A Holy War Erupts Among Evangelical Christians Over Beck Rally

Image Courtesy of Scari.org
Image Courtesy of Scari.org

A Civil War Among Christians Over Beck Rally; Glenn Beck Christians Make No Sense.

“This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy.”
U.S. Representative Christopher Shays, R-CT, (New York Times 3/23/05)

A civil war among evangelical Christians has broken out over some evangelicals’ participation with Glenn Beck’s conservative rally in Washington this weekend. This is the rally intended to “take back the Civil Rights Movement.” I guess white men like Beck can’t let the black people even have the Civil Rights Movement. Yes, they must own this, too.

The evangelicals are on the defense about setting aside their spiritual conviction to join Beck on what they see as a shared political agenda.

CNN reports:

“Many conservative evangelical activists argue that evangelicals and Mormons should set aside theological differences to partner on moral and political issues.”

I’m sorry, but let’s go back to step one. Why is any spiritual belief being used for political gain? This is the question that should be haunting them. Instead they are focused on whether or not they can mingle with the Mormons.

David Barton, an influential evangelical activist, writes on his Facebook Page (this seems to be the method of communiqué among a certain segment who wish to remain unimpeachable via not giving access to questions):

“”Christians concerned about Glenn’s faith should judge the tree by its fruits, not its labels,” Barton, a former Republican National Committee consultant, continued. “After all, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton openly call themselves Christians… Although these individuals have the right labels, they have the wrong fruits.””

Whoa. So, it’s Christian to judge another Christian now? I thought only God had the power to judge another.

“Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone.”

And to this end, it seems it is Ok to judge another as Christian if they agree with you politically (are a Republican or work for the Republican Cable News Station), because Jim Garlow writes:

“There is no need to ‘de-Christianize’ each other over the matter.”

Yes, don’t “de-Christianize” each other. Save that for the Democrats. Like Jesus taught us. Do these folks ever question the morality and end result of what they preach?

The real question they should be asking themselves is, “Should Christians corrupt themselves with the seedy side of politics?” And yet, their response to this question is to quote Paul to the Romans: “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established” (Romans 13:1 NIV).

Yes, no governing authority except for God. That would mean that human beings are not God and do not have governing authority over the morality of another. It would also infer that we do not have the authority to judge one another. Although they suggest that this verse urges them to participate in government, they also claim that participation is not seeking power.

And it wouldn’t be, if they weren’t using the money from the church to fund things like Prop 8. Or the Republican Party. The people driving this machine seek to dominate the political process, telling their followers that they have this duty as part of a mandate from God. Pardon me if I shiver recalling the bloody efforts of the Christian Church throughout time to “conquer” all. It’s clear in reading history that this movement has always been used for political purposes by its leaders, though the true believer on the ground seemed to pay the most.

Dominion over our political process flies in the face of our Constitution, because what would naturally ensue? Why, the very kind of behavior we are seeing from them right now: Denouncements of others as not being “real” Christians, refusal to associate with some people because they don’t believe everything you do, and seeking to get them out of power because of this. This thought assumes that one party has divine authority from God to judge the other party. It also assumes they have the right to use government to achieve their spiritual mandate. This is the kind of thinking that led to some of the largest atrocities in western civilization.

It’s what our founders sought to protect us from.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is chock a block full of evangelical Christians who do not walk their talk. Men (for the most part) who cheat on their wives, swap wives, use tax payer money to violate the public trust, and then when caught claim they are above reproach because they have special dispensation from Jesus. And the Christians are NOT to judge these folks because they have an “R” after their name.

The Bible (American King James Version) preaches: “How can you say to your brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in your eye, when you yourself behold not the beam that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of your own eye, and then shall you see clearly to pull out the mote that is in your brother’s eye.” I suppose this is being disregarded in order to excuse a political agenda.

This isn’t real spirituality. This is a political movement taking advantage of the tax-except status of churches in this country to further political power and gain. As a movement, these modern day evangelicals stand for nothing even vaguely related to spirituality because their self-proclaimed rules shift depending on the letter after your name in politics.

There is truly no greater shame than exploiting faith for political gain, as doing so corrupts the essence of spirituality. Our beliefs, or non-beliefs, are personal. They have no place in politics. True debate over ethical and moral concerns does have a place in politics, but the brand of religion used to justify a belief has no place in politics.

Separation of church and state was designed to protect us from just this sort of witch-hunt. A Christian, a true person of faith, would be too busy trying to walk their own talk to openly proclaim another person to be a not good enough Christian. And a person of strong faith would attract others to them through their actions; not by announcing they have moral authority over others.

Lastly, Glenn Beck has spent the last two years railing against the very things Jesus stood for. He mocks social justice. He distorts the Constitution and the founding fathers for his own agenda. He uses rumor and innuendo to undermine people he doesn’t agree with. He is a force actively working against compassion and peace. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a Mormon, an evangelical, or a Muslim. He is not a spiritual leader. He is a cult leader.

Another cult leader, Sarah Palin, who also works actively to destroy our national soul via division and hate, joins him tomorrow for this rally. And that is what should be bothering self-proclaimed Christians. Not Beck’s religion.

Follow the money. This isn’t a Christian movement; this is an infiltration movement, much like Palin’s Alaskan Independence Party movement. They are infiltrating our churches and using Jesus for their own purposes. It’s positively medieval.

Using their own logic, judge their fruits. Everywhere Sarah Palin goes, division, chaos and ugliness ensue. Glenn Beck is creating an army of supremely, woefully misinformed paranoiacs. These are not the fruits of good work.

They have the right to call themselves whatever they wish, and practice whatever religion they want, whether it’s witch doctors or Mormonism or none. But we also have the right to take a united stand against hate and division.

While these Beck Palin Christians claim they are persecuted in this country, Christianity evolved from being unorganized to what it is now: a hierarchical, dominating Church. Their notions of themselves as persecuted are beyond bizarre and inaccurate. If anyone in this country is persecuted, it is sadly the targets of the modern day Republican Christian Church. This is a movement of hate, funded by some very powerful people with ties to the John Birch society, McCarthyism, white supremacists, and other extremists. While they fight over whether or not they can associate with Mormons while concurrently denouncing Muslims, I’m remembering Jesus’ example of tolerance.

And even though I gave up organized Christianity after 9/11 because I couldn’t find a church where the pastors weren’t railing hate against Muslims, I am now on my knees, praying to any God willing to listen, for my country. Instead of arguing over whether or not they should participate with Mormons, Beck Palin Christians should be asking themselves if they should be participating in the politics of division and hate. The real civil war should not be among Christians over who is the most Christian, but rather should be an ethical and moral question they pose to themselves about the purity and purpose of their own beliefs.

Image courtesy of Image Courtesy of Scari.org.

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19 Replies to “A Holy War Erupts Among Evangelical Christians Over Beck Rally”

  1. Great article, Sarah. You speak to a major problem for what is now God’s Own Party. Christianity as a whole, like Islam and Judaism, claim unique possession of a Capital-T Truth but each denomination within those various forms of Abrahamic monotheism each claim possession as well – and they can’t all have it. If one of them got everything they wanted, Theocracy and legislation of Mosaic Law, all the others would be definition lose – the 18th century’s Evangelicals knew this and sided with that “infidel” Thomas Jefferson and with James Madison in supporting the Wall of Separation. Now, like the myriad Christianities of the ancient world, they are cannibalizing each other. Perhaps they will destroy each other before they manage to destroy the Constitution. We can only hope.

  2. Sarah, You keep topping yourself with each new article. In my opinion, the ONLY way to bring this B S to light to the whole of America is to keep speaking the truth. Reagan thought by bringing into the Republican flock (meaning, more voters) this Evangelical, hyphocrisy, boy, did he screw the pooch. I live in the deep south bible-belt and have a front row view. Believe me, it is not pretty. We need to keep exposing them for what they really are. Thank you for your hard work!

  3. Powerful message, Sarah. I can only add my kudos to those of GenieO, Cheeriogirl, and charlottesweb — because I’m otherwise speechless with awe.

    I got here following your Twitter link — going back to Re-Tweet!

  4. Thank you Sarah ! Recently I made a comment about a sermon I agreed with when I was commited to a Fundamentalist Church (Past tense) It was aimed at Women who were independent,in charge,Etc.(Acting as humans should)It was called “The Jesebel Mentality” Scripture was bent to fit the sermon.I recall (To my shame)agreeing and telling my wife it was a description of her.Thats one small incident of the judgement sermons we were subjected to.I was and am proud of her success in life but the brainwashing had taken it’s toll at that time. They will do or say anything to bring you in line with their warped thinking.

  5. This is my first time replying here and found this article researching beck’s rally. This is an interesting article, but there is much that is misleading regarding Christianity. Ms. Jones, you’re correct in saying that God has power to judge our sin (Revelation 20:11-15); for the Christian, the sin has been judged at Calvary, so there is no condemnation. As a professing Christian, you know this. Jesus said, as revealed by God’s Word, to judge the “fruit” in the life of one who claims to be a Christian (Matthew 7:16-20). The Holy Spirit through Paul mentions this (1 Corinthians 5:9-13). Christians don’t judge another’s sin, nor prejudicially/hypocritically (Matthew 7:1-5), but their actions and teachings; we do this by the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The rest of Romans 13 teaches us to live as law-abiding citizens. If the opportunity arises for disputes about laws, anyone should be able to interject. Sometimes, standing for the oppressed requires action; Leviticus and James demonstrate this. Romans 13 doesn’t permit the establishment of Christian theocracy, as you’ve stated. If humans aren’t able to judge one another, then how (by what authority) and why are you judging Christians for their role in politics? Why then does Jesus tell us to judge? If we are unable to judge another, no human could pass any law (even one that says “no Christianity in politics”), nor hold an opinion. The question at hand and the question you pose aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Mormons are a cult (everybody knows this), as the “jesus” they have isn’t the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult and also have the wrong “jesus.” Compare their “jesus” to the One revealed in Scripture (John 8:24; 10:30-33). This doesn’t preclude them from entering public office. I agree that there isn’t any “Gods’ party” when it comes to politics, but sadly, many on both sides think their side is approved fully by God. The Republican and Democrat parties both claim some sort of Divine approval; Palin and Pelosi are two prominent examples. To say the Republican party is full of evangelicals who overtly commit sin isn’t exactly correct, as also in both parties, there are Deists and Atheists among their ranks; Jesus also said that many who call themselves “Christians” will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 7:21). So, about those Republicans who commit adultery, you cannot absolutely say they are Christians. Christians aren’t supposed to do what you’ve listed (1 John 1:6-10). We Christians do judge the Rebuplican party and in so many aspects, it falls far short. Whether charities are religious or irreligious, they are tax-free and are involved politically on both sides of the aisle. If you judge one side (Republicans) for doing so, it’s only just to judge the other (Democrats).

    One’s beliefs do have a necessary place in politics; e.g. a Christian understands morality from a Biblical perspective. An Atheist doesn’t. Immediately, their worldviews and legal perspectives may oppose each other, so they hold a debate. This is political discourse. This is how William Wilberforce, a Christian, was able to free humans who are also made in the image of God, but were held in physical bondage. If Christianity has no role in politics, this may not’ve happened. John Wesley also opposed slavery from the pulpit. Have you read about John Knox and his interactions, yes even political, with Queen Mary? If it weren’t for the Protestant Reformation, Secularism wouldn’t exist today. How can a Christian attract others to Christianity through their actions, when they are almost forbidden by those who claim religion has no place in politics nor the public?

    Social Justice as taught by many today, such as Jim Wallis, is unbiblical. I agree, Glenn Beck’s rally isn’t Christian; you’ve judged rightly. Christians shouldn’t attend his rally, as it sends the wrong message about Christians and Mormons. Sadly, both parties have used the Church (the evangelical view of the Invisible Church) and churches (part of the Visible Church) for political expediency. It’s difficult to accuse another of “hate and division” when you are also dividing on the same issue. There are plenty of Pastors, and even more Christians, who don’t hate Muslims. Muslims have a book dedicated to the hatred of non-muslims. It’s called the Quran (3:110; 7:179; 8:55; 9:30; 8:12; 13:16; 39:09). Compare Quran 30:45 to John 3:16. 61% of the total Quranic text is devoted to “kuffar” (a derogatory term, so that should give us a hint); that’s just the Quran, let alone the Hadith. However, it’s up to Muslims to debate amongst themselves to determine whether these mandates from Allah are applicable to the modern Muslim.

  6. I’m sorry, but it’s inaccurate to equivocate the Democrats with the Republicans in terms of using religion to get out the vote. I appreciate your feedback and your point of view, but the facts prove that the Republican Party has been using Christianity for 40 years as a political machine. I won’t bombard you with the facts of churches who raise money for the Republican Party or tell their constituents how to vote, but if you’re interested in these things, you can google them.

    As for scripture, it can clearly be interpreted to mean whatever people want it to. I interpret it the way I was raised to interpret it.

    Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thanks so much, Cheeriogirl. It’s important to speak out against hate, and to not allow certain segments to hijack things like the Bible, patriotism and the Constitution.

  8. Sarah, this is the first time i have read any of your postings. I am a christian and I believe as you say. I could not put it in words to say exactly what I meant but you covered it fairly well. Glen Beck seems as a false prophet, he is not teaching the Word of God ,he is preaching about his goldline product and using religion to pyramid his gold into a poor christians heart for profit.Such Shame!!
    The word of God says we should judge the fruits of the spirits.But the fruit of the Spirit is love,joy,peace,patience,gentleness and self-control.Against such things there is no law.Gal.5:22-23I can see the manifestion of the fruits of Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are fruits of a non bearing tree.
    Do not be deceived God cannot be mocked .A man reaps what he sows.The one who sows to please his sinful nature,from that nature will reap destruction;the one who sows to pleas the Spirit from the Spirit will reap eternal life.Gal.6:7-8

  9. Awesome powerful insightful article….! Thank you.
    This part almost made me cry…“I am now on my knees, praying to any God willing to listen, for my country”

  10. I wonder what Nancy Pelosi has done that causes her to have the wrong fruit? Bill Clinton fooled around, but thats hardly any worse than many congressmen. It seems to me there was a page somewheres of republicans busted for sex with minors.

    Theocracy is coming to us now wrapped in the constitution. Sarah started that when she used the old the constitution is christian. The radicals have jumped religion to use to get support in a way that as you say, christians should recognize all along. I’m getting a picture of Beck and Palin followers that is similar to the old tobacco chewing bearded southern redneck. Anyone with a brain should see what Beck is doing with religion and god. True christians should stand up, as many have and declare him brain dead. To stand up and say that god is peaking through you, or you are interpreting what god will do is going against the bible that so many drop when following a false prophet.

    Beck wants trouble tomorrow so he can culminate his year long race baiting with someone to point his finger at. Telling his people to expect the Black Panthers (all 3 of them), telling them not to bring signs and that this is NOT a political rally is pure BS. You think he has whined about politics for 2 years and now this isnt political? Why would he invite Sarah “I only have one speech in me and its political” Palin? Why else are his loyal minions coming? For Jesus to show up? Uh huh. He wants trouble and he has been setting it up for a long time.

    Sarah, a truly excellent effort. Simply truly.

  11. I would disagree with the Mormons are a cult. All religions are cults, or else all religions are not. Mormons believe their religion to be the “one”. Catholics think theirs is. The ancient Egyptians thought theirs was. The Romans thought the same. Indeed, everyone thinks their religion is the one. There is no evidence that any one religion is the “one”. Christianity is one of the few that spits out fire and brimstone and has the worst god of all who wont hesitate to damn your soul.

    To other religions christianity is a cult. There are few religions that are tolerant of each other. Lets not play games with labels. Currently christianity is being used by the rich and powerful and so far its gone along with it.

  12. Wow, thanks Shiva. That means a lot. Loved your point about “I only have one speech in me and its political.”

  13. Beck,,Palin and their ilk..have one agenda..fame..more money for them..sell more books
    etc. get big political power for them..ie they use anything and anybody to promote
    themself for fame and more fortune. They and their ilk distort..outright lies constantly
    they used fear and hate and reload..crosshairs..that easily promotes violence Palin..
    Fox news is not fair nor balanced in any area..they do not want the democratic adminstration to put any tax income on the already rich..really all this distorted retric
    against Obama has one agenda…keep the rich able to get richer…they will distort
    anything to do this..the tea party is financed from the very start by the Koch brothers
    ultra rich extreme right wingers. The part to be concerned about is they evidently
    are fooling many voters using their distortions and outright lies. they even use
    God as He favors them…Beck with his now divine message from God to him and
    Palin very much the same…see get this religious vote..it is a total mockery of what
    the bible actually says..if they knew the bible they would realize Jesus did not would
    not get into politics. this was definitely a political rally..for La Russa and Pujols to
    say is was not..shows they better just stick to their extremely well paid field and

  14. I am uneasy with what I am seeing and hearing from Beck. I agree we need to turn back to God as a nation. Here is where I disagree, it is not just any god, but the one true God of the Bible. There is a lot mentioned about not knowing whose religion is true. There is no other book like the Bible. It must be inspired from God because it was written over 1600 years by more than 40 different authors, but yet there is one theme throughout, the redemption of man. There are thousands of manuscripts that verify the validity of the Bible we now have. No other religions book can make those claims. The Book of Mormon is not from God. Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God.
    Only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can we know God. My take is we need do need God back in America, but first we need Jesus in our hearts. Something like 95% of the 250 + founding fathers had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Today, most don’t even know what a Christian is. The Bible tells us that it is one who places their faith and trust in Jesus to save them from their sins and to follow Jesus no matter what the cost. I like Glenn Beck, but I am unsure if the focus is right. Just getting everyone together to agree we need “a god” in our lives is not what the Bible teaches. We need the God of the Bible. We have lost our foundation. The Bible is our authority of right and wrong. There is only one interpretation of each passage, we need to be diligent in studying the entire Bible to find out what that is. If you truly want to know the truth, God will reveal it. Read the gospel of John, seeking to know the truth, and you will see who Jesus is.

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