Glenn Beck Claims that Barack Obama is a Birther

We all know that logic isn’t a strong suit for Glenn Beck, but on his radio show today while trying to defend Mitch McConnell’s pandering to the Obama is a Muslim movement, Beck managed to claim that Barack Obama is the biggest birther of all, “You know who the biggest birther is? Barack Obama.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

While he and his crew were trying to defend Mitch McConnell’s lame response to the question of whether or not Obama is Christian from two weeks ago on Meet The Press, Beck said, “If you are birther, which I’m not, if you are a birther, you know who the biggest birther is? Barack Obama. He brought up again this weekend, what I gotta walk around with my birth certificate on my forehead? Nobody was asking you a question about that…This is what he wants.”

Beck is completely wrong. According to the transcript, Brian Williams did bring up the birther issue during the NBC Nightly News interview. Williams said, “Mr. President, you’re an American born Christian.” Obama replied, “Keep in mind, those two things — American born and Muslim — are not the same. So — but I understand your point.” Later he added what Beck referred to, “Well, look, Brian, I — I would say that I can’t spend all my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead. (LAUGHS) It — it is what — the facts are the facts. And so, it’s not something that I can I think spend all my time worrying about. And I don’t think the American people want me to spend all my time worrying about it.”

Most importantly, Beck’s point makes no sense on multiple levels. Obama does not gain politically from either the birther or the secret Muslim attacks. He is not floating these out there himself. People like the fans of Glenn Beck are. Secondly, how can Obama be a birther? Does this mean that the President is questioning his own birth place? Is the President demanding of himself his own birth certificate? It seems that Glenn has moved on from labeling Obama a racist to calling Obama a birther.

If Obama is exploiting the birther attacks for political gain, then by that standard Sarah Palin is also a birther, because she never misses a chance to whine and complain about those out there on the Internet who believe that Trig Palin is not her son, and demand that the see proof that she actually gave birth to her favorite political prop. The difference between Palin and Obama is that she goes out of her way to bring “Babygate” up, while Obama has done everything short of walking around with a birth certificate “pasted to his forehead” as he said to dispel the racist birther accusations. By blaming Obama, Beck is attempting to legitimize birtherism, and he demonstrated once again just how far into the gutter he is willing to sink to smear Barack Obama.

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17 Replies to “Glenn Beck Claims that Barack Obama is a Birther”

  1. See, because Palin and the current Republican Party gain momentum by pretending to be martyrs whereas Obama is actually working for the people and has some ideas to talk about, so naturally, he is not served by paranoia or evoking images of himself as the great martyr. However, if the Republicans keep this up, they will make Obama a legend of a martyr with no help from Democrats or Obama himself.

    The American people don’t like this kind of ugliness. They are fooled by it for a while, but when they catch on, the backlash will be brutal. And even that will not serve our country. We would be served by these clowns shutting up about who the country should fear and their paranoid delusions about various brown skinned people and just rolling up their sleeves and pitching in for once.

    Hey, boys, things are a mess out here. Stop acting like children and join the grown ups in cleaning up after your mess. People are starving in this country.

  2. Jason,

    I think what Beck was implying was that he knows that those who continue to push the birther issue are nuts. If he continues to float this out there it draws more attention and stirs up the few people out there that actually believe he was born in a foreign country. Think about it, all he has to do is supply a birth certificate and it ends the whole thing, but he has yet to do so. He knows how insane these people sound and that plays to his advantage. He can loop everyone on the right into this group even if it is just a few extremists. By grouping everyone together he can just simply say the entire right is nuts. Thoughts??

  3. Anonymous, you said, “all he has to do is supply a birth certificate and it ends the whole thing, but he has yet to do so.”

    Barack Obama is an American. There was an interview with Orly Taitz and they asked her if Obama shows his birth certificate will you finally let it rest? She replied…..”no.” This is not about whether he’s an American or not because that has been established already many times. You know what this is about.

  4. IF who continues to “float this out there”?

    Did you not read the post with the quote from the show or are you ignoring it for a reason? He was asked about the constant GOP references to his religion, his birth, etc. It’s not just the cult members, either. The leaders in the GOP are half baked with crazy over losing so badly in 2008. and it didn’t help that they ran this country into the ditch when they were in charge.

  5. So two posting in two different Hawaiian newspapers about his birth and the Hawaiian birth certificate are not enough for you why because he is black? The only reason anyone would still be harping on this is because he is black and they are racist.

  6. In Beck’s convoluted thinking, he calls Obama a birther hoping this will tamp down the rhetoric. Beck’s nefarious motive may be that if and when Ms. Palin gets in the 2012 race, the subject of her “son’s” birth will not be an issue. Those birthers don’t want to derail their beauty contestant’s campaign.

    I’m about President Obama’s mother’s age. That a 20-year-old woman would get on a plane in 1963, at least six months’ pregnant, flies to Kenya to meet Obama Sr.’s family, especially the first wife and kids, is beyond the absurdity. Meet the Obama’s 60s style. Yeah right.

  7. You want our President to bow down to these idiots? As if! HE DOES NOT NEED TO EXPLAIN OR PROVE ANYTHING TO THEM or beck or palin! I’m so glad he ignores them! THEY WANT HIM TO REACT SO BAD. Hence all these vicious outrageous lies and accusations. beck palin and their clan are just plain sorry moronic hatebating bigoted pathetic selfabsorbed boredshtls racist numbskulls who just want attention taken away from everything this president has thus far accomplished!! No one mentions it. Not one channel on TV or cable! No one. But does he let that get to him? Hell no. He’s still fighting for THE USA! While they call him a liar, a facist, a socialist. Our president is not a child. Like palin and beck act–ALWAYS NAME CALLING AND ACCUSATIONS! No ideas no nothing. and boehner too! my gawed! beck is just plain sickening. He’s the only man I know who You can catch in a him on it on NATIONAL TV on your show…he’ll deny it & apologize. Then walk off your show get on his radio and tell the lie again and twist it after he leaves your show. Ask the VIEW! I saw it all. That man is one scandalous insane pathological liar like palin. and people actually follow these clowns. It was just disgusting what they did on the anniversary of MLK. We all know what that was really all about and you can’t lie it away. Just no denying it. He does a rally about coming together the troops religion remind us to recover our was all just BS! beck truly thinks he is a God. But then he goes on TV the next day and starts new things to accuse this president of. FOX AND FRIENDS HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HEAR ONE THING THIS PRESIDENT HAS ACCOMPLISHED. BECAUSE IT REVEALS THE SHEER IGNORANCE OF BUSH & CO. So we MAKE UP A NEW LIE EVERYDAY. Is it so hard to accept a black man more intelligent and accomplished than yourself? becks millions mean nothing. it hasn’t helped him its made him crazy and visions of grandeur. He loves bragging about his money. Is it so hard to appreciate a president who actually reads the material before making hard decisions that affect this country and its people? It is so hard to accept a president that just wants to right the wrongs the last administration DID TO EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY AND BEYOND???? WTH?

  8. The silliest thing about the so-called birther conspiracy is that to believe it you also have to believe that a number of people, many of them no longer alive, were in on a big-time conspiracy. They are:

    (1) Linda Lingle, the current Republican governor of Hawaii
    (2) Obama’s black Kenyan father and his white American mother
    (3) His white maternal grandparents who were instrumental in raising him
    (4) The newpapers which annouced his birth in 1961
    (5) The Bush administration which thoroughly vetted him

    But of course, we know that simple logic and as basic facts, don’t matter to birthers. Their pursuit of this non-issue shows their own racism and xenophobia, and is an insanely stupid waste of time, money, and energy.

  9. It’s absolutely pathetic that there are people so provincial that having a father from another country makes Obama odd or suspicious. These people have never left this country, obviously. Have never met anyone from another country who wasn’t white. Being sheltered is one thing, but when you are so clueless that you can’t handle the idea of someone being from Kenya, that this idea drives you to suspect the birth of their son, well- it just says so much about the people perpetrating it.

    These people are ignorant, provincial Poujadists of the highest order. They should be dismissed and ignored. They don’t merit anything but being an example of why it’s important to open your mind via books, travel, education, and meeting new and different people.

    It is called elitism by some, I call it having standards, and this country should try it out. Let’s stop giving safe harbor to willful, petty ignorance and bellicose inability to assimilate oneself to reality.

  10. I would ask why he has to supply a birth certificate when the Bush administration, the entities who are responsible for vetting any presidential candidate for citizenship has already agreed he is a citizen. He is under no obligation to whip out a birth certificate to a bunch of citizens who want to act like morons.
    I would ask you why the GOP, Richard Steels, the Republican Congress( with the exception of a couple of loonies pandering to the tea party ), Dick Cheney and most everyone else in that silly party does not back you up on it?
    That pretty much closes the case don’t you think? a lot of people need to grow up and become Americans, and Pres. Obama isn’t one of them

  11. Sarah, it’s even worse when you have Americans that are supposedly educated saying that because he was born of an Islamic father, then by his DNA he is still a Muslim. That is so incredibly far-fetched that a caveman wouldn’t even believe it. I wonder if his DNA changed after his father gave up Islam?

  12. The statement that it’s in his DNA is bad enough, but to hear the ignorant haters tell it, his father who left the family when Obama was just 2 and only reappeared once while Obama was 10, somehow had more influence than his mother and her family. And his maternal relatives were the dominant force in his childhood! There is a staggering number of people out here who ignorantly assert that he doesn’ t have a “real American name” like Brown, Smith, Jaworski, etc., in spite of the fact that those names originated from other, earlier immigrants who, incidentally, came from European nations. For that reason, I feel that a significant amount of racism is involved. Just like you say, Sarah, there are people who are insular and don’t do much reading or research. If they did, they would find that there are people with Arabic and other non-Eurpean names who are Christians, Jews, Evangelists, and atheists as well as Muslims. It’s such a sad and disturbing irony that people like Beck are selective both in their interpretation of the Constitution and in their apparent belief that some immigrants are more “American” than others. If Obama’s father had been British, it wouldn’t be an issue.

  13. It’s amazing that birthers think the POTUS just sprang up in government overnight. He has been in government for years before running for the job he has now. Did anyone ask for his birth certificate then? Yes, it’s racist to keep pulling this crap. Racist. ounterproductive and doesn’t do a single thing to advance this country. Go back to watching Jerry Springer if you insist on this nonsense.

  14. I am so sick and tired of being labeled a racist because I don’t like what Obama has done to our country. I don’t care if the man in the oval office is red, black, green, or an alien from a far away galaxy. In this day and age it is hard for me to imagine that anyone looks at another person and sees skin color first, or even at all for that matter. I grew up with a father and grandparents that were southern racists, where Native Americans were even further down the scale of humanity than African-Americans. I hated it then, and hate it much more now. I appreciate the differences between us almost as much as I appreciate the things we have in common as human beings.

    I do not like Obama’s politics, and am scared to death of what is happening to our country. Here’s why:

    1) I am afraid that my children and grandchildren will never come even close to living the lifestyle that my husband and I have.

    2) I am afraid that the US will never be respected again as the moral compass for the world, nor recognized as the “leader of the free world”.

    3) I am afraid because we have a president and congress that thinks they know better what is best for me than I do. Just look at the legislation that has passed in spite of overwhelming opposition by the US constituency. (I believe that is called taxation without representation.)

    4) I am afraid that the socialist/Marxist leanings of the administration and congress will by its very nature stifle excellence and encourage mediocrity. These are the things that have made our country the greatest country in the world.

    5) I am afraid because in just a period of less than two years the American people have already lost so many freedoms. I can’t imagine what another two years will do to us.

    6) I am afraid that the endless spending by the Federal government, without results, I might add, have placed such a burden on not just my generation, but many generations to come, that we will never be able to crawl out from under it.

    7) I am afraid because we have a President that doesn’t believe in the greatness of our country. He doesn’t see the US as the jewel it has always been. If you asked anyone in the world where they would want to live if possible, I don’t doubt the answer would be the US for at least 90% of the respondents. Our President, however, is so ashamed of his country that he is constantly apologizing to the world and openly critical of the country he is supposed to be leading.

    8) I am afraid because we have a President that has no original thoughts of his own – only those of the SEIU and the Center for American Progress.

    Those are just some of the thoughts rattling around in my head. Please, if you have arguments that can sway my thinking – backed up by facts, please – educate me. I don’t want to live in fear of my government. But, please, no name calling or attempting to belittle me with your clever reparte. Just the facts presented in an intelligent, well-mannered way.

  15. It’s one thing not to like his policies, but quite another to insist in the face of factual evidence to the contrary that he is a Muslim or not a native of the United States. When people label those they disagree with as Marxists, Commies, Stalinists, Socialists, etc., which he has been labeled, they lose any shred of credibility.

  16. To Tarheel Girl—

    I’ll try to respond to the thoughts you listed in an intelligent and well-mannered way and without name calling. Frankly, it will be a test of myself, also. I am as frightened and upset as you about the future, though obviously for different reasons, and must admit I sometimes do do a little name-calling out of sheer frustration.

    But enough of this.

    1. It is possible – perhaps even likely – that your (and my own) children and grandchildren will have a lesser lifestyle than we. The reasons, though, have little to do with Obama and our current government and far more to do with the simple evolution of the world. On one hand the rest of the world is simply gaining on us. They are studying harder (look at the world educational scores) working smarter if not harder (the best cars, electronics, etc. are no longer American made) and living more industrially (China is poised to become the second largest economy in the world). On the other hand, we increasingly seem to withdraw into celebrity worship, Facebook, pop music and over-consumption (we are now the most obese major country in the world and as a nation far more interested in American Idol and the likes than we are in our national well-being). We could argue who is to blame.

    2. Sadly, the US has not been seen as a moral compass for some time. Beginning (arguably) with Viet Nam and most certainly with the invasion of Iraq, increasing numbers of countries – including old friends such as France, England, and Germany as well as the bulk of third-world countries – have found greater and greater reasons to suspect our wisdom and our leadership. Obamas contributions to this have been virtually negligible. He simply wasn’t around when the damage was done.

    3. I frankly – and quite honestly – do not believe that there has been “overwhelming opposition” to the legislation passed since his election. There has been, I will grant, “overwhelming opposition” from what is essentially the political right but this is hardly the same as the US constituency as a whole. As to “taxation without representation”, I must respectfully but wholeheartedly disagree. Obama and the current Congress were elected and you and those who share your views participated (I hope) in that election. You were, however, outvoted. No offence intended – and I hope none taken – but it is just that simple. More Americans sided with Obama than with you. And because we are a republic, you will have ongoing periodic opportunities to correct what I am sure you consider an error, but what I am equally sure no one who is fair-minded will assert is devious or illicit.

    4. At the risk of being labelled by some as un-American or worse, I have to assert that there are really only two things that have made our country as great and successful as it has been for the last 200 plus years. First, we stumbled upon (a debatable choice of words, I realise) what has so far proven to be a remarkably adept form of government which has thus far enabled us to correct our occasional missteps, and, secondly, a vast continent rich in natural resources that have enabled us to prosper and thrive beyond otherwise reasonable expectations. I question, however, any innate “excellence”. As to mediocrity, please refer to my comments in the latter part of Section One. They are if anything the result of American business and marketing, not government. I will grant that Obama is probably not knee-jerk anti socialist (me neither) but to say he has Marxist leanings seems to me to hover dangerously close to the name-calling you admonish against and does not advance your argument.

    5. I am truthfully – seriously – at a loss as to which freedoms we have lost in the last two years. What is it that you could do two years ago that you cannot do now as a result of this current government? In your own words, respectfully, educate me – backed up by facts, please.

    6. We could argue endlessly deficit spending by government . It did not originate with Obama and has, it would seem, become the American way of life. We could debate for hours (each no doubt smug in the talking points of our respective sides) the deficits left by every President (except, curiously) Clinton, the national costs of hugely expensive wars, the cost of TARP and the Stimulus Bills, the impact on the country of the Bush Tax cuts, etc., etc., etc. Talking heads and experts have argued both sides of these questions ad nauseum, and in the end the government – again, with your representation, I hasten to add – enacted the legislation that led to where we are. In the very near future you will again have the opportunity to select your representation. Again, the American people as a whole will choose and we will all have to live with the result. You and I included and again one of us will be outvoted.

    7. I guess I have difficulty in believing that Obama doesn’t consider our country (and notice I agree it is our country – mine too) great. In what other country could a lower-middle-class mixed-race kid with a funny name grow up to be President? As to whether 90% of the world would choose to live here if possible, I’m afraid I challenge your math. Certainly the impoverished peoples of the world – think Mexican, Cuban or Haitian, perhaps – seem to lean that way. But somehow I feel most French are happy being French, Japanese being Japanese, and so on more or less around the world. The truth of the matter is, we do not have a monopoly on patriotism or national pride, and if we believe we do we might well be taking the first tentative steps toward what could prove to be a subtle sort of if not racism (which you decry), then at least an unwarranted superiority. We are not better. We are more fortunate. Finally, President Obama has never, in my view, seemed critical of our country or been apologetic for anything except our occasional mistakes. He is not given to play-acting jet landings on war ships beneath a banner reading “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” (when in fact it wasn’t) and perhaps his more modest presentation of himself and America to the world gives some the impression he is somehow ashamed rather than more human and unassuming than they are accustomed to. In closing, I truly don’t believe you feel President Obama has no “original thoughts of his own”. You seem yourself both intelligent and literate, and I find it difficult to understand how you would fail to recognise his underlying intelligence and thought. And speaking of “intelligent and well mannered” argument, what does the SEIU have to do with all this? I am at a loss.

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