Christian Conservatives As Avatars Of Hate

During the fear mongering and hate being spread by conservatives and Republicans, there is an incredible silence from the Christian community. Christians are supposed to express love for all human beings, but Christian conservatives are evil incarnate, and they are hypocrites because they claim to follow Christ, but belie everything he preached and taught.

There may be some Christians who truly follow Christ’s teachings, but they are too afraid of the Satan-controlled churches they attend to speak up. Christians claim they love the Constitution, and that God blesses America, but they only love the 2nd Amendment that guarantees they can keep guns to kill people.

True Christians are not supposed to take up arms for any reason, and Jesus admonished: “If one lives by the sword (gun), they will die by the sword.” He also said to love your enemies. However, Christian Conservatives are cowards and don’t really trust in God; or they wouldn’t need a gun and wouldn’t be afraid of another religion.

It’s a fact that America’s fake Christians only care about money, war, and race. Just one look at teabagger and conservative activist groups is sufficient to see the lack of concern for fellow Americans, hate for non-white races, and the need to be armed. Christians in America are self-absorbed, self-promoting, and hate-filled people intent on destroying freedoms in the name of God.

The protests against health care reform showed the level of greed and hate that is prevalent in the Christian Conservative community. The same Christians have contempt for immigrants regardless that Jesus told parables about helping foreigners, enemies, and other religions. In spite of Jesus’ peaceful teachings, Christians belong to militias that want to hunt down and kill immigrants, or deprive non-white people of basic needs.

Christian Conservatives are at the forefront of the movement to remove the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment because of hatred and greed. If Jesus meant for his followers to hate everyone who was not white, he certainly would have said, “hate your non-white neighbor,” but he did not.

It is the height of hypocrisy for Christians to grasp their Bibles and express the level of hatred we see in America today. But that is what Christian Conservatives do best; they project hate. They judge people based on race, sexual preference, and religious compliance. If Jesus were to show up in America today, his followers would kill him immediately for being too liberal and peace loving.

If Christians could avoid arrest and prosecution, they would hunt down and kill every liberal, immigrant, and non-white person in America because it is what evil, violent, and extremely hateful people do, and American Christians are avatars of hate. Satan is their model and exemplar; not Jesus.

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  1. I agree with you, but I also agree that there are good Christians who are not involved in the political aspect that some of the Christians supposedly are.
    When you see the T-shirts at rallies that say “babies guns and Jesus” it’s pretty telling on what type of Christians they are. How on earth anti-Christian equates his Christianity with guns is totally beyond me. The Constitution gives you the right to bear arms, but what does that have to do with religion? Are you going to pick up your gun and undertake a religious war for Jesus? Do they actually think that Jesus would take up arms against the Muslims that live peaceably in this country? Yes I think they do think so.
    When you see people being interviewed about the Moslem community center being built one of the first things they say is I’m a Christian and I dont want them here. to me that is not any type of Christian I’m familiar with.

    During this time a great many churches have sprouted up saying things that are just absolutely incredibly unchristian like. they insinuate themselves into the guns and taxes issues. And many of them if you look down here around the South are easily led down the religious path to politics

    the tea party is taken advantage of these people because they are so easily led. The billionaires who lead them aren’t stupid.

    another reason the churches are silent is that they stand to gain a great deal of power enough GOP and tea party people get into power. They expect to be providing you the social services that the government now does.

  2. This mixing of religion and politics is exactly what the “founding fathers” strived to avoid. It is a time-tested fact that the two do not mesh well, and it’s even worse that people who profess to be devout Christians want to use the government to force their regressive policies on this country. It is impossible for churches to single-handedly provide the social services to such a large number of Americans who are suffering. The Party of No cynically uses religion in their campaign against the same “big government” that they actually support when it suits their purposes. They claim government is the problem, but they are in a perpetual state of campaigning in order to gain access to the same government. Then they work to sabotage things, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. These so-called Christians have conveniently forgotten Jesus’ admonition about the poor, that as they do to the least among us, they also do to Him. Just as they are selective about the application of the Constitution, they are also selective about the moral principles outlined in the Bible they claim to honor.

  3. You did an excellent job calling this behavior out, Rmuse. Noting that you were a minister, it often takes someone with an insider’s POV to really lay it down sometimes. You left no room for excuses here. It’s brutal, but necessary. And yes, there are many mainline Christians out there, but they are not speaking out against this stuff and they need to. At some point, we all do have to pick a side and take a stand.

    I wonder if these Christians realize that Jesus was not a blond haired white man? Of course, even if he were, with long hair, they would have called him a “libertard” and “commie” and spat upon him. It really is reprehensible behavior. This is a great piece.

  4. There are nut bags in every group and the chrisitan group is no different. I consider myself a christian, but I am not a republican. I know that may come to a surprise to a lot of republicans because they think dems are not. Anyway, christians have been a target for a long time and it just disappoints me they are looked upon as such a threat. Granted christians are an easy target because as far as I know, out of all the “tv preachers” Billy Graham has been the only untouchable preacher. The others make it is easy to be critical. I am an Obama supporter and was concerned with his realationship with rev wright. I was extremely happy when he distanced himself from him, but wondered if he really felt the way he did for all the years with wright. There are bad people everywhere and it does not mean others are bad just because they are part of the group or associated with them in anyway. One other thing I am furiated about is how Keith Oberma makes fun of christians constantly while at other times being sensitive with the muslim community. I no longer watch him at all. Bring on Hardball.

  5. I am a liberal Democrat and a Christian as well. In addition, I know others who are as well. As you say, there are nutbags in every group, but the nutbags are the ones hijacking Christianity. They pay lip service, but their actions speak louder than words, and they show just how far they fall from being the devout worshippers they pretend to be. Worst of all, these same people wrap themselves in the mantles of patriotism, religion, and morality. Because of that, when Republican politicians are caught in transgressions, they are subjected to more ridicule as a result of pretending the moral superiority they do not possess. It’s scary that they have managed to hoodwink so many people, and it underscores why being religious and ignorant are a toxic mix.

  6. I think the media is the worse culprit of all against the christian group, which in turn, affect the goosd people. An example….the picture for this article with a sign that says something to the effect of jesus is god, not allah……..I do not see a reason to have a sign like that, but have you ever seen the media showing a sign that says allah tells us to kill americans or allah told us to knock down the building or allah told us it is ok to cut the head off of people who do not pray to allah. I never have. conservative media may, but that is all. That to me is frustrating.

  7. People like Palin and Beck convert christianity into politics to suit their own agenders.Jesus said love one another as I have loved you, he did not say check gender,race etc….before you love them. Yes, it has been shameful that many of these Christian leaders have been SILENT……they sure make Jesus cry! But just say “Islam” and you can’t get enough of the Franklin Grahams’ Hagee et all on T.V.Keep calling them out! God Bless us all.

  8. Another awesome Politicus article.

    As I read this I was reminded of all the bible verses that say christians are going to be persecuted.

    “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Matthew 5:10

    “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.” Matthew 24:9

    You know there is a bible verse for everything. Just like horoscopes and Sarah Palin speeches, being vague means you can’t be wrong. And if you cannot be proven wrong then, by golly, it’s the cold-hard truth. Bah.

    It’s easy to be a christian follower, especially in your evangelical, pentecostal, jesus-name type churches. Questions equate to heresy of varying degrees. Just trust in the Lord your Savior and those who are “called” and you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. You don’t have to think if you have faith. Most of these people only concern themselves with piddly little things like how short Mrs. Smith’s dress is or what her apple pie tastes like. Things like education are unnecessary and you never know when Satan is lurking right around the corner to “confuse” you–best not hang around with anyone who isn’t “of God”. God will take care of everything…yada, yada.

    Don’t mean to offend anyone but, I believe religions are all somewhat cult-ish to varying degrees. I used to think the christian messages were good–sort of a guide for healthy living. Well, they *were* good except for the hate, bigotry, racism…you, know the important stuff–they hold dear today. Stuff you need to be a “true christian” or a “true American”. Gag.

  9. Another great piece! You guys are on a roll!

    re: “Jesus admonished: “If one lives by the sword (gun), they will die by the sword.”

    That’s exactly what they want. They are no different than the martyrs of other religions. They want to die “by the sword” and the sooner the better. Anything they can do to help usher in The Rapture during this lifetime, the sky’s the limit.

  10. You can’t, in one instance, complain about this particular group of Christians who are not *your* type of Christian; who seemingly live the Ten Commandments rather than the Beatitudes; who are, as you give example, not socially liberal. And then in the very next instance demand they absolutely, in no uncertain terms, live *your* version of Christianity. You have created a dichotomy where none exists. They are simply living their version of what the Bible and Christ means to them, as you are living your own version of what the Bible and Christ means to you. Just as much as you wouldn’t lump all Americans into the same group, or women, or men, or Muslims, or… you get the idea… you shouldn’t in this instance. Yet you(and admittedly many liberal Christians) are attempting to do that very thing where right-wing Christians are concerned.

    I don’t have all the answers. And I don’t know what else to do but lead by example and do everything within my power(voting, petitions, phone calls and letters to congresspeople) to prevent the usurpation of their version of Christianity; the version that not only goes against everything I understand and love about the Bible and Jesus, but against everything I am as a fellow human on this earth.

  11. “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” attributed to both Huey P Long and Sinclair Lewisn

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