Terror Tactician Glenn Beck Calls All Progressives Terrorists

On his Fox News show today, Glenn Beck claimed that all progressives are terrorists, "Many of these people are nothing more than terrorists, economic terrorists, free speech terrorists, religious terrorists, racial terrorists. They are attempting to silence you through terror. They have not gone to a flight school or strapped bombs to their chest, but they are terrorists just the same."

Rush Limbaugh Claims That His Obama Hate is not Racism

Rush Limbaugh took a moment on his radio show to as he put it, "clear something up once and for all." He said, "I, Rush Limbaugh, am not a racist," which is interesting because I don't know many non-racists who feel the need to discuss the Obamas' slave blood, or more importantly feel the urge to differentiate between Obama's black half and white half, as Limbaugh did.

Jon Stewart Is More Accurate than Fox News on Anchor Babies

After taking a brief break from race baiting due to being slapped down by Shirley Sherrod, Fox News has moved on to an easier target, babies, specifically the so called anchor babies. Fox News ratcheted up the rhetoric today by referring to the 14th Amendment as the, "anchor baby amendment." Lucky for us, Jon Stewart has taken on the lunacy of the right wing anchor baby campaign.

Palin’s Phantom Pipeline Steals $500 Million from Taxpayers

On August 27, 2008, Palin signed AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act) into law awarding TransCanada 500 million dollars and a license to build and operate the $26-billion pipeline to transport natural gas from the North Slope. A license. That's all. The state will issued a license to Canadian energy company, TransCanada, and will pay it up to $500 million as an incentive to someday build this project. If the project isn't built, the state could be beholden to TransCanada for treble damages.

The Tea Party Unveils Their Contract On America

Now, after eight years of having our Constitution violated, our rights violated, and Bush acting like a "dictator" in office according to constitutional scholars, the GOP aka the Tea Party are at it again. They trying to gain the power to recall NJ US Sen. Menendez. They dress as patriots but they are traitors to freedom and democracy.

Conservatives Construct Their New City of God

Today’s conservative Christians, who now dominate GOP ranks, are telling us the same thing of the United States, that our nation is the successor to Rome, a new Rome of god’s design. A new City of God. Since there is no evidence to support the “City of God” model, conservatives have decided to invent some. They have taken to the task with great relish, willingly abandoning not only our own 200 years of history, but every single year since the 13th century, including the only real bright spots, the very secular Renaissance and Enlightenment periods.

The Looming Threat of Republican Destruction of This Economy

As the fall election nears, the buzz is that if the economy doesn’t recover, the Democrats will take a hard hit. Apparently the American people are too ignorant and lazy to remember exactly how we got into this mess in the first place, and will cast their reactionary votes of anger this fall against the “party in power” as if that makes any sense at all; thereby reelecting the clowns who not only are voting no on their own ideas in order to keep this economy a mess and help themselves politically, but also the very clowns who put their clown shoes on the gas pedal of recklessness that got us here.