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A Night In Hershey Goes Sour With Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Natters on About How Having Babies Makes Us Free
Sarah Palin Natters on About How Having Babies Makes Us Free

Sarah Palin Goes to Hershey To Undermine Women’s Rights (again).

A “Salute to the American Family”: aka, another night with Palin talking about our freedoms to have babies. And such.

For those of you who actually can’t quit your jobs and don’t have an entourage of hair and yes people following you around, please don’t let this get you down. Yes, Sarah Palin is fantastic. She is a mother of five well adjusted (semi) children (with children- some of them), happily married (or not), who travels around the country with her children (during the school year and past bedtime—that’s devotion!) and makes tons of money selling the enterprise that is the SS Palin.

Mama Grizzly’s here to talk about family values. And salutes. Which she knows tons about because of Track. Who went to Iraq. After he cut the brake lines on the school buses.

That didn’t rhyme. Darn it.

Sarah Palin is speaking at a fundraiser for The Pennsylvania Family Institute, which “is a non-profit, non-partisan research and education organization that analyzes public policies and cultural trends for their impact on the family. The Pennsylvania Family Institute is a 501(c)3 organization funded through yearly, monthly and issue related tax-deductible donations from individuals, families, corporations and private foundations.”

Ah, yes, And we have some lovely swamp land in Florida that will only appreciate, I tell you! Buy now! Also, too, Goldline.

This is about freedoms, also referred to as babies. Or, freedoms for babies but none for you. This group worked hard to kill PA House Bill 1163, which covered access to birth control and family planning, and comprehensive sex ed-which includes not just information on contraception, but also abstinence. Sigh. Yes, they were in favor of abstinence only.

And on their Facebook Page (what is it with these people and their Facebook Pages?), they join Palin in her Death Panel lie:

“Headline: Obama Administration sending $160 million to PA for healthcare coverage that includes abortion. What do Sen. Casey and other “pro-life” Democrat members of Congress who voted for Obamacare say now?

Now that was rather confusing for a “non-partisan” organization, no?

And lest you be lost, having missed all the signs to Republican nirvana, here’s one more clue from their blog:

“When is a leg not a leg? When it’s not.
By Michael Geer

We bring you a must-read article from Professor Stephen J. Heany on the fallacy of “same-sex marriage.”
Abraham Lincoln once asked how many legs a dog has if we call a tail a leg. The answer, he said, is four: calling a tail a leg does not make it so. We chuckle and move on. But what if people began to argue that a tail really is a leg?”

Ah, the old dog leg argument! You got me. I’m totally against it now.

“The Mission of the Pennsylvania Family Institute …..produce (s) policy reports, promote responsible citizenship and work to promote unity among pro-family groups.”

And by work, they mean they hire great Christians like Sarah Palin for hidden fees to come and talk for a few minutes to raise money to pay for great Christians like Sarah Palin to fly around in private jets. Also, for the babies. Please.

In case you were wondering where Sarah gets her ideas about the Constitution, they tell us:

“Pennsylvania is unique among the states in its heritage of liberty, religious freedom, and a strong moral base at its foundation. William Penn called the Commonwealth a Holy Experiment. General George Washington and his troops sought divine providence at Valley Forge. Independence Hall in Philadelphia witnessed the hammering out of the hallowed documents of our nation’s founding. And the blood-soaked soil of Gettysburg is testimony to the price paid for our liberties, liberties our forefathers sought to secure for succeeding generations – our posterity.”

Oh, heavens.

And guess who endorses these folks? We got a trifecta of travesties here with James Dobson, Ollie North and Sarah Palin.

Let’s just call this pallin’ around with …………

Oh, let’s just get to the real good stuff.

Conservative Diane Moore tweeting under handle Dianehere live-tweeted from the speech, which, I’m afraid to tell you, sounds like a campaign stump speech. I’m not sure if this is due to a conservative clean up of the speech courtesy of Diane or if Palin really changed her speech. I’m afraid to ask.

OK, buckle up for your Friday Night Freedom Follies:

Palin regaling crowd with role of Hersheys Chocolate in her family’s Alaska camping escapades this summer.
(Starbursts and sunshine, also too!)

Lots of @pahousegop members at #PAFamily Institute banquet w/ Sarah Palin including tweeters @repreichley & @repgordon.
(But, but…this is non-partisan event!)

Palin lauds voter referendum passage of parental notification of minors’ abortions in Alaska
(Oh, dear….)

Palin: natl debt is immoral to burden on our children. “Generational theft.”
(Is this anything like dipping into the state constitutionally protected fund to keep up a program a state can’t afford?)

Palin: immoral economic burden is among the greatest security threats that America is facing.
(Er, um…. the biggest security threat we face is having hate mongers trying to deny us our freedoms and giving the terrorists plenty of ammunition in recruitment, but do go on retreating and reloading, or whatever it is that you do…..)

Palin: govt can’t get us to our nation’s destiny. Building character & community rests on the individual & the family.
(We should all be able to use our families to make millions of dollars. Have a baby and you too can get book deals and be on TV! Also, character building is now done via quitting. Just a public service announcement.)

Palin: no need to have a title to make a difference in America’s future. Freedom is God-given right & is worth fighting for.
(It included freedom of religion, FYI)

# Palin: I want to be most remembered for raising a soldier #
(I’m betting she doesn’t want us to remember why he went. No?)

Palin: I support candidates based on their track record of supporting constitution & that they’re prudent in spending other peoples’ money
(So she supports people who believe differently than she governed. OK. Any explanation there? Nope, this is Palin land. Only outgoing.)

Palin: my greatest role models- Reagan, Lincoln, Thatcher..common sense conservatives
(Lincoln was a common sense conservative? This ought to be good. But we can’t ask why she thinks this, because this is all one-way communiqué.)

Palin: biggest challenge facing families – debt! Stop punishing job creators, & stop digging the hole.
(Isn’t this why she quit? To stop digging hole for Alaska? Tres kind, Ms Palin!)

Palin leaving for #828 rally shortly but now answering ?s from #pafamily crowd
(Answering questions? I’m confused. Oh, questions were submitted in advance. Of course.)

Palin: having a “1st dude” biggest asset in women having success in politics. Support network crucial.
(Women can’t get ahead in politics without a man. This is fresh. Also, nannies are a huge asset.)

Ah! We made it! Another night with Palin. Well, ladies, I think we’ve all learned a lot tonight about the New Feminism. I’m off to round up a man. I hear they’re the latest accessory.

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