Sarah Palin Ridiculously Tells All Muslims to Stand Down

Sarah Palin took to her Twitter account and put her ignorance about Muslims and the Islamic faith on full display. Palin told all the “followers of the book who want to kill innocents to stand down.” Okay, evil doers Sarah Palin has tweeted you out and told you to knock it off. No really, stop laughing.

An hour after Terry Jones said that he would not burn the Quran on 9/11, Palin tweeted, “Book burner “stands down” -good! Now, followers of book who want to kill innocents bc some people do things you don’t agree with: Stand Down.” First off, small town, smaller mind Palin seems to assumes that the Quran inspires violence. It can be safely assumed that Sister Sarah has never actual read the Quran, so her knowledge of Islam is strictly limited to what she has picked up on Fox News. An interesting fun fact is that would be Quran torcher Terry Jones claims to have read a page of the Quran which is one more page than the self absorbed Palin has even seen of the book.

Secondly, Palin is not Bruce Willis, and this is not Die Hard. Not even George W. Bush would have been dumb enough to tell the terrorist who warp Islam to “stand down.” I can see the Taliban in Afghanistan reading Sarah’s tweet and surrendering their weapons, because no one around the world should ever doubt the power of stand down. Granted stand down is something one might say to an ill behaving three year old, but this is what passes as a foreign policy address in the mind of Sarah Palin.

This seems like a good time to note that the book burner has in fact not stood down. Late last night Terry Jones announced that instead of standing down, he is standing in place, “Given what we are now hearing, we are forced to rethink our decision. So as of right now, we are not canceling the event, but we are suspending it.” While the Caribou Kool-Aid drinkers want to credit Palin for preventing the Quran burning, the problem is that not only did she not prevent the burning, but through her inaccurate equation of Quran burning to the Park51 project, she gave Jones justification for his actions. That’s right kids. Sarah Palin is a Quran burning enabler.

Palin’s call for terrorists to stand down is such a shallow and arrogant gesture that one can’t help but laugh at the buffoon who is trying to pass herself off a strong leadership figure. Sarah Palin couldn’t handle the pressure of being governor of Alaska. How in the heck would she handle al-Qaeda? Perhaps, Sarah needs to stop enabling Quran burning, and reveling in the politics of hate, and do a little standing down of her own. Better yet, don’t stand down Sarah, the American people will put you down and out of your misery in 2012.

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  1. Sarah Payme is a dangerous person. Her bots think she made Jones stand down. LOL. Yeah, the Taliban are afraid of her. LOL. But what if she’s successful and we get hit on 9.11?

  2. Unbelievable. Stand down.
    Her mouth, Newts mouth and Becks baby petroleum creme tears will do more to harm our foreign policy than anything

  3. But, they don’t sleep together….maybe Levi can read it to her. He’s probably a grade ahead of Todd.

  4. Great read, Jason! I love how you can so eloquently describe what a bonehead she is. You do it with finesse. I just resort to ugly name-calling. More please. :)

  5. LOVE THE ENDING: “…and do a little standing down of her own. Better yet, don’t stand down Sarah, the American people will put you down and out of your misery in 2012.” :-) :-) :-)

    but she’s a very dangerous person who doesn’t accept responsibility for her negative actions or the negative actions which she defends or justifies like a serial killer!

  6. Ah, so Pastor Jones is “suspending” his book burning, sorta like Palin McCain “suspended” their campaign – and for the same reasons (attempt to avoid embarrassment).

    The Taliban have already turned in their weapons, Jason! They got wind that the pit bull was after them and they’re super scared. ‘Cuz you know, they’re just like the people in Palin’s high school that she could intimidate with one teeth baring grimace. All the world’s a stage. If only she had told them to stand down BEFORE we went to war! Gosh. It must be breaking her heart.

  7. Palin is a toxic combination of arrogance, ignorance, and malice. She has been an undeniable part of the religious bigotry aimed at Muslims. For her to equate threats to burn the Quran with the building of the mosque, it takes unmitigated gall and shows her profound ignorance–of the world in general and of Islam in particular. She was stung by the defeat that she and McCain were handed in 2008, and she has become an unremitting attack dog. Because of her pathological desire for attention at any cost, she has aligned herself with the most virulent demagogues in this country. From her appalling campaign rallies in which she incited hatred of Obama to her contemptible fanning of the flames of religious bigotry, her destructive stupidity has been on constant display. Only someone incredibly gullible or self-deluding could possibly be taken in by her phony image as an everyday hockey mom.

  8. Thanks Dee, I am not sure if it is finesse, but it is a unique challenge to find new and different ways to describe Palin’s immoral behavior. As long as Palin keeps tweeting, I’ll keep writing.

  9. She does have a bit of sociopath in her, but lucky for the rest of us this is tempered by healthy dose insecurity, and a not so small dash of mental illness.

  10. Maybe McCain should have never un-suspended the campaign? Who knows? He could not have possibly done worse. I can just see the Taliban sitting around saying, we beat the USSR, but Sarah Palin’s awesome tweets are too much for us. We surrender. I think she and Meghan McCain should hold a dance off for the future of the GOP.

  11. Our high school had a basketball team one year which was phenomenal, primarily due to the talents of one outstanding player. As the season progressed, the school (and town) become more and more aware of this player’s father’s behavior at the games. Bluntly stated, his father was an alcoholic. What had started out as enthusiasm for his son’s playing deteriorated as time went on into more aggressive, abusive behavior at the games. It was embarrassing and distracting for his son and the crowds on both sides.

    In the playoff game for a spot at the state finals, things were not going so well for our team. The drunken father exploded apoplectically into an emotional tirade laced with filthy language against his son, the referees, and the other team. His son finally stopped in the middle of the court with tears visibly streaking down his face, and shouted “SHUT UP, DAD!!” You could hear a pin drop in that big, crowded arena for several seconds. His father slumped down on the bench, and the game resumed. I’ll never forget the tragic quality of that whole encounter nor the courage it took for his son to claim ownership of his father and father’s “sins,” and stand up to them in such a public place.

    For me, Palin has become that drunken, abusive loudmouth in our political stands who’s ruining not only the “sport” of politics, but is doing irreparable psychological damage to her GOP team and our country in general. Where is the son or daughter or handler or Party with the courage to claim ownership of her and her “sins,” and stand up to them in a public place? I don’t know what’s worse: Palin’s destructive megalomania and ignorant meddling or the GOP’s craven cowardice in not reining her in.

  12. Your headline is unfair.

    Look, I love a good “Palin’s being ridiculous” story as much as you. But you got this one wrong. This Tweet is not addressed to all Muslims. It’s addressed only to those Muslims who want to kill innocents. (There are such people, you know.) Had she included a comma between “Muslims” and “who,” the statement would have applied to all Muslims. But it didn’t, so it doesn’t.

    (Yeah, I know I’m taking a leap that the Queen of Refudiation knows punctuation, but I can only read it as she wrote it.)

  13. Funny he suspended the campaign to get a bill through that is now blamed on Obama, and heavily reviled by people called republicans who didnt want to see American recovery

  14. Jason, I dont know if you are familiar with Bob And Doug Mckenzie from SCTV, but that pic of her you have up there looks just like one of them in a Great White North skit.

  15. This was her tweet,
    “Book burner “stands down” -good! Now, followers of book who want to kill innocents bc some people do things you don’t agree with: Stand Down.” ”

    “Followers of book” would indicate to me all muslims. But Ive been known to be wrong much of the time.

  16. I am not sure that is the point. So, you’re saying it’s OK that she tweeted out to terrorists to “stand down”?

    As a political leader?

    Hmmm. What exactly is that getting us?

  17. I’ve believed for a long time that she is a true sociopath w/NPD tendencies. She also is frequently manic. She is an entire DSVIV all rolled into one.

    She seems to think that she has “power”. She “influenced” the Pastor to “stand down”? And now the Taliban will “stand down” b/c she tells them to?

    Why does Sarah Palin hate our troops?

    Although I’m tired of her, I fully recognize the NEED to keep every move she makes exposed to daylight – there are few people in this world who I believe can be called “evil” but she embodies everything that word represents. She must never be allowed to go underground. As long as she is in bright light, her stupid vapidity will be challenged.

    She is her own worst enemy. And her mouth has put her where she is … a 3 time loser.

    We must ALL be aware that she cannot gain a foothold in this country. She must be allowed to function ONLY as our National Joke and embarrassment (she does that really well!)

  18. She has a very strong base – but it is very small and it does not grow. They “defend” her with NO facts, NO intelligence and NO concrete argument. They are enabling the mentally ill lady by sending her money and supporting her pathology.

    She has NEVER recovered from losing to Mr. Obama. She lost the Miss Alaska contest to an African American girl. She is a racist and she is a rabid hater. But she is also clever and mentally ill.

    She MUST be challenged openly on everything. She must constantly have her stupidity reinforced.

    Waiting for Tues elections when O’Donnell goes down BIG after Palin’s endorsement. She must be shown for the incredibly TOXIC HUMAN that she is – over and over and over. She will never quit and we cannot let her go unchallenged.

  19. I disagree. If you really consider WHERE this remark came from and WHY – it was Palin ORDERING the Muslims to “stand down”. Because she truly believes she has the authority to order anyone to do anything.

    There are Muslims who hate us (wonder why). There are Christian Fundies who HATE anyone who believes something other than what they do.

    I read the tweet as a slam against Muslims – all Muslims. If you are at all even remotely familiar with Palin and her (ghost) tweeter Becky, you KNOW that she doesn’t use either LOGIC or INTELLIGENCE nor does she ever half-step down the road. She tries to give the impression that she has the authority to issue orders.

    So yes I think she ABSOLUTELY was attacking ALL Muslims. It is her M.O. She doesn’t make distinctions. She is not mentally able to MAKE distinctions. And her RAM just fuels that neuron of hate.

  20. And the real point is how will it be taken? Will the peaceful Muslims be thinking, oh, gee, she doesn’t want us to have Park 51 anywhere near a site we had nothing to do with the history of, but she probably doesn’t mean to insult us with this tweet….even though she LIED about a peaceful Muslim candidate wanting to murder American children. I mean, come on. Who can defend this? She’s a scatter shot disaster for this country in many ways, but in our foreign policy, she’s a downright danger. She has the mental capacity of a 6 year old. Here’s a news flash for Palin fans: if you consider yourself a political leader, you should not be able to sum up your position re an issue this complicated and sensitive in a tweet.

    Meanwhile, the terrorists are certainly not intimidated by her, but more than likely enraged.

  21. I wish I were as confident as you that O’Donnell will go down on tuesday. :( Her opponent appears to be one of those rare rational repubs, and that doesn’t seem to be what the ‘pubs are buying this season. They seem to like their crazy harpy ladies…

    …Which begs the question… has there ever been a “fad” like this in politics before? The whole “crazy gun lady” trend on the right is really bizarre…

  22. Sarah doesn’t discriminate between “good” and “bad” Muslims, she says “followers of book who want to kill innocents”, which based on typical extremist rhetoric, includes all Muslims, because the narrative they push is that the religion itself demands violence, therefore any Muslims who are “peaceloving” are simply lying.

  23. Okay all you Palin bashers, you’ve finally shown me the light. I’ll finally agree with you that she’s not an apologist for the way she sometimes shoots from the hip without carefully or evenly sensibly thinking out what she wants to say before she says it but I respect her for all the things she has tried to accomplish and the impact she has had in getting women to stand up and be counted in the political morass we are living through since the Obamas have been in power. I thank God for all the Sarahs out there who have come forward to raise the collective consciousness of our fellow countrymen that we all need to pay attention to what is happening in the America we love before we lose it altogether. I think we all should applaud Sarah Palin for her great heart and self-sacrifice in the pursuit of a better life for us all.

  24. Self sacrifice? Is that what you call quitting her job to get rich? As for women being involved in politics, I am one and Palin has done nothing for me except serve as bad example. Ill take hillary any day over. Palin.

  25. What self-sacrifice has Palin done? All I see is a woman who is making big money from bilking susceptible people and not being held accountable for her incredibly stupid and grossly irresponsible remarks about a variety of subjects she knows nothing about. There are women in politics who are making a big difference for the better, like Hillary Clinton. Unlike Palin, she is not playing into the stereotypes that women have worked for centuries to overcome. We want to be taken seriously for our merit and not given a pass for silly behavior or incompetence. The bottom line is that Palin is for Palin, and anyone else comes a distant second or third.

  26. Ridiculous Liberals…here you go again!

    Awesome Palin has sacrificed soooo much! In order to go on her intellectually stimulating CostCo book tour, she had to sacrifice her speaking tour.

    In order to go on her altruistic speaking tour, she had to sacrifice her rightful high speaking fees.

    In order to get her stipulated speaking fee, she had to sacrifice reading off the palm of her hand.

    In order to read off her palm, she had to sacrifice speaking to the large, large arenas and settle for small restaurant banquet rooms filled to the brim with 53 dedicated, adoring fans.

    On top of all this, in order for her to go on her book and speaking tours, she had to give up hunting wolves from helicopters while using laser scope technology.

    Also, in order to crystalize her good Christian morals of love and inclusion, she had openly hate evil-doing Muslims and point out that their book tells people to kill.

    And if this isn’t enough for you liberals, how about the fact that in order for her to demonstrate her true belief that popular culture is the devil’s work and has completely stripped Americans of good morals and good sense, she had to make the ultimate sacrifice and let her daughter go on Dancing With the Stars, one of the most popular shows with pop culture right now.

    Lastly, in order for her to fend off the paparazzi hoard that is the liberal mainstream media, she had to sacrifice her job as Alaska’s governor, a position that she was doing a terrific, corruption-free, conflict-free, scandal-free and heckuva job at.

    Angry Left: open your eyes! How dare you America-hating libtards say Great Leader Sarah Palin has not sacrificed?

  27. Just another ignorant Liberal on his way out!

    Sarah is a breath of fresh air, and that is why she is loved by most normal people.

  28. So, what is your definition of “normal,” given that Palin’s base consists of a relatively small number of people? Is it being white, ultraconservative, and most likely an Evangelist? From what I’m seeing, a number of people who fall into those categories are also becoming just as disenchanted with her as we
    “libs” are. And she has only herself to blame. So much for being a breath of fresh air!

  29. What a despicable opportunist!

    She used this event to promote her image as an American saviour, and that’s what it is “an image”, like that picture of her back where she’s looking at America. “barf!”

    If this woman ever did become president, she would surely turn this country into her own personal ego trip before getting impeach because of that misbehaviour of hers which would no doubt piss the wrong people and possibly cause a war because of her clueless disrespect for other people’s cultures.

  30. You forgot to add that she quit her job in order to eventually become one of the elite she professes to despise.

  31. Sarah Palin is a phony. She is not a Christian. She is pretending so so can get votes from the Christian Right. There is no connection between the right to burn a Quran and the right to build a mosque. There are some people who are offended by the Mosque. Many more by the burning. But just causing offense is not a reason to “stand down.” The mosque is a place of worship.

    I despise Sarah Palin because she has damaged to kingdom of God. She has made the world feel Christians are people who hate people of other religions, who are bigoted and wealth seeking.

    She likes the position she is in now, where she is doing nothing, but still getting a lot of media attention. But if she runs for anything, her corruption and evil will be exposed. Her evil far outpaces her stupidity.

  32. *tears of gratitude*
    I wish there were more people in this country/world out there that have the common sense, tolerance, understanding and respect that everyone on here has expressed for the muslims and Islam. God Bless you ALL!

    I have been touched sincerely by ALL of you and have been motivated to post my gratitude on this wonderful blog.

    You are indeed right, Islam is a religion of peace. It is engraved within its very name. If anyone is familiar with Arabic (Muhammad’s language), they would know that like all Semetic languages, such as Hebrew (Moses’s language) and Armeic (Jesus’s language), it is based off 3 letter root words.

    The word Islam is created from S L and M which literally suggests Peace
    -By adding the I and A, we get the word “i S L a M”
    -By adding A, A and A we get “S a L a a M” – the usually muslim greeting “Peace be upon to you”
    **also, in Hebrew, I believe the word Shalom is used, which means the same thing as Salaam, Peace.
    By adding the prefix MU and the letter I, we get “mu S L i M” – which means, “the One who peacefully submits (to the will of the one and only GOD – same God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus)”
    MU is a prefix in arabic that is equivalent to the suffix ER in english when we assign professions/tasks to someone, such as “singER, speakER, writER, teachER”

    I hope I did not bore anyone with the language lesson :D just felt you might find it interesting in case you did not already know about it :)

    One more thing, muslims are not trained to hate or discriminate or blow up stuff. Our upbringing is based on the examples of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and through out his life time, he inspired peaceful conduct and etiquette. In addition, muslims have high regard for the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and the Virgin Mary (peace be upon her) and all the other Prophets and Messengers that preceded. Muslims also acknowledge our Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters as legitimate believers of God who have been revealed legitimate divine scriptures. We are not instructed to harm one another, rather to respect and love each other.

    So what makes the Taliban any different from the Nazzi or the KKK? Just because they claim to be muslim, the rest of the population must be held responsible for their ignorant and violent actions? – One group does NOT represent an entire nation.

    As for Sarah Palin…and Mister Book Burner… :/

    Well, may God forgive them for there sins and grant upon them tolerance, knowledge, and respect for people of other religions and cultures. Amen.

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