Flop News: Even Palin Can’t Save Beck From Rally Attendance Fail

It is the day after Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally, guest starring Sarah Palin, in the Don Knotts, Scooby Doo guest star slot, and the spin is on. Beck claims 400,000 people attended, Palin claims 500,000 people attended, and Michele Bachmann said 1 million people were there, but independent estimates place the number at 87,000-100,000 meaning another Beck rally has flopped.

Beck, Palin, and Freedom Works had high hopes for this rally. Beck’s permit was for 300,000 attendees, but it is obvious to all but the most delusional that the rally never approached that number. Before the event according to ABC News, “The National Park Service estimates about a 100,000 people will be in attendance today at Beck’s rally. The DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) is preparing for a crowd of between 100,000 and 200,000 for all rallies taking place in the nation’s capital today.” Early on when Beck talked about the rally on his radio show, he hoped for millions, but he never got close to that pipe dream, my own estimate is that the rally drew somewhere around 100,000, give or take 20,000.

The problem for Right Wing activists is that they poured a great deal of time, money, and effort into getting people out to this event. Groups like local and state Tea Parties, along with Freedom Works organized transportation, and in many cases free busing to the event. The event itself was free, but yet, they still could not deliver a huge crowd. Whereas the original 1963 civil rights march drew an estimated crowd of 250,000, Beck’s rally on the low end might have done about a third of that.

The crazy attendance inflation spin started as soon as yesterday. On her Facebook page Sarah Palin claimed that the event, “drew an estimated crowd of 300,000 – 500,000.” Yesterday, Michele Bachmann told the Washington Post, “We’re not going to let anyone get away with saying there were less than a million here today – because we were witnesses.” Beck got into the game on Fox News Sunday, when he estimated a crowd of 400,000-600,000.

This is the latest bomb for Beck and Freedom Works, or has everyone already forgotten the 9/12 protest which was supposed to be the largest march on Washington ever, but only drew 30,000-75,000 people? For the sake of contrast, there were two Iraq war protests on Washington that were larger than the 9/12 protest, and rivaled yesterday’s rally in terms of size. The conservative estimate of the crowd size by Air Photos Live is 87,000, and this is probably in the right ballpark.

It is obvious that the people with a political or self interest in this, Palin, Bachmann, and Beck are wildly overinflating the attendance number. Beck seemed to have been counting the combination of his own and Sarah Palin’s popularity to bring in the masses, but Beck has been in a ratings slide for much of 2010, and Sarah Palin’s ability to draw a crowd is a well documented and exaggerated myth. The truth is that Beck keeps holding these rallies, and they all underperform. The Tea Party is not that big or influential. While this event was not a disaster, it has to be disappointed to Right Wing activists that they, not the general public, made up most of the crowd yesterday.

The downsizing of the Republican Party to its ideological core means that rallies like this one aren’t going to attract large numbers of people. Beck and Palin are pushing the fantasy of real America as the silent majority, but this is not the truth. The American political landscape is mostly made up of people in the middle, and divisive figures of the far Right like Beck and Palin do not appeal to the middle. Beck and Palin aren’t as popular as they or their followers would like to believe.

With Beck, Palin, Fox News, and Freedom Works all involved in, or in FNC’s case, promoting the rally, one would expect much higher attendance. Given these factors, there is no way that this event can be considered a success, but the Right is going to spin themselves dizzy to make it so.

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  1. Hilarious! A million? Jason, you’ve chopped down their little lie quite nicely. This is the party where facts have to fit the system. Therefore if a million people HAD to show up, a million people showed up. That’s some interesting reasoning but it seems to be how it works. The facts are, there just aren’t all that many of these people. As we’ve argued here before, they are a minority with delusions of grandeur.

  2. Please. You were warned to stop abusing commenters with your name calling and he deleted you after you wouldn’t stop.

    You are the coward who can’t debate without using name calling.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is hysterical:-) Now, can someone help me out here – when you lie over and over again, is there any reason to trust your word or would it be fair if Americans disregarded everything you say as false until proven otherwise, as seems to be the case from these nutters.

    Anyone who believes these people without fact checking them on their own is setting themselves up to be used.

  4. This is all kind of silly being that we have simple rules. Don’t name call and don’t personally insult others. That is it. People are free to disagree all they want, but keep it in the political realm, don’t get personal, and normally yeah, I’ll give somebody a chancde at rebuttal if they are attacked, but we can’t let this get out of control. I am going to add our rules for commenting to the site, so that people know, and anyone who breaks them will be dealt with.

  5. Sarah couldn’t save herself in Jacksonville, Florida a couple of days before the Beck Rally,
    less than 500 people, venue had to be changed and people hawking tickets up to the last minute.

    But I do love that she was there because she is a military mom! Yeah Track(?) serving in the military, rather than serving time in jail. What would your choice be?

  6. Jason ,Thanks for the heads up on attendance at Beck’s folly.I was getting aggravated with all the numbers I was seeing.Hundreds of thousands and thinking “No Way”

  7. Two things……First off, concerning the bulletproof vest. He probably did have one on and to me, it prooves he may not be as crazy as I thought he was. Who in their right mind WOULD NOT wear one. This Jason Easley guy mentions he is afraid of his own fans…….COME ON!!!!!! Is it possible he may be aware that people who DO NOT LIKE HIM may be in the crowd? Not sure how this person can be classified as a Glenn Beck fan. The second thing……I am learning that the media is very very un-honest. (Is that even a word?) Anyway, I am not a Glenn Beck fan first and foremost. I voted for Bush once and I voted for Obama this time. The Media is turning me towards the right more then the left now just because they do not report the truth and it rubs me the wrong way. I was paid by 55 people to bring them to this rally. I did not want to support it, but I had the opportunity to make some money. Anyway, I saw the crowd and it was by far the largest crowd I have ever seen in my lifetime. 87,000 people was not even close and it amazes me how someone can come up with a number that equals the number at an Ohio State Football game…….and I have been to one of those games before. So, I guarantee there was more then 87,000 people. Was there 500,000 people? Possible I would guess, but I would say there was at least 300,000 people, which is what I am seeing most people are estimating. Anyway, I am being truthfull and again I am not a fan of Glenn Beck, or Keith Ohlberman for that matter. And, I am not a person who sees a need to get President Obama out of office, but I am a person who does not like the media hiding the truth and I am a person who is truthful with what I saw first hand and I like to think I am a neutral person.

  8. Now I see a quote from Thomas and this is exactly the poison that the media spews. He was not there and could not beleive the numbers he was seeing. Not sure if he could not beleive it or did not want to beleive it. personally, in the back of my mind, I wanted the numbers to be low because I think he is “crazy” but you gotta be honost and give credit where credit is due

  9. CNN Political Ticker addresses the size of the crowd with several different outcomes. What is more troubling to me is that Beck-Palin et al. garners so much attention from the media in the first place. Both have shown to be racist, fear-mongers that have no respect for our country, our president, our citizens.

    Money drives them. That they have powerful monied backers in Murdoch, Koches, and Armey, to name but a few, is even more troubling.

    It will be writers from websites such as this that will, I hope, bring them down, not the major cable networks or newspapers.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Sara, not sure what the crane shot or job shot means. Cynthia, I agree with you TOTALLY about the both of them. Totally agree, but we can not do it by being dishonest. They may have swindled a lot of people BUT, there were much more then 87,000 people that are getting swindled. I just wish we could do it honestly. It does not give us any credability whatsoever to get caught in a lie PERIOD. Get em some other way. An honest way. You know it is possible, but this rally was not the time to do it. As bad as I do not like saying it, I was there and by the sheer numbers of people there, you got to give em credit this one time…….maybe not give em credit I guess, but not discredit it because there were hundreds of thousands of people there. Maybe the 87,000 people were hsi supporters and the other 200,000 were anti Beck, but I did not see them. Anyway, we can surely get them another way, an honest way. It can not be that hard to do.

  11. The fact is, that was a fascist rally yesterday. Hitler would have been proud.

    The problem is, we must continue to fight these people–they have money, they’re making money, they feed off people’s fears, of a bad economy, unemployment, the “others” who are not like them, they are warlike, jingoistic, substitute religion for the Constitution. Beck and Palin are just the familiar faces, not the brains or the real money.

    We can joke about them and call them clowns, but we must never let up on fighting them.

  12. I was at the March for Women’s Lives and Rally on the Mall in April 2004, and the park service did estimate 1.15 million people. They explained how they came to that number with photos and it was perfectly sensible. From the pictures I’ve seen, this crazy rally about taking back “honor” was less than a tenth of what we had in 2004. It’s pretty easy to figure out. I understand and appreciate that Palin and Beck need to feel validated somehow by the numbers—like people really did commit to the trip to washington for their speeches—but they’re wrong. Too bad!

  13. Another thing I want to mention . I read an article from I think LA times that was kinda sad and kinda comical where they mentioned that the glen beck rally was suppossed to not have political sign, the article mentions signs were very minimal……BUT there were a lot of American flags flying. I thought, this is kinda sad to equate the American Flag with hatefull and disgusting signs that have been used in the past.

  14. Take a look at these pics where people were actually counted and compare them with the pics from yesterday and it’s easy to see where the 80k to 100k number came from. You cannot estimate a crowd from ground level which from what you’ve said is where you were.

    The word you’re looking for is dishonest, “unhonest” is NOT a word.

    The one thing to keep in mind is how tightly packed together the crowds were in these pics and when you look at the overhead of Beck’s rally, you’ll see that’s not the case except for the area around the reflecting pool.


  15. I didn’t mean to post the same thing twice, but for some reason my first post was not showing on this site when after I sent it. Please feel free to delete the last one.

    Thank you!

  16. there will never be an agreeable number. All I can say is I saw the crowd and it was the biggest crowd I have ever seen, but who knows. I went to the super bowl years ago and this crowd was much bigger. The only thing I can think about the overhead pictures is….there were two helicopters flying overhead and were quite loud and I wondered how people would hear the speakers. I read where it is mentioned the pictures were taken at noon when the crowd would have been the largest. Could be true, but I noticed the choppers at 9AM flying overhead, an hour before the event. Do not remember them around once the event started……but could have possibly been. I just do not TRUST anyone. But I do trust the person who gave me the word dishonest above………that is the word I was looking for, thank you. lol

  17. Truth be known…

    Most of the crowd was probably Private Security Contractors…

    Demanded by palin and beck…

    They are both quite paranoid, plus it’s a way to jack up the crowd size.

    Can we get a copy of there contracts?

  18. He didn’t have a permit for political signs or content. LA Times is a conservative paper. IN terms of the amount of people there, C-SPAN showed the wide shot and there was a lot of grass. I said “crane shot” of “jib” shot which are ways of getting crowd shots where the camera is up above the crowd. The camera doesn’t lie.

    It’s simply inaccurate for Beck, Palin and Bachmann to make the claims they are. No one is trying to mess with them.

    It’s just inaccurate and it’s not acceptable to allow falsehoods to be spread. Why would they want to lie? What purpose does it serve? Why not be happy with the people who came? The truth is that this movement is not that large and both Beck and Palin are not bringing in the people. Republicans had best deal with that reality, but honestly, if they don’t, that’s their problem.

    If you are buying it, I’m sorry for you. They did this in California to raise money from suckers by lying to the base claiming they had a chance there (they did this by violating election laws- signing people up as Republicans but telling them they were singing a petition against child molesters and yes, that guy was prosecuted and he was guilty of other voter and election fraud in other states). It’s an age old scam. The truth is there are more voters registered as Democrats. That’s just a fact.

  19. I think they might have broken 100,000, but any more than that is pure nonsense. What I did was compared pics of 1963 march, the million man march, and yesterday. It is clear that yesterday’s crowd does not measure up to the spin that they are throwing out there. 100,000 seems to be the number the most objective observers are using as a baseline.

    There was a whole lot of green grass visible so I don’t believe they got to 150,000 or 200,000. 100,000 for a national rally that people were bused in for free to attend is not a good number.

  20. I follow the various websites regarding these 2 lowlife nobodies and even if they suckered a crowd of 100,000 to come and listen to their venom……my question is this- what is the actual population of the United States? :-) Gives me hope that they are losing ground as more and more people begin to wake from their kool-aid comas and realize what they’ve been following………(Scream)…….

  21. Doug sounds like a former drug buddie of beck…..hmmm…I only say that cause you seem to stumble so much over our President’s name and you sound so angry. Geez. Maybe a little zanex will soften your harsh edges there buddie. Just saying….Or maybe another drink of sara’s kool-aid?

  22. The population of the US in 1963 was 189,241,798, and it’s approximately 310,119,111 as of yesterday. Assuming 250,000 in attendance at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Beck and Palin would have needed to draw 409,686 people to be regarded as effective and sizable as the King march was. As it stands, their attendance was ~82 percent lower than they could have expected if they are using the King march as a benchmark.

  23. Did you delete my post….are you serious….you can’t live with someone being honest…You mentioned above no name calling. I did nothing of the sort, just told the truth. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was accidentally removed. Could you please re-post it.

  24. Guess not…for those of you who were not able to read my post prior to being deleted and would like to know the Truth…Myself and my wife and kids were at the rally. It was the largest gathering of people I have ever seen. I have been to the largest sporting event in the world (INDY 500) several times and this crowd in all honesty surpassed it.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I disagree with just about everything said on this site. I respect your views, but disagree so you can bash me all you want. To say that only 100,000 people showed up is being dishonest with all on this site and with yourself.

    As I said previously…let’s say you are right…only 100,000 people showed and Beck and Palin fail again. Is raising 5.5 million dollars for the Special Operations Warrior fund really failure? You can disagree with me all you want…you can dislike Palin and Beck all you want, but raising that kind of money for the families of those heroes is just awesome.

  25. Ok, now I am seeing some reasoning. A low count shows a failure and a large count is success. I could not really understand why the counts were so important. I could care less either way. Also, can you show me where all the grass was a couple were talking about. I would like to see the pictures because I just wanted to find a shade tree or somewhere to sit. I was not going to be able to see a screen so might as well wait for it to get over somewhere comfotable.

  26. In your opinion, what would be a good number and what would it take for them to get any credit. I realize it is tough to get past both their antics and personality and beliefs, but there has to be some level they get a little credit. What is the bussed in for free. Where was that from. I know the group I brought in had to pay $275 per person for the trip.

  27. Now I understand the reasoning. “The movement is not that large” that being the reason why you do not want to beleive the large group. I admit I am a little slow and for the life of me could not understand why the people on the bus said the counts would be low in the media prior to arrival and were concerned with a high count. Makes sense. I am getting sense that the numbers are going to be whomever the person is. At the end, I did talk to a park ranger and told him it was the most people I had ever seen and he estimated it at over 300,000. But of course, he could have been a Republican, so WHO DO YOU BELEIVE. Nobody. I do not beleive Beck Or Oberman. I watch neither but everyone has an agenda. I gotta go look at the pictures again, I want to see all this green grass that is being analized.

  28. too funny. I like Obama and will vote for him again……But, after what I seen, I am worried. Trust me, I saw this group firsthand for 5 hours. I have never seen a crowd so large. Not something I like and made me half sick actually but I am not the type of person who wants to hide my head in the sand or look the other way or think things are OK. I was hoping for a much smaller crowd as you were, but in reality it was ten times larger then what I expected. I too thought, how in the world can so many people follow these two people. Maybe they all wanted to see Albert Pujols….I guess I can think that way. I got to because I saw the crowd and it makes me feel a little better. Actually since people are counting, you can not forget the people in the porta pots, I counted 110 of them ( I had five hours to kill) and there was at least a line of 5 people at each on at all times. lol. Doubt if the people inside were accounted for

  29. why so personal? I am tired of defended my beleifs and my party in general from family members and friends who are pubs and it is because of people like you. You give us the reputation of democrats being nasty and personal and non-debatable because of angry personalities rather then intelligent discussions

  30. ok, I looked around for some pictures and wanted to see green grass. I was there and thought maybe I went to the wrong one. I found a picture of what I remember. You may not want to see this but it is how I remember. The second picture is what I remember. on the right side, in the trees, it was full of people NO room, went to the vietnam war memorial. At the bottem of the picture, going toward the Washington Monument, the people go further but the picture does not go that far. I just wish we……your democrats would just admit it and move on. This by no means we are in trouble, it is just a wake up call. that is reality sharon…….I am on YOUR SIDE! see the pictures here and please, someone, show me where this green grass is.

    (please do not tell me this is a pub website or doctored photos) I know it is not doctored and I do not know whose website it is)

  31. Ok, I looked at the pictures again and believe I see where the green grass is you are implying. It must be at the bottom of the second picture on the other side of WW2 memorial in the field heading to the washington Monument. Actually, pubs prob would not admit this, BUT, in my opinion I am unsure if you could really count the people from the WW2 memorial to the Washington Monument. I walked around this area as well and there are NO screens and not speakers in the area and at the WW2 memorial, you can hear a little bit, but see nothing, beyond that, you can do neither…..Not sure what all these people were there for. A dead area, but very full. At least half way to Washington Monument, but I know they could hear nothing

  32. It would be GREAT if that money were going to the wounded warriors. I am a HUGE supporter of the troops. Do you support them, too? Do you meet them when they come home? Do you donate money for the retrofitting of their houses? There’s a lot of things you can do where the money and help go right to them, instead of giving it to a rich shyster on TV who is just using the troops. This is the same guy who called them all “leaches”! He called the troops who are sacrificing their lives for us LEACHES! And you defend him?

    The problem is that as we know from Hannity’s conning of that SAME group, the money rarely ever GETS to the warriors!

    I will be interested to see if Glenn Beck is the same kind of scum bag as Sean Hannity, who steals money meant for our vets.

  33. Dog Whistle: “I voted for Bush and then I voted for Obama” … followed by “I am being turned right by…”.

    There are people who are professional crowd estimators. The RWNJ’s always lie – FreedomWorks poured tons of $$ into this and still can’t DRAW the crowd. I watched the rally and saw at least 1/3 of the “crowd” was tourists visiting the Lincoln Memorial fighting their way through the crowd. I would give you 100K but not one more. Lies does NOT make it real. Reality is, quite simply, reality.

    Take your “dog whistles” and go to the RW Blog where you belong. Lying is unacceptable even if it is to protect Bachmann and #Beckdouche (now accepted into the UrbanDictionary).

  34. Kyle, did you happen to notice how many people of COLOR were in that crowd? What, maybe SIX??? People of color ARE citizens in this country, ya betcha.

  35. Jason I saw many many many people around the crowd and walking into the memorial – fighting to get up the stairs to do the tourist thing.

    Let’s be real here…it was the last weekend in August, right before school starts. Tons of people were in DC – not all of them got free lawn chairs.

  36. Perhaps your friends should have contacted FreedomWorks..they might have gotten a free T-shirt as well.

  37. kyle…..I do believe you’re a phony. I can see right through you and your feeble attempt to sound like you’re a democrat is so lame. Anyone that wishes to review what I’m saying here, simply scroll up and read all of his comments. The one about having to defend himself with “pubs” – family and friends..etc. – Very transparent and juvenile attempt to “blend in”. I read your post from 11:04pm and then the other ones and am convinced you are a phony. Your silly attempts to sound like you’re one of us come off sounding very juvenile to me. You’re need to prove the number of people there being so much more than what others have estimated on this site…..your odd over-interest in the pictures and where the green grass is in those pics, etc, etc. You’re busted! Trying to sound like one of us so you can slip it into this website that you’ve never seen a crowd this huge……the comments about the port-a-potties, – c’mon!!

  38. come on, as if we though the conservatives could count. look at their budgeting math, that should be proof enough.

  39. When the GOP had their convention in NYC there was an estimated 400,000 people out marching and giving them the finger. I was there, you could see way up 7th Ave. and the entire street was packed.

    Nobody had to import anybody either.

  40. It doesn’t need to be big. The billionaires who bank rolled the event use it as a front on Fox news to inflate it’s true size. They just need to be able to point to something and say look, a million people.

  41. Kyle, you cannot estimate the size of a crowd when you are in the crowd. When you’re in the crowd its the biggest crowd you’ve ever been in. That’s what people are trying to tell you. You cannot compare it to the Super Bowl where everyone is packed into a stadium.

    Aerial photography is the only way to estimate the number of people who were there. In comparison to other large groups of people there in the past this rally did not measure up to being that big. That big is relative. 86,000 people are a tremendous amount of people. But it is only 34% of a 250,000 people rally.

    So I would not trust my own instincts on judging the size of a crowd

  42. what scares me is the fact that they got the 86,000 people. If you watch some of the interviews that various news sources have done on some of these people, some of them are pure whack jobs. I seriously doubt the very many of them would be there if they had totally understood that this was going to be a back religious experience. For many of them you can have religion without guns. No talk about guns no talk about religion. And that’s based on some of the interviews. You had the freaks who talk about Obama is trying to get sharia law put into the United States there. Where do they find these people? I am sure there were some absolutely normal people there who actually believe in the cause, that cause being the tea party and not the Glenn Beck cause. Then of course they had the people who still believe Obama is coming to get their guns and how they are going to shoot it out and die for the cause of being able to have guns when he comes.

    Kudos to the normal people who were there, but for every normal person I’m betting there was a wack job there.

    As for the cause of the rally, how many times did the cause change prior to it occurring? First it was about Glenn Beck’s new book. Then it was about the troops, then other things were added in and all of a sudden it ended up being about the honor of America. Let’s face it the honor of America to Sarah Palin is and how often we attack Muslim countries. And how is religion going to bring honor back to America? I don’t know the exact figure but around 80% of America says that it is religious. Religion isn’t working so far is it? George W. Bush did far more to destroy any honor that his country had and Obama has done far more to restore it then a Glenn Beck rally could ever do.
    As far as I’m concerned this rally was all about the November midterms and showing the Republicans or conservatives if you will as a religious bunch of people. Which is a lie because none of them care one bit about the people of the United States. No matter how much propaganda Glenn Beck puts out. The people need to take a look at what people like John Boehner are saying and at least wonder if they should vote for people like that

  43. Kyle, you are so clearly a concern troll pretending to be Democrat and saying you are worried about the Beck crowd size. Let me help you: It doesn’t matter. There are about 27 of the country who are nuts enough to keep voting for people like Bush. they will vote for Beck Palin. they are the minority. The rest of the country finds them abhorrent and no one wants to associate with them.

    Nothing to be afraid of, Kyle.

  44. Yes! LOL. I was thinking same thing for days. finally just said it to him upthread and then saw this.

    It’s glaringly obvious.

  45. I think a lot of people are forgetting that 1 million folks is a lot of people… in fact it is a mass of people large enought that most cannot accurately comprehend nor compare to.

    I agree with the other commentors that say approximately 100,000. From the pictures that seems to be a fairly reasonable number. That is more than I thought would show up, but as someone pointed out, is still paltry in comparison to the Civil Rights Rally as far as percentage of population goes.

    The thing that should concern us all, however, is that fact that there are very few people who have the national ear that are reporting numbers within the realm of plausibility. That and the fact that so many people blindly believe 500,000 and 1 million without a second thought is quite telling, I reckon.

  46. no there were very few people of color in the crowd at all. Hardly any, although for whatever reason, most of the speakers appeared to be people of color. Strange but true. But I guess there were not many white people at the MLK march, but we are not talking about that. Strange but true also

  47. I applaud your passion and in no way think you should stop, but we need to be sensible. How in the world can you say you watch and most of the people were tourists at the Lincoln Center? We need to stand strong…..but we need to be sensible in order to not be laughed at. Come on…..We can make a stand some other way then “REACHING”.

  48. Post on here a link where Beck is saying this. I would love to hear this and see how far out of context you took this comment. This is so far out there I doubt anything even remotely close to this comment was made.

    The money went directly to the Warrior fund. Beck doesn’t get to skim from the top like you imply….you have to be kidding me.

  49. Maqkes sense Shivia and thank for the intelligent comment. Who knows how many people showed up? All I know it was the biggest crowd I have ever seen. BELIEVE ME……I did not get in the crowd. I did for a split second trying to get around, but quickly took the side routes at a big circle and walked “around” them. Although a lot of people want to see this fail due to small amounts of people…..it did not happen. One way I think they failed was in their planning. The had WAY TOO few screens up. Not everyone there coould participate. I think they way underplanned and I think a lot of people there realized it.

  50. I agree totally. I guess we will see and if they do not get the 5 million, I would expect the SOWF president, who spoke, would let everyone know that. I think that is an easy thing to find out. There is no way we can criticize that because until this person tells us, we can only assume glenn beck raised 5 million dollars for them

  51. beleive me, I am not going to debate my intentions……..good lord! you are correct, I am a fake, there were very few people, you are correct in everything you say, so on and so on.

  52. Shivia…..I like you, you are obviously passionate but are sensible,,yes, there were kooks there and prob normal people as well. You are making sense unlike some on here……you will soon be attacked, like me, as being a fake by these people.

  53. Who knows how many people were there. Maybe there were 100,000 people. It all depneds on who you ask. If you ask Glenn Beck, there was 5 million there, if you ask Keith Ohlberman, there were 5,000 there, if you ask rush limbaugh, there was 2 million there, if you ask Rachel Madow, there was 20,000 there. It simply defends on which media is being asked and naturally they are going to estimate on the side of their political agenda PERIOD. It is too bad there is not a neutral base of people that can do this. You know Fox News is naturally going to go high. I was surprised that the NY Times estimated 200 to 300 k people as did NBC. This to me was a shock that they came this high. This showed me a lot with these media outlets. It is obvious they are a left media outlet, but they reported…” what I thought was close” against what other left media reported. It all comes down to who you ask. I have come to the point, I no longer beleive a thing Keith Ohlberman says, Beck and Limbaugh are nut so never had my ear, Maddow is a kook as is Hannity…..so who really is the person to get the “TRUTH”. Let me know if someone knows, because I do not. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHO I CAN GET MY NEWS FROM SO I DO NOT HAVE TO WATCH ALL THESE DIFFERENT VIEWS, THEN COMPARE THEM, THEN DECIPHER EVERYTHING AND COME TO MY OWN CONCLUSSION. THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE.

  54. also, I spent most of my time walking and watching people. I was gonna listen but i moved around too much and eventually could not move where I wanted to. Anyway, I did talk to one guy for about ten minutes who appeared sensible until he started talking about how he really felt he was going to have to take up his guns and go against the country…….I moved on. lol. I saw another guy, who I do not know if he lived, walking amongst the crowds screaming “it is all a lie, it is all a lie” as someone was saying a prayer. He appeared to be homeless but as far as I coould see, he was left untouched. I saw two guys wearing shirts that say “legalize gay marriage”. I followed them a little to see the reactions. I did not see any confrontations but I saw a lot of people looking at them and smiling. Everyone has an agenda, and there is no doubt in my mind beck had his and I felt like it was obvious due to how many people of color were speakers and how many received awards from beck. just seemed odd when you compared the people of color in the crowd, with the ones on stage. very strange to me.

  55. what have a said to offend you??????????The only thing I said was I feel there were more people then reported. MAYBE there was 86,000 people…who knows. The only difference between you and me is you think there was not many people there and it was a failure. I think there was more people there and it was still a failure do to the organizers not planning better with more equipment. Believe me…… a lot of people there could not see or hear anything. At the WW2 memorial and beyond towards the washington monument, it was a dead area. NOTHING. These people should not be counted toward this rally because I walked back to this area and they could not be participated, but you know the right counted these people. Anyway, there were a lot of people, unlike some on here, I am not smart enough to gauge who were “tourists” and who were rally people. I think they only way of solving this fiasco is for beck to challenge his rival ohlberman to have his rally. lol. may the better man…..(which I gotta use the word lightly) win. naturally beck had an agenda and his agenda was hidden, but you gotta be happy for the money raised for the SOWF. This was awesome even though I am sure in becks mind, this was not the real agenda, but heck, we can pretend it was until the SOWF gets there money…..AND they will get their money because the president of the SOWF as well as many contributing family members were present and if they do not, glen beck will not survive in the media world.

  56. Does anyone know what the ranges were for the 9/12 rally last year in terms of crowd size. I have no idea what these were. Also, was there ever a neutral estimation that could be respected. Just curious in comparison to this one. For what it is worth and I know a lot of people are looking for some sense of failure, like I mentioned earlier……I took advantage of this rally to make some money. I charter buses to places and an idea was given to me to charter a bus to this. I organized the bus for a three day trip to make some money. I charge $275 per person and made almost $4,000, although I did get counted with this group, I did not support it, other then the SOWF. Anyway, on the way home, I allowed some people to have the “mike” and tell what they thought. Most of them were obvious Beck fanatics but a few of them were disappointed in the rally in terms of the “meat” of the speakers. One preacher was disappointed more was not thrown at the democrats ( I thought he would love the rally considering how many prayers and references to god were made) another lady thought the rally was going to be a tax rally .hahaha Anyway, not everyone there liked the rally. In terms of this being hidden as a political rally. A freind made a good point…….”OF COURSE IT WAS A POLITICAL RALLY. Who would drive all that way and spend that much money to go to a church service” I thought that was a very good point. Anyway, just curious how many people at the 9/12 event

  57. This is one of the pictures from the March for Women’s Lives:

    There were more people than this, but this picture isn’t from the height of the event. We, the march organizers, handed out stickers and our figure was 1.15 million. The papers and such were estimating between 600-800k.

    The Tea Partiers have been using this picture, and another rally (not theirs) and claiming it’s their rally… Too bad they’re not smart enough to realize they’re missing the Native American museum.

  58. Aerial photos or the overall shot from the videos. How many times do we have to talk about this? Are you OK?

  59. Oh my god. You are delusional.

    Here he is calling a female senator a whore:

    from Huff Po:

    SOWF, it turns out, is the designated charitable organization that will benefit from a rally Glenn Beck is hosting on August 28th on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC — it is being called the “Restoring Honor Rally.” (www.glennbeck.com/828/).

    Or at least that is what Glenn Beck and SOWF want you to believe.

    What is actually happening — and what is so obviously wrong — is that the rally is not actually raising money for SOWF. SOWF is raising all the money to pay for the rally.

    Don’t believe me? Just read the plain-as-day, italicized font on the SOWF website:

    All contributions made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will first be applied to the costs of the Restoring Honor Rally taking place on August 28, 2010. All contributions in excess of these costs will then be retained by the SOWF.

  60. Great article and comments. I agree with Shiva. You have 80,000+ people attending that is a big number and they can very easily become votes for more extremist candidates. These people are energized and in my opinion should not be underestimated. I would really hate to see a return to the Bush years or even something worse with more conservatives in office. We should be moving toward a time where a Beck or a Palin could not even fill a phone booth with people.

  61. Who on here is supporting beck or his poinsonous words. Is anybody surprised he called this lady a whore???????? I am not. I do not think the issue is about becks personality but rather why we want to argue the crowd size. I understand why we want somebody that called a senator a whore and has said many many other questionable things to fail with a rally by not having people show up, but unfortunately, this did not happen. I am sure there will be other things we can get him on……even before this week is up. I personally have no problem with paying expenses before giving the excessive 5 million to SOWF, but that is me. Takes money to make money I guess and I see this as no different

  62. I saw a few shirts that said Glenn Beck for President………Could you imagine? Not that he has a chance, but even for a sheer suggestion is comical,,,,,,as is palin. No chance there either. I know it was suppossed to be a non political rally, but I did see a lot of shirt…….not signs, suggestioning otherwise. Is this political……..”If Obama is the answer…..How damn stupid was the question”

  63. WTF is it so important to you for if your not a Glenduh fan? I think you are a paid RNC/teabagger shill!

  64. Sarah, simply put Glenduh, mama grizzle and the RNC/Teabaggers are used to LYING and the MSM letting them get away with it. So that’s why they are obsessed by the non-numbers of attendees. Grizzle took a heavy hit the other night barely filling the seats.
    When it comes down to it….people DO WANT their Social Security, and Unemployment insurance & all the socialist “frills” that go with…roads, 911, libraries, bridges, sewers, plumbing all those socialist perks…!
    In Alaska in some of the villages they use “honey pots” as toilets! Can you imagine? In the lower 48 I can’t think of a place that still does that here in the lower 48! 911 is another. Can you imagine if these idiots had no 911 to call? No po-po or fire dept? No sanitized water? No roads to drive their gas guzzling SUV’s on? The list goes on & on.
    They are full of Lies and Fascist BS.
    Not one mention of the President Bringing the combat troops home from Iraq tomorrow.
    Epic Fail! Glenduh, mama grizzle & RNC.

  65. the teabagger group was busing them in for free! Why would they have to pay @275.?
    Sorry, I don’t believe you.

  66. LMAO!!!
    Your are too funny Kyle, how many times will you tell us what a “Ginormous crowd” it was???

  67. Glenduh & mama Grizzle and the costs of putting this thing on had to be paid first and maybe whatever was left went to the charity.
    Course they didn’t tell you that.
    “Ginormous crowd” lolololololololol
    Do you guys forget we saw it on TV?

  68. I don’t care if Beck was successful or failed. But he claimed he was going to have 500k and he didn’t.

    As far as I am concerned, every time he makes a spectacle of himself, we are one step closer to the GOP dying and nothing could make me happier. I hope he thinks he was super successful, I hope he runs with sarah.

  69. Yes, Jason even said he thinks there were more than 87k. what is the point?

    No one is arguing with you on that.

  70. the truth hurts vast crowd praising God, waving American flags, non violent drives the liberals crazy you sound like spoiled children, when does the boat for Cuba
    leave??? you would be so much happier driving a 1955 chevy eating cabbage and singing the praises of Chavez and that bunch

  71. No, I didn’t mean you were full of anything, Kyle:-) I was talking about how – it’s a joke among Democrats – the Republicans always order up all of these porta potties for their events which are usually under-attended. there was a pic of one with MORE porta potties than people.

    It’s an inside joke. Didn’t mean to imply you were full of anything.

  72. Yes, that’s right Dave. We are the evil Commies. Not you. Not Beck. This is your country. We should all get on boats.

    But who would support you then?

  73. that is fine, it does not hurt my feelings, trying to think how I can prove it to you, but I prob can not.

  74. You didn’t answer my question show me where he says the troops are “leeches” and of course the event had to be paid for by contributions first. He did not hide this. He mentioned it numerous times on his radio and t.v. program. The 5.5 mil was what was donated after the event was paid for. Come up with something better. Don’t spin something to fit your agenda….it’s sad. And again I would love to see where Beck called the troops leaches….show me.

    As far as the Landrieu thing…I never heard him say this…you obviously have a link from Media Matters which makes me question the whole thing because everyone knows they are all slime balls who would alter things to fit their agenda. If he said it I wish he would have used a better choice of words, but in all reality she sold herself for a vote. She took the money and gave them the vote….as far as I’m concerned she is a prostitute except worse….she sold out her country not just herself.

  75. So you hide my comment the truth hurts out of sight out of mind. What fun we are going to have with you pinkos in November

  76. haha unreal…………he said he would have 500k and he didn’t………TYPICAL of your posts. He said he hoped for 100k.

  77. It seems to me that most of the fear mongers and racisits are on this web site replying to a post from a democrat thats scared to death that Beck may have something worth while saying and people may wake up to the truth about obamahell

  78. Happster,

    What exactly does Beck say that is TRUTH? Please enlighten all of us, as I have not idea what you are talking about. I am not a democrat, but I sure as heck do not think Beck is a sane individual, he has time and time again shown how racist he is, how communist he is and how he makes things up and connects things when they are not there. FoxNews (his employer) is owned by a terrorist funder. Interesting. No one talks about that, do they?

    Maybe one day, you will wake up.

  79. So its okay to spin? When did a lie become spin? Well if it makes everyone here feel better, why not.

  80. The truth is coming out more and more. You didn’t attend just drove some friends, who weren’t really friends because only your family is really your friends, and they paid $275 each. There was 55 of them. Which would amount to over $15,000 in someones pocket (some of which you claim you were paid). Yet you didn’t see helicopters at 12pm, you saw them at 9am. Much earlier than the reported peak time for the rally. Which you really didn’t attend because you don’t really like Beck. It’s the biggest crowd you and some random park ranger have ever seen, yet bigger crowds have been recorded in the same location.

    Sound like a whopper of a story to anyone else?

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