Beck and Limbaugh Blame Inez Sainz for Being Sexually Harassed

Ines Sainz

With the news that the NFL is investigating a claim by TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz that she was sexually harassed by members of the NY Jets organization, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have both weighed in and decided that Sainz deserved because of the shirt she wore and according to Limbaugh she is,”bootylicious.”

Here is the audio of Beck’s blame the victim routine via Media Matters:

While laughing Beck said, “This is a TV sports reporter. I’ve never seen a woman wear a shirt like that that covered less.” Beck and crew went on to claim that she is engaging in a publicity stunt. “Here’s the thing about this woman this is clearly a publicity stunt….You know what’s really amazing is last week we were played for this whole nonsense of the Quran burning, and it was a publicity stunt, that’s all it was, and this week the media is playing this chick.”

Later in the day, Limbaugh upped the sexist ante via Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “Inez Sainz former Miss Spain knows full well. She sees it in the mirror. She knows how she looks, furthermore, whatever else she knows, Inez Sainz knows what she is and does that attracts men. She knows that she has an ass-et. Depending on what part of the country you’re from, boobalicious, bootylicious she got it. She is making no attempt to downplay it or hide it none what so ever, because she wants access for her job. She wants to interview Mark Sanchez….and like every other reporter on the face of the Earth, she wants access. She works for Azteca TV. She doesn’t care to interview Rex Ryan. She wants to talk to Mark Sanchez. Well , he’s only the starting quarterback. Everybody wants to talk to Mark Sanchez. He’s the starting quarterback, so how does she get access? Well, she is Inez Sainz, so Inez Sainz does what I think she is born knowing to do, but she’s even been trained further.”

In some ways the blame the victim because she is a beautiful woman stance of Beck and Limbaugh is nothing more than a reflection on long held conservative sexist attitudes. Many conservatives don’t even consider sexual harassment to be real. The blog The Stir recently pointed out that female journalists have long been subjected to sexual harassment in the locker room, and even though the NFL passed a rule in 1985 which granted equal access to all reporters regardless of gender, claims of sexual harassment have continued. The issue may be under reported because just as in society as a whole, any female journalists who do complain are often under immediate pressure to recant, because pursuing their complaints can often cost them access in the case of journalists, and their jobs.

While Sainz’s claims are still under investigation, the attitudes of Republican opinion leaders like Beck and Limbaugh are big, loud, ominous signal that despite the fact that the GOP has tried to dress themselves in the words of a redefined conservative feminism, and “Mama Grizzlies” their views on issues that are important to women remain the same. This is still a party that wants to tell women what to do with their bodies, does not think that they should get equal pay for equal work, and believes that when a woman gets sexually harassed or raped it was her own fault.

Don’t be fooled by the dressed up women pretending to be the face of the “new” Republican Party. Mama Grizzlies are nothing more than a continuation of the 2008 Sarah Palin strategy which emphasizes the belief that women are stupid, and they will vote for another woman strictly based on gender. If a Mama Grizzly is spouting the same old anti-woman talking points, she is not a new brand of feminism. She is simply a woman who is selling out her own gender in exchange for fame, money, and power.

It feels ridiculous to even have to point this out, but if Miss Sainz was sexually harassed, she did nothing to deserve it. Women have the right to practice any profession in an environment free of discrimination and harassment. At least women still have that right today, but may not in the future if Republicans who hold the Beck and Limbaugh mindset regain control of the levers of American political power. Remember, when conservatives talk about taking their country back, they also often mean taking women’s rights back to the 19th Century.

12 Replies to “Beck and Limbaugh Blame Inez Sainz for Being Sexually Harassed”

  1. Gosh, have these boys checked out how Palin dressed during the campaign or how the Fox News girls dress? Do they deserve to be harassed as well? Or, would that be “sexism” to comment on Palin’s thigh high skirt at a Memorial Day event or any of the Fox News girls who wear sleeveless plunging dresses and sit so the camera can see their legs? If anyone is selling women as a commodity, it’s the GOP, so these boys oughta know.

    But not all women play that game, boys. And this is the problem with using Palin as a beacon of “feminism”. Furthermore, it is irrelevant what she was wearing. Those men are wearing nothing but towels — does that mean they want their penis chopped off? Just asking. LOL. Carry on with FemiNazi accusations now.

  2. Anyone with sense knows that sexual harrassment involves persistent and unwelcome advances that the victim did nothing to encourage. It’s especially egregious when it’s done by someone who is in a position to affect the victim’s livelihood and/or career advancement prospects. Whatever she was wearing gives no one the right to force his attentions on her.

    Despite all the attempts of the far right to depict Palin as emblematic of conservative “feminism,” she is a throwback to the very things that the women’s rights movement was designed to overcome. She has basically gotten by on her looks and no substance. In addition, neanderthals like Limbaugh and Beck have given her a pass, because she conforms to their regressive views of what femininity should be about. Those regressive views also prevent them from understanding how harmful sexual harrassment can be. Men with their attitudes have also victimized rape victims, who have had to endure the added victimization of being blamed for the crime against them. This episode represents another harbinger of what we are in for if the Party of No, which is dominated by the hard right, ever regains dominance in politics.

  3. I wanna see palin stand up and speak for this woman and denounce sickbeck and digustinglimbak! CRICKETS.. THAT will never happen! Disgusting repub party of men and dumb women who don’t mind being labeled dumb if it pleases their male kkk superiors. What airheaded morons palin and her ilk are. You have to be a woman first to be a feminist!

  4. That is SO not what Limbaugh was saying. Way to take someone out of context, you ass. He was saying that INES SAINZ WAS NOT OFFENDED. In fact, if you weren’t a festering puddle of cat sick, you would have finished Limbaugh’s thought, “Another woman about whom we are just today learning witnesses the result of Ines trying to get noticed which she succeeded at doing, and the other woman (whose looks we have not been informed of) becomes Ms. Pot-stirrer. “Ines, you can’t let that happen!”” THE WOMAN DOING THE COMPLAINING PROBABLY DID SO BECAUSE INES SAINZ SCOOPED HER AND SHE JUST COULDN’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

    Full transcript here:

    Do us all a favor, put down your pen and go flip burgers at your favorite burger joint for a living.

  5. These guys are pinheaded barbarians. Not at all surprised they went for the lowest common denominator.

  6. You are so compelling when you swear and call names
    You don’t need to say anymore we get that you are teabagger.

  7. Sorry, even though it makes me throw up a little in my mouth, after seeing a dozen photos of her “on the job” I have to agree with Beck and Limbaugh on this one. She does not dress like a professional, she dresses like a slut. So they treat her like one. If you wear jeans so tight they look painted on, expect people to make comments about your ass. It’s simple logic. Cause and effect.

    Next you’re going to tell me you’re offended that people pay a lot of attention to Christina Hendrick’s chest. If you put it on display…

  8. Sarah, you took the words right out of my mouth. There is no difference between how Ms. Sainz dresses and how the women on fox dress, but God knows that if one of them cried sexual harassment, Beck and Rush would jump at the chance to condemn the accused. They’re just a bunch of hypocritical windbags with absolutely nothing to contribute to civilized society.

  9. the worse person in the world Inez Sainz quote Mr Olbermaniac. its pretty bad when 1 of the liberal elite bashes what Sainz was wearing. Now go and bash Keithy boy….my bad he gets a free pass cause he is a liberal.
    Let me guess the critics of this site would like for everyone to dress like Madcow…if this happens than she wouldn’t have anybody to look at either, lol.
    Also maybe MSNBC and the other liberal biased media outlet should take note and fire their dawgs and hire some intelligent eye candy…maybe there ratings will go up…somehow I don’t think that would help.

  10. Can’t believe it but I agree with Rush and Beck on this one. She knew exactly what she was doing and the response and twittering and TV appearances were exactly what she wanted.

    Palin and the Faux women DO NOT dress like that either.

  11. You obviously didn’t read what I said.

    Rush was misquoted COMPLETELY. I am not a teabagger, and I’m not a dittohead, I’m a libertarian, so I don’t always agree with Rush, but he’s dead right on this one.

    I tend to get a little pissy when someone misquotes someone else in such a libelous manner, so you’ll forgive the language. Jason Easley has done a wrong that is 1,000 times worse than any one else in this story — yellow journalism.

  12. I’m going to have to agree with Rush and Beck on this one also. Sexism does happen in real life and yes it is wrong, but Inez Sainz knew full well that she has a beautiful body. From a low resolution picture looking at what she was wearing did cover her body, but not appropriately. FOR GODS SAKE YOU FEMINISTS! It looks like this is painted on her! I can see the definition of her ass perfectly!!! Don’t compare her to Sarah Palin, she is over 50 years old, she can be my grandmother. She is not pretty, she doesn’t flaunt her ass in your face. Also she said she wasn’t offended! It was our american news that spun it way out of proportion. No one was groping her or saying they would fuck her ass to her face. They hooted when she walked into a room with a bunch of naked jocks with only towels covering them. This is nothing unusual to her, its her job. If she was a weak willed women she could never do what she does. In fact she is a talented reporter and she knows what to do to get ahead of the other reporters. I admire her bravery for being so bold. You weak willed feminists defending her are a disgrace to women everywhere, not every woman needs your help some are strong enough to do what needs to be done like Inez Sainz. On a further note Sarah Jones is an idiot. I mean do they want their penis chopped off cause their wearing towels? I know this is a joke but…. really what the fuck is that supposed to mean. The players minding their own business taking a shower after a game, she shouldn’t be in the men’s locker room in the first place she is embarrassed because she is with a bunch of naked men. If she didn’t want the attention she’d wear baggier clothes, but i bet she doesnt want to hide her butt implants or boob job. <– kinda wrong of me to assume she had one….

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