Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin’s Hunting Fraud Exposed

Sarah Palin hunter false image
Sarah Palin hunter false image

This morning, Malia Litman (owner of MaliaLitman’s “A Rebuttal to the Rogue” blog) alerted PoliticusUSA that she had uncovered a rather large lie Sarah Palin has been peddling to the American public. Litman did an exhaustive investigation which revealed that Palin has been fooling the American people about a fundamental aspect of who she is as a person.

For two years now, we’ve been sold the notion of Palin as Mama Grizzly, the great hunter and fisher woman who spends her free time hunting up meat that she then whips up into a delicious moose stew for her huge family, all while traipsing around the country selling “feminism” as something which no longer involves women being equal partners, having their freedoms, or having dominion over their own bodies.

Turns out, this is a lie. Sarah Palin doesn’t hunt, or if she does, she does it illegally.

Here’s the background courtesy of Ms Litman’s blog :

“On Monday, September 13, 2010 Palin was in Kansas City giving another speech. It was the specific comments in that speech that alerted me to the deception that Palin has promoted throughout the last two years. She mentioned that she had “recently gone hunting in Alaska, and still had caribou blood under her fingernails. Furthering the deception, Palin said “We eat, therefore we hunt.” The idea that (Palin) would appear for a speech with her hair and make-up done, with blood under her beautifully manicured nails, was too hard to believe. (Palin) had gone too far! Palin was either lying when she made this comment, or she was announcing from her podium that she had violated Alaska’s hunting laws. A casual observer would assume (Palin) was smart enough to be alert to violation of the Alaska hunting laws after the controversy surrounding Troopergate, and Mike Wooten’s disclosure that he shot a moose out of season. A casual observer would be in error to make that assumption.”

Here is the evidence Ms Litman amassed:

“1. On Saturday, Aug. 28th Sarah Palin was with Glenn Beck at the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington D.C.
2. On Saturday, Aug. 28th the Alaska Fish and Game Department announced that it would close the Fortymile caribou herd hunt after a single day. The reason for the decision to close the hunt after one day was that last year in just three days, hunters killed 870 caribou. Given the declining numbers of caribou, the Alaskan Fish and Game Department announced that hunting of caribou would cease at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29th.
3. The distance between Washington D.C. and Anchorage Alaska is 3369 miles. Even a direct flight, with no delays would take 7 hours and 30 minutes. It seems reasonable to presume that Sarah Palin didn’t travel from Washington D.C. on Sunday Aug. 29th for 7 and one-half hours, drive to Wasilla, and then go caribou hunting in what was left of her day on Sunday. If she hunted after that day, it would have been in violation of the prohibitions enacted by the Alaska Fish and Game Department. What we do know is that she gave an interview to Fox “News” the evening of Aug. 31, 2010 wearing a pink suit. There was no indication from that interview that she had been out hunting or that she had encountered any difficulty removing any caribou blood from her hands, face, or body.
4. According to the Alaska Fish and Game Department, as of September 16, 2010 there was no record of a hunting license for Sarah Palin.
5. Upon further inquiry I was advised by the person employed with the Alaska Fish and Game Department that Sarah Palin had not held a license for 2008 or 2009.
6. Because the Alaska Fish and Game Department is committed to protecting animals that might be hunted in the state, the number of hunters allowed to hunt during the designated season (even if it is only one day long) is limited. Because there are often many more hunters than animals, the Fish and Game Department holds a lottery to determine which hunters will be allowed to hunt. This lottery is held in November and December of the year prior to the August season in which the hunters are allowed to hunt. Thus the lottery to determine which hunters would be allowed to hunt in August of 2010 would have been determined by lottery at the end of 2009.
7. In order to be registered for the lottery, a hunter would be required to have a license to hunt in Alaska. Thus, because Sarah Palin did not have a license to hunt in 2009, she could not have participated in the lottery, and thus would not have been allowed to hunt caribou at any time during 2010.
8. In searching the internet for the pictures of Sarah Palin hunting, the only pictures I can find are pictures of Palin with dead animals, but she is not holding a gun or knife and there is no blood on her hands.

Only two possibilities exist. Either Palin lied in Kansas when she said she had been hunting caribou in Alaska and had blood under her fingernails, or Palin hunted in violation of Alaska law, and without a license. In either case, Palin is dishonest.”

This is a quandary we often find ourselves in when reporting on Palin. There are so many little lies which buttress the big lie, that one can be lost. But in the end, the glaring fact of Palin’s perpetual dishonesty is always apparent.

A note should be made that Palin was caught and charged with a felony crime for fishing without a license. Alaska state records show that she was charged in June of 1993, and pled no contest, to the charge which was originally listed as a felony. There is also a second charge of fishing without a license in the court records, but that charge was dismissed.

So it looks like Palin did fish at one time and did it without a license. But there is no evidence that Palin has been hunting for a long while now. Levi Johnston (almost son-in-law and father of daughter Bristol’s baby) revealed that Palin never hunted and in fact, Palin asked him to show her how to operate the gun she kept under her bed. We’ll just skip over the implications of that and the unfortunate history of Levi recanting and then un-recanting said accusations, but one can’t help but notice a similar echo here. Palin is not who she says she is.

Palin grew up hunting at her father’s knee. This seems to be accurate. But many of us grew up doing things we no longer do as adults, as seems to be the case here. This rings as accurate to me as it fits in with the way Palin lies. She takes a bite out of something that had some truth at some point and then spins it to her own advantage, much like the obnoxious drunk party goer who regales a suicidal audience with stories of his highly exaggerated greatness. The kindest thing that can be said about such people is that they are great story tellers. And Palin is indeed a wonderful story teller.

The image of Palin as the frontier pioneering woman from Alaska is a fraud on many levels. This is the latest unveiling of the image, but what should be most disconcerting is the ease with which Palin lies about anything. If it sounds good, if she thinks the voters or book buyers or speech payers will like it, she says it.

While it might seem like a small lie, Palin is selling her personality. She is running a cult of personality, not on an actual governing record or particular belief system. The things she claims to stand for (small government, fiscal conservatism) are not accurate statements about her actual governing policies. Nor do these discrepancies seem to bother her followers, who devour Palin’s narrative like starving children with nary a question as to the source. As Malia notes, Palin devoted an entire page in her hagiography “Going Rogue” to pictures of herself as the great huntress.

Anyone who lies this easily and about things so easily proven false and not even particularly relevant other than in propping up a false image is not someone who can be trusted at the helm of any office.

When Sarah Palin speaks, when she says the sky is blue, you should always double check. Rarely will it be true.

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  1. Sarah recently came to Homer, Alaska to shoot an episode for her TLC TV show. She went out on a halibut schooner, the F/V Bear, to film halibut long-lining scenes. If she *touched* any of the fishing gear without being in possession of a current State of Alaska commercial fishing license, she broke the law. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that she doesn’t have a comm fishing license. We’ll find out if she touched the gear when the episode airs.

  2. let’s dig everything up between now and 11-02-2010. Thanks already to all who will be doing the work.

  3. Someone at posted that Sarah didn’t know how to hold a fishing reel while filming her Discovery show and a stand-in had to be used. Also, she refused to go into a boat owned by a hispanic saying she can’t be seen with an “illegal”. The hispanic man informed her that he was third generation Alaskan and legal. Another interesting tid-bit is that she fell overboard and had to be dragged into the boat meanwhile calling the man a “pr*ck” and other 4 letter words. This woman is a lying fraud!

  4. While it will be interesting to see what video is used in the TLC program, Sarah herself, has already proudly claimed that she *touched* the gear.

    You will recall what she posted in her Facebook note on August 6, 2010:

    “(By the way, the Left sure gets wee-wee’d up when they’re called on something like this, eh? And here I am, thousands of miles away from DC out on a commercial fishing boat, working my butt off for my own business, merely asking the Democrat politicos and their liberal friends in the media: “What’s the plan, man?”, and they seem to feel threatened by my question. So, I’ll go back to setting my hooks and watching the halibut take the bait, and when I come back into the boat’s cabin in a few hours, I’ll log back on here to read their reply. I’ll have succeeded if they’re forced to finally reveal to Americans how they plan to increase taxes, and what they intend to do with our money. In the meantime, I’m catching fish.)”

    Let’s stay on this people.

    If she indeed touched the gear as she claimed and it turns out she did not have a commercial crew license, then we must demand prosecution.

    If she was just making stuff up again, then this is yet one more example of her dishonesty.

    The lies of Sarah Palin, big and small – any of ’em and all of ’em – must continue to be exposed to the light of the truth.

  5. This is amazing…..simply AMAZING to what steps Palin will go to, to make herself look like the “real thing”. bleh!

  6. Sarah hunting without a license/permit? Delicious! It’s hilarious that Sarah over-reacted to the Vanity Fair article to the point of either lying or dragging out the TLC team to bag a caribou (hunting trip per Chuck Heath) and ‘prove’ her huntin’ and ‘blood under the fingernails’ credentials. I’d like to remind Sarah and her fans that the TLC series will prove nothing as it will be edited.

    This reminds me of Sarah’s frivolous complaint against Trooper Wooten for illegally shooting a moose.

    “In 2003, Wooten, his wife and a friend were moose hunting. Upon spotting a moose, Wooten instructed his wife to shoot the moose since she had the permit, she refused so Wooten did.

    “After carting the moose back to town, Sarah’s father actually butchered it in his garage, and Wooten shared the meat with both Sarah and Todd Palin as well as her parents. Two years later, during the divorce battle, the family filed a complaint alleging that Wooten had taken that moose illegally. ”

    Perhaps someone with hunting experience can weigh in on Sarah’s rifle technique in the video of her receiving shooting instruction in Kuwait.

  7. these coments are so petty…all of you need to get a life. if this is all the dirt that can be pulled on Palin then each and every one of you are pathetic. i am sure no dem has never spit on the sidewalk, always cross the road in the crosswalks, etc. hopefully you can dig a bigger ant hill than this. here is what the liberal police needs to investigate about, Palin tore off the label on her daughters’ mattress 4 yrs ago. joyce, fatchecker, fan are the typical liberal that will go to all measures to smear Palin and her family. i am sure the chosen one Obama has never thrown a cig on the ground, Jeez. all you liberals need to get a life.

    If this is all the liberal media including Ms Jones can write about Palin then God help the american people. have you ever seen a blog about Obama throwing a cig butt on the sidewalk, Hell no cause cause something this petty isn’t worth the ink it is writen with.

    But I have to say I love how everyone that contributes to this blog is so concerned with mama grizzly. Grrrrr

  8. LOL, Jamie wont own up and admit his heroine is a fraud. She was busted with the photo of her and the moose, she was driving the road and stopped and had her pic taken with it.

    She cant use a rod and reel, that one was laughable. Her “friends” in Alaska are outing her at every chance.

    Face it Jaime, were this Obama you would be wetting your pants. There is nothing petty about a person who may run for president that has lied about almost everything she has done.
    Too rich!

  9. Bristol Palin appeared on Jay Leno Fri, Sept 3. She said her mom, Sarah Palin, was hunting caribou “right now.” Caribou season reopened Sat., Sept 4 at 12:01 a.m. On Sept 11, Glenn Beck was in Alaska giving a speech, and he testified that she still had blood under her fingernails. So she has two witnesses, and the dates match up. The only remaining question is if she hunted legally or illegally. It would be prudent to study Alaskan hunting laws and see if licensed hunters can be accompanied by a spouse or friend legally, or if Palin was perhaps licensed despite what is reported here.

  10. HaHa the one thing that bugs the palinbots is that mama grizzle really doesn’t hunt!!!!
    LMAO! I remember that forty nine mile was closed after one day hunting. I did not find out about the “blood under the fingernails” until this week…but I remember Brisket’s comment on Jay Leno that her mom was hunting “caribou” and wondered Where?
    Well Maia went the extra mile and found out (amamzingly) that mama grizzle has no hunting license!!!
    So it was a fake ploy to “refudiate” Micheal J. Gross VF article that she doesn’t hunt at all and is fake!!!
    Gee I can’t wait until Rove starts counting off her falsehoods & lies on TV. Will she call him impotent, and gutless???
    Pants on Fire SARAH!!!! ahahahahahahaha!!!! U LIE!!!!!

  11. “Bristol Palin appeared on Jay Leno Fri, Sept 3. She said her mom, Sarah Palin, was hunting caribou “right now.” Caribou season reopened Sat., Sept 4 at 12:01 a.m.”

    Doesn’t matter, Mick Wright. If Sarah Palin didn’t have a caribou hunting license for either 2008 or 2009, she can’t hunt legally for caribou in 2010.

    I suspect her father was the one with the license, and if they actually shot a caribou and let Sarah Palin dabble her fingers in the blood, Chuck Heath was the one with the rifle.

    But that’s not what she’s claimed, which, of course, makes her tale and Bristol’s repeating of it A BIG FAT LIE.

  12. She is very cunning but soooo thin skinned. M. Gross reporting that “no matter is small enough for her to lie on” is so real. Her carefully crafted image is cracking at all the seams. Too many lies to control.

    Thanks Malia and Sarah for all the research on this woman

  13. Jaime is clueless as she thinks “this is all we got”. Hey Jaime, have you ever taken a look at Palingates? Oh….all of it lies, right?

    Apparently being a pathological liar is a virtue to Jaime. I feel sorry for Jaime and his/her family. That is if Jaime is really your name? Hahaha

  14. I’ll bite. I’ll even use your example. If the chosen one Obama claimed, repeatedly, that he never threw a cigarette on the ground, but there was proof that he actually did, not only the blogs but Fox would spend a week reporting on it. If it’s against local law, he should be called out on it. If Ms Palin hunted without a license, she broke a law and cheated the local government out of revenue. Either she never had caribou blood under her nails for several days or she hunted illegally. Instead of responding to what you believe is a smear against Ms Palin with a smear of your own, you could watch the video of her speech in Iowa at C-Span. She won’t disappoint you. She’s not petty at all. She’s a rill American.

  15. If the mainstream media was not willing to remind people that McCain admitted to accepting bribes to impede GAO investigations into S&L fraud and cheating on his taxes – something that’s public record – then I find it unlikely that the idiot box will report the truth on Palin.

  16. Haha, the stupid burns in this article. The whole piece is solely based on the assumption of her LITERALLY having blood under her fingernails at a certain point in time, whereas anyone with an intelligence level slightly above a neanderthal will understand she meant that figuratively. Utter fail. But please go on; your desperation is at least somewhat amusing.

  17. Some of you do not have the facts correct about hunting caribou in Alaska. There are many areas to hunt caribou in Alaska and only one out of those many were closed due to a quota of animals were harvested. Look up the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game hunting regulations for the facts. This is a joke!

  18. Palin has not broke any laws by hunting caribou with her husband. This in fact is very common with Alaskan families where only the head of house hold has a tag. This whole article is based on junk that someone thought was fact. Look it up yourself at the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game website, and look under the Hunting Regulations PDF. Its is clear as a bell.

  19. C’mon, NONE of ’em have their facts correct, but since they also have no shame, that’s not gonna stop ’em. What it boils down to is just a bunch of bitter, left-wing feminazis who, lacking lives of their own, are generally jealous of Sarah’s life, looks, smarts and accomplishments, and despise the fact that a woman can claim her place in the public eye without adhering to the approved feminazi ways and ideals. As pertains to this silly little piece above, I suppose when Sarah calls herself a Mama Grizzly, these wackos would say she’s a liar too, because she’s not an ACTUAL grizzly with fur and four legs!!! ZOMG!!1!1!!

    Serioulsy, I wouldn’t pay ’em no mind.

  20. Its funny that Rick and Scott say the charges are untrue but present absolutely zero evidence to the contrary. How do they respond to the fact that she hasnt had a hunting license in years? Where is their data providing evidence?

    Typical runner styles.

  21. The onus of proof is solely on the accuser. But I wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t even know the basic difference between literal and figurative statements to be able to prove anything at all. (Hint: anonymous claims in Vanity Fair articles don’t count as proof.)

    Like I said, you’ve got nothing. Except your hate and resentment for any woman who doesn’t fit your feminazi mold.

  22. Nope, either you buy the article or you present evidence to the contrary. So far its not anyone here but you who has absolutely nothing.

    It is only your opinion that her statement was figurative. No evidence to support that is given.

    ” She mentioned that she had “recently gone hunting in Alaska, and still had caribou blood under her fingernails.”

    is not figurative, its a claim of action. Keep running. In the meant time we await your evidence to the contrary.

  23. ‘All residents of a hunting party must possess a license or face fines and or imprisonment’. yep jackass on their website in black and white moron

  24. Which is why Palin tried to get her brother in law fired over hunting with her father and using her father’s license….

    Oh, oops. That would prove her wrong AGAIN.

  25. Wah wah wah the Palin bots are upset.

    The facts are the facts — Everyone who knows Palin knows she doesn’t go hunting. Get over it. She eats Taco Bell Supremes and Starbucks Mochas.

    She’s a real coward, also too.

    Now, why she would lie about killing an innocent animal is beyond me, but I guess her base like to think of her murdering innocents. Which is super gross in and of itself.

  26. What we dems don’t get, is that THIS is what GOING ROGUE means. She wants to flaunt her utter disregard for liberal laws. It is the Civil Disobedience of the Right. She won’t tolerate laws that limit her “God-given” rights to exploit the earth and all other living things for her own ends. She will not consider the lives well-being of other things over her own gain. This is what they want to justify, what they want to uphold as holy. This is the “call of the wild” to them, no respect, no responsibility, no honor, and NO ONE to be accountable to, except their own devices.

  27. Haha, how dense are you? If you make an accusation, it is up to you to present a claim as to why it is valid. And you want EVIDENCE as to why the “blood under the fingernails” bit was a figure of speech and not a literal truth? How about that it is basic goddamn common sense? Do you also believe that Sarah means that she’s an ACTUAL grizzly bear, pray tell?

    I pity you, I really do. I hope some day your life will pick up so you don’t have to obsess about Sarah all the time. But ignorance and stupidity on the other hand is hard to cure. So I guess you’ll always be a liberal.

  28. Rick the only utter fail was your mom’s abortion, Palin said that to mean that she had been hunting jackass.

  29. Oh Ricky Retard’O when will you learn Palin was saying that she had been hunting recently when in fact she had not. No is taking her literally, no actually believe that she had blood under her nails’ well not caribou blood maybe the blood of the babies she drinks to stay young!

  30. Just saw this site.
    -There are many caribou herds in Alaska. all have different rules and seasonal dates. The 40 mile herd is just one of them.
    -Many people sometimes accompany a friend or relative on a hunt and help dress and transport the animal.
    -Here is some other random info: Elvis is dead, homeopathy is snake-oil and Oswald killed JFK.

  31. I seem to remember after the 2008 election, she was on some boat and shore bringing in nets, and it was on TV.

  32. You seemed worried Jaime? This is HER own doing. No one here as to smear Palin, she does it all by her stupid self. Palin is a fraud.

  33. LOL! I love that one too. Someone who writes on her hand like a child is a good example of having “the smarts”

  34. LOL. Not a femi-Nazi? She calls men impotent. She’s out there cutting your balls off and you give her the knife, which makes you a fool and a tool.

  35. “But ignorance and stupidity on the other hand is hard to cure”. And you should know all about this. LOL! You know Dick, I’ve come to the conclusion that we “Liberals” can’t waste our time with nimrods like you. You will NEVER see anything if you can’t see the stupidity in Sarah. There’s nothing more we could tell you or show you. Your LOST!

  36. I’m sure Palin will use some of the money for clothes since she is poor. But must of it will go to her very wealthy friends with the understanding they are to put back some for her when she is out of the President’s chair.

    Joyce Wright

  37. I’m actually hoping she gets the GOP nomination. There will be such ammunition against her. I don’t know how my supposed law and order conservative friends justify her lies in their minds. Oh yeah, I know. Sarah success is reminiscent of many of our high schools where we elected the hot women for many of the student body offices because they turned on so many naive horny minds. She appeals to the straight male who pictures himself in bed with her. Some wives already realize this about their dear hubbie’s devotion to Sarah the liar.

    Paul Harris
    Author, “Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina”

  38. Sarah has a commercial crew license.

    On the hunting issue, can she NOT be hunting “right now” and not be the one shooting the animal? Camp cooks are often “hunting” as a broad term to what the general activity is and yes, they get blood under their nails too. Alaska is bigger than your small minds. Get a life.

  39. Interesting article, I don’t think it goes far enough. Sarah Palin is the biggest fraud and phony I have ever seen in my 50 years of living. From the very early days of the campaign when she told everyone how she built a pipeline, when no Alaskan pipeline was ever built was a frightening testimony to her ability to lie.Her one liner junk snippets that she calls a speech is laughable, what’s even more frightening is that people will actually listen to this crap. Gee : smaller government, lower taxes no pork .etc.etc.
    What garbage. It’s ok when she can bring home the pork for Alaska..
    Remember the death panels ……no such thing ……..
    rationing ………pure fear mongering.
    Palin constantly says that that the current administration is thwarting the will of the people. When she quit her governorship after being elected by the people. Isn’t that contrary to the will of the people???
    Everything about this woman is repulsive to any thinking , sentient human being.

  40. I just came upon an interesting bit of information
    Sarah Palin left Alaska with 20,000.000 in debt…when it was literally debt free.
    That’s 70% debt to GDP. As an example, California which is in such dire straits is 40% debt to GDP.
    Sarah really is amazing.

  41. Jaime – is your shift key inoperable? Perhaps that 6th grade education did not lend you the ability to speak among the adults. I guess I should at least give you “kudos” for bothering to use a period when warranted, but I feel compelled to point out to you that the first word at the beginning of a sentence is capitalized! You Palin Messiah freak stalkers have many derogatory traits in common, but the prerequisite is undoubtedly your inability form a coherent sentence.

  42. Palin worshippers will believe anything they like about her, and nothing they don’t — so the near impossible journey to delivery of her youngest, the use of prop babies, the claim of “ambush” in a puff- piece interview; all are credible to the eager believers. Just like people bought GWB’s 5 acre pig farm as a “ranch”

  43. “have you ever seen a blog about Obama throwing a cig butt on the sidewalk, Hell no cause cause something this petty isn’t worth the ink it is writen with.”

    Blogs aren’t written in ink…

  44. I am so glad that you had the opportunity tonight on National TV to see Sarah hunt with her Dad, and take down her own animal, to feed her family. I just don’t know what you all would do if you had to live on all this stress of the ongoing, manufactured controversy regarding the blood under the fingernails comment. Holy caribou, you must need a sedative at this point. Your desperation, and immature, “literal” understanding of good old country communication just highlights how out of touch you are with most of America. I haven’t been hunting for a long time, but I still have blood under my nails. It is part of the fabric of who I am. It is called sustainability and respect for the earth, and yourself. But by all means, run on down to the supermarket and read the fine print on your “free range” chicken to see if it actually ever left the chicken coop. But I must say, it makes me smile each time I think about how scared the Socialist’s are of Sarah. :-)

  45. Sarah Jones, you know nothing about caribou hunting in AK. Where is your proof that she said she was hunting the 40 mile herd? There are 20 + more herds to hunt and the seasons are open year around depending on which herd and where. I doubt that Sarah would ever hunt that herd because that herd is in the White Mountains NE of Fairbanks. You are a moron just like Sarah…puking out half truth and hoping your crap comes out as sunshine.

  46. So what about the fact that she doesn’t have a license to hunt and was hunting? How is hunting without a license or out of season respect for the earth or sustainable? I have no problems with anyone hunting but do it legally and don’t lie about it.

  47. What about the fact that the man hunting with them killed a carabou one day and she killed hers supposedly the next day. There is only one day of hunting. Anyone who is a hunter knew she didn’t know what she was doing. She didn’t wer boots, she didn’t know how to hold the gun and she couldn’t get a clear shot with a scope. They had to “prove” the scope was off, any hunter would have known how to site their gun and aim for their overshooting. She is not only lying but she is thumbing her nose at the laws.

  48. I don’t normally communicate with “anonymous” people. But wow, you are reallty ignorant about hunting. First of all, what the heck are you talking about when you say there is “only one day of hunting”? They were hunting in area 26, which is open for caribou year round, with a 5 per person limit. If you were a hunter, then you would understand that the “season” is different for every species, and from area to area within each state. It is part of the game management plan. In regard to her license, I don’t think you should read political blogs to ascertain and determine that someone has, or does not have a license, or special permit. Perhaps you should leave that to the state.In regard to the entirety of the rest of your post, I just say this: The proof is in the pudding. Nice animal she brought home for her family, and a great experience with her Dad. Too bad your polical views blind you to acknowledging the simple joy in the whole experience. But let’s see the pictures of the caribou that you have bagged, oh yea perfect, anonymous hunter. You sound jealous, or perhaps like a sexist. You remind me of a fisherman who yelled at me when I was backing the boat trailer down the ramp to put the boat in for salmon fishing. When I didn’t make it the first time, and had to correct, he started yelling at me about not knowing what I was doing. I told him of course, to mind his own business. It was very fulfilling when he took about five tries to back his in, cursing the whole way of course. Funny.

  49. According to the Alaska Fish and Game Department, as of September 16, 2010 there was no record of a hunting license for Sarah Palin.

    Funny how her getting that was conveniently filmed

    But then again, you would have to understand timelines to really understand what was being said

  50. Palin got a license in September of this year to cover the TLC shoot. Hadn’t had one for years prior. Must not have been registered yet when Malia did her research. No matter, Palin was still not hunting for years and from the TLC video, she may not have ever hunted. Sure didn’t know how to use a gun. I could show her a few things.

  51. Agreed. Ms Palin seems like a total novice with guns, fishing equipment, and hiking. Her children have so obviously never gotten comfortable in any kind of outdoor endeavors, either.
    I think the Tea Party probably spent 3 mil finding a deaf, blind caribou to stand still for her long enough for her to finally hit it.

  52. I agree with you that Palin is a big liar, but she is a huge supporter of sport hunting. As governor she enacted policies to exterminate 60% of the predator population around Anchorage, which had devastating consequences on the ecosystem. Her father shot that grizzly in the photo you show. She is a whole hearted supporter of torturing animals for fun. Torturing animals for fun is a sign of a sociopath. That’s the real problem, not that she faked having blood under her nails. Here’s a really great website detailing her history of destroying the Alaskan ecosystem and her lust for killing the gorgeous predators that make Alaska so special.

  53. Very interesting. My wife and her family are long time Alaska folks. They’ve never heard of salmon fishing from a boat, except commercially of course. Most people just stand on the bank, and of course you have to be careful not to snag one – that’s illegal. And but the way – the state of Alaska IS who said she hasn’t held a hunting license. People in Wasilla have the perfect discription of Sarah. “She’s a nice girl.” She’s a debutante. I’m glad she had fun with her father, the point is, she’s not what she claims to be. She’s a rich girl from a line of rich people, and may or may not hunt or fish, but certainly never had to do it to live, as she claims.

    Perhaps she should regale us with tales of her last trip to “East Korea”. A true feminist would be offended by such a lack of education in a woman with such a wealthy background.

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