Sarah Palin Goes Wasilla Thug on Karl Rove

Palin Rears Head from Facebook Bunker to Fight Rove

So, it seems Sarah Palin is doing something liberals can be happy about for once. Palin went all Tea Party gangsta on Karl Rove for Rove’s accurate analysis of the threat O’Donnell poses the GOP’s big dreams of taking the Senate back this fall. Yes, tonight on the The O’Reilly Factor, Palin called Karl out, issuing a few body blows to the Great White Thug in round one of the battle for the helm of the GOP. I tell ya’, for all the money in the world, did you think it was gonna get this good?

This here is some Palin crazy with cherries on top. Palin’s winks against Bush’s brain: an epic battle of immoral conservatism as it goes from the less than cultured ranks. Expect dirt and lots of it.

Here’s the video courtesy of Media Matters:

September 15 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor:

O’Reilly: What do you think about Mr Rove’s comments?
Palin: Well, it wouldn’t be prudent for me, either, to get into a tussle with Karl Rove, but what the heck, let’s go ahead and do it.

(This is Palin’s MO. If you thought she loved this country too much to run for President, I’m sorry to tell you that this, more than anything else, tells me she is. She loves to position herself publicly against a “good old boy”, taking what the press will call a huge risk to her career, branding herself a spunky courageous gal unafraid of the machine, and willing to sacrifice her career for the good of the country….Alaskans know of what I speak. This is a Ruederich redoux.)

Palin: If these good old boys, and I have nothing against Karl Rove personally (she certainly borrows enough of his tactics), he’s the “expert” but some of these folks, they are saying that people like Christine O’Donnell and others, the Tea Party Americans, can’t win because they don’t want them to win, because they know that a Christine O’Donnell, a Joe Miller from Alaska, in gubernatorial races Susannah Martinez, Nikki Haley, these folks are gonna shake it up and do what’s right for America —

O’Reilly: Okay, I –

Palin: –Not necessarily what’s better for a political party machine!

O’Reilly: But I have to get a little more specificity from you. (Oh, dear, Bill. Really, who did you think you were interviewing here? You’re lucky she came out from her Facebook bunker, buddy and you best be nice or she’s gonna talk trash about your manhood!)
Karl Rove is a very conservative guy (that’s one way of putting it).

Across the board he’s a conservative Republican. And he’s engineered a lot of victories for the GOP (along with some Diebold help and dynasty related relatives in Florida). It doesn’t seem to me that his value system is all that different from Christine O’Donnell’s value system (OK, I had no idea either of them had a value system; this is great news). Or yours, for example (ditto). I think you and Karl Rove and Christine O’Donnell pretty much in the same sphere (America does, too, Bill).

What Rove is so afraid of is that Miss O’Donnell is so inexperienced and not able to make her points in a way that will persuade the independents in Delaware, which absolutely have to vote for her, so she CAN’T win, whereas a moderate candidate that Rove perhaps wanted in Delaware could win. Don’t you see any validity in that?

Palin: I don’t buy that at all.(Reality and Palin divorced so long ago, Bill, back when Palin was admiring that bastion of fashion, Ivana Trump, and wishin’ she could get her hair that high…) I think that some of those in the hierarchy of the political machine on both sides of the aisle they are very much into control and titles and egos and everything else (speaking of which, call her Governor and also, too, Palin is the leader of the GOP, not Karl Rove…just sayin’) and I’m not saying that again personally about Karl Rove but I think that’s in the hierarchy of the political machine. No, what Christine O’Donnell represents is not an extreme position when she just wants a smaller, smarter government and state’s rights–

O’Reilly: No, it’s not you and she and Rove are simpatico as I said —

Palin: (Don’t interrupt me, Bill, unless you want to hear from my cult again) That those Tea Party Americans are — Right right

O’Reilly: Rove is worried about hard knocks of campaigning. Look, Ms O’Donnell could be on here tonight, could be presenting herself in front of the nation, her people don’t want her to–

Palin: I grant you that. No, I grant you that. She’s gonna have to learn very quickly to dismiss what her handlers want. Remember what happened to me in the VP, remember I used to have sneak in, to make my phone calls, to say hey —

O’Reilly:— I know, I remember getting a call from you at 11 o’clock on a Sunday night, I thought it was a prank call but it was you (or President Sarkowzy) -I know, I know exactly —

Palin: She’s gonna have to learn that quickly, go with her gut, get out there, speak to the American people, speak through fox news and let the….speak to the independents who are tuning in to you (see, now, this is the kinda statement that Karl would never make ‘cuz, you know, independents aren’t watching Fox. No, really.), let them know what it is that she stands for, the principles behind her positions (not her actions).

O’Reilly: Ok.

So there it is, kids. Palin recommending her media strategy of hiding behind Fox to her protege, while also using Karl Rove as the strawman against whom she can position herself as the “outsider”. Sarah Palin callin’ out Karl Rove as one of those good old boys more concerned about titles and egos — something Palin knows tons about. Karl is probably wondering how this gnat he thought was his puppet got so feisty, to which I can only say, I read the vetting material, Karl. Did you?

If Palin has nothing but raw hubris, she’s got tons of it. She’s gambling her popularity with the Tea Party and the evangelical base against the power behind the political machine. She is the Great Divider, as always. Have at it, boys. You made it.

The question I would be asking myself if I were a GOP good old boy is, will it be I who is sacrificed at the altar of Palin’s political ambitions?

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