Keith Olbermann Reminds Us All Why We Don’t Miss George W. Bush

On his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann spent some time reminding America that despite the best efforts of all the former Bush staffers in the media, of why we should not miss George W. Bush, “The true shadow cast by his presidency is who and what we miss because of Bush. What and who we could have been.”

Here is the video:

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Talking about a column written by former Bush advisor Mark McKinnion after Obama’s Iraq speech Olbermann said, “Mr. Mckinnon is the latest to embrace the question of those billboards of president bush asking, you miss me yet. Lord no, hell no, a thousand times no.”

Olbermann later detailed why America should not and does not miss Bush, “He lied that he would fire whoever was leak Valerie Plame’s identity. He lied about faith-based funding. Lied to conceal the office’s political schemes. If Bush’s convictions were firm, what to make of the 2004 campaign, as former Bush aide Ken Mehlman confirmed, the White House the Bush White House launched a secret strategy to put anti-gay initiatives on the ballot as bait to bring Evangelical voters to the polls. This three years after a gay man joined other passengers of United flight 93 to give their lives to save the
Bush White House.”

Olbermann pointed out that Bush carried out Osama Bin Laden’s bidding, “Changing the country was exactly what Bin Laden wanted. Bin Laden hated us for our freedoms, Mr. Bush told us. Mr. Bush set about removing our freedoms, spying on suspects without the warrants demand by faith in freedom and democracy, imprisoning suspects without the guarantee of faith and democracy. Torturing suspects using techniques learned from the enemy.”

He discussed how Bush endorsed a safe haven for al-Qaeda in Pakistan, “His resolve led him to endorse Pakistan’s truce with an al Qaeda safe haven. The very thing he was asking American soldiers to die to prevent. This after ABC news reported Pakistan allowed Bin Laden to remain free.” For good measure the Countdown host threw in how Bush stopped caring about Bin Laden.

Olbermann concluded, “The shadow cast by Mr. Bush’s long indeed. Until republicans like McKinnon start putting Mr. Bush not on billboards but in campaign ads, we must conclude however much Americans miss Mr. Bush, the true shadow cast by his presidency is who and what we miss because of Bush. What and who we could have been.” Olbermann’s concluding point was a great one. If Republicans truly believe that America is missing Bush, then why aren’t they campaigning on returning America to the good old days of the Bush years?

The answer is that they know that America does not miss Bush. In fact, Republicans spend most of their time trying to get America to forget about Bush. If you ever want to see any Republican candidate turn totally white, in a very loud voice, compare them to George W. Bush. Bush is still toxic to the Republican brand. This is not a movement to return Bush, but an organized media campaign by former Bush staffers to rehabilitate themselves and Bush. I think Keith Olbermann’s piece should serve as a wake up call to all the people who are complaining about Obama. After watching this history of Bush ineptitude, people need to realize it could always be worse. Compared to George W. Bush, Barack Obama is FDR, Ronald Reagan, and Abe Lincoln all rolled into one.

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  1. I saw that tonight – excellent segment, and I echo Keith’s sentiments (and yours) 100%.

    Miss Bush? HELL NO!!

  2. Leesa, I will believe that Bush has been rehabilitated when Republicans don’t shudder when his name is mentioned.

  3. I for one wont ever miss Bush. As much as I think Cheney was the driving force behind him for the first 4 years, he is responsible for every action he took against America.

    Republicans still blame Clinton for 9/11. But if you mention Bush, its all they can do to not break out in screams saying Blame Bush Blame Bush is that all you have? They refuse to admit he punked our economy, they refuse to remember he killed 3500+ by having Rumsfeld in office who refused to listen to Shiniski. Now our favorite saying is listen to the generals on the ground. Bah. Bs. No more Generals. Get us out from under Bush’s legacy

    Go to Youtube and search Olbermann “8 years of Bush in 8 Minutes”. You wont forget why you dont miss him and DO want him in prison

  4. I would like to see George W. Bush make a comeback . . . as the defendant in a War Crimes trial. He didn’t just screw this country up, he spread his vile, avaricious, retrograde philosophy almost world-wide, leaving a wide swath of death and destruction everywhere we went. I don’t believe we’ll ever be whole again until he’s brought to justice – along with his sycophants – even if posthumously.

  5. BTW – I’d just like to point out every time I mention the concept of “W” having to answer for his crimes (regardless of how delicately I might propose it), The Huffington Post censors my comments. What’s that all about?

  6. Perhaps KO was trying to remind the left of what could be, of what would most certainly be expanded upon by a Republican administration. I, for one, do not miss Bush. What I am missing is Republicans owning up to the Bush years.

  7. My very minimal observation of the HuffPo comment section has left me with the hunch that most of their mods are of the Republican persuasion. :)

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  10. Great piece. KO did a great job of reminding us of how truly horrible Dubya was as a president.

  11. I would like to point out some of the following data:

    1) Unemployment under President Bush never went more than 5%. It is currently somewhere around 9.5% (almost double)

    2) On a more personal note, I was getting paid $20 per hour while President Bush was in office. After 8 months of unemployment, I am finally back to making a whopping $13 per hour.

    3) the highest yearly budget deficit under President Bush was under $500 Billion. The Deficit for the past two yeas has been well over $1 TRILLION (again, double).

    4) The TOTAL cost of the Iraq was was around $710 billion. The cost of President Obama’s Stimulus is almost $800 billion.

    5) Speaking of Iraq, the surge worked. Also, the plan for bringing our troops home was put in place while a certian President Bush was in office. President Obama, having voted against the troop surge is metaphoricly a day late and a dollar short.

    6) We’re STILL in Afghanistan. The General and Sec Defense that are fighting this war are the SAME Bush-era appointies.

    7) President Bush took 3 days to get aid to a huricane caused disaster zone through flooded city streets (which would not have been flooded had Democrats in the mayor and governor positions not diverted money from the levees). President Obama never did get sufficent numbers of ships do the gulf for the BP spill. Good thing those microbes love oil!

    You see, facts are stuborn things. Do I miss the “Bush years”? Damn right I do!

  12. Honestly, if you think the Huffington post is controled by Republicans, I hate to think how you define a Democrat…

  13. nice job Jason you see these libs idiots don’t see what the dems are ruining this country and you nail them to the wall ! and yes alot of people that voted for obama said they made a big mistake and do miss BUSH. Could we say we told you so!!. keith olbermann has by far the crappiest viewership on cable at least we know were he gets them from ..right here lol

  14. Your “stubborn” facts are hardly facts:

    1) You actually believe that the unemployment rate magically jumped to 9.5% just because George Bush left office? You may want to consider that the rate of change in the economy (and unemployment) is not instantaneous and takes years of input to affect. Thus, what you’re experiencing today in the form of a sluggish economy and unemployment can be directly attributed to GW’s economic policies.

    2) And for my own personal note, I made more money and had more job opportunities under President Clinton than I ever had under GW.

    3) The budget deficit under GW did NOT include the cost of the Iraq war. It was not until Obama took office did accounting for the Iraq war actually hit the books.

    4) Such a short memory these right wing fundies have. It was GW who appeared on national television and told us that he needed $750 billion dollars to save the financial industry or all the lights would go out within 24 hours.

    5) “The surge worked” That’s just brilliant. If GW and Rumsfeld had LISTENED to the generals on the ground in the first place, there would have been no need for a “surge”. GW was simply giving in to the fact that Rumsfeld was WRONG.

    6) And we will probably NEVER be out of Afghanistan thanks to GW. You can’t fight a war on ideology by targeting a government. Especially when the country in question essentially has no government. In the end, when all the shooting finally stops, the only thing that will have changed is that Saddam will no longer be in power. The Taliban will reclaim Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden will still be a free man.

    7) President Bush did not respond to Katrina in 3 days. Comparing Katrina to an oil leak is just stupid. BP was responsible for fixing the leak. BP also lied for weeks about the rate of discharge of oil from the well. This is an apples to oranges comparison and just does not compute. The fact is that you know GW screwed this one up and you’re grasping at straws trying to compare Katrina to the gulf oil spill.

    Your “facts” are not facts at all. Do a little research for yourself, switch off Faux News and try to learn how to spell (or at least use a spell checker) before posting another example of your ignorance.

  15. #4 fails to address the added costs of Iraq, that being the borrowing that Bush did from China to pay for it. the interest alone will put the real cost well into the trillions, the US Treasury bonds that Bush sold to help finance the war will also bury us when due. So to think the Iraq war only cost us 170 billion is false at best.

    #5 in addition to what you said, paying off the Sunnis to not fight us was what made the surge work. An act of desperation because we could not beat them, we paid them

  16. In response to counter-point 1, Democrats have held congress for four years. The president proposes, CONGRESS writes the laws. Fannie and Freddie? Yeah, I seem to recall congressional investigations blocked by none other than Charlie Rangle, Chris Dodd, and Barnie Frank, all Dems.

    In response to counter-point 2, ask yourself what happened under Bush that you made less money. In my case, under Obama, I lost my job due to it being outsourced to a location with lower taxes.

    In response to counter-point 3, actually, it did, and was required to under federal law. Even if you were to put the entire cost of the war in one year, it STILL would not equal the deficit under Obama.

    In response to counter-point 4, yeah, I was opposed to that too! That being said, bad behavior does not justify bad behavior. Bush’s bail out didn’t work, so what did Obama do? the exact same thing! Hey, doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

    In response to counter-point 5, at least Bush admitted he was wrong, and fixed the problem! That’s more than I can say for our current president.

    In response to counter-point 6, Bush wasn’t the one who said he’d bring the troops home in six months. Can’t help the broken promises of President Obama. Of course, if the Dems in congress actually had the guts to fight a war with people trying to kills us properly, we wouldn’t have this conversation.

    In response to counter point 7, again you’re wrong. The national guard rolled into town 3 days after the storm. I watched it live on CNN. The reason it took that long was because the La. Governor wouldn’t let the guard into her state for 3 days. As for not compairing BP to Katrina, why not? it’s a study in crisis management. The exact cause is different, yes, however the management process is what I was questioning, and in that Obama failed badly!

    Oh, and how childish, attacking my writting ability. Sorry it’s not up to your standards, but not all of us are brainwashed liberal arts majors.

  17. Ok, since you’re playing that game, than please compute the interest costs of the stimulus bill. If the initial cost was higher, the interest cost will also be higher. DO THE MATH. Also, I didn’t say 170 Billion, I said 710.

    As for paying off Sunnis was a troke of briliance. You can thank Bush appointee Gen. Patraus (sp?) for that. Hey, weren’t all the libs calling him “general Betray-us”? Odd that his plan worked, and that he was tapped a second time by Obama.

  18. Yeah, I remember, it was only in the last 6 months of his presidency, when the banks crashed. On this point, see my response about a Dem congress being in power for 2 years before that. Also, how do you count a “saved” job?

    The reason the clinton years were so good was because of a republican congress. The reason the last 2 years of bush were so bad was a democrat congress.

    Given that Bush had to deal with Enron, 9/11, the banking crash, the housing crash, and the .com bubble bursting, I’m actually surprised he did as well as he did!

  19. Well, just one thing I have to say Obama is the best thing to happen to this Country #1 people are waking up and realizing the con man that he is. #2 we are getting a new party (THE TEA PARTY) #3 THE DEMS will lose the Congress and Senate, see ya Harry, Nancy, Charlie, Dodd can you say lame duck! And one other thing that on Nov 3 2010 us Faux (Fox) zombies will be laughing real hard when you liberal idiots lose at the polls pay back is a bitch people. Sorry have to run I’m missing Glen BECK rerun on Fox . PS please check my spelling I was laughing real hard could not see the keys.

  20. First, I’m no brainwashed liberal arts major. I’m an engineer and have watched our jobs drain away to China and India for years, just like everybody else.

    Outsourcing did not start on Obama’s watch and will not end anytime soon. Unless we start to provide some real incentives for multi-nationals to keep jobs here in the US, they will continue to drain away. Don’t blame the current president for a loss of jobs due to outsourcing, blame your greedy right wing pals.

    So, the cost of the Iraq war is less than the deficit caused by Obama? Really! What value are you placing on the loss of life of both US and Iraq soldiers and/or citizens? Have you ever asked yourself why a stimulus package was even necessary? Are you part of the group that believes that all of the banks and all of the automakers should have just been allowed to just die off? What do you think our unemployment numbers would look like if that had been allowed to happen? Do you actually believe that the economy tanked simply because the democrats controlled congress for the last two years of GW’s term? If you do, would you PLEASE list everything that they did to cause our economic problems.

    The simple fact is that we never should have been in Iraq in the first place. Saddam was a non-issue but somehow GW made Osama Bin Laden the non-issue and Saddam the issue.

    GW admitted that he was wrong? Sorry, GW never admitted to being wrong about anything. Please list all of the things that you think Obama should admit to doing wrong.

    “Congress lacks the guts to fight a “real” war against those that want to do us harm?” What’s not real about Iraq and Afghanistan? Are they not real enough for you? Which country would you like to start shooting at next? Our time and money would have been much better spent concentrating on improving intelligence gathering and using surgical strikes to remove the head of the snake. GW, of course, decided that the head of the snake was not worth our time or effort. Osama Bin Laden remains a free man to this day.

    Hurricanes, unlike oil spills, are easily tracked and preparing for their arrival is not rocket science. GW ignored all of the warnings about what would happen to New Orleans and did NOTHING. His best effort was to fly over the state in Air Force One in order to inspect the damage. The gulf oil spill did not become a crisis until after BP finally admitted that there may be more oil flowing out of the well than initially thought. So, just to make sure we’re clear on this, GW acted on Katrina within 3 days (your number) and Obama acted upon the gulf oil spill within one. If you like I can provide you with a link to the gulf oil spill time line, just in case you can’t find one on

    Last but not least, people are judged to a large degree by the way that they present their facts and opinions. If you can’t take the time out to fix misspellings that a spell checker has clearly identified for you, how do you expect anybody to take you seriously?

  21. Here’s the all too painful truth for you Joey:

    Sarah Palin will run for president, but she will not be selected as the Republican candidate (she just does not appeal to that many voters). What this will do though, is fracture the Republican voting base just enough to keep both Sarah and the selected Republican candidate out of office in 2012.

  22. Hey caldron69 not a chance the painful truth for you is that we will win come Nov you better get use to it kid .Not of fan of Palin for any candidate ,but she could bring in a crowd and that is all we need to kick your very sorry LIB asses don’t worry I’ll bring the tissue!!!

  23. Palin will not run for the office in 2012 you could hope all you want this will never happen! enjoy MR OBAMA 1 TERM MOVE OVER JIMMY CARTER OBAMA WILL GO DOWN AS THE WORST PRESIDENT HANDS DOWN!! you guys are done!! :( boo hoo

  24. Gee Joey, better check your facts. Attendance at Palin speaking engagements have been down across the country for months. People are finally waking up to the fact that she’s a walking, talking no nothing communications major.

    She’s a joke and will ruin Republican chances to gain office in 2012.

  25. Get a grip Joey. Palin will run and you will lose…

    Without a doubt, Obama has been and will continue to be a better president than GW ever was. At the very least, he can put two sentences together without embarrassing himself.

  26. Oh no, sorry again Joey, but I believe it is Glenn Beck who has the lowest viewership these days. In fact, Glenn’s little moment in the Sun last week in Washington failed to draw any more than 80,000 bobble-heads, far less then the 500,000 thousand that he was hoping for.

    Seriously, who would drive to Washington to listen to that pathetic knucklehead?

  27. Trust me Bush had 2 terms this clown will only have one and besides bush is not the president any more….dah, take away oBAMA teleprompter he is just like everyone else and i got a good grip 68 she will not run and you’ll be done son! NOVEMBER REMEMBER YOU LIBS ARE LOSERS WITH A BIG F-IN L AND OBAMA RATING DROPPING FASTER THEN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT….OOPS I FORGOT JIMMY PEANUT MY BAD. ALLOW ME TO PULL THE FORK OUT OF YOU LIBS BECAUSE YOU ARE DONE SON!!! ps let me know what you are smoking it must be good stuff!!!

  28. If thats what your hanging your hat on and betting she will run i have water front property to sell you in the desert,dude pass the joint i am laughing my ass off!

  29. Sounds like you’re betting that Sarah won’t run Joey. You better go check with your Tea Party pals, because unless something changes, Sarah will run. Don’t worry, I’ll bring the tissues for you.

  30. It’s not wishful thinking Joey. It’s a fact that Sarah can no longer draw the crowds that she used too. Her last speaking engagement in Atlanta drew less than 1000 people.

  31. Joey, Bush used a teleprompter too and STILL couldn’t get it right. And, lest we forget, Obama’s approval rating has yet to drop below 40%, while GW’s rating hit rock bottom in the 20’s before he left office. Even Jimmy Carter had a higher approval rating than GW when he left office. So, WHO will be remembered as the worst president in history? Let me spell it out for you: George W. Bush.

  32. Well Jason, once again Bush has no responsibility for anything. Typical.

    Actually Bush was losing jobs well be fore the last 6 months, just not in hi numbers.

    A saved job is one that would have been lost but wasnt. The Bush economy problems started long before the dems came in. I’m sure you remember even Limbaugh bashing Bush on the economy. I find it amazing that less than 2 years of the dems created the banking financial crash. Thats quite amazing not to mention silly

  33. It must scare you that the Stimulus is being spent on Americans instead of Iraqis. Sorry for my mistype.

    You could go here if yuo are allowed to

    The difference in the Stimulus and paying 700 billion (or a trillion as it is now, is that the stimulus puts money back into our system that is somewhat self payback. Your love of wars does nothing even close

  34. Hey 69 , bud this clown is in the 40 and you could say that with a straight face give me a break lol . Again we will take it in NOVEMBER AND READY…WE WILL KICK THIS ONE TERM IDIOT OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012 . Anyway it was fun talking to you 68 that’s what makes politics fun having different opinions enjoy the weekend!! I have to move on to my next lib sight and piss more people off!! joey out.

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