Right Wing Extremists Anoint Sarah Palin as the Chosen One

Saint Sarah Palin the Wasilla Jesus
Saint Sarah Palin the Wasilla Jesus

Sarah Palin is making the rounds these days, talking up “common sense conservatism,” explaining how her views are not “extremist” but rather the simple will of the people. Clearly she’s gunning for the White House with this talk, but Palin is too clever to announce just yet. First she’s going to sell America on her brand; the same brand America rejected two years ago. And in order to do that, she has to distance herself from the perceptions that she’s ignorant while selling her Mama Grizzly “authenticity” and “pioneer gal” image to us and definitely avoid appearances of extremism or reminders of her tight connections to the AIP.

To this end, press isn’t encouraged when Palin gives her Dominionist talks for anti-choice organizations; she waters down the extremism and wraps it in a Reagan Mommie image palatable if not adored by the average American when presenting her image outside of the closeted, secretive venue of the far Right religious extremism, within which she operates.

Vanity Fair just released an exclusive email sent to Palin right before her October 2, 2008 debate with then Senator Joe Biden.

“Dear Sarah,
Many thousands are fasting and praying for you. I know you’ve heard it, but I believe this is an Esther moment in your life. Esther hid her identity until Mordecai challenged her to risk everything for such a time as this. Your identity is “Sarah Barracuda”. Esther removed corruption from the Persian government and Haman fell. She didn’t have experience, she had grace and favor. Sarah, don’t hide your identity tonight. There will be questions given to you that you don’t know, and I have been weeping over you. I believe the Lord would have you be real. If they ask you a question that you don’t know, don’t be ashamed to say: “I don’t have the experience of 30 years of politics like Senator Biden, but what I have is character, truth, and integrity, and I haven’t been seduced by 30 years of political and moral compromise like these men in DC. I believe America is not looking for more knowledge, they are looking for more character and more truth, and that is who I am. I refuse the politics of neutrality. I will stand for the family, I will stand on foundations of truth and this nation will be better for it.
Sarah I’m sure you’re doing this, but take a moment to still yourself before the Lord. The Lord is a shield about you. To those who have no strength, the Lord will show Himself powerful.
Sarah, I could be wrong, but I’ve been praying for five years for an Esther, with dreams of being a Mordecai to that Esther. I believe you’re the one and I think you’re even wearing a life band. Tonight don’t be ashamed to plead for the life of the unborn and all the wounded woman who have gone through this holocaust. You can throw this email away, but I have 50 young people fasting and praying day and night who are shouting tonight: “Grace, grace to you!”
We love you,
Lou Engle”

This email has Palin defenders up in arms. They claim this fellow is some wacko and that Palin doesn’t see herself as Queen Esther. In doing so, they admit that they sense the imminent danger of discovery, and intuitively know that Palin’s religious ideas must be hidden from the general population if she is to rise to her “God mantled position as President”.

But the author of this email is not some wacko. Well, actually, he might be a wacko but he is a wacko of kindred spirits with Palin. Pastor Lou Engle founded a movement known as the Call, which has coordinated widespread prayer and fasting to protest health-care reform and same-sex marriage. He’s also got a history of fire-breathing insanity, such as saying, “The most “dangerous terrorist” is not Islam but God. One of God’s names is the avenger of blood. Have you worshiped that God yet.”

See, this kind of religion – religion as political weapon – is right up Palin’s alley, so claiming she has no relationship to his email is disingenuous. Palin has been prayed over by a Kenyan witch-doctor, she has a religious adviser named Mary Glazier who claims Palin was mantled for the Presidency and whose followers were actually praying for John McCain to die when the pair got elected, so that Palin could take her rightful position.

These are facts.

Palin’s first act as Governor was to dedicate Alaska to Jesus in a private ceremony that took place on a mountain top.

Sarah Palin is a religious extremist. She does believe she is divinely ordained to lead this country. But the problem isn’t just her enormously inappropriate ego or the dangerous extremism combined with her willful lack of knowledge regarding this country’s government and laws. That’s just scratching the surface.

The real problem with someone who holds Palin’s beliefs is that they believe in End Times, which explains Palin’s constant war mongering and utterly insane threats to Muslim nations. Palin believes the wars we are fighting are Holy Wars and that she was mantled to come into office to finish the Muslims off for good, bringing about End Times at which point, she and the chosen will be uplifted to Heaven through a portal in Alaska.

No, this isn’t a joke.

The myth of Palin as savior of the world is based upon utter fallacy and fantasy. Palin presents herself to us as the “alternative” to the “DC boys”, but Palin as a leader was actually more corrupt, less fiscally responsible, and more morally bankrupt than even your average Republican. But her followers couldn’t care less about how Palin governed or that she was a socialist. They care about the myth and the fantasy.

The myth of Palin is that she is every right wing male’s ultimate woman; she’s hot, she cooks up home-cooked stews from animals she shot and killed and cleaned herself, all while spitting out baby after baby and running around the country setting Americans on the morally straight road. Wow. That’s some woman.

But in reality, Palin manages photographs of herself like a celebrity with a brand to maintain. Palin has not been a mother to be admired in many ways (her children’s constant scrapes with the law among other things speak to this, if not her careless treatment of Trig). Palin and her husband don’t have a loving relationship of trust (they throw canned goods at one another and scream “fu*k you!” among other less savory reports). She isn’t out killing animals to feed her family; she’s sending her personal assistant and nanny to Costco or Todd is out scrounging up a neighbor’s moose meat for a photo op. And her personal morals make Richard Nixon look like Mr. Rogers.

This email is just one more smoke signal coming from the same general direction. Sarah Palin is a religious extremist whose belief is that Biblical law should supersede our government.

If you’ve ever wondered how Palin can seem so confident, be so full of hubris, even after her rather relentless bouts of humiliation regarding her lack of knowledge, it’s because she believes God chose her to lead us. She feels entitled to this. This is also why she is so bitter about Obama, whom she views as the usurper. Just yesterday Palin was tweeting out that Lisa Murkowski should step down and respect the will of the people, and yet it’s never occurred to Palin that the same could and should be said to her.

The will of the people was made clear on November of 2008. We rejected Sarah Palin. And yet she constantly tries to undermine the winner and therefore the will of the people. Before the election, Palin made it clear that she thought God had chosen her and they would win. When it turned out she was wrong, we never heard anything about God’s mistake. Instead, Palin proceeded to quit her job and then try to run the country from her mini-White House in Wasilla.

The problem here is that Palin is not dealing with or living in reality. Palin sees herself as the Queen in a democracy; she views herself as divinely ordained in a secular democracy. When the voters speak but she doesn’t like their answer, she pretends it never happened.

Sarah Palin will be running for President in 2012. She will present herself as the “outsider”, representing the average American. This will excuse her lack of knowledge and even make her more likable among a certain segment. Any time her opponent responds to her, she will frame it as the Devil coming after her because she is the force of God. Her followers already do this; they believe Obama is the usurper and that anyone who criticizes Palin is evil. On some Palin fan sites, you can regularly read (or you could before they blocked the public from viewing their posts and forums) about how evil the press, Obama, and bloggers are. As in, doing the Devil’s work. And because of this, she will never have to be accountable to the people.

This serves nicely to mask Palin’s inability to answer questions, as well as to sell her as the persecuted Jesus; a feeling the far Right has nursed until it’s their sole identifying characteristic.

Any questioning of Palin is always framed as an attack. And look at her. She’s so pretty, just a nice normal mom. What awful person would dare attack her, when she’s just standing up for the average American, and heck, ya’ know, she might not be book smart like you, but that doesn’t mean you’re any better than her.

And that message goes right to the heart of a resentful group who secretly fear that they are indeed, not good enough. Their easily wounded pride rises up against any perceived attack on their Queen.

See the dilemma? To question Palin is to “attack” her.

Palin is the leading warrior in the war of the right wing theocracy on America, but most Americans will never see it coming, because the majority of the press has dismissed Palin as stupid.

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  1. You have nailed this! And your last sentence, oddly enough, is the one that sends CHILLS through my body…all of us who are not desirous of waking up in an America whose laws are rooted in biblical mosaic law had best quit scoffing, mocking and dismissing the Christian Dominionist Movement in this country and VOTE!

  2. That is the most accurate assessment of Sarah. She is the absolute worst thing for our country. Keep spreading the word. Please!

  3. I agree with Leah, Sarah and as far as the last sentence goes, many liberals and progressives have also dismissed Sarah Palin as stupid, as we have seen time and again on Digg threads and elsewhere in the news. I have reminded people many times that folks said the same thing about Hitler.

    And as he said, those who were laughing then are not laughing now. I don’t want Palin to be able to say that, because the consequences will be incomprehensible.

  4. I honestly don’t think the republican party will allow this woman to ascend to the office of the presidency. I would hope and pray if the people in Wallisa really love their country they will spill the beans about this cancer on our country. Maybe they are holding back but I hope and pray they bring the dirt out especially about the “wild ride”. I don’t believe that baby is her’s.

  5. Sarah, agree with Leah about the last sentence however I would add “Palin is the leading warrior in the war of the right wing theocracy on America, but most Americans will never see it coming, because the majority of the press has dismissed Palin as stupid.”
    “And they have never bothered to question her about her Lies!”

  6. Thank you for this article. What I fear is that, unless Palin and her backers are shown clearly to the entire US for what they are, that others of her ilk who might be more publicly palatable will come up behind her and take positions of power.

  7. Besides agreeing with everyone here, lets add a new dimension to this. Like any fundamentalist, she is one sided, introspective in focus and on a narrow track. Will she be able to deflect what will come to her if she runs? The questions? She can only play the Glenn Beck I’m on the outside looking in for so long.

    I think she will scheme and plan, but cannot cover all that will occur. They put Obama through the wringer, now it will be Sarahs turn. Will she quit halfway through and yet blame the press? Obama showed his birth certificate, will she show trigs, etc?

    All people focused on themselves and their own importance eventually lose due to not being able to compensate for the outside. If they let her climb the mountain of electibility, it will only be so she can fail and allow someone else to take the nomination.

    The drive for religious majority will fail as well as it becomes more and more stringent in its requirements. She is dangerous but yet, this too will pass

  8. Are you serious? This website is totally left-leaning, biased, and fuels those who believe the same crap. I am a Republican who voted for Obama. I see this kind of propaganda from both sides and I’m sick of it. You don’t care about America. You care about readership and hits on your site. Take the blinders off for once!

    I also doubt this will be posted.

  9. Palin deserves the criticism of her, because she constantly puts herself out there with her willful ignorance and her blatant disrespect for the administration that handed her and McCain their well-deserved defeat. Just because someone voted for Obama is no excuse to ignore the dangerous religious extremism and anti-intellectualism that Palin represents. She has proven to be a sore loser and has done nothing to improve on her unfavorable image in the 2 years she has been on the national scene. She wraps herself in the mantles of motherhood, morality,and patriotism, but a dispassionate examination of her actions tells an entirely different story. Someone with children who have had brushes with the law, or who doesn’t seem concerned with their education, is far from being a good parent. There are women of all political stripes who quietly educate their children, teach them morals, and do not parade them for political purposes. No one’s family is perfect, but with all her family issues, it’s simply best not to put them out there. It’s neither moral nor patriotic to participate in fanning up hatred for a segment of Americans for religious differences, namely Muslims. Nor was it patriotic or moral to fan the flames of hatred toward Obama back in 2008 during the campaign. Aside from the incredibly stupid things she has said and done, it’s also unpatriotic to get personal in her criticism of the president while offering no solutions of her own. She has done this on foreign soil as well. But worst of all, she is using religion to rationalize her willful ignorance and her deluded belief that she should be president of a country she still knows little about. There are numerous examples of delusional folks who actually believape that God has chosen them for leadership, and they have never allowed reality to get in the way of their egocentric, narcissistic view of themselves. Just like her, they have had enormous influence over people who have the same intellectually and emotionally stunted world view that allows them to see themselves as victimized by people who don’t support them. People like that who rise to national power have been enormously destructive, especially when they are instrumental in providing a path to political power for people like them (Angle, Rand Paul, O’Donnell, etc.) For these reasons, it’s best not to look at her and her ilk as comic relief, but as people who should never be able to acquire power. That’s why we need to hand her and her ilk decisive defeats in November. If she is allowed to run for president in 2012, we need to do the same.

  10. This really wraps it all up. Thanks. The crazy thing is she gets cover from fans who say they understand why she has to play down certain views. Masks are OK in the service of the end goal.

    Question: which of the fan sites have banned public viewing of comments? For all the talk by most bloggers, left or right, about the publisher not being responsible for comments, I do think getting the sense of the commentariat for any given site tells you something, in a focus-group sort of way. I’ve noticed, for example that commenters on the C4P site often refer to Free Republic, some of them abbreviating it to FP, knowing their fellow readers will understand what it is.

  11. Yeah thats about right. Everybody seems to forget to drive home that she is a half term governor and is therefore a QUITER and should not be elected to a school board or any other public office EVER again. The will of the people was for her to serve a 4 year term. Does she point out that she did not fulfill that obligation invoked by the will of those that elected her? I do every chance I get.

    Thats if you think about it for a minute. The camp she is from is so willing to point out what the socialist, atheist, leftist, humanist (what wrong with that last one anyhow?) White House is doing wrong… But, I have yet to hear how they will fix the skyrocketing of uninsured Americans. As unemployment climbs, so does the uninsured!!!

  12. Amy this site will delete comments if you get filthy mouth and I applaud them for it, but other than that people are allowed to give their opinions

    Republicans and tea’s have a victim complex, they know nobody likes them

  13. This is one of the best and most insightful articles I’ve read on the subject. One of the things that scared the hell out of me in the ’08 election was the idea that Sarah Palin could end up THISCLOSE to the Oval Office if the Republicans won. History has shown graphically what happens if extremists end up in power (ie; the Nazis, the Soviets, etc). This is (supposed to be) a Democracy not a demagogery. The conservatives, who purport to be defending the Constitution are in fact trying to remake it in their image, not as it was written.
    I really worry about the future of the country.

  14. There’s your comment, standing out in the wilderness for all to see. Too bad for you it was published because it is devoid of facts and full of paranoia and that old line about being a Republican who voted for Obama but loving Palin.

    Yeah, right.

  15. Regarding the End of Time thing, I remember her mentionning that Jews will soon be flocking to Israel, and therefore need more space for new settlements. I think it was on the Oprah show. I remember my mind sort of going blank, stunned by her casual attitude toward the Palestinian issue, and the fact that she clearly exposed her dominion theories.

    I have never dismissed this person as stupid. She is very cunning, as is o’donnell. In fact, the first time I read about her was on TPM, when Troopergate was exposed. This was before her VP run, and as sometimes happens, I had this gut feeling and litterally a sour taste in my mouth : beware, dangerous ! She is capable of much damage and we need to do everything possible to expose her lies.

    Sarah Jones and many other bloggers are doing a fantastic job at this. And I also enjoy your tremendous sens of humour. Thanks

  16. Hi Hraf – can I pls disagree with you politely?
    I don’t think many liberals and progressives have dismissed Palin as being stupid. The fact is, she IS stupid. That doesn’t mean she is not a threat, nor does it mean we are dismissing her at all.
    If she was being casually dismissed for her stupidity, we wouldn’t have Sarah&Jason, Palingates and the others all dogging her every word salad and tearing apart her lies and her pathological spew every 5 minutes.
    It’s exactly why we will continue to root out her lies and to Tweet all of her rantings/ravings.
    But Hraf, she IS stupid – BEYOND in fact. She has left breadcrumbs for all of us to follow – she left video – she has said “the crazy”, she has a WITCH doctor, now she has endorsed C.O.D. who “dabbled in witchcraft and had a midnight picnic on a well used (bloody) satanic altar”.
    I know you didn’t mean it quite the way it sounded but please rest assured we will NOT sit quietly by and let the American public not hear about all the Palin crazy. There is way too much to put out for viewing.
    And I also believe that when she QUIT her job as Governor, she showed everyone that she quits and takes the easy way out. She may be mentally impaired, vicious, nasty, stupid, unable to speak extemporaneously or read a teleprompter – but the fact is, the American people all know she QUITS when the going gets rough. That is not a way to get elected in the US.
    Love your articles and hope I haven’t offended you.

  17. I believe it is highly possible that IF McCain had won the Presidency, he would not be alive right now.

    This is simply my opinion, but I believe a food taster would have been a great Cabinet office in a McCain administration that included the PalinTribe.

  18. Shiva says:
    September 19, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    “Amy this site will delete comments if you get filthy mouth and I applaud them for it, but other than that people are allowed to give their opinions”

    That is a blatant LIE!

  19. vilca says:
    September 19, 2010 at 2:52 pm
    “I think it was on the Oprah show. I remember my mind sort of going blank”

    No doubt that happens frequently.

  20. Don’t count of the citizens of Wasilla doing anything intelligent, and for that matter the rest of Alaska. I’ve been to Wasilla for a few days when I was doing a waste water treatment system for the Aniversity of Alaska Fairbanks Seward Marine Center in 2002 and spent a few days with an old ship mate from my days in Physical Oceanography. He knew I was an atheist and seemed to be at least an agnostic.

    When McCain picked her out of obscurity for his VP, my old friend revealed himself as sold on the states governor, we;ll, half governor. He sent me so much salacious crap on Obama, even claimed he was a Moslem, and was over the top on Palin and neocon Republican politics. Shorter story, we no longer communicate and I eventually added his email address to my junk folder.

    Nothing fazes the true-believer, not even admission of “dabbling in witchcraft it sems. I have started referring to the T-Party os American Tea-liban as they seem to have the same holy-roller outlook just from another direction. The election of any of them will mark a sad day for America and the American way of life in a secular nation. I bloody well despise any/all of them.

  21. Sarah Palin is a nonfactor in politics. If the republicans are dumb enough to nominate her in the primaries she will get eaten alive in debates and the election. What is the rebuttal to “Sarah , if you cant handle the pressure of being the governor of the lowest populated state in the union, How are you going to handle the pressure of commander and chief of our nation?”
    or “Mrs. Palin, if a publisher offers you a multimillion dollar book deal, are you going to resign again?”
    “How can we trust you to fulfill your campaign promises, if you could not fulfill the term in Alaska?”

    Kerry was the flipflopper of 2004, Hillary was taken apart because she voted for the war in Iraq as a senator, and if, in the unlikely event Palin is nominated the campaigners are going to exploit the “quiter” issue and it will be the most lopsided election in our history.

  22. I was surprised to find something . “I thought I typed on someone’s personal FB account”, on Jeb Bush’s page (I had added Jeb Bush, to my FB account, as I liked him). This is what I found:
    “….it could be Jeb Bush vs. Obama (run off with Hillary and Obama and run off with Jeb and Palin) but too soon to know…… Sometimes I do not care anymore…they all disappointment me (even if they do a few good things, some of them) – I have to just put my faith in GOD, and not man….but I will still vote for who is the best of the worst – when it is time to vote for most offices.” (end of quote).

    However, if I copy (what turned out on Mr. Jeb Bush’s page) and paste it to abi-word – you will see I typed a lot more, and that was taken out of context. Not only was it taken “out of context”, but I did not post it on Mr. Jeb Bush’s page, and did not expect it to show up there. Since that had happened; I would like to say that I respect Mr. Jeb Bush. I would not have put him on my FB account, had I not.

    I lived in Florida for many years and he was our governor. I have great respect for this man, spite the fact that I was “disappointed” in his brother – as I voted for him once and not twice. I also have mixed feelings about Mr. Obama (doing good things and yet hired many of those in the GW Bush administration …) because I expected more CHANGE. I have no comment about the Clinton’s or Ms. Palin – no respect for any of them. I do not want to clump them all together as it appears I have. I don’t care for anyone running – meaning, I just do not have enough confidence that anyone (even those I like and respect) will come out of an agenda that is influenced by some very wealthy people we may not even know their names….in the position of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; however, I might have confidence in them being their own person and not under pressures from those people – in jobs (even in government) that are not that high up. I think that if “anyone” comes against those with a global agenda (for the corporations) – they would face what JFK did. I think some go into politics with good intentions, and under pressure (or fear), change, but do not bring “CHANGE” we expect, they promise, or we want.

    In no way did I mean to compare Mr. Jeb Bush to Ms.Palin, or others. I actually put Jeb Bush on a higher scale of being TRUSTWORTHY, than Ms. Palin.

    I have lost hope in the SYSTEM – as it is (and not interested in a New World Order). I may like many people, and not be in agreement 100 percent with their politics. I doubt after this (finding things I post in private, found in other places on line in FB) I will continue “any” remarks (with videos or articles) I share in here – and maybe discontinue my account with FaceBook because of it.

    I was trying to say this: I lost trust (not that I don’t care about our world) in the system and do not put my faith in man (any person), but I put my faith in Y’shua (the son of God)….


  23. PS – did you know she was really NOT for pro-life, and took the SAME STAND as Obama – the complete same stand, but the media blurred that one (or Fox news)? They both said they were for the STATES TO DECIDE (not stopping abortion at all). Abortion was a NON-ISSUE, and some that voted on her, because she told the Christians she was against abortion – and other women (non-Christian) NOT TO WORRY, she had NO intention of doing anything to stop a women’s choice…she got “both sides” (that supported her, not people like me that did NOT). Not everyone that says “Lord Lord” (Matthew chapter 7) is really a Christian – you will know them by their fruits. She has been caught saying a lot of lies about Obama (if you like the guy or not) and in Rev., it warns what God will do to the “liar’s” (if not repented of them). I was disappointed in Obama putting BUSH people in the White House, Hillary Clinton, and a lot of what he has done – but he is better than Bush, or Hillary with any more power than she has. I wonder if anyone can become president and not be CONTROLLED by those few elite? I guess someone that puts their COMPLETE FAITH IN GOD and not man…..I hope one of those comes along.

  24. Someone so delusional as to believe they are divinely chosen by “God” to be a leader, will never have the brains to protect themselves from the masses they alienate by trying to force their religion on others. History has proven that.

    I actually believe she is a flash-in-the-pan who never thinks before she opens that shrill, shrieking rambling mouth of hers… and that mouth will eventually do her in by proving..once and forever.. that she is a moron.. a simpleton. How many times do we have to roll our eyes in disbelief before we simply say: “You no longer have significance. The fifteen minutes of your pseudofame are up. Go shoot a moose or something.”

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