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Anti American Christian Traitors Pose a Danger to Us All

The uproar over a mosque being built near ground zero in New York is the latest assault on the Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom, and as an extension, a group of bigots in Florida intend to burn the Koran on 9/11. The attack is predicated on fear and loathing that Republican Christian bigots have toward a non-Christian faith, and the bigots are trying to win votes by depriving one group their rights; based on fear and lies.

It’s nothing new, but an outright attack on the Constitution is alarming because it signals the second time Republicans are targeting a specific provision of the constitution that is not open for interpretation. Freedom of religion is not difficult to understand, and it was supported by the founding fathers. Indeed, freedom of religion is one reason many Europeans emigrated from their homelands to America.

Republicans, teabaggers, and neo-cons praise the original document before specific amendments were added. However, the 1ST Amendment IS from the original document the founding fathers approved, but the conservative mindset is such that only Christianity is a valid religion; regardless the precise meaning of the Constitution.

Conservative groups have said for years that America is a Christian nation, and that the founders addressed the issue in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nowhere in the Constitution is the term “Christian nation” found, and the word Christian is not there either. If someone reads, studies, and examines the Constitution for 10 years, they will not find the words Christian or Jesus anyplace. It seems that if America was meant to be a  Christian nation, the framers would have written it down.

There is also no mention of the Bible in the Constitution, or any mention of the Ten Commandments. Many right-wing bigots suggest the Ten Commandments should replace the Constitution, but the founding fathers certainly didn’t think the Ten Commandments were important enough to mention in our country’s main document. Maybe the founding fathers were smarter than Republicans and Christians.

They were certainly clever enough to realize that forbidding graven images just didn’t fit into any reasonable person’s mindset in 1776 or now. Do conservatives know that honoring an image with stars or symbols from the sky is forbidden in the Bible? Old glory is replete with stars on a sky-blue background, and any Christian who salutes or flies an American flag is in serious trouble with God.

Our country is not any religion, and religion has no place in government or public decision making. Any group may practice and worship as they please in America as long as they don’t injure or impinge on anyone’s freedom. Christians don’t see it that way, and force their fairy-tales on everyone.

America is supposed to be a beacon of religious tolerance, but the resurgence of radical Christianity and extremist Bible-thumpers is a danger that will not go away. The fear mongering and religion bashing in the last two weeks is atrocious and a danger to every American.

Europeans flocked to America to escape religious persecution, and now the stinking Dominionist Christians are trying to drive Muslims out. The framers of the Constitution guaranteed this could never happen in America with the 1st Amendment’s promise of religious freedom. Christian opponents of a mosque, holy book, or any religion are against America’s freedoms.

Perhaps Republicans are illiterate and unable to read the text of the 1st Amendment, but since they most certainly know how to read, the conclusion is they are anti-America, traitors, and a true danger to us all.

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  • Imagine if the Indians had told the settlers, sorry, we worship the wind, earth and plants. Our constitution says you cant be here infidel. It appears that many have forgotten why we have a country to start with. This whole thing could have been completely different had not the Brits been so mean. Do you know they dont teach why the pilgrims came here any more?

    How on earth could the Ten Commandments replace the constitution? That thinking is way to far out of kilter
    Just another reason I'm not religious.

    Its not just the tea party and other nutjobs, its the entire south

  • You don't pull any punches, do you? I can't disagree with one thing you've said here. I wish I could. It makes me really sad for our country.

  • The irony of all this is that the founding fathers these fools like to quote must be turning in their graves to see the perversion of their endeavor, which was to keep religion from being used as a weapon by some Americans against others. These so-called Christians display none of the moral superiority they like to pretend they possess, and all of the traits that have turned so many away from organized religion.
    They are arrogant, insular, ignorant, and intolerant of anyone who differs from them. As far as I'm concerned, they are every bit as anti-American as any Muslim extremist. Even if they never commit suicide bombings or pull a trigger, their incendiary rhetoric and their imprudent actions have endangered American troops in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. For all they know, they could very well have ignited anti-American hatred among some unknown immigrant who could easily commit a violently retaliatory act against one or more American citizens here, including Muslims. That already happened on 9-11-01, and could happen again. The worst thing about them is that they lack the humility to admit when they are wrong, and in this case they are dead wrong.

  • Anne,
    I think you've hit the nail on the head. My bigger concern is that these bad people may not pull the trigger themselves, but some really whack-job will listen long enough to the hate and do something about it. Worse yet, the offspring of the bigots ensure that another generation of evil will continue the mindset. I used to joke with my editor that the only real solution is to exterminate the whole lot. OF COURSE that's not acceptable whatsoever...we will just have to try another way. But hate is hard to kill and education isn't working. We just have to keep enduring and maybe in due time it will go away. I know, it will never go away, but I can dream.

  • The text involved within this article are emotionally mixful. In the beginning the author gives hints that Christianity is good, then the author outright bashes on Christianity. I would say the author would need to reconsider this article and say what he/she means; aka he hates Christians.

    It's quite obvious that the author hasn't been to Europe in the past few years. The constant riots, the church-burnings, the constant threats, the destruction of freedom of speech, the enforcement of Sharia law; which by the way also means that homosexuals, women, Christians, Jews and non-believers have no rights.

    Author, please look more carefully into what goes on in the world before you write this...whatever it is you have here, and make a better analysis on the goings-ons of the world.

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