On Jon Stewart Bill Clinton Calls Out the Tea Party


Bill Clinton hangs out with Jon Stewart

In an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show former President Bill Clinton explained and broke down the true purpose of the Tea Party. Clinton said that Tea Partiers are pawns in a game and, “The people that are funding this Tea Party are trying to weaken the government… so that they can have unaccountable private power.”

Here is the video via The Daily Show:

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Former President Clinton was talking about voter anger and the political climate this year, when he discussed the Tea Party and called their followers pawns in a larger game. Clinton said, “If this election is about voter anger, which I’ve already said is legitimate. Like even a lot of those Tea Party people, I mean the folks that are following. I don’t mean the leaders. They think. They’re mad at everybody. Their mad at the big corporations, they’re mad at the big banks, they’re mad at big government, they think the little guy gets the shaft, and that’s largely been true, but they are pawns in a larger game, because what the Boston Tea Party was about, it was a protest against abuse of government power. What this Tea Party, the people that are funding this Tea Party are trying to weaken the government, at a moment when people are queasy about the government, because there was nobody else to step in when the economy was flat, so that they can have unaccountable private power.”

While explaining why healthcare reform is important to the economy, Clinton explained why being against healthcare reform actually leads to more socialized medicine, because it allows health insurance companies to continue dumping the uninsurable on the government. Clinton said, “Last year, 2009, in the depth of this recession, health insurance premiums went up again a lot, and they said well, everybody’s sicker we gotta do it. Yeah, everybody’s sicker, and they keep dumping people and the government has to keep up more. The more they rail about the government taking over healthcare. The more they throw people on to Medicaid or the children’s health program.”

What Clinton described is exactly what the Republican Party and its corporate benefactors have a history of doing to the Right’s activist base. Tea Partiers are being used. They are pawns in a game which is designed to weaken the federal government’s regulatory authority, because fewer regulations mean the ability to cut corners and reduce costs, which leads to increased profits. The Tea Partiers don’t get it. They have been ginned up not to do battle over the size of the government, but to empower the special interests.

The top Tea Party funders are corporate interests or wealthy individuals. Americans for Prosperity is funded by Koch Family Foundation, which is funded by the Koch brothers. The Kochs and Richard Mellon Scaife are the big money behind Freedom Works, but each of this big corporate right wing funders can deny directly funding these operations, because conveniently enough, they use family foundations to keep the cash flowing. The Koch brothers use the Koch Family Foundation and the Claude R. Lamb Foundation to put distance between themselves and the money, and Richard Mellon Scaife uses the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation for his efforts. Interestingly both Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity are run by corporate lobbyists, not average Americans.

The Tea Partiers are not fighting for freedom. They are fighting for to corporations the ability to pollute as much as they want. They are fighting for companies to produce unsafe products and not be held accountable. They are fighting for the health insurance industry to be able to arbitrarily deny the Tea Partiers themselves treatment and coverage. They are fighting to help create an America that is less safe for them at work and at home. Their emotions and anger are being redirected and exploited, and even though Bill Clinton was right in everything that he said, the Tea Partiers will pay no attention to him because they have been conditioned by Fox News to only believe Fox News.

By it’s design the Tea Party is not about freedom. Their movement is nothing more than the latest struggle in the epic tug of war between freedom and capitalism. The Right has done a great job in convincing many Americans that freedom equals capitalism, but unfettered capitalism by its nature infringes on our to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If the people behind the Tea Party are successful government won’t get smaller, because as Bill Clinton pointed out, the real Tea Party goal is not to shrink government but to weaken it, which means that the Tea Partiers are unwittingly battling against liberty, patriotism, freedom. Who could have guessed even five years ago, that the biggest threats to American freedom are not Islamic extremists, but a bunch of our fellow Americans running around with tea bags on their heads?

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  1. The tea party may be mad at the corporations but they are opening the way to corporate rule by defeating the power of the government, that is very true. You never hear real policy from them, you hear we are mad. And thats enough to keep the people moving in line.

    Clinton’s explanation of the health care problems is one all tea bags should listen to. Entirely factual. The providers have already raised their rates this year several times.

  2. The anger of the Tea Partiers is misplaced, and they are unwittingly voting against their own best interests. I must say that the Koch brothers and others are great at deluding these people into directing their legitimate anger away from folks like them. While they complain about big government, and carry signs telling the government not to touch their social security or Medicare (government-funded by the way), they are being led like lambs to the slaughter by these wolves in sheep’s clothing who couldn’t care less about them.

  3. Both parties and those special interest that drive them are criminal! They will all have to answer to God one day. Your no better then they are Bill. You have your own agenda as well.

    It’s the middle class that is stuck to pay the bill. The two party system is a failure. Republicans for the wealthy and the Democrat’s for the poor. Their is no party to represent those paying the bill in this country.

    Last but not least every great nation runs their course of greatness and we are at the end of ours.

  4. President Clinton is a shining example what it means to have a rude abundance of intelligence. He communicates his ideas clearly, persuasively and he goes to the core of the problem. He does not struggle with the language, he hardly ever says “erhm”, he builds his argument like a cathedral.

    Every time I hear the man talking it feels like a privilege. I’m shy and reluctant to admire politicians in general but if I ever did he would be someone who would easily persuade me to do that.

  5. if he funds by the same funding source, why the hell it sound 180 degree from tea party? all the same you said? yeah politicians are the same but what make them different is their views on going forward…

  6. Tracy,
    The rich 1% of this country pay over 94% of the taxes, and if you think this country is at the end of its greatness, how can you not look forward to coming elections for hope to change its course of greatness?

  7. I feel sorry that you haven’t realized that if you’re not rich then you’re poor. That’s how it works. You may have a house and a car, but you don’t have an exuberant amount of money. You’re not going to be treated like you’re rich or make a difference in this country until you are.

  8. Give me a break. The Dems and Repubs are funded by the same corporate/banking powers. Don’t take my word for it and follow the money trails. They are all pawns. Wake up people. The answer is not in government.

  9. Holy cow is this off the mark. The tea party wants to return to constitutional government.

    Clinton pointed out -…” the Boston Tea Party was about, it was a protest against abuse of government power.” Well Mr. Clinton, this tea party is a protest against the *expansion* of government power (unconstitutional expansion). Get it?

    No, we’re not against health care. We’re against unconstitutional federal power and control of health care. No, we’re not controlled and played as pawns. We’re decentralized but energetic groups which generate a tremendous amount of our money through small grassroots efforts and successful moneybombs. No, we do not think there is a struggle between freedom and capitalism. Rather, there is a struggle between freedom and the government, and we the people are pushing back. Finally, no it’s not time to criticize capitalism, as it is what allowed America to blossom in the first place! And no, none of us are for unfettered anarchy with businesses constrained by no laws, but we recognize that unwise government intervention in many areas of our markets have had negative and unintended consequences.

    We seek to constrain our government by the shackles of the Constitution, the way it was meant to be, we seek Constitutional wars, we seek Constitutional, not progressive taxes, we seek protected borders, and we seek a government that cherishes it’s rights and obligations to ensure our personal liberty and freedom. We seek a federal government that recognizes it’s limitations in authority and concedes (respects) the authority of the States.

    Sad that such goals are considered “extreme” by some, as it shows just how far we have ventured off our intended path. The good news is that America is awakening, we have multiple leaders at the local, state, and federal levels who are committed to our return to Constitutionalism, and we have tremendous momentum.

  10. What an intellectually dishonest pile of tripe. I won’t even bother to respond since the progressives just hear what they want to hear, making up reality to suit them along the way.

  11. If they were all pawns then they would all say exactly the same things and not disagree and work at cross purposes, or they would be awful useless pawns now wouldn’t they?

    Your cynicism is not based on reality.

  12. So you won’t respond, but you do.

    That sounds like you are unable to respond rationally and need to play games instead. How about you just express and opinion and back it up with a little reasoning, maybe a few citations for your facts? I imagine that anyone who had the ability to back up their opinions clearly would just do it instead of playing mind games.

  13. You have to hand it to Bill… He is right again about the vast right wing conspiracy just like he was right the last time it happened regarding the Lewinsky scandal.

    Maybe we are being manipulated by corporations but right now we are being manipulated by fast-talking scumbag politicians who are Republicans and Democrats.

    Very soon the entire establishment will have to work for a living in the private sector and we will have true representatives of the people in office.

    And believe me, the corporations benefitting from crony capitalism are going to be in serious trouble.

    And to suggest a movement looking to end crony capitalism is being led or funded by corporations is as silly as having a debate about the meaning of “is”.

  14. Thank you Chris for summing it up so well. Isn’t it shocking that something so simple as following the constitution and returning to core values which made this country so great scares so many? It reminds us just how far we’ve strayed.

  15. Because people don’t take to the streets until their pocketbooks are affected. The American Revolution didn’t start because we couldn’t get representation in Parliament, it started because people started feeling the effect of government on their wallets.

    It’s the same thing here, people are fine and quiet so long as you feed and entertain them. However, when the economy started to tank, the middle class started feeling pinched and became restless.

    The Tea Party is a powerful movement, although it is somewhat misdirected. It is certainly in danger of being lassoed by the dying GOP into a new voting bloc, but hopefully the movement will stay true to its honest and limited intentions of moderating the government and increasing liberty.

    I love my country. I pray that our whole nation rises up to proclaim liberty over comfort. Only then can we each live as we think best.

  16. If you don’t want progressive taxes then you don’t want a middle class, nothing but rich and poor. The economics of that are well understood, at least by those with an education in the relevant subjects.

  17. The funding for several of the Tea Party groups has been proven to be corporate. You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. Dick Armey is not a grassroots guy. The Koch brothers are not grassroots. Dig into the actual funding and don’t pretend it isn’t happening.

  18. Crony capitalism depends on corporations to pay off members of political parties in turn for favorable treatment – to deny this is the case would be crazy. We hope that the politicians we elect will be more loyal to principles than companies.

    Having said that, everyone sees the passion and enthusiasm of tea party members on display all over the US. There has never been a larger grassroots movement in my lifetime in this country.

    Remember, these people were called Astroturf by Pelosi and that was wrong. Then others called them racists. That was wrong. Then violent. Wrong again.

    The Tea party is simply a group of people with little in common except they are fed up with the system of corrupt and lying politicians. We are simply looking for leaders to uphold our constitutional values, shrink government and be honest with us.

  19. Let me chime in. Right now the US lower and middle class are losing their jobs to countries with lower standards of living, less regulations and subsequently lower corporate costs.

    In addition to going to a flat tax where everyone pays in, it makes sense to reduce regulations and lawsuits – not eliminate them but reduce them to make the US more competitive.

    One of the reasons to do this is because corporations are actually penalized for hiring the workers in the US with suffocating taxes, fees and regulations.

    In other words, as government grows, it costs employers more and that money comes out of the pockets of the workers.

    The system needs to be reworked to bring jobs back to the US and moreover there needs to be more emphasis placed on reeducating our workforce to make it competitive.

  20. As quoted above:
    “The Right has done a great job in convincing many Americans that freedom equals capitalism, but unfettered capitalism by its nature infringes on our to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Unfettered capitalism should have brought failure to many of the global banks but the all powerful state stepped in. Thank you stimulus package. “There would be martial law on the streets” is what the bankers threatened congress. The nature of capitalism is periods of instability and pain and yes even death. Why can’t these libs (socialists) wake up to the reality of the natural order? The natural order is we the people want to be free from intrusive big government. Government please allow this: Corporations should be allowed to fail when problems come their way. Stop being a damn superman hero our Saviour Mr. Government man.

    It isn’t capitalism that infringes on our freedom it is corporate crony socialism. Control has always been the key to these money hungry elitists. And slick Willy has always been their good spokesman.

  21. Keep up the lies, libs. We’re coming to get ya Nov. 4th.

    Corporations aren’t the enemy…they are the Gods of the modern day. They put food on our tables and give us health care. Stop biting the hand that feeds, fools.

  22. Clinton may be persuasive, but his arguments fall apart pretty quickly. For starters, the thing that Tea Partiers are most angry about is having to pay for people who are not pulling their own weight. There will always be people in society who are in need of public assistance such as the disabled, the mentally handicapped, and people who TEMPORARILY fall on hard times. I don’t think that americans have a problem with providing assistance to the truly needy, but we have an ever growing percentage of the population who are literally supported by the government ( the taxpayer ), and who have no intention or incentive to support themselves. Hard working people are seeing more and more of their money disapearing from their paychecks in order to fund democratic social programs for people who will be on them for years. The government’s job is to create an enviornment that helps and encourages people to take care of themselves, it is not the job of the government’s job to take money from those who earn it and disperse it to those who don’t just to keep things “fair”. That is the true meaning and result of Redistribution of Wealth. Members of the Tea Pary are no more pawns than individuals who continue to vote democrat across the board because they have become so dependent on social programs that they could not possibly afford to live without them. By fostering this dependence, democrates know that they will not only continue to be voted in, but more and more money will be taken in in the form of taxed to be spent as the govenrnment sees fit, with little public oversight or say so. Dependence is slavery, and socialism is total dependence on the government to ” take care of you”. The new hearthcare plan is a prime example of this. Our current administration would like us all to believe that there is no way to make healthcare affordable, so we all have to be required by law to have health insurance so that healthy people paying in to the system will be paying for the unhealthy who actually use the services. For starters, if insurance companies were forced to compete with each other across state lines, it would break up the monopoly they now hold and they would be forced to lower their prices in order to compete not only for the individual’s health coverage, but for medical practitioners insurance as well, which accounts for a great deal of the expense of medical procedures. This would result in cheaper insurance rates for the individual, and for the doctor treating them allowing these astronomical prices to come down. For those who simply cannot afford health insurance? Yes, there should be programs to help them, but the healthy should not be required by law to pay for the sick in the UNREASONABLE and UNFAIR way. For those who disagree with me, I am currrently uninsured because I am unable to afford it. If you think that we all should be forced to chip in to pay for those who can not afford it then just post your email and I will tell you where to send me the check so that I can pay for my coverage. I am so bothered by what president Clinton says in this article that I could go on forever, but it breaks my heart that so many would forfeit their freedom in order to be supported by the government. In short, in any “ism” there will be people out to grab as much power for themselves as possible at the expense of the people. That is part of human nature and will never change, but REGULATED capatalism not only works, but is the system that fosters the most freedom for the individual out of any other system. It is also the system that requires the most personal responsibility. We have a responsibility as American citizens to carry our own weight, and by doing so we guarantee our own liberty. If you disagree with me, which is your right, please read The Road to Serfdom, and watch the fantastic DVD set Commanding Heights. Democrates hearts are often times in the right place, they just have to remember to be generous with what they themselves have earned, and not so generous with what others have earned.

  23. Teapartiers don’t know the first thing about the constitution..they are mostly people with very low intelligence who are fooled by cliches and Sarah Palin. The most recent example of course is their opposition to a Islamic center in NYC–I won’t waste my breath explaining how amazingly stupid those t’baggers’ arguments are.

  24. Chris if you are half as eloquent in-person as you are with the written word you should run for office. You have summed up not only the problems but hinted at the solutions.

    Another way to say it simply (please hold as I ask for my corporate sponsor for their opinion ;-) ) is we need to <b? stop giving the men fish and go back to teaching them to fish.

  25. “Who could have guessed even five years ago, that the biggest threats to American freedom are not Islamic extremists, but a bunch of our fellow Americans running around with tea bags on their heads?”

    The answer is ‘the rest of the world.’ We’ve known for years.

  26. Some of this is entirely predictable. When firmly held political beliefs are challenged countervailing facts, people are likely to attach themselves to any other explanation for their problems. While it’s easy to dismiss this movement as racist or whatever because they tend to be older and white (and have some clearly racists elements in their midst) in reality they are just scared and being exploited by powerful people with no morals. We’re not going to wake them up by calling them stupid, but we can help point out that their rallies and messages are carefully crafted by corporate lobbyists.

  27. Corporations are only this powerful because of the government.
    Clinton makes a good argument for those that don’t know what the real deal is.

    Thanks Slick Willy, but no thanks.

  28. that’s a race to the bottom you don’t want to compete like that. You’re basically wanting to give corporations what they truly want. No regulation. PLus we have loosened up regulations a lot in the US. MY God I remember standards being a lot higher in the 90s than I do today.

  29. Beyond the fact that the Tea Party has been ginned up with Right Wing GOP money and resources since BEFORE it’s inception, are you so young that you don’t remember the Civil Rights Movement?

    ” There has never been a larger grassroots movement in my lifetime in this country.”

  30. Just how fat and comfortable have you become worshipping your Gods, TB4L? Are you as rich as they are? Do you think they’re better people than you or work harder than you? C’mon now – have some self esteem.

  31. @idiot Wow, way to throw out meaningless numbers and out right lies. To top it off you insult someone with a juvenile tactic such as using a name that’s only funny to you and your right hand. If you represent what these upcoming elections are about, then I’m definitely voting the other way.

  32. Just a quick comment – you say in your comment that ‘socialism is total dependence on the government to ” take care of you”.’

    I would just like to point out that this actually describes a particular *flavor* of socialism, usually referred to as Communism, or sometimes Marxism or Stalinism, depending on the specifics.

    Socialism is at it’s core a system wherein the workers control the Capital, instead of it being in the hands of a privileged few. So a system where individuals were not allowed to own more than a set (and low) percentage of any given corporation, and also required you to be employed by any corporation you own stock in, would also be Socialist in nature – since if you play by those rules, only the workers of a given company would be allowed to own that company, and no large corporations would be owned exclusively or mostly by individuals or families (in other words we’d be getting rid of the Rupert Murdochs and Ted Turners and other individual holders of massive wealth).

    Not saying I support such a system (though I find it intriguing at least) just providing it as an example of a system that would technically be Socialist, but could easily operate not only under our current system of democratic republican (notice the intentional lowercase d & r) government, but even without much alteration of our current system of law. Indeed, such companies do currently exist, and the employees are generally pretty happy.

  33. If that is the case, then answer this.

    If the taxes are allowed to expire for the rich, the government takes in an extra 770 billion they wouldn’t have had to borrow.

    If they let all the taxes expire they take in an extra 3.9 trillion they wouldn’t have had to borrow.

    You do the math

  34. Actually Bone its much more than that. They are the extreme religious right to a degree, and worse, they cant tell you how the government ISNT following the constitution.

    Tea party memebers are bought and sold people owned by the Koch Brothers. They just dont know it.

  35. So its your take that everyone in the US could be working right? Take a better look around

    You dont give up any freedom to help others in your country, becuase the welfare and ability of the country welfare makes America what it is. You are not giving up anything to make this country what it is.

    You might be better served living on a desert island.

  36. I understand not agreeing with his argument or his point of view… but do you have to give him such a degrading nickname? “Slick Willy”? Passive aggressive is still aggressive.

  37. I understand not agreeing with his argument or his point of view… but do you have to give him such a degrading nickname? “Slick Willy”? Passive aggressive is still aggressive.

  38. Tea Partiers make no comment on this other than to state the fact that there already was a Mosque in the WTC and it was blown up like how the media is blowing this story up.

  39. As a Tea Partier and an elected Precinct Committe Person of my district, I can assure you that religion has nothing to do with our simple platform of following the Constitution.

  40. As a Floradian, I believe ‘High speed rail’ will boost Florida economy and give florida more exposure to other cities

  41. Just wondering why our former, impeached President Clinton has to try to explain to his followers what the Tea Party is really about? Anybody who wants to listen to the Tea Party and conservative candidates can easily find out what they stand for. Limited government power, particularly in the case of tone deaf, abusive and indifferent governments and regimes, is a basic protection against governmental intrusion or infringement of our inalienable rights, i.e., those rights that Jefferson himself described as off-limits to any government on earth. Come on Mr. Clinton, even your administration realized that health care reform was too expensive when we had a surplus! Stop the spin and fearmongering. You only show how out of touch you and your cronies are with the average American.

  42. After reading these comments, I would have to side with Clinton and the P’s/L’s – just seems like common sense to me… Plus, I still dont quite ‘get’ what the teabaggers are talking about here – seems pretty emotional and angry – and I just dont trust that kind of thinking… on any subject.

  43. WOW! I am disgusted by the number of propaganda laden comments I just had to cut through to get to the bottom of the page. Luckily, it’s easy to spot the trollers because I had to weed through childish insults, bullying, finger pointing, and lies fueled with projection. I don’t trust any party that is funded by anything other than the $ raised through civilian donations. The Tea Party movement sounds fantastic but you always have to dig below the surface to find the true intentions and ultimate ideals of an individual, nevermind government organization. Considering the bombardment of continuous propaganda that has been holding American citizens hostage for too many years to even discuss, who in their right mind would take what any political party (with this much exposure thus far) has to say with anything more than a grain of salt! Give me a party that’s truly made up of US citizens who really stand for liberty, freedom, human dignity, & the good ole’ Constitution. Maybe then we wont feel as if we’ve just had to climb through the mud in order to read the truth. Hmmm, is that even a word in most of our politicians’ vocab anymore?! I have a suspicion that all three parties are STILL playing on the same team here.

  44. Bill Clinton is a Bilderberg scum that only cares about furthering the Elitist agenda. …you’re cold-blooded if you talk down health care? Are you kidding? How about if you believe in the Constitution you SHOULD be against the government privatizing health care. Yea, it has its flaws, but don’t trust the government at all.

  45. Excellent article…. I mean excellent points. It’s too bad they didn’t proof read the thing before publishing it – way too many spelling errors and typos…

  46. Jeeze Louize. A person states their point clearly. Instead of just listening and taking it in and processing it, everybody’s gotta get their point in. Then you leave with a headache with all the points jammed into your brain. It’s a bunch of noise and nonsense. Relax everybody. When I am online researching stuff, I am here to gather information. That is how I learn. I am not here to subject you to my personal agenda. LOOK at our country. It is in chaos. YOU PEOPLE ARE THE REASON IT IS THIS WAY.

  47. Please post the relevant section of the constitution that states health care should be run privately, and for profit.

  48. shut the *&(* you dumb A$$ tea party scum. your conspiracy theories are bat #*(( insane. just like you. have you ever been to a bilderberg meeting? no you haven’t, you are just afraid of things you don’t know or understand. do yourself a favor and lock yourself up and throw away the key

  49. Clintonis starting to talk like Glenn Beck. Pulling back the curtain and showing how the money and connections work.

    The fact is that special interests from both sides try to influence voters.

    The Tea Party is a group of voters. The Democrats better start embracing that group of voters or they will be out of power.

    Regulation stiffles job creation. A lack of regulation is abused. There is a balance, the Tea Party knowd this thye are not stupid. We are out of balance and they are looking for balance.

    Not out of balance? None of these taxes esisted 100 years ago:
    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Building Permit Tax
    CDL license Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Dog License Tax
    Excise Taxes
    Federal Income Tax
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    Fishing License Tax
    Food License Tax
    Fuel Permit Tax
    Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
    Gross Receipts Tax
    Hunting License Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Inventory Tax
    IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    Liquor Tax
    Luxury Taxes
    Marriage License Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Personal Property Tax
    Property Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Service Charge Tax
    Social Security Tax
    Road Usage Tax
    Sales Tax
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    School Tax
    State Income Tax
    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
    Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
    Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
    Telephone State and Local Tax
    Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    Utility Taxes
    Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Watercraft Registration Tax
    Well Permit Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax

    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago,
    and our nation was the most prosperous in the world.
    We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

    What happened? Can you spell “politicians!”

  50. The national debt in 1910 was $2,652,665,838.04


    Look at the table and see why you now have taxes.

    however the fact that we did not have those taxes 100 years ago has absolutely nothing to do with today. I will readily agree with you that most of these taxes are wrong. The taxes on the telephone was started to help pay for World War II. Why do we pay taxes on hunting licenses?

    The world of today is a far cry away from what it was 100 years ago when life was much simpler. And that’s just a fact you have to deal with. I doubt that you will ever do away with these taxes just because they were here 100 years ago. just to maintain services in the cities requires taxes and much of it comes from what you see above.

    I will say this that may be in agreement with you. This thing about your income taxes and paid less etc. is little more than a ruse. When you get your taxes done at the end of the year and you bring home $100 less than you did the year before that’s not really a tax break. A tax break is a break on all the taxes that you listed above that we pay every day of our lives.

    since we have to have taxes, all tax laws should be thrown out and everyone pay taxes based on what they earn. No tax lawyers no nothing. You pay a percentage of your income and that’s it. Most of those taxes above would go away if we did that. Let me say that they could go way.

    if the tea party is seeking to get rid of those taxes simply because they were not here 100 years ago, that tells me they are poorly educated

  51. I cannot speak for all the Tea party, but I suspect that most do not want to get rid of anything just because it was not here 100 years ago. We want to get the abuse of power out of the government.

    The hoard of cash generated by all the taxes becomes a piggy bank of politicians who abuse it, and then they dangle cuts and benefits as if it is their money. It was our money in the first place, and it is often squandered.

    We can do better, that is all we ask is , give us your best like we ask of our professional sports players.
    We all need to be held accountable. We know that is lacking.

  52. It’s a pretty simple correlation between a funder, their “foundation,” and their cause du jour. Glenn Beck each week plays six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Lots of things didn’t exist 100 years ago, and taxes collected in specialized cases fund the regulatory bodies which ensure public safety and maintenance. The laundry list of taxes provided are typically levied upon individuals in certain circumstances to prevent all of us from paying higher taxes to support regulatory functions. You know, not taxing all of us to meet the needs of a few, right? Socialis… oh, wait.

    Either way, we have big defense budget bills to pay, so perhaps if you’re so concerned with how much money it takes to run our government, you should look at the biggest expenses. Being fiscally responsible means paying the bills.

    But you seemed to have read “Bill Clinton” and skipped to the comments section.

  53. Here is what your regulations are getting you?

    By the way I read the article with open eyes and understood, something the Dem’s have not been doing. If they understood they could solve the problem they have created for themselves.

    A unique opportunity with the election of Obama has been forever squandered.

    Why Over 3,000 US Companies Have Chosen the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to Go Public
    Copyright (c) 2008-2010 Ron Crowe

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    The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, one of the world’s largest trading centers for securities, has over 3,000 United States companies listed. North American and other foreign companies are choosing Europe, over the United States, to go public because of the punishing Sarbanes Oxley Act introduced in the United States in 2002.

    Two studies– one done by a group of executives and academics, and another that was conducted by McKinsey and Co. for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Senator Charles Schumer– have both reached the same conclusion. The conclusion being that excessive regulation is making the United States an uninviting place to sell new stocks, and singles out the Sarbanes Oxley Act, as the main reason. The act is the anti-fraud law that was passed after the debacle at Enron Corp. Both studies point to figures that show initial public offerings are migrating to Europe and Hong Kong.

  54. I am far less concerned about abuse of power in the government that I am abuse of power and the corporations that really run the employment and financial sections of our country.

    I do not necessarily agree with your analysis, but do agree that we can do better. I very much dislike being 100 years behind Europe on everything

  55. at the same time they are asking to be totally unregulated and allowed to be run as wild as possible and cause financial meltdowns like we are still going through. If they continue their ways, then their stocks will continue to drop as their corruption is discovered. All they are doing is looking for short-term cash

  56. The name you’ve chosen is abusive to another poster and is meant to be sexually intimidating. I’m not amused. Don’t do it again or you will be banned.

    For now, your name has been edited to anonymous.

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