Michael Savage Claims Jon Stewart is the cause of anti-Semitism


On his radio show this morning, Michael Savage launched a vicious personal attack against Jon Stewart because The Daily Show host exposed the illogical lunacy of the fear mongering opposition to the Park 51 project. Savage blamed Stewart for spreading anti-Semitism, and called him an inbred Jew.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:


After attacking Mayor Bloomberg’s comments on The Daily Show that people who don’t like the mosque don’t have to go, Michael Savage then turned his attention to Jon Stewart, “So he goes on a comedian’s show, who doesn’t write his own jokes. A comedian who went off the air when his smart writers went on strike, and then the comedian also says something that also shows a drug addled mind in clip 3.” Jon Stewart said, “Cause I was thinking, again I don’t know if you are going to support this or not, I would like to build a synagogue, reform in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.”

Savage continued, “You wonder why there’s anti-Semitism, Jon? Jon, you wonder? You wonder why Jews like you cause anti-Semitism, Jon? You can’t figure it out? Jon Stewart, Mayor Bloomberg, two prizes of the Jewish religion. Two superb prizes of the Jewish religion. The man comes up with what he thinks is a parable, to show you what happens when you use drugs for too long. His dumb writer writes, I was thinking I would like to build a mosque on St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and press the laugh line button. Not only is this idiotic and illogical, it is not funny. It is the product of inbreeding. It is only the product of inbreeding. How could you compare a joke to build a synagogue on St. Patrick’s Cathedral to building a mosque on the ruins of the World Trade Center, which was ruined by Muslim fanatics?”

Savage then brought out the same old tired Right Wing criticism of Stewart, “Are you implying that Jews want to blow up the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Jon? Is that your idea of interfaith dialogue? Now you understand why he’s only a comedian, and the mayor is only a mayor. Now you understand the two things. Now you understand why your children get the kind of education they get because they actually rely upon a comedy for their ideas.”

This is a pretty desperate plea for attention on Savage’s part. He is actually attacking something that aired on August 26. Way to keep it current Savage. It happened so long ago, that here is the video clip to refresh your memory:

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Hate is Savage’s gimmick. This is the same guy who called Katrina victims welfare deadbeats. Notice that he could not logically discuss the issue of why anyone should oppose the Park 51 Project. Instead he had to personally attack Stewart, Bloomberg, and paint all Muslims as terrorists. Savage is the third most popular right wing host behind Limbaugh and Beck, and with getting attention for his wedding and Beck pissing on legacy of MLK, he obviously felt left out. He is obviously jealous of Stewart, and this is his pathetic attempt at starting a feud with Stewart, or at least getting mentioned on The Daily Show. Savage has also tried to start a feud with the heavyweight champ of Right Wing talkers, Rush Limbaugh, who ignored Savage, as will Jon Stewart.

I am not Jewish, but I think it is safe to say that people like Savage, who is also Jewish, do more to spread anti-Semitism every day with his hate fest than Jon Stewart ever could in a lifetime. Savage voice oozed with jealousy as he talked about the influence that Stewart has with young people, which is the reason why all conservative media hates Jon Stewart. He is reaching the young audience that they can’t get to. Even worse for them, he is training an entire generation to think critically about what they see, hear, and read in the media. Critical thinking will lead to the demise of Fox News, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. They hate Jon Stewart because he threatens their future, and Savage’s personal attack was nothing more than a further expression of their contempt.

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  1. Long time Michael Savage listener and you don’t get it. Its not that “Hate” is savages gimmick. Its that savage is severely mentally ill. He is AT MINIMUM a undiagnosed and untreated bi polar. And he has suggested other more disturbing mental illnesses he has

  2. Ahhh. Now the threads start to fit. Beck. Limbaugh. Savage. Mental illness. I see.

    Two of those three are leading the current GOP.

  3. I’ve had the misfortune of listening to Savage, as he is on directly before Coast to Coast AM here in Tucson.

    He claims to have multiple doctorates and that this some how makes his comments more cogent than other “entertainers”.

    Yet his speech is full of hatred. His arguments lack logic and his insights lack any well thought out preparation. He clearly has his agenda and wishes listeners would give his hate and shock approach the same weight as they do Limbaugh and Beck. He’s an intellectual wannabe. And he can’t stand it.

    Oops! Gotta go for now.

  4. Okay then, is it not possible for a mentally ill person to be filled with hate? I agree with your point, but does it matter what causes him to hate? There is something seriously wrong with Savage. He hates everything in the most vile of terms. He is not preaching hate for political gain as Beck and Limbaugh are. He is fractured man who simply hates to hate.

  5. Savage has the same short-term memory as the rest of the freaky fringe. Ask others in the media what happens when Jon Stewart gets you in his crosshairs. Ask Tucker Carlson. Believe me, Mr Savage, you don’t really want any of this…

  6. Just love it when the wingers get their panties all wadded over Jon – they’re clueless. He can run circles around them. Love how he turned Stewart not airing his show when the strike was on as a weakness instead of an act of solidarity with his writers which is what it was…

  7. You want to know the irony in all this? The only time Jon Stewart ever mentioned Michael Savage on The Daily Show was when he DEFENDED Savage for being banned from entering Great Britain because of his hate rhetoric on his radio show. Way to prove how out of touch with reality you are, Savage.

  8. Just love it when the wingers get their panties all wadded over Jon – they’re clueless. He can run circles around them. Love how he turned Stewart not airing his show when the strike was on as a weakness instead of an act of solidarity with his writers which is what it was…


  9. The savage-wiener is fast becoming known as The Rectum of Talk Radio. His single Ph.D is in FLOWERS (ethnic botany) although he frequently claims it is in nutrition or (even) epidemiology — of which he knows little. He does have two MA’s in other fields.

    I must agree that Savage is more insane than normal; I’d love to hear a qualified professional’s analysis.

    The Brits in my view, have every right to ban him in their own country. What the hell, I’d never let the loathesome bastard in my living room.

    His ratings recently dropped from third nationally, to fourth. Many of us feel that he will soon crack up completely while on the air. Then, for the first time, he will have contributed something meaningful to the history of talk radio.

  10. Maybe Jon can skewer him and finally drive him over the edge….lol….it sounds like Savage might just be biting off a bit more than he can chew.

  11. Wow, Larry. Lovely attempt at a “pocket diagnosis”. I understand the difficulty
    in trying to grasp the peaks and valleys of an fully-functional human, given the smooth, peachy sheen your S.S.R.I. gives your world-view. Normal humans are
    capable of vast “ups” and “downs” as a normal part of dealing with an ever-changing reality. Most never ever allow themselves feel the full weight of
    these vacillations, as they are taught to stop, or, at least hesitate to “imagine the
    consequences of their (potential) ‘outbursts'”. As adults, we should already be
    aware of this scenario. When one always questions their own words, the continuity of thought is never allowed to develop. The lack of mental continuity is the slippery slope to true mental illness.

  12. The moment you say “hate”, I equate it to someone of colour calling anyone not of colour a “racist” the moment they can’t come
    up with a correct or witty response. Damn. Hate?! Really? What a wonderful reduction of a plethora of human emotions. Can you really say that someone’s motives are fueled by “hate”?
    Unless they tell you, one can NEVER be sure of any individuals
    motives. What a feely cop-out the free use of that word imbides to your otherwise-cogent points. “Hate-Speech”, is a sickening
    reduction of the glorious human condition. Words don’t equate to motives, gentlemen. Makes the user immediately “smarmy” to adults that understand what a cop-out users of those terms really are.

  13. To be honest, I’d rather listen to Mikey “crack up” on the air than listen to anyone else on the radio. No one can do what he does on the air. I love the bunched-up panties of those without the balls to digest his particular brand of
    anti-political correctness. The only one as original on radio is Phil Hendrie.
    Verbal volleyball is the habitat of those with no resolve. Beware the beta
    desperately screaming “ALPHA!”.

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