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Sarah Palin Ridiculously Tells All Muslims to Stand Down

Sarah Palin took to her Twitter account and put her ignorance about Muslims and the Islamic faith on full display. Palin told all the “followers of the book who want to kill innocents to stand down.” Okay, evil doers Sarah Palin has tweeted you out and told you to knock it off. No really, stop laughing.

An hour after Terry Jones said that he would not burn the Quran on 9/11, Palin tweeted, “Book burner “stands down” -good! Now, followers of book who want to kill innocents bc some people do things you don’t agree with: Stand Down.” First off, small town, smaller mind Palin seems to assumes that the Quran inspires violence. It can be safely assumed that Sister Sarah has never actual read the Quran, so her knowledge of Islam is strictly limited to what she has picked up on Fox News. An interesting fun fact is that would be Quran torcher Terry Jones claims to have read a page of the Quran which is one more page than the self absorbed Palin has even seen of the book.


Secondly, Palin is not Bruce Willis, and this is not Die Hard. Not even George W. Bush would have been dumb enough to tell the terrorist who warp Islam to “stand down.” I can see the Taliban in Afghanistan reading Sarah’s tweet and surrendering their weapons, because no one around the world should ever doubt the power of stand down. Granted stand down is something one might say to an ill behaving three year old, but this is what passes as a foreign policy address in the mind of Sarah Palin.

This seems like a good time to note that the book burner has in fact not stood down. Late last night Terry Jones announced that instead of standing down, he is standing in place

, “Given what we are now hearing, we are forced to rethink our decision. So as of right now, we are not canceling the event, but we are suspending it.” While the Caribou Kool-Aid drinkers want to credit Palin for preventing the Quran burning, the problem is that not only did she not prevent the burning, but through her inaccurate equation of Quran burning to the Park51 project, she gave Jones justification for his actions. That’s right kids. Sarah Palin is a Quran burning enabler.

Palin’s call for terrorists to stand down is such a shallow and arrogant gesture that one can’t help but laugh at the buffoon who is trying to pass herself off a strong leadership figure. Sarah Palin couldn’t handle the pressure of being governor of Alaska. How in the heck would she handle al-Qaeda? Perhaps, Sarah needs to stop enabling Quran burning, and reveling in the politics of hate, and do a little standing down of her own. Better yet, don’t stand down Sarah, the American people will put you down and out of your misery in 2012.


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