Sarah Palin Followers Add Fox News to Their Hit List

Sarah Palin wraps self in Jesus Flag so you can't criticize

There’s a real dilemma going on in Sarah Land these days! Sarah fans, who’ve already taken an oath not to believe anything the Lame Stream Media writes about their hero, are now adding Fox News to that list. In a nod to that other great paranoiac, Nixon, apparently the only Word that can be trusted is Sarah’s. “The Gov’s” (as they affectionately call her per her contract) books, her Facebok page, and her tweets will shape the world of her cult from now on, thank you very much!

Sarah Palin Goes a Feudin’ with Scott Brown

sarah palin scott brown feud

Sarah Palin was on Fox Business this morning where she did not hesitate to start a feud with former Tea Party golden boy, now pariah Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) for daring to vote with Democrats on some issues. Palin claimed that Brown was not a hardcore constitutional conservative and that Massachusetts would, "put up with Scott Brown and the antics there."

Miller v Murkowski: As the World Turns In Alaska

It seems Joe Miller rose up with his Mama Grizzly and stole a lead over incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski! The pundits will be wild with glee for another reason to keep Sister Sarah in their sights this morning. That woman is gold. The Democrats will be happy, because after all, Sarah is their biggest fund-raiser and who is easier to run against than a fringy Tea Partier? But you? You will not be happy.

The Hackery and Mendacity of a FOX News Legal Propagandist

We should not expect much out of FOX when it comes to reporting the news. Sure, it can be argued that there is no news that is undistorted by spin, but there is spin and there is propaganda, and there is outright fiction. If you are going to step before a camera and say something, it should at least be made clear to the watcher if what you're saying is fact or fiction. Peter J. Johnson, Jr., graduate of Columbia College and Columbia University's School of Law and has served them as a legal propagandist since 1997.

Fox News Opposes the Egg Recall and Food Safety

Just when you think Fox News may have found one issue that the network can agree with President Obama on, in this case the need for more regulation and food inspections to prevent things like the current national egg recall due to salmonella infection, along comes Neil Cavuto and guest Charles Payne to explain to us why big business should be allowed to poison our food.

Todd Palin Caught on Video Bullying A Joe Six Pack

Todd Palin gettin' all Wasilla HIllbilly on citizens

Hey, it's a "free" country and Todd can live to secede if he wants! What matters is that he's the kinda guy I want to have a beer with. He's a middle class fisherman who doubles as Mr Mom. Sure, he puled a Rove and refused to comply with a subpoena, but what did you expect him to do, lie under oath? And since nothing says Pro-life Christian like a tacky attempt to intimidate a citizen, here's Palin's America -- oh, and while you're watching it just imagine if Todd were black, the outrage we'd be hearing:

Stuck in the 80s GOP Compares Obama to Clark Griswold

Well, let me fill you in, lest you be caught unawares at the water cooler by a colleague who begins to spew Fox Talking Points. The RNC had a blog post about President Obama taking “another” vacation. Another brilliantly relevant and accurate political criticism of the President naturally ensued. Glaring as it was in hypocrisy, Republicans took a shine to it. They figure between the racial division they’re drumming up on one hand, this little nod to the lazy Black man on the other will really finish Obama off and get them the House back this fall!