand why; I don’t share what ‘that’ was here;}
    I think anyway to stop the senseless murder of children is worth while; I wanted to stand up at the end and ask for donations because they were doing it in such a dry passionless way. Heroic Media would have been better off at scheduling Governor Palin at the Jacksonville Coliseum as a free event and then ask for donations.
    They would have done much better.
    In 2004 my daughter thought she was pregnant but her and her husband did not insurance or money to go to a regular doctor. Anyway her friend said there’s a Women Clinic in Gainesville; in that short visit they told her she was pregnant and that the baby was going to be deformed and she should get an abortion. My daughter left crying so upset she went to my wife to tell her what the clinic had told her…my wife was repulsed by their prognosis and took my daughter to a our family doctor who could not understand how they could jump to such a conclusion so early in a pregnancy. My conclusion is that it’s just a business and they say what ever they have to make the sell. Oh! My 5 year old granddaughter is my best friend, and just started kindergarten. At my 40th class reunion I was showing family pictures to my former classmates, one that teaches recognized my granddaughter and told me it had been a long time since she seen such a beautiful child starting school. Thank God! She was not murdered.

  23. Fredhead,
    I love that your daughter didn’t listen to those that will take the lives of the innocents. I am so happy that you have that best friend and precious one now in your life.
    Your account of the Palin speaking event sounds calm and honest and real. I just dont get why there is so much hatred of Sarah Palin. She’s a good woman with a good heart and has good intentions for our country. I guess her unafraid and upfront attitude when she speaks just either scares some that the presidents agenda is being put down and she ain’t afraid to say it. God bless her and her family, especially her precious little son, Trigg. I just can’t understand how people can be so mean and name call that little one and condemn her for having him, it just baffles me. Where has compassion gone to in this country?

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