New Survey Reveals Why Jon Stewart is the Biggest Long Term Threat to Fox News

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The newest Pew Research Center’s survey of where and how people get their news has been released, and while Fox News is still polling the oldest viewership, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are pulling the youngest. As Stewart educates his young viewers in the ways of FNC on a nightly basis, it is clear that he is the biggest long term media threat to Fox News.

The good news is that digital media is causing people to spend more time each day with the news. According to the Pew Research Center for People and the Press survey of where and how people get their news, “The net impact of digital platforms supplementing traditional sources is that Americans are spending more time with the news than was the case a decade ago. As was the case in 2000, people now say they spend 57 minutes on average getting the news from TV, radio or newspapers on a given day. But today, they also spend an additional 13 minutes getting news online, increasing the total time spent with the news to 70 minutes. This is one of the highest totals on this measure since the mid-1990s and it does not take into account time spent getting news on cell phones or other digital devices.”

Newspapers are still struggling and have only partially been able to make up for the decline in print readership on the Internet. Print newspaper readership has declined from 38% in 2006 to 24% today. Online newspaper readership has grown from 9% in 2006 to 17% today. When the totals are combined 37% of Americans said that they got their news from a newspaper, which puts the industry on par with the radio and the Internet, but way behind television.

Speaking of television, Fox News has been able to hold its audience share because Republicans have been fleeing to the network. In 2002, Republicans were just as likely to watch CNN as they were to watch Fox News, but eight years later, 40% of all Republicans regularly watch FNC. Twelve percent of Republicans watch CNN and 6% watch MSNBC. Fox News does not lead the cable news ratings because there are more Republicans in the United States. They lead because they have been successful in consolidating the Republican audience.

It is no surprise than that Fox News, just like the GOP caters to an older audience. Sixty three percent of Bill O’Reilly’s viewers are over 50 years old, and 65% of Hannity’s viewers are over 50. Only 44% of the nation as a whole are over 50 years old, so the over 50 demographic is overrepresented on Fox News. If the younger viewers aren’t watching Fox News, then what are they watching?

The answer to this question can be found on Comedy Central Monday through Thursday from 11 pm-12 am. Colbert and Stewart’s audiences are young. In fact, they were the youngest in the survey. Eighty percent of Colbert’s audience is between 18-49, and 74% of Stewart’s audience falls into the 18-49 demo. Although their audiences are double the amount of liberals in the overall population, Colbert and Stewart also appeal to Libertarians, as they make up 29% and 27% respectively of their audiences. Interestingly 53% of Colbert’s audience and 43% of Stewart’s said that they watch these programs for entertainment. They may come for the entertainment, but they also get a healthy dose of the news.

Fox News has made no secret of their distaste for Colbert, and especially Jon Stewart, and it is pretty obvious why. Colbert and Stewart are educating an entire generation of younger viewers to critically think about what they see in the media. The long term health of Fox News is going to depend on their ability to attract and retain younger viewers. These are the same viewers that are watching Jon Stewart expose and mock Fox News on a nightly basis. This is why FNC goes out of its way to impugn the credibility of Stewart anytime they can. It is funny to think that the competition that may do the most long term damage to Fox News is not Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, but a comedian who hosts a nightly mock newscast on a comedy network.

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  1. I think there is a bigger picture here. My basic service includes 8 channels, one of which is the local FOX. The next one includes all the FOX sports crap and FOX News. I have to go to the third one to get MSNBC. I wonder what’s up with that.

  2. One hopes that with time the brainwashing tactics of Fox News will no longer be effective. Or at least not effective to an audience large enough to be an issue.

  3. That is very interesting, and definitely a topic worth exploring. Fox has been very successful at leveraging all their properties with providers so that FNC gets prime placement and exposure. Of the three cable networks, MSNBC is in the fewest number of homes.

  4. Colbert and Stewart and MSNBC have me and I’m 73! I cant for the life of me understand why the older generations are rooting for the Politicians who given a chance would have them destitute ?Fox is merciless and Malia Litman nailed it.”They want to start a war”

  5. Jason:
    There are plenty of places that don’t carry MSNBC. I don’t know what the deal with that is, especially considering the parent company(at least for now). If Comcast ever gets approved as the new owner I am sure it will be more widely available. I am ambivalent because both(GE & Comcast) stink equally as bad. Besides, as we know, MSNBC really isn’t a liberal station.

  6. Sadly, the truth of the matter is that in many ways, despite being a comedy show, in many ways the Daily Show and Colbert have actually done a better job of covering issues than the mainstream media has. They’ve certainly exposed most of the major establishments in both day-to-day coverage (see many many montage clips) but have also landed some significantly telling blows (see Crossfire, Demise of and Jon Stewart’s interview with Jim Cramer). After you watch the guys who aren’t actually a news agency punch holes through the stories of the people who purport to be, it becomes a bit more challenging to take the major news networks seriously.

  7. Hey Jason,
    FYI, Jon and Colbert are only on Monday through Thursday, and it seems like they are on vacation about once a month. That is four hours a week! They pack more into four hours than fox can do in a whole friggen week.
    Fox is on 24/7. Isn’t that interesting… In this case, less is more. It has nothing to do with the time you have to do it in, it’s about how to the point you can be with what little time you have. They know how to “cut to the chase” without missing a single detail. Brilliant!
    Quality over quantity perhaps?
    Phil Perspective, I’m with you on that MSNBC opinion. I think Phil Griffin is The trophy winner for staffing Republicans has to go to MSNBC. I swear, Phil Griffin must be schizophrenic. He pays to have Pat Buchanan spew his vitriol over most of the daytime shows, but then he has Rachel Maddow (brilliant) that will debunk the hypocrisy of what they say? I don’t get it. Don’t even start me on Joe (did you know he was a congressmen?) Scarborough, the Mr. which way is the wind blowing today host. No amount of good tunes are going to make this dude cool.
    Heavy hitters my ass! The whole Morning Joke team is a legend in their minds only. Yes, I still know Joe was a Congressman, and McCain was a POW? That is just another condescending comment. If we didn’t already follow the news would we even tune in to a “so called, morning news show”?
    I can’t stand that clubby little chatfest. And they have the gall to talk about “the liberal elite”, get real.
    Anyone that thinks that MSNBC is a left leaning station at this point, is beyond me.

  8. It’s going to be hard (impossible) for Fox to “get a hold” of the younger generation with the bullshit they pull on a regular basis. They are shameless liars. If this does indeed lead to some sort of end (in whatever sense) for Fox News/Fox News’ bullshit somewhere down the road, Stewart and Colbert are American heroes.

  9. Stewart and Colbert are heroes already. Colbert’s recent tribute to the troops and vets was way more than anything FOX and the neo-cons will ever do.

  10. There is no liberal media. Basically, you have the far right media (FOX) blasting the center right media (MSNBC, CNN, etc) for not being extreme enough for their comfort.
    Progressive media is just a wet dream for many of us.

  11. I agree Tony. I believe matters are exactly how you express them. There is no liberal media at all, nothing remotely left-wing other than a show or two.

  12. I noticed a couple of errors in this articles. At the beginning of the fifth paragraph, “It is no surprise than” should say “then” instead of “than.”

    In the last paragraph, “This is why FNC goes out of it’s way” should say “its” (the possessive form of “it”) instead of “it’s” (a contraction of “it is” or “it has”).

  13. I noticed a couple of errors in this article. At the beginning of the fifth paragraph, “It is no surprise than” should say “then” instead of “than.”

    In the last paragraph, “This is why FNC goes out of it’s way” should say “its” (the possessive form of “it”) instead of “it’s” (a contraction of “it is” or “it has”).

  14. “Colbert and Stewart are educating an entire generation of younger viewers to critically think about what they see in the media.”

    This is definitely what I feel is so good about Stewart and Colbert. They may make a lot of money doing what they do as well, and entertain the hell out of us, but this will be the best legacy their shows will give us.

    I can’t wait until this generation comes into it’s own and starts to fix what our generation and our parents have done.

  15. Its pretty well known that both of Colbert and Stewart are homosexual types and a lot of there audiences are confirmed homos. Most reserch shows that only about 10% of Americans are having homosexual sex with the same sex as there own. I watch Fox news every night starting with Beck on through to Greta and all my friends do the same and not one of them is a queer. How can you explain that? Simple because homos don’t like Fox, they like Colbert and Stewart. The scary part is that all the kids like Colbert and Stewart and are influenced by them so we are most likely to have more adult homos as a result. This won’t be god in our war against the Muslims as homos don’t like to fight.

  16. the one thing I like about Jon Stuart is even though he goes through all these little physical contortions while he’s speaking he is doing exactly what everyone of us are doing. He is just accentuating it. He does the WTF that we are all doing. I think in so many ways people watch the news and a something slightly shocking comes along that goes through our brain cells just like an ordinary news item would. Nothing piques our interest. But if you watch someone like Stewart, he adds the emphasis were supposed to be and jogs us out of our lethargy.

    I think that’s why older people watch Fox news. Turn the TV on, eyes glaze over, Hannity steps into your brain and rearranges the sponge.

  17. Interesting. An admitted Fox News watcher who acts just like Fox “celebs”. Incapable of truth or mental acumen beyond the 3rd grade.

  18. Sorry but I have 2 years of JC and I studied Sociology which was my point that the sociology fabric of our country will be changed towards Homosexualism as the youths continue to be influenced by Stewart and Colbert and other Homo role models. I don’t have anything against the gays, I even think if they want get married to each other that OK by me, I’m just saying that as more and more of our youth chose to be gays because of Stewart and Colbert we will lose alot of men we’ll need for our war on the people who attacked us on 9/11. How can you argue with that?

  19. Not naming names but why is it that comments that obviously come from the “right” invariably reflect illiteracy and ignorance? What have they against truth and knowledge in general? How can anyone wrap themselves in that Fox blanket of nonsense? I give Fox credit for one thing: they are seasoned manipulators of weak minds and of those who tune in to have their own narrow, bigoted points of view reinforced.

  20. The reason is that political stances such as “right” and “left” are personality types, and not the result of any process of reasoning. People who are more intelligent and open to ideas fall on the left end of the politial spectrum because that matches their personality. The dumbasses fall on the right because it matches their personality (“Get off my lawn, punk!”). The basic political message of the Republican party (all power to the top 2%) doesn’t resonate with enough people to win at the ballot box, so they need to recruit people who will vote against their own best interest. Who is going to be easy to recruit? Intelligent people? Probably not.

  21. Fox is fighting a rearguard action. Younger people are far more internet savvy and, if unable, because Fox has brokered beneficial terms with cable providers, to get more informative stuff like MSNBC or others, they will readily turn, as I do at 57, to the net, where one need only click to see the latest shows or excerpts thereof and get a good dose of anti-Fox serum.
    I say let’s crowd all those intellectual blank cartridges onto a ship and send it to the Sargasso Sea…..

  22. I tried watching FOX for 2 weeks, and I got so turned off by the negativity and lies that now I watch it as little as possible. FOX’s only usefulness for me is to gain insight into the kind of mindset that gravitates to it. I currently watch MSNBC and CNN news, as well as checking the internet on a daily basis, while still reading newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post.

  23. In Shakespeare, it’s always the fool who speaks the truths that no one else will admit to. If Stewart delivered the same message without jokes, many of us probably wouldn’t watch. Which leads us back to MSNBC…

  24. My cable service (Comcast) as well offers Fox cable at the most basic rate. However, to get MSNBC it costs $30 more a month. I live in a very liberal town in one of the bluest of blue states where the college student population exceeds the year round population.

  25. Our only hope is that the Stewart/Colbert generation squeezes itself into politics in the near future as Fox loses it’s base of fear-mongering, uninformed ignoramuses to the sweet embrace of death.

    What happens when Fox loses 80% of it’s audience? I’m guessing a dramatic rise in this nation’s IQ.

    Then again, the Palin and McCain offspring will most likely take the reigns if they aren’t busy dancing with the stars.

  26. Count me as a senior citizen who watches Stewart and Colbert. I never watch Murdoch’s cable empire; it’s a 24/7 infomercial for a fox to devour a Nation of Sheep.

  27. You are not who say you are, but your reasons for baiting other readers on this thread are obviously your own — presumably for your own entertainment.

    May your balls be truly as large as an ox, and may the wind always be at your back (but not breaking from your behind), Big Jim Oxman.

  28. The only one I like is on fbm, and that’s the Judge guy. I have watched him online and while i do not agree with him on everything, most of the time he has good points. Maybe i lean a bit libertarian on some issues, so that is why i like his show. I never watch any of the others..never have.

    I do love the colberrt report and jon Stewart though.

  29. Why do the 1% of Americans who actually watch Fox News get to determine the narrative of the American collective zeitgeist? I mean really, who watches the tripe that they try to spoon feed their horde of fanatically fear and loathing? Fox is a Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine plain and simple….they LIE…they MAKE NEWS UP…they are nothing more than a political channel dedicated to right wing corporate fascist ideas.

  30. I love Stewart and Colbert. The only thing that irks me intellectually is that Stewart makes a big deal over being an entertainer and not a journalist. So he’s under no obligation to be impartial. But in reality he’s doing better journalism than the “real” ones, so it’s just seems a rhetorical dodge.

  31. This study just goes to show that Fox News has no future. It’s demographics are dismal: if any other TV channel had the same viewer structure, all its executives would leap from they 20th floor offices.

    The more time passes, and as sad as it is to say, more Fox viewers will go the way of the dodo.

  32. @ Daniel Latta: “That depends on how you define media — Liberals rule online news.”

    Not true, there are as many nutjob right wing sites as nutjob left wing sites on the net. Any one side may “rule” your personal online news experience, but most Drudge Report reader will state that “Conservatives rule online news”. (Unless someone is playing the underdog card, in which case the “other team” will rule online news.)

    IMHO, “Your own personal bias” rules online news, because it lets you filter your news to suit your personal tastes, while ignoring all information that does not meet your expectation of being “newsworthy or credible”. If you are pro abortion & gun ownership, against health care reform, but for higher taxes you will find news to suit your own personal twist on the traditional left/right schism. Liberal and Conservative are not as appropriate in the Internet age where everyone can pick and choose our stance each individual issue .

    News consumers no longer have to watch what the program directors at a few TV networks decide to broadcast at any given time.

  33. A dodge for a great reason. If he held himself up as a journalist then he’d invite attacks on his credibility from all sides. As an entertainer he gains the freedom to rant. His rants expose the idiocy and disingenuous lies of other political hacks. He knows exactly what he’s doing there.

  34. It’s sad, but true… Comedy centrals Colbert and Stewart are a much better source of daily news for most things than basically any other network “news” program. I think it helps that they are pretty fair about things. They poke, prod, joke about issues no matter what the side. If you act like an idiot they call you out regardless of affiliation.

    The strange thing is that in making jokes and satire on current affairs, one actually learns what’s going on. I try and watch some of the other news shows and it seems more like they are trying to promote an agenda then tell the news. While I don’t think that these shows are the only source of news you should use, they are a great overview of events usually and I’m glad that the younger crowd is seeing the games that are going on with news networks.

  35. All this about Jon Stewart, its funny I don’t even know who this guy is. All I know is, he does some show on some channel! Was he not on a sitcom many many years ago?
    Maybe I should find and watch him my TV one night. No, not worth the trouble! As a matter of fact, why am I wasting my time here…

  36. WHY DO WE LET A FOREIGNOR LIKE MURDOCH dictate our news? He pays all his people astronomical salaries to SPREAD LIES. And of course they do it with such ease. No conscious on that side. Murdoch si clearly a repub. I just wish more conservative RWnuts would watch Jonl Stewart and get educated. Its beyond incredible to me how they justify their party as conservative and worse, as leaders! REPUBS are conservative with YOUR money so they can MAKE MORE MONEY FOR THEIR CORPORATE BUDDIES and THEIR pockets! Plain and simple. I plan to stay democratic. You couldn’t pay me enough to switch to a repub–EVER! That is one disgraceful party. They have absolutely no respect for nothing or no one. NOT EVEN THEIR CONSTITUENTS. The constituents that stay? has to wonder. Why are you staying with this party? I want just one repub to tell me the greatness of the REPUB PARTY and what they did for you in those 8 years when they were in office! Did your investements go up or down? Did you buy property..or did you lose it because of the great NO OVERSIGHT POLICIES?
    Did you get promoted or lose your job? IF you were a woman did you get the same salary as your male counterpart did doing the same thing? IF you were unemployed do you think repubs would have worried about you having any kind of income so you could keep the roof over your head and feed your families? Tell me ..if you lived on the coast do you honestly think the repubs would have asked BP to put money aside after taking your livelihood away all because of BUSH & REPUBS POLICY OF NO OVERSIGHT? The top 2% of the wealthy made 300% profit . Can you tell me what profit you made ..of course I’m talking after Bernie Murdoch took you for a huge ride and all because of BUSH POLICY OF NO OVERSIGHTBUT YOU STILL WANT A REPUB LEADER????! CRICKETS…just as I thought. But instead you LIE along with your party leaders and blame it all on our diplomatic president and yet actually praise the biggest morons this side of the United States — palin is wrong with Americans???? who only preaches hate and take your money while supposedly honoring those that died on 9/11! Why do you love these money hungry leaders that will bring you so far down next time..well,

  37. That article was another sad attempt to dump more meatless bones upon the public. It was another attempt to throw loads of blinding bullshit into the public face. It was designed to pump more hot-air/chaos/confusion into the public’s discourse. It was another bullshit article designed to perpetuate animosity between stupid/naive Democrats and retarded R.I.N.O.s [Republicans In Name Only].

    Look, it’s simple…

    Hiding behind funny clown masks won’t change the facts: Stewart and Colbert are Globalists; they’re anti-Americans; they’re Evil scum. Intentionally, they keep the other globalists and anti-Americans ticking. One can simply count the names and the types of people that they [Stewart and Colbert] interview, and one will see how nearly ___EVERY OTHER NIGHT___ each show interviews war criminals and/or idiots with globalist agendas.

    Stewart and Cobert regularly put tyrannical anti-Americans on a pedestal, and they then promote them as though they’re cute and fuzzy bunnies; with stupid grins on their faces, they [Colbert and Stewart] go out of their way to make sane people look kooky, but they make psychotic murderers look humble/friendly/tolerable or even likable.

    For instance, take John McCain, Al Gore, Obama, Madeleine Albright, Fareed Zakaria, etc.. — Stewart goes out of his way to make them appear likable and popular; he takes tiny nibbles out of some of them occasionally, but he generally makes them look like heroes and *Honest Johns* more often than not. Stewart bathes such scum CONSTANTLY under his holy limelights; he keeps their popularity ticking and their insanity alive, so in such a way, Stewart is an Evil motherfucker who promotes inhumane agendas, anti-American agendas, lies, bullshit, tyranny, ___PURE EVIL____.

  38. I just want to say that I and my lady are in our fifties, and we watch John Stewart – and we don’t watch Fox News. I’m fairly conservative, the spouse is fairly liberal, and both of us find watching Fox to be the mental equivalent of licking battery terminals. Whereas watching Stewart slice and dice those lying, spinning idiots has great entertainment value for us both. We get our news from many sources, television being the least of them. So people, please don’t assume that older = braindead. It isn’t always the case.

  39. Look here is a news flash for everybody…one of the main reasons Obama won the election is cause Axlerod put a great deal on emphasis on the young voter. Sold them load of BS… as the now look back on the big mistake they made by casting a vote for Obama. The overwelming majority of the young voters feel duped cause they were..lets face it. Hind sight is 20/20 now that the young voter was very pissed of at Bush cause the war. Now the majority of the young voters claim no party affiliation and will seek real CHANGE come Nov.
    It is no secret that all news stations but FOX are very far left when it comes news. The MSNBC, CNN, ABC’s of the world go out of there way to praise or not REPORT about Obama and his Democratic party. Anything whatsoever that is the least bit negative about the Dems is not giving any newscast. Can anyone answer that question? No the liberal media go out of there way to bash Palin, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and other conservatives that be the shit out of them in ratings and the quality of followers they attract.

    LXO… you need to get your BS facts straight when you rant and rave about a past president. Here is a little lesson for your dumbass..the president signs bills into law, the Democratic congress (Reid and Pelosi, remember there of your party) wrote the bills and then the congress votes whether to pass or not. The oversight you are bitching about like a typical liberal is the reason for the house crisis we are in now. Remember your buddy Barney Frank clearly saying that there is no housing bubble capable of bursting…. remember Franklin Raines, the DEMOCRAT that made 90 MILLION DOLLARS off the Fannie Mae loans (or Freddie Mac) made to the americans that were pursuing the american dream of HOME OWNERSHIP. In case you have forgotten there were peolpe making 40 grand a yr buying $500,000 homes. That’s absolutely ludicris for that to have happened.
    But Democratic party think they way to get out of this economic crisis that we are in to keep spending more money.

    Let me ask any one on this blog what will if you make 50 grand a yr and your bills are 52 grand a yr? Thats right sooner or later you will max out your credit and become BANKRUPT.
    AMERICA is in debt that all our great grandchildren and other generation to come will be paying for if we don’t quit spending

  40. So the US soldiers who were on Colbert, both here and when he took his show to Iraq are “tyrannical anti-Americans?”

  41. Two whole years of JC and you still can’t speak proper English and are ignorant when it comes to Sociology as well. Where did you attend; Glenn Beck University?

    Oh and both Colbert & Stewart are married. Stewart has children (not sure if Colbert does). What IS it with you homophobes that you have to accuse everyone who isn’t like you of being homosexual?

  42. This is kinda scary. Jon Stewart isn’t even real news coverage and thats where young people are going to get it? He’s entertaining, but he’s also arrogant. It fits though. The young get indoctrinated in High School and College to believe that liberalism is good and that Fox News is bad, and that conservatism is dumb and unintelligent. Jon Stewart just continues to support that message. I’m conservative, and I admit that Jon Stewart is great at his job, and even when I disagree with him (98% of the time), he can still make me LMAO, but depending on him for daily news? Ouch, thats scary.

  43. According to you, “Most reserch shows that only about 10% of Americans are having homosexual sex with the same sex as there own.”….ummmm

    Did your research indicate how many Americans are having homosexual sex with a sex different from their own?

    Just wonderin’….

  44. The way he tore Kramer and a couple other people apart, I dont think he would have any problem being a journalist. He has to know his stuff to talk about it.

    But you are right, he does a fine job of bashing anyone in his way and doing it with humor.

  45. “remember Franklin Raines, the DEMOCRAT that made 90 MILLION DOLLARS off the Fannie Mae loans (or Freddie Mac) made to the americans that were pursuing the american dream of HOME OWNERSHIP. ”

    Look up the Bush Ownership society. It did exactly what you say Fannie Mae did. You will find your rant is silly. There was oversite on Barney. Greenspan.

    “Such a country would be more stable, Bush argued, and more prosperous. “America is a stronger country every single time a family moves into a home of their own,” he said in October 2004. To achieve his vision, Bush pushed new policies encouraging homeownership, like the “zero-down-payment initiative,” which was much as it sounds—a government-sponsored program that allowed people to get mortgages without a down payment. More exotic mortgages followed, including ones with no monthly payments for the first two years. Other mortgages required no documentation other than the say-so of the borrower. Absurd though these all were, they paled in comparison to the financial innovations that grew out of the mortgages—derivatives built on other derivatives, packaged and repackaged until no one could identify what they contained and how much they were, in fact, worth.”

    Sorry, you cant blame it all on the dems. You might also talk to Moody’s Investors Service and Standard and Poor who dropped the ratings value on mortgages and actually caused the bust.

    Failing on every post

  46. I bet you rely on Fox who has been proven to be lying around 98% of the time.

    I think you talk in cliches and talking points. College, liberals

    To date, all conservatism has done for us is get us into 2 wars and raise the Deficit incredibly high in a short period of time with tax cuts while borrowing to fight the wars. Your current conservatives cant pull their own socks up

  47. Hi All, there is such hostility here towards Fox News and all their power and it seems to me that if they are so powerful we wouldn’t have a Democratic House, Senate and President. And now that the Dems have all this power, why the venom? We have spent the trillions we don’t have, passed healthcare against the will of the country, financial reform and myriad other Obama initiatives so again, why the hostility?

    People are free to watch whatever channels they like and can watch whatever programs they want on Internet TV if they so choose. So why hate Ruport Murdoch? Obviously he is a better businessman than all of us – we should admire him for being successful and try to emulate his success in our own lives.

    Regarding younger voters who watch Stewart and Colbert and are influenced by them, well many are out of work now as unemployment in the college grad demographic is at near-record highs. High school grads are much worse off and if you didn’t finish high school you’re in real trouble thanks to Obamanomics.

    So one can only surmise the anger here has to do with the current administration’s anti-capitalist, job-killing policies which are now owned by Reid, Pelosi and Obama.

    I suppose if I voted for a campaign sign that said Hope and found myself in a situation which is Hopeless, I’d be pissed too.

    But rest assured, us free-market loving liberty-cherishing Americans will be in charge again soon and when we take control we will get the economy moving again and all of you liberal kids will have a bright future once again.

    There is no need to thank us by the way, we do what we do because we love our country and not for your gratitude. Just do us a favor, when you get to a position in life where you are struggling to provide for a family and the government keeps encroaching on your freedom and wants to take the majority of your income and redistribute it to special interests and waste it via large scale-corruption – be sure to remember this comment and pass some of its wisdom on to the youth of your day.

  48. I watch the Daily Show, Maddow, and Olbermann on the internet. Certainly, it would be better if these programs were as widely available on cable television as Fox is, so that more people are exposed to them. But, they are accessible.

    I loved it that CNN had to recently credit Jon Stewart for informing them about a Hannity video snip that was made to pervert a point that Obama was making on extending tax cuts for the rich. I think the Daily Show may have picked it up from, which I also visit on a regular basis. Thank goodness for the internet and people who care enough to challenge the pathetic state of affairs that is the mainstream news media.

    BTW, I’m also an avid viewer of the Daily Show in the older age range (55).

  49. “So the US soldiers who were on Colbert, both here and when he took his show to Iraq are “tyrannical anti-Americans?””

    Most of them are ignorant sheep pushing tyrannical agendas, so — YES — that would make them tyrannical, wouldn’t it?

    It’s a simple concept, really: Any person or people that perpetuates tyranny and unconstitutional wars is tyrannical and ANTI-AMERICAN. If that puts some US soldiers into the classification, so be it.

    So, what the fuck are you going to do about it? Bury your head up your ass and pretend that what I said isn’t the truth? Try to play mindgames with people in order to divert people away from the truth? Pretend a few token voices [like Ron Paul, ignoramus troops, or Rachel McAdams] drown-out a giant symphony of Evil? Pretend that you can disqualify simple facts?

    I gave you direct instances, and other such instances would be, additionally: Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, John Ashcroft, James Baker, Janet Napolitano, Joe Biden, John R. Bolton, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol, Donna Brazile, Chris Matthews, Ed Gillespie, Rudy Giuliani, etc..

    You don’t recognize the pattern yet? Stewart and Colbert may feature many different guests, but most of their political airtime goes toward popularizing … EVIL … LYING … TYRANNICAL … WARMONGERING … SCUMBAGS — ANTI-AMERICANS WITH UNCONSTITUTIONAL/ANTI-AMERICAN AGENDAS.

  50. @Humanity You can argue all you want, but please lay off the personal attacks/challenges to other commenters. This is about politics and worldview, so there is no need to get personal. This is message for everyone. Argue all you want but please try to respectful and tolerant to others.

  51. In order to hurt feelings with the truth, he would actually have to speak it, wouldn’t he? I think all us sensitive, truth-loving types are safe from “A-Patriot.”

  52. Huh?

    Did you know that beck is not against gay marriage? He recently said so. That’s the truth. He told Bill O’Reilly that.

    I have a theory about why that is. beck has all sorts of theories and connections, and I have many of my own.

    beck doesn’t like commies. That’s why he keeps on calling Obama and his administration commies because he doesn’t like any of them. That’s why he went after Van Jones, because beck thought Van Jones was a commie.

    J. Edgar Hoover went after all sorts of radicals and subversives, most notably including commies. He even went after Dr. MLK for being a commie and that’s why he forced RFK to wiretape MLK, because J. Edgar thought MLK was a dirty, filthy pinko commie.

    Now it turns out that some think that J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual. I don’t know if it’s true, but maybe glenn beck can prove it one way or another. But just the very thought that J. Edgar might have been a homo causes me to think that’s why glenn beck is not against gay marriage because J. Edgar hated commies, just as glenn beck hates commies. I think J. Edgar Hoover is one of glenn beck’s heroes because he went after commies; therefore, I think glenn beck doesn’t care if J. Edgar was a homo, and therefore, that’s why glenn beck is not against gay marriage.

    The only thing I still cannot figure out is why, if MLK was a commie, why did beck have his latest rally on the anniversary of MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech at the site of the Lincoln Memorial? I’m still scratching my head, hoping one day Mr. Glenn Beck can clear this up for me.

    Long live Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!!!!

  53. Lemme guess. Your username is an attempt at irony. You fail big time because you are too STUPID to know common sense.

  54. God but you’re a fucking retard. No doubt you spend far too much time watching Fox News, listening to Rush Limbaugh, surfing through Breitbart. Do us all a favor and crawl back under that rock from whence you came from. You add nothing to the debate but hatred.

  55. Actually, we can thank Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, and the rest of the scumbag Republicans who lied their way to a war with Iraq, who circumvented the constitution to illegaly tap the phones of unsuspecting Americans, who gave taxcuts to the superrich, and who bankrupted America to a near depression, for the mess the country is in.

    Obama tried to reach out to Republicans to help solve the country’s problems. And what did the Republicans do? They spit into his hand, saying no to everything he had to offer and gave nothing except the same old problems. And you have the gall to puke out the same Fox News talking point?


  56. If you retards had any feelings, you wouldn’t be watching Fox News and voting Republican.

    Go back to school and get an education, or fuck off and die.

  57. Seeing as how our current economic basket case was created by the so-called “free-market loving liberty-cherishing Americans,” asking America to vote them back into power is like asking a skydiver to jump out of an airplane without a parachute–after he has already tried jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

  58. Vicotor that has crabs…nice rant but you sound like a typical liberal oxymoron. Correct me if I am wrong, aren’t the majority of non educated welfare recipients voting Democrat.

  59. The truth?

    2 wars, when all said will have cost the American tax payer 1 trillion dollars.
    What did the American tax payer get out of this?

    5600 brave soldiers dead.
    Tens of thousands of Iraqi’s dead.

    Stimulus package that will have cost the tax payers 1 trillion dollars.
    What did the American tax payer get out of this?

    and the list goes on…

    Do us all a favor and look for the truth.

  60. I’m a 65 yr. old and never miss watching John Stewart & Steven Colbert. Last Christmas my husband added the MSNBC channel as a gift to me. FOX is included in my basic price for DISH service. We have blocked FOX because we don’t allow B level Porn in this house.

  61. Consider that it is paramount for Fox to own as much TV space as possible since it’s primary demographic, older people who grew up watching TV news, are not likely to go to the internet or other sources for that content.

  62. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t the majority of Wall St. bankers voting republican? Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the majority of religious extremists voting republican? Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t the majority of pedophiles voting republican?

    I don’t have any proof of any of these assertions, but I know that just typing out some random crap and asking for corrections is the best way to earn credibility.

    Oh, and what exactly is a liberal oxymoron? Is it the same as a conservative oxymoron?

  63. Your wide stance has you looking a bit Haggard, Oxman. Perhaps you are not Foley rested. Have you recently taken a job as a Mehlman, handling heavy packages week and after week? Well, it’s Allen a day’s work!


  64. fox is a foolish packaged narrative, but you are fooling yourself to call the op-ed commentary of left-of-centre punditry “real journalism.”

    Real journalism is rarely conveyed on the attenuated cathode-ray tube. That is the realm of emotional appeal, unabashed advertising, and flashy icons.

  65. And you, Victor, are not being any better. Being dismissive of someone and calling them an idiot does nothing but strengthen the red vs blue mentality of this nation. Instead you should be challenging and debating the other side, even if they don’t seem to be listening.

    This country has become fairly divided, as can be seen by the past several elections and the rhetoric around them. Everyone please do your country a favor and try to get others to listen to your views and try to be better about listening to others as well. The anonymity of the internet allows us to say pretty much whatever we want without repercussion, but you shouldn’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone face to face. Be civil, and show others some respect, even if they don’t show you that same respect. Be the better person (man, I sound like a freakin’ self help book sometimes…)

  66. “inhumane agendas, anti-American agendas, lies, bullshit, ”

    Please enlighten us with some evidence to support your conclusions. Any links? Any research? I would love to see some evidence that Stewart or Colbert has ‘lied’ on their show.

    Or is it just a narrow minded opinion like the talking heads over a Fox?

  67. I am retired and I regularly catch Stewart and Colbert as well as my daily addiction to MSNBC. It also frustrates me that MSNBC is not as accessible in all markets as is FOX and CNN. I suppose like everything else if people complained enough and threatened to leave their cable co.’s for a dish, some headway might be made. As long as corporate calls the shots, MSNBC will like remain a 2nd or 3rd tier choice in cable markets. It is outrageous it isn’t available in much of middle America and the south. This is by design, not an accident. I am grateful to Stewart and Colbert for their contribution. When you think of it, comedians historically are the most honest ones in broadcasting. Look at George Carlin, Louis Black, Mort Sahl, Bill Maher, and others. They made careers exposing the lying cretins.

  68. One of the problems with the media was reported several years ago by Knowledge Networks. Apparently FOX was sued in Federal Court for lying in a particular broadcast. The Federal Court ruled that a News Station is not bound by any law or FCC regulation to tell the truth. When there is no requirement for honesty, particularly in the News, how can you have an informed public? I will never forget the day I read this ruling. It seemed to me that we were on our way to loosing our country and we might as well do away with the FCC if they were this impotent. Since that time (around 2004 I think) things have gotten worse in the country, FOX has gained viewers and their blatant lies have only escalated.

  69. I’m older than you, and most of the people I work, live, and socialize with watch Stewart and Colbert via the Internet. And they’re all in my age group or older. Colbert/Stewart have changed the face of news. And they did it with humour.

  70. Critical thinking, and analysis… the most important things next to literacy, but we have always had to rely on comedians to help us through the process (George Carlin being another). I’ve LONG held that ALL high-schools should have mandatory courses on “Critical thinking and interpreting media”, as well as 2 levels of “The System and You”… Personal/Corporate level (so kids can understand the differences between Big vs small business, and the basics of how banking, loans, credit cards, real estate, and markets work), and Civic/Govenment/Corporate level…. With even a little background on understanding just the fundamentals of how things are, there may be some more engaged citizens out there… whatever their personal ‘beliefs’ are, some grounding facts would be a good balance to the pure emotion spewed increasingly on what has grown to pass for TV news.

  71. If you want to know something juicy google Joe Scarborough and dead intern. That said Joe sometimes speaks the truth from time to time.

  72. This is a joke right?You think that 2 years of JC makes you an expert on the “homosexual agenda”? Seems to me you are a little concerned about your own sexual urges.

  73. Brutal words. Unfortunately they will not change the mind of A-Patriot. He has been brainwashed and is unable to articulate a rational or logical explanation outside of his Fox talking points. You wasted your message in caps. That said I do agree with you.

  74. I’ve read that Rupert Murdock owns Directv. I don’t know if that’s true but it would explain why MSNBC isn’t on their lower tier packages while all FOX stations are.

  75. I went to the same college with Ed Schultz. Moorhead State.
    He was a long time TV sportscaster in Fargo, North Dakota.
    In 1995 Ed took up talk radio (conservative) until he had an epithany over a balona sandwich at a local homeless shelter.

    Food for thought… Redemption is a wonderful thing.


  77. Hey Politicus. Embedding ad videos in your articles so that I think they’re content with a commercial up front but in fact are nothing but a commercial is super lame. I make it a point not to go to websites that deliberately try to trick me into watching ads.

  78. Fox hasn’t owner DIRECTV since 2007. I work for DIRECTV. Its less about a rght wing conspiracy and more about building packages that will have the widest appeal to consumers. If the ratings for MSNBC and FOX were flipped, our packages would reflect that.

    Personally, I hate the FOX v MSNBC comparison, one is a left leaning news networks that cares about journalistic integrity, the other is the propaganda machine of the far right wing that routinely reports false and misleading information and makes regular use of demagoguery.

    Fact check every word of Maddow and fact check every word of Hannity or Beck and behold the disparity. MSNBC is a left leaning slant on the truth. FOX is mostly outright mistruth.

  79. Did you know that the parent company of FOX NEWS that the 2nd biggest share holder is Saudia Arabia.
    Oddity, FOX always wants us to believe that Saudia’s did the 9/11 attacks.
    Al the media is hardcore zionist and taken over by country wreckers. None of the major media is worth watching or reading–pure garbage :^/

  80. As an expat, it never ceases to amaze me that the major Indonesian cable providers have Fox News in their standard lineups. I’ve also noticed this in Singapore hotels. I seriously doubt that the locals are tuning in to “Hannity’s America.”

  81. I just love all the, “If you don’t think the same things I do, you’re stupid, retarded and don’t deserve to live.” This country was founded on freedom. Americans should think anything they want and not be told, “WHY DON’T ALL YOU EVIL FUCKERS DIE A QUICK DEATH, OKAY?!!” because they believe differently than you.
    Now I’m firmly in the middle. Both parties are corrupt and flawed. Nothing much changes no matter who is voted in. It’s all just a big show to keep the masses entertained and occupied. (Which Stewart actually did a segment on not that long ago.)
    If you vote Dem, or Rep, you’re just saying you’re fine with the Oligarchy we currently live under. If you think the politicians are really as polarized as their constituents, you’re just deluding yourselves.

  82. Having worked in a news station, I tend to get my news from comedians. Really, I just trust them more. I know who they are and where they stand. Priority number one is to make me laugh, not convert me to their way of thinking. They don’t have to lie anywhere near as much to achieve that. They encourage looking it up and using your brain.

    Sure I watch Maddow (I think she’s very, very smart), and the occasional Olberman (a little over dramatic sometimes but he’s alright), but John and Stephen are my primary source. I watch the shows and then look up the stories online. If the anchors and writers and commentators don’t like it, maybe they should consider restoring their journalistic integrity. Maybe then I’ll give a damn about Fox “news”. On Daily Show and Colbert, The writing has less slant (or more obvious slant, slant isn’t a problem, HIDDEN slant is what you have to watch out for), and they hold no allegiance that they can’t change their minds on. There is no party or politician that they would follow even to Hell.

    And honestly…coming from a production standpoint, the quality of the shows are better. And being a woman, both of them are sexier than any man I’ve ever seen on Fox news. :)

  83. Hobz,

    Thank you for engaging in a rational discussion here. I was for both wars – I believe both were executed terribly and am in favor of getting out of Iraq, Japan, Germany and many other countries. I am undecided about Afghanistan but at some point soon we need to leave here as well.

    I believe the goal in Iraq was to spread democracy in the Middle East allowing Islamic extremists an alternative outlet for their voices/hostility. The concern is that within a few decades, any of these people could more easily pick up nuclear material and use it against the US or our allies. I realize this may seem crazy and in hindsight it has worked out poorly but perhaps democracy still has a chance of spreading there and we should hope it does.

    I agree though we are wasting billions on our military spending and should stop. If we can push a button here in the US and blow things up in a few minutes anywhere in the world, why do we need so many troops everywhere?

    Having said that, the stimulus was promised to keep unemployment under 8% – and you would imagine if you are a politician you would try to be conservative meaning the administration thought it would keep unemployment under 7.5%. It hasn’t worked and perhaps the reason is it still isn’t being spent. Check out this article:

    It is worth noting that taxes will rise dramatically next year on many people making $100k or more as the AMT will go from hitting a few million to 28 million people. So far there has been no call to adjust AMT for inflation like what has been done in other years. This is of course on top of massive healthcare increases because of Obamacare and other fee and tax increases.

    Point being you may have saved a few million jobs spending a few trillion dollars but the people who run small businesses are scared and are laying off and not hiring because they have no idea what their taxes or insurance costs will be next year. They do know they need to put lots more aside so they can pay their bills.

    This is the other side to the “stimulus worked” “created or saved” jobs argument.
    One final point here is that all of us commenters are on the same team and it is obvious some of us think the government is the solution to all our problems. The Bush administration wasn’t. Obama obviously isn’t. Ditto Frank, Pelosi and Reid.
    It seems time for a new approach.

    The only new approach we have – which makes logical sense is to decrease the size of the government and reduce taxes and regulations on the citizens and let them decide how to spend their own money and live their own lives.

  84. Fox is on my basic cable. But I have to pay more to get the lineup with MSNBC, so I watch it online. FOX can’t really claim they have bigger ratings if the deck is stacked against MSNBC by virtue of cable costs.

  85. Me too, and I also love Dylan Ratigan, and subscribe to The Young Turks…Go Cenk! Age 66…joints falling apart, but my brain still works, sharpened and educated by Thom Hartman podcasts.

  86. I noticed the same thing in the Philippines. In one hotel I stayed in the Philippines for a few month, the only completely English news station they had was Fox News, so that was my main source of news from the US for those months. I always wondered if any Filipinos watched it.

  87. I’m over 60 and my friends and I love Stewart. Perhaps his ‘older’ audience is vastly underestimated!

  88. @A-patriot

    Government is all we have. It’s not the best answer, but right now it’s the only answer. Who else do the American people have to look out for their interests?


    The ones that for years have sent jobs over seas?
    The ones that have put a price tag on an Americans life?
    The ones that have thrown away retirements?
    The ones that need bail outs because they don’t know how to run their business?

    You can’t blame corporate America for it’s actions, they are in it for the PROFIT only. At least with government we have a say in what happens. It may not be as much a “say” as we want, but it’s at least something. If we don’t like how the country is being run then change it. We VOTE.

    As you stated and as was also stated in the article, the projects that were outlined were only now getting started. The stimulus wasn’t meant to be spent in a single year. Were the predictions by the Obama administration a little ambitious concerning unemployment? I think so.

    But the question begs, what would it have been if there hadn’t been a stimulus plan? I think a lot worse than it is now.

    Has the stimulus helped? Yes, I think it has. If anything it has put us in a holding pattern. This will be much easier for this country to land than to have it all come crashing down and trying to look for survivors.

    On a side note. I work for a company that employees about 500 people in a medium sized city on the east coast. My company makes widgets that are usually used in machines used to makes other widgets and in transportation and power generation. As the economy recovers, my company would be the last to see profit levels return to the days before the recession.

    However, by the end of September, we will have done better than what we did last year. By the end of September, we will have met out budget projections for the year. By the end of 2010, we will have blown away our best year ever. Next year we plan on hiring 60 people to help with the increase in business. Has the stimulus helped my company? I think it has.

  89. It bothers me deeply that a hard right Australian billionaire has been able to hijack and control media operations worldwide. Murdoch is a menace to democracy, and his empire needs to be broken up for the sake of the nation.

    Our anti-trust laws need to me changed and enforced to insure such a takeover and monopoly cannot happen.

    But I am just an old hippy, so who cares really…

  90. I do not think that MSNBC is left so much as the tendency of the truth to be supportive of left leaning positions.

  91. you can’t argue with a closed mind, as most Fox viewers have very closed minds, just like Archie Bunker. in fact, i think of Archie Bunker as the typical Fox viewer.

    stuck in the pre Civil Rights era.

    and if they think that way, they are stupidly choosing to stay ignorant. my opinion doesn’t change the fact they are stupid and ignorant. Facts are facts, which the Right likes to dismiss cause facts prove the Right wrong almost everytime.

    sad to be at the mercy of such hate filled, jealous, bigoted mindsets.

    i am not going to buy their lies, never have, never will. i actually like to think, get as much info as possible to make a decision.

    the right is like Archie Bunker, if the facts don’t fit their “mindset”, then facts are useless and “liberal”.

    some things never change, like stupidity, ignorance and hatred. i don’t like hatred stupidity and ignorance. So i made my choices to be educated and that leaves the Right wing Archie Bunkers stuck in the past filled with their hatred bigotry and ignorance.

    shine the light, open your mind and adapt to the facts. as they say, “truth has a liberal bias.” so yes i am biased, by the truth.

  92. Jon lived next store to my parents house in Springfield and have met him a few time. He is a sharp guy and very funny. I hope he kicks but!

  93. Yes the world is screwed up ….No your parents did not do it..No.. my parents didn’t either…Our country hit the ground running and each and every generation has inherited the problems of the one before…AND….in true form and arrogance of youth..we have ALL at one time or another said exactly that ..that we can fix the problems….In an ideal world I would love to think that will happen.. Sadly,,, for each problem solved there are 5 created…….it is an never-ending cycle….dont wait to “come into your own”….start now in small steps that hopefully will grow into something bigger

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