Glenn Beck Calls Stewart/Colbert Rally a Progressive Plot

Beck sees evil in Stewart/Colbert rally

On his radio show today Glenn Beck took aim at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s October 30th rally, by labeling at progressive plot to win the election. Beck said of the Stewart/Colbert rally, “They are going to activate the youth to try to get them to vote with the labor unions apparently.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck claimed that the Christine O’Donnell witchcraft flap was designed to suppress the vote, and that the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies are designed to get young people to go vote with the labor unions. Beck said, “They are going to do everything they can to suppress the vote, and then Jon Stewart has shown his colors along with Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert. They are going to activate the youth to try to get them to vote with the labor unions apparently. I guess. I don’t know. That’s why it’s been scheduled the weekend before. Not to suppress that vote, they’ll suppress it all the way up, and then Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert will go and activate the youth to try to get the youth to go out and vote.”

Notice how Beck is trying to motivate his audience of blue hairs to go out and vote Republican by using a bogus fear campaign built around the Stewart/Colbert rally. The problem is that the calls for a rally came from the ground up. Stephen Colbert’s fans were calling for him to hold a Restore Truthiness rally in early September. Comedy Central got the idea from their fans, which by the way are way more likely to actually show up at the October 30th rally than the senior citizen brigade who didn’t bother to show for Beck’s Restoring Honor rally last month. The idea for a Colbert rally is not some Democratic plot to steal the 2010 elections. The whole movement began as a post on Reddit.

Unlike the Astroturf of the Beck and Fox News crowd, the Colbert/Stewart rally is completely organic. You won’t find any Freedom Works buses in the Mall on October 30th. Contrary to what Glenn Beck is trying to sell, this is not some progressive plot by media secret agents Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. In fact, Beck doesn’t seem to understand that 27% of Stewart’s audience are Libertarians.

What Glenn Beck is really afraid of is that Stewart and Colbert’s rally will draw more people than he and Sarah Palin’s, (which it will). He, like the rest of Fox News, is terrified of the young viewership of the Comedy Central mock news programs. Fox News pulls an old demographic. The majority of the network’s viewers are over 50 years old. Stewart and Colbert pull a very young demographic that if they keep watching Stewart and Colbert will probably never watch FNC. As I have written before Jon Stewart is training an entire generation of viewers to critically think about what they see on the news, which is not a good thing for a news network like Fox where facts are malleable and optional.

What must be eating Beck alive is that Stewart and Colbert’s rally is direct challenge and reaction to the extremism that he preaches on a daily basis. Imagine how crushing it will be for Glenn Beck to see hundreds of thousands of young people flood the National Mall in the name of reasonableness. Just think it took a comedy network and their fake news cast and pundit to put Fox News in their place, but the real humiliation for Glenn Beck will come on October 30.

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  1. I think its time that we stop calling the rally “Beck’s Restoring Honor “. Beucase he did nothing during that farce of a rally to restore anything. Given the fact he came out of it just as hateful as he did going into it proves that rally was liitle more than verbal violence against blacks.

    I dont think Stewart et all will pull more than Beck. I certainly hope they do. The people going to Stewarts will not be as shocked by the content as the tea party was with Becks Sunday school class. In any case, between Stewart and Colbert they have far more than enough material to skewer sarah and becks little pissant parade. I cant laugh enough at his explanation of the upcoming rally. Vote with the unions? The people that make the country? Why is Beck so intent on making sure he and the RWNJ’s alienate as many people as possible? I hope the left and Stewart (and et all lol) use every drop of Becks stupidity against him. I bet he sees that coming

  2. Shiva, the ONLY thing Beck has ever rallied is to send hordes of TBigots out to buy gold so he can get a cut.
    There is so much wrong now, and so many things just need fixing. The GOP wants to repeal the Civil Rights Act and now Scalia states that women shouldn’t have anti-discrimination protection under the Constitution.
    Next up? The blacks – then the hispanics – then anyone NONwhite and NONChristian including the Jews.
    So all left will be old white retired ppl in mobility scooters who paid 4X too much for gold so Beck can get his rakeoff.
    I never thought I’d say this, but we are also looking at leaving this country. We can live very comfortably in a variety of other places and not have to listen to crazy loons screaming filth at us because we don’t support a mini-me who is probably a half-witch.
    God help this country. (and I don’t even believe)

  3. Anybody read about the voter suppression going on in WI? They got it on tape. Evidentally the Tea Party and Republicans are trying to suppress voter turnout in minority groups and students. There goes Beckster projecting again. In a way I hope these people do win. Then lets see what they will do in the next 2 years before 2012. I wouldn’t be surprised if the democratics win big then. On the other hand I have a feeling that corporations and wall street and banks are holding back til they get a republican party back in charge. We deserve what we get. Arianne Huffington book about America being a 3rd World country is coming true.

  4. As opposed, Glen, to your conservative plot.
    At least Colbert and Stewart are socially aware comedians. On the other hand, you gave us a lot to laugh at as well even if you’re not socially aware.

  5. Young people won’t come out for comedians – maybe dave Matthews.
    This old fart who writes this blog is just as out of touch as the Obama administration. What do Monica Lewinski and Obama have in common? A: they both blew it in the White House.

  6. Another sad rightie who thinks Jason’s avatar is a picture of himself, which means you don’t recognize a rather famous US President.

    By the way, those two comedians are watched by young people. Is that ringing any bells for ya’ grandpa?

  7. LOL, you performed a great burial service there english

    I was hoping that Jason didnt come back as that rather famous president!

  8. JESUS you suck at trolling. Try this what the different between Pres Bush and a vayjayjay? You screw a vayjayjay Pres Bush screws you. Troll like life depends on it!

  9. The fact that you think Dave Matthews is still relevant to young people is a clear indication that you are as out of touch, if not more, than the author… or Glen Beck, or Obama, or anybody else that hasn’t been in a coma for the last eight years.

  10. For the love of GOD, the “old fart” in my avatar is a former president. I won’t tell you which one, but it is not me. Please, please, please learn something about history.

  11. I am 60 and cannot get a job. I am thinking that what I have left in retirement might go much further some place else myself, perhaps in a grass hut. The republicans have turned this government into pure hatred and uselessness. I dont want to see what they are going to do with it.

    But on the bright side the republicans will be so bad the next elections will not be in their favor.

  12. that is the second rightie on here who has done that! LOL. Guess presidents aren’t covered in quitters and liars school.

    Jason just might be president one day…..who knows? he’s got the background for it. Oh, wait, I forgot. Knowledge is meaningless anymore to the Right. Plus he never stole money from anyone so I guess he’s out as far as Republicans go.

  13. How many millions of dollars will Stewart and Cobert raise for what charity at this event?

    How many millions of dollars are they getting paid each for their appearances?

    Please link to your sources, preferably in the form of Stewart’s and Cobert’s own words on video.

  14. My students and I enjoy both Stewart and Colbert. I am 55. I am taking two 22 year olds w/ me to this rally- across country. Four friends my age will be meeting me there. I knew Ed/union rally was going to be taking place a week or so before, but I never really associated the two, nor will I think will others outside Beckistan. They are very, very different.

    You are right on that Fox fears the Stewart/Colbert demographic. What should also scare the crap out of them is univison’s #1 rank in the prime demographics group. Pretty sure none of those folks will be switching to Fox any time soon.

    Soon their only viewers will be people like my RWNJ uncle who uses it for background noise to nap by. He now gets most of his political info the way he likes it- oft forwarded e-mails.

  15. Oh, are you worried that Stewart and Colbert will steal from the people like Beck and Hannity ripping off the military funds?

  16. Funny thing is that to get this rally going, many were asked to donate to, a website used to raise money for teachers and classrooms that need it. over 200,000 dollars was raised.

  17. I don’t understand your question as you have not provided any background or evidence (video/audio is best) of your claim of theft?

    I’m perfectly fine with Stewart and Cobert getting paid for their appearance, after all they would be nothing and nobody if they were not such uber-capitalists, I was just wondering how much it is going to be.

  18. I see you work for Glenn Beck the Blaze, eh?

    Here’s a hint: You don’t get to demand evidence from any commenter here. Get a clue.

    Give your money away to Beck and Hannity. I could care less. It’s less money in your pocket, so I see this as finding the evidence regarding their well documented theft your problem, not mine.

    Oh, and as for video working best, there’s plenty of video that your kind seem more than happy to pretend doesn’t exist, so spare us all the pretense.

    Go vote for O’Donnell. LOL.

  19. The irony is that we as a community called for this rally, it involved the voices of countless people. Glenn Beck on the other hand speaks for himself. He is to fascism as we are to democracy.

  20. I must be in a demographic time warp apparently. My wife and I booked airline tickets as soon as we heard, yet we’re over 50. We’re ready to have fun at an event which I hope puts Rupert Murdoch in his proper historical context: Botany Bay. For this, I don’t mind crowds. Big crowds.

    If a rally for rational discourse drew a huge crowd, would the media conglomerates sense there might be money in rationality?

  21. Some, sure. Certainly not the foaming-at-the-mouth warmonger theocrat Republicans, but to be fair, that’s not all Republicans.

  22. I just recently started following the news and blog site comment sections and so far it is theBlaze and HuffPo that appear the most divided. No, I don’t work for any blog/news sites although I wish I did since A: it seams like a drop dead simple job and B: I’ve been under employed since 1/21/2009 and could use some extra income.

    I’m sorry if my attempt at brevity came off as demanding. Please provide any links that you have in support of your claim of theft by Beck/Hannity from SOWF. Thanks in advance.

    Since I donated directly to the SOWF via there was no chance for anyone to “steal” any of it.

    It is generally beholding on those making a accusation to provide at least a minimum amount of evidence in support of their position so that others can further educate and judge for themselves. Links are simple to store and easy to insert into these comments.

    If you have any links to videos that you think I should not ignore feel free to link to them so I can see them and judge for myself.

    I would sooner vote for an ex-witch then a current Marxist but alas I don’t live in DE.

    P.S. What exactly do you mean by “your kind”?

  23. Ellie, as linked in the article, Reddit is where the idea to have Colbert host a rally began. Nobody asked the community of Reddit to donate to – they did this before the Stewart/Colbert rallies were announced to garner attention. ‘Evidence’ can be found at the reddit link above.

    As for your original questions about Stewart and Colbert getting paid for their appearances & donations to which charities, I honestly don’t know. It’s something I’m interested in as well, but I don’t think they’ll be doing anything malicious.

  24. Glenn Beck is a christian. right?

    Exodus 22:18
    King James Version: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

    Deuteronomy 18:10-11
    King James Version: There shall not be found among you anyone ….that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.


  25. So what you are saying is that neither Stewart nor Cobert actually called for donations as part of this rally but rather that they globbed onto a reddit event whose membership had already made donations.

    I got it, brilliant marketing move on their part.

  26. The idea that Colbert and Stewart have ever given any pretense as to being anything other than entertainers is ludicrous. Ellie fails.

  27. Spot on. The fear-maker is trembling in fear. Is it a negative thing to get the young people out to vote? Only if YOU don’t want democracy to work as it should. Kudos Jon and Stephen! I’ll see you on Oct 30th!

  28. It must really frost his weathly a** that these ‘rallies’ have sparked a resurgence of Independent voters. Their FaceBook pages have 2 million ‘likes’ in less than a week with tens of thousands of folks going. All without months and months of NON STOP talking about it on every channel. Hilarious and when 300K show up, you can bet it will energize people to VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. Beck – what a hack

  29. I’m a young person and I’m going.

    What specifically has Obama blown?

    And I think it would be pretty ridiculous to travel 1000 miles to see Dave Matthews when I know he’ll come to my town.

  30. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they’re being paid for this, or if they are then it’s coming out of Comedy Central’s budget. There is no fee to attend, and there is no formal structure collecting donations as far as I can tell.

  31. Nice for you to put the word “DIES” in caps. People like me, the over 50 crowd probably wouldn’t have gotten your true meaning unless you emphasized it. I’m been watching Steward to the “correct” take on everything that happens in the USA lately – he may only be a comedian, but he’s also the only “voice” out there in the public that I can trust to not only look at the “news” but to give me a good take on what the REALITY of the news is.

    For whomever that was up there ^^^ who wanted to know about proof that Beck and Hannity were crooks, I’ll point you to the investigation that is going on w/Hannity having not given ALL the money he raised from his freedom concerts to the kids of vets and the vets themselves, and I will also point you to the fact that Beck opened up his rally with a plea to the participants to “donate” more because they weren’t going to have enough cash to pay for what they had set up.

    As a recovering christian, an ex minister and someone who actually does talk to God without Him talking back – I can tell you that every time this Beck guy opens his mouth and the word “God” or “Jesus” comes out of it, I can only reflect back on the greatest bumpersticker I’ve ever seen that says “Jesus Called, He wants His religion back”.

  32. On Facebook 113,000 plus have signed up to go as of right now:
    9/21/10 11:28 am, Eastern time.
    It’s only been four days since Jon announced the rally.
    I think this is going to look very much like the Women’s March for Women’s Lives back in the 90’s. We had over 500,000 show up.
    This rally could blow all other rallies away.

  33. “As I have written before Jon Stewart is training an entire generation of viewers to critically think about what they see on the news, which is not a good thing for a news network like Fox where facts are malleable and optional.” Great fucking line, man. Awesome! *applause*

  34. “As I have written before Jon Stewart is training an entire generation of viewers to critically think about what they see on the news, which is not a good thing for a news network like Fox where facts are malleable and optional.” Great effing line, man. Awesome! *applause*

  35. “Young people won’t come out for comedians?” Pops, young people are the ONLY ones who come out for comedians!! You think retirement homes are the only places showing “There’s Something About Mary?” You think Grandpa’s flipping to Bill Maher on Friday night? And I didn’t see a lot of gray hairs at all those Howard Stern rallies? So far the Facebook tally is at 113K and then some. And last time I checked, teenagers were using FB.

  36. I don’t know which charities are getting money, but at least Goldline isn’t footing the bill for any of it.

  37. The irony is hard to miss:
    1.FOX touted the Tea Party from Day ONE. They organized rallies, then “reported” on them. They misreported numbers, pre-arranged rallies, etc., all while claiming “grass roots.” As if. Now, hundreds (including myself), started asking OUR heroes to hold a rally, our heroes who not only understand truth, but understand truthiness! If you are lucky, you will come away from the rally not worshipping Colbert, but only wishing to be his friend. If you are unlucky, listening to Colbert and Stewart will force you to reexamine your whole Freaking life, and you will probably have to get a divorce, sell your house and join an international organization that helps people somewhere.

  38. I’m really torn. I said I’d do a book signing in Annapolis that day. Want to go to DC instead, but can I back out now?
    Such a great idea. Yes, Beck will be fried when it does so much better than his lame event. I already know people who are talking about getting a bus load to go w/ them.

  39. I agree. I think we’re going to Show Bachmann what a million people REALLY looks like. Can’t wait to see the comparison footage with Beck’s rally…

  40. I have heard so many of your ilk talk about Obama in the past tense, “blew it” as if he has already come and gone. I think it is just a psychological defense against what must be a very difficult reality for you and your ilk; that he is here now for another 2 years, has already accomplished much of his agenda with the stimulus, and healthcare, and may likely be staying on for another 4 years. Ouch! I know it must hurt, but you keep living in the hole you’re in if it works for you.

  41. I could tell it was FDR even as a thumbnail, and I don’t even have my glasses on. I feel you about people needing to pay attention even just a little in history.

  42. It is so easy to fool young people. They always start out liberal when they are young and then by 30 their brain stems begin to grow and mature and then the smart ones become republican

  43. Ellie – click here:

    In redditspeak, here is the TL,DR (Too Long, Didn’t Read)

    Back in September, a reddit poster made a joke about how cool it would be if Stephen Colbert held a rally similar to Glen Beck’s (it was originally dubbed “Restoring Truthiness”). In order to get Colbert’s attention, someone else did some research and found out that Colbert is on the Board of Directors of, and that it is one of his favorite charties.

    People on reddit requested that donations be made to in an effort to let Colbert know that the request for a “Restore Truthiness” rally was serious, and not just a gag.

    Days later, over $250K was donated (not pledged, honest to goodness money given), and the announcement was made by Stewart/Colbert to hold the rally.

    It should be noted that the folks at Reddit also donated over $100K for relief to the earthquake victims of Haiti.

    This is an honest to goodness, serious, GRASS ROOTS drive to get the rally. This wasn’t something concocted by Comedy Central, Colbert or Jon Stewart. At no point did they ask for donations to, nor did they do a pledge drive.

    So, stop being such a hater. The Internets are not all about 4Chan, youtube and Pedobear. A lot of times, it can come together for good.

  44. Have this rally after the election and that will prove Colbert and Stewart have no agenda…
    And by the way, I don’t care which side you’re on, vote

  45. I find these words coming from Beck to be rich in irony. I can’t recall the number of events the right has held to encourage their voters to show up at the polls next month.

    Beck said, “They are going to do everything they can to suppress the vote, and then Jon Stewart has shown his colors along with Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert.”

    Were the events the right has hosted also meant to “suppress the vote” and hasn’t Beck also shown his “true colors?”

    Beck can dish it, but he can’t take it.

    Hey, Glen! Stop whining!


  46. That is a scary scenario, but a plausible one which I find myself very divided on. I’m not sure we can count on American citizens to pay enough attention to the complete lack of incompetence that result and not mistake it for same old politics of nothing. If Congress becomes overwrought with Tea Party politicians, I’m not convinced that people will see what and who they are. Just like O’Donnell, they’ll convince themselves that these people are being picked on.

  47. Contrary to the way that liberals and conservatives host events, most likely neither Colbert nor Stewart will be selling anything, and our speakers usually do it for free, so the idea of donating anything to a charity isn’t part of the equation. It’s too bad that no conservative can attend any event where someone isn’t peddling something intended to lift dollars from his/her pocket.

    Let’s see now: Palin has books to sell, Beck has books and DVDs to sell, and a new website to peddle, Newt has a new book and a DVD to sell, Hannity occasionally has a new book to sell, and the list goes on and on. The only expenses most attendees to these events will incur will be for travel, food, and lodging.

    Don’t be angry because the leaders on the right always charge you for their events. You should be proud. They represent capitalism in action.

    It seems that it is we liberals who are capable of hosting/attending events without bilking the attendees. Now this is what I call real fiscal responsibility! We don’t need Freedum Werks, the Koch Bros, Focus on the Family, or any of the other bloodsuckers to provide us with transportation or anything else.

  48. As someone who is also a member of the over 50 crowd, I, too, find it very disturbing that so many so-called Christians have allowed the right to hijack Christianity and use it for their own purposes. I am appalled at the number of their followers who say they’re Christians but violate many of the doctrines of Christianity. They hate foreigners living in this country when in the Bible God repeatedly tells the Israelites to treat them well because they were slaves in Egypt. They hate others when there is no example in the Bible of Jesus hating anyone. They are war mongers when the Bible advocates for beating swords into plowshares. They follow people like Beck and Palin when the Bible warns Christians about false prophets who use God’s name for their own benefit.

    It seems as if they care little about what happens to their souls after they die. Getting revenge on losing two national elections in a row seems to have made them forget all about being Christians. I live in GA, and the same people who are members of the GOP here are the same ones who have no qualms about writing ugly comments on the internet about anyone they don’t approve of. These people don’t realize that it is not God’s intent that THEY establish His kingdom on earth. They have truly taken God’s plan/job away from Him, and have distorted the teachings of Jesus to mean that social justice is no longer a key principle of Christianity, and that tolerance for others is only a word. In their world, Jesus didn’t like poor people, He didn’t think that He was obligated to do anything for them, and He only associated with those who were like Himself.

    That bumpersticker you saw says it all.

  49. There is no way I am going to miss this rally. I live in dc; already over almost 20 friends and family have requested floor space in my little house in Silver Spring. I know this will draw more people than Glen Beck’s Baloney Festival. I can’t wait.

  50. 57 y/o and still liberal,too! I have always been a liberal, and I could NEVER be a member of the GOP. The party seems to consist of those who use racism to win elections, liars, war mongers who want to invade every country in the world that doesn’t share its ideology, hypocrites, conspiracy theorists, those who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions/decisions, those who use others to enrich themselves, those who hate others because they differ from themselves in one way or another, those who preach fiscal responsibility but when in office, tun up huge deficits and spend like there’s no tomorrow, those who love to rewrite history, those who refuse to take care of the earth God gave us, and those who choose to support corporations over God’s creations, among other things.

    I have never, and I will never, embrace the political platform of a group of people like this.

  51. Liberals are not angry. We’re frustrated at the trumped up anger shown by some of those on the right, and about the way Pox news and rw media outlets lie about everything to replace the fact that the GOP has nothing to offer the country. We’re frustrated by the ongoing manipulation of our fellow citizens (that includes you.)

    We left the anger to the GOP, which has done an excellent job of demonstrating that anger for no reason over the last 19 months, except for the face that its party is no longer the majority party in Congress, and the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is a democrat.

    Oh, and I need to mention that the anger on the right is ginned up and is the result of corporate astroturf efforts.

  52. I made plans to be in D.C. the minute I heard about the rally. I am over 50. Young people, you don’t have to have a young body to possess a young mind. And as to the comment about being a Republican once you’re over 30, I’D RATHER DIE THAN BE A REPUBLICAN!

  53. Wow! Another 57 YO who thought she might be the one of the last members of a nearly extinct species: bleeding heart liberal. My DH (69 YO) & I will be traveling from Houston to attend the rally.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Anon, but when my brain stem grew and matured, I remained a progressive even though I’m a plenty smart “rocket scientist”. Same for DH. We’re just bumfuzzled that so many of our respective cohorts (Boomers & Silent Gen) have become so mean & ornery over the past few years. It must be a real bummer to be seething with anger so much of the time.

    I already have my sign figured out …

    I’m a Values Voter:
    Equal Rights for ALL!

    I think the other side will just be silly & say “The Audacity of Jokes” (cribbed from a HP poster)

    Hope to see y’all there, both the young and the young-at-heart.

    Jo Ann

  54. 54 and a bit more than just Liberal….but I’m Canadian so I have an excuse for having that accursed social idealism.

  55. The fact that Stew/Cob are nothing “other then entertainers” is part of the point I wanted to get across. Thanks for clarifying this for many of your fellow posters on this site who for some reason think that Stew/Cob and Beck/Hannity are in actually in the same industry.

  56. Wait, what? Beck’s comments don’t even make any sense. He’s criticizing Stewart and Colbert for having a rally to get out the vote because why? Because if you’re not a Tea Party activist you shouldn’t be allowed to have a rally? And the witchcraft thing shouldn’t be covered because it’s suppressing the vote, as opposed to all the “Obama isn’t a citizen,” “there are communists in the White House” and “Obama is a Muslim” coverage which is for some reason not the same thing? Nothing this guy says is said with a drop of intelligence or an ounce of … what’s the opposite of hypocrisy? That.

  57. Trust me, thats how the republicans see it too, they would rather kill you off if you wont convert. No SS, no unemployment, no insurance

  58. Steve, at least the phrase live long and prosper has more meaning for you dammed horrible child eating no good but have better insurance than us socialists than it does here.

  59. I’m confused by the comment “stop being such a hater”. I’ve watched Stew/Cob for many years, they were one of the first shows that I setup a DVR series recording for. While they are funny at points, the shows are essentially long form knock-offs of SNL’s “weekend update” and thus not directly comparable to either Beck’s or Hannity’s show.

    This rally was (still is ?) designed to be a mass satirical public art project more then any kind of actual response to the assumed intent or delivered content of Beck’s rally.

    From the original Reddit post:
    “We’ll all stay totally in character as teabaggers. The kid with the microphone that interviews all the idiots at these things can come by and we’ll ramble into his microphone. This would be the high water mark of American satire. Half a million people pretending to suspend all rational thought in unison. Perfect harmony.”

    “teabaggers”… “idiots”… not what anyone would consider non-prejudicial language. Some might even go so far as to call it out as “hateful”. But I digress.

    Despite its polarizing starting point, as the rally grows (like many others in the past) it can extract itself from the scrapheap of history by going beyond just being “Half a million people pretending to suspend all rational thought in unison” and do some real good via extending the charity drive beyond just getting Cobert’s attention.

    Perhaps we should leave this up to the Reddit board members and other supporters of this rally who believe that it is some sort of response to Beck’s by following Cobert’s logic from ~2006:
    “The market has spoken, Al Gore’s movie made money, Global Warming must be true.”

    In this case the “market” is a combination of the money raised for charity and the number of attendees at the rally.

    Beck’s rally raised ~5.5 Million and had ~300K attendees or a “profit” of 1.65 “Attendee Millions.”

    If the Stew/Cob rally manages greater “profits” by raising more than 1.65 “Attendee Millions” then the market will have spoken and Stew/Cob can rightly claim that theirs is the “view of most Americans”.

  60. DH = Designated Hitter?

    When I see “Equal Rights for ALL”, to me that means the world, just not us. I hope it does for all of us. If not I’m holding a Restoring Equal Rights for ALL Rally

  61. They are. Pure entertainers. All 4.

    The only difference is that Colbert and Stewart don’t have to live on lies to get along.

  62. Who or what is this “Stew/Cob” that is constantly referenced? And have you never learned than/then? A whole lotta hot air, a whole lotta “show me links, tell me where”. The average ten year old can do research, why can’t you find a ten year old to ask? That good old “dumbing down” werks gewd, doan itt? Learning DOES hurt, but, you can get used to it.

  63. Hmmm….When I was young, I was Liberal…Then I got older and my brain stem grew and I became a Republican. (Well to be fair, I was really an Independent and wanted to vote in Primaries, so I wanted to be able to vote for the most centrist Republican….but no matter.) Now as I get older, I lean to the Liberal side of the center. I guess I could blame it on biology, but I prefer to think that in my 50 years on this planet, I have figured out that compassion for my fellow man, true concern for the planet that we leave to our children and grandchildren, and true equality for all mean much more to me than LOWER TAXES.

  64. 46 and plenty liberal. In fact, as I have aged I have become even more liberal. It has become crystal clear that ALL elected GOP members and party officials (except maybe Ron Paul, but he’s another story) are either shills or just dumb ass puppets. The Republicans are about power, getting it, keeping it and working it for those who pay them. I’m not much more fond of most Dems. There are plenty of mouthpieces for corporate and special interests in that party too, but there are some gems and at least most of them try to feign authenticity.

  65. Why do you link to becks site and then act clueless when someone says your kind.

    Your frigging name links to becks site. Stop playing naive web newbie.

    Your accusations and link speak volumes. You are making be class argument and you think we won’t. Notice?

    Do they not pay you enough or did you go broke helping Beck buy his big house behind gates?

  66. Just a mention from a few comments I’ve seen.

    Older folks love those “two comedians, too!” I’m in my late 40’s and never miss Stewart and Colbert (nor does my husband and our friends love them also)

    Never miss Real time, either – just love Bill. Would be really cool if Moore showed up at the rally.

    So to that old fart, grandpa who thinks that young people won’t show up – my son (who just left home for college) will be there, as will I, and some of our other friends who’s brains still function.
    I tell my son if I ever become an old coot full of hate and no humor – just put me away in a home. I miss watching South Park with my son…lol

  67. My thoughts exactly. This dude is so used to being feed Faux News & faux facts that he’s forgotten how to research and fact check for himself. Poor fella’

  68. I know this post will not be taken well by some posters here, but it is rather disheartening to see that the whole point of the “Rally to Restore Sanity,” seems to be missed by folks on both sides of the political aisle. Just from the posts here the subject is continuing the polarization of political viewpoints and spurring louder, more obnoxious commentary about “… not the foaming-at-the-mouth warmonger theocrat Republicans, but to be fair, that’s not all Republicans.” and long conversations about whether or not Obama “blew it.” This rally is supposed to be about the recognition that loud, emotional, extremely polarized argument does not represent the wishes, feelings, nor the needs of the majority of Americans. The loudest voices should not be the only ones being catered to, and we’re letting the Glenn Becks and the Keith Olbermans of the media control our political discourse.

    Ironically, people have chosen to use the rally instead as a new forum around which to center the same old argument. The loud on the left are yelling about how “morons like Beck don’t get it and should die because of Bush, and no more blood for oil” and other inane useless noise, while the loud on the right are playing the martyrs and the fear mongers (as usual). And real, important, productive political dialogue gets lost in the din.

  69. He’s a Christian, not a pre-diaspora Jew. He doesn’t follow kosher cooking rules, sacrifice sheep on an alter, or other old testament rituals.

  70. …Stewart and Colbert are doing this because Glenn Beck is the low hanging fruit for parody. They’re just going to have fun with this, and it should have a great draw because of that. No reason to read any more into this.

  71. Clearly you are drinking Kool-Aid.

    “Given the fact he came out of it just as hateful as he did going into it proves that rally was liitle more than verbal violence against blacks.”

    And who did that… the niece of Dr. King who spoke at the eventh?

  72. You do realize that the brain stem has nothing to do with intelligence? I’m guessing you don’t. The brain stem controls the nervous functions of the body. So, what you’re saying is after a while, liberals grow a brain stem and start doing things.

  73. Your claims don’t appear to be supported by any facts, my name links to my twitter page and I try to remember to provide links to any site that I use as a source so that others can judge it for themselves.

    Was “Your accusations and link speak volumes. You are making be class argument and you think we won’t. Notice?” translated from some other language?

    Can anyone else help me understand what this question was supposed to mean.

    Which of my “accusations” are you referring to?

    I still don’t understand what was meant by “your kind”.

  74. Considering that this event was created by the folks at Reddit I wouldn’t expect Stew/Cob to be in a position where they could charge a fee.

    As for Beck’s on 9/11, it was not an open event but rather a speaking engagement just like thousands of others that are put on every year where the likes of Bill Clinton and Al Gore get paid a speaking fee.

    Beck donated his speaker’s fee to SOWF in order to fulfill a personal promise that he had made to the group.

  75. Or, more importantly, the witchcraft thing shouldn’t be ‘covered’ and used the way it has been (to mock Ms. O’Donnell) because Witchcraft is the practice of several fully legal religions in the USA, and using someone’s religion to mock someone else is fairly poor form. Not to mention offensive.

  76. Stew/Cob = Stewart / Colbert although I guess it should have been Stew/Colb or maybe just Stewcolb so I don’t have to use a the fslash (that’s forward slash – in case that one was also too difficult to figure out.)

    As for fact checking, it is generally incumbent upon the accuser to back up their accusation with source(s) so that others can go to the _same_ source(s) and check them independently.

    For example, EnglishSaddle made the claim that Beck “stole” money from the SOWF but failed to include the source for the claim. When I search for “beck steal sowf” via google the closest thing to an original source that I can find is which explains how the donated funds would go to cover the rally expenses first and that it is not SOWF’s SOP to do so. Poster(s) then attempted to equate this to “stealing”. As if SOWF didn’t sign off on the change in their agreement and the donors were somehow duped into unwillingly supporting the rally. All of which would carry much more weight if the source for the information about donations paying for the rally wasn’t the disclaimer on the donation page itself. (

    So, is this the basis of EnglishSaddle’s claim of “stealing”? I don’t know, they didn’t include a source and for all anyone knows there was/is some other source that documents actual theft.

    There is a fundamental difference between fact checking of other people’s sources and accusation checking. A difference that appears lost on many in the blog/comment sphere.

    P.S. SOP = Standard Opperating Procedures (or Policies) which are rarely not subject to negotiation especially when the SOWF stood to gain “the largest influx of donations in its history”

  77. Ellie, why don’t you go look for yourself. If you truly want to be informed go find out for yourself. No one here has to prove anything to you.

  78. All of the absurd and illogical responses that got from my posting of a couple of simple questions proved a lot of things for me.

    So far all of the sites that I have read (huffpo, theblaze, this one, and politico) follow an 80/20 rule in that 80% of the posts are by hard over left/right, bitter, angry, prejudice, closed minded, loud mouths with far too much free time on their hands who feel that the other side can only be wrong because they are stupid or uneducated.

    The other 20% of the posters are capable of holding a perfectly reasonable, dispassionate, logical conversation and are open to understanding the other side’s point of view and are even able to agree with each other on some points.

    In the _real_ world the percentages are switched and only about 20% of the country is so blindingly adherent to the talking heads on either side. The remaining 80% of the country is far to busy making a living and being productive to waste their time trying to filter through the mountains of absurd, illogical, rants and thus don’t often participate.

  79. Under the skin like an irritating rash – caused by excess exposure to raw BS from the noxious environs of Beckworld.

  80. They are. Beck himself has said that he’s like Jon Stewart, as an entertainer. (Then again, Beck’s contradicting himself constantly.) And the CEO of FOX News has explicitly stated that the time slots with these people–Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, etc.–are for entertainment, or punditry.

  81. …Really? Beck thinks this is a strategy to get us youngsters to vote?

    I don’t know what world HE comes from, but I don’t need a rally to be motivated to vote. This is a grassroots movement–the PEOPLE asked this of Colbert and Stewart (well, only Colbert originally, but whatever). This wasn’t something pulled out of Comedy Central’s hat to get people to “vote with the unions.” That doesn’t even make sense.

  82. He is a mormon. There is a big difference between those of the Judeo-Christian faith and mormons. Just because the mormons say they follow Christ’s teachings does not make them a Christian. The mormon god, and thus the mormon Christ, are very different from the Judeo-Christian god and Christ. The mormons use the same words for the reason that they are trying to actively be considered a part of the standard Christian faith line.

  83. Yes, he is a closeted Mormon. He converted in the 90’s.

    They consider themselves Christians. Who are we to judge? He can say what he wants, but if he were a TRUE Christian, he would definitely not be saying the garbage he spouts daily.

    “If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.”

  84. Lori, my friends are I aren’t exactly spring chickens, LOL, and a lot of us are going to the rally. Some of us are even over 50 and traveling from to the rally from NJ, NY, OH, and other states.

    :-) Because we are reasonable, like the young people of this country.

  85. I am 60 and I enjoy St/Co very much. I would go to the Mall if I could. Being around young people is good, but they wont be the only ones there. Compare how many of us “really old and decrepit oldies” can afford to go to young people, many of who are not working.

    I guess this will blow it, But I have seen Dave Mathews a total of 6 times and I like him lol

  86. I’m young and liberal, but I just wanted to jump in to point out how insulting this is to make this sort of bias statement. It’s insulting not just in the usual way of political discourse – liberal verses conservatives – but to young people as well. We are not all brainless, indeed many of us are perfectly intelligent, critical thinkers able to form our own ideas long before we hit thirty. If anything, studies show that the human brain is at it’s height before 25 when it turns static and stops growing/learning at a accelerated rate associated with younger brains.

    Unrelated to your point: does Beck have any idea what he’s talking about? While Colbert and Stewart MAY be able to get young people out there and voting, this is not suppressing the vote. If anything, it’s adding to the vote count, which SHOULD be our goal. We shouldn’t wish that only those in a chosen demographic go out to vote, but rather that every able American takes interest in politics enough to vote. In other words, it’s the very opposite of suppressing the vote.

  87. Have any of you mocking Glenn Beck ever actually listened to his radio show, not just the short clips that are posted. Have you ever watched his television show? I would challenge any of you to do it, you will realize this guy is not a hateful fear monger trying to make money off gold. He is just a guy pointing out facts about this government and how they are leading us to a dramatic change in the American way of life. If you still believe that he is this evil man then by all means stop listening to the show. I not only challenge you to listen to Glenn Beck, but also Rush Limbaugh, and even Sean Hannity (although I find him more annoying). Their mind set is that the exceptionalism of the American people is the solution to our current problems, not a larger government.

  88. I have a sneaking suspicion you actually believe that. Here I will quote you a couple of times from the mouth of Glenn Beck:

    “Anyone who takes what I say as gospel is an idiot.”


    “I am a rodeo clown.”


    “I could give a flying crap about the political process, I’m an entertainer.”

    Yes you are right, Glenn Beck does tell the truth, he tells you that he is purely entertainment and that the stuff he says only an idiot would believe.

  89. Yes, he has said these things, ONLY AFTER he has been called out. This is not something he just does freely. He knows he has his followers, and that is all there is to it.

    People LISTEN and BELIEVE him. It is quite sad if you think about it. Although, most people do not think when listening to Fox News.

  90. It’s the same thing Limpballs has said. I wish I could find the audio/video. Rushbo has admitted in the past that he’s only in it to fleece his listeners(and Clear Channel).

  91. They are. Stew/Cob are entertainers like Bob Hope, Abbott, Costello, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd

    Beck/Hannity are entertainers too, like Bobby Heenan, Capt. Lou Albano and McMahons of WWE

  92. I’m… I’m utterly floored at this comment. I have absolutely no response to the ignorance of this….

    I hope to god you’re not a citizen. If you are not a citizen, i can forgive your ignorance, and will explain.

    If you are a citizen…. I will hunt you down myself and personally smack you over the head with the Government class textbook that is required for all students to take and pass both in Highschool/GED and for any college degree.

    Mister B. Obama is the PRESIDENT, meaning he has 4 year terms. This is called the ‘Executive’ branch, meaning it is his/her duty to “execute” the laws passed by congress. (S)he also has the power to Veto, which means to nullify any bills (laws) passed by both the Senate (see below) and the House of Representatives (See below that)- taken together, these 2 bodies are referred to as ‘Congress’. (By the way; we only have 1 president at a time.) The president has 4 year terms with a limit of a maximum of 10 years (2 1/2 terms, meaning he can only be ELECTED twice, but can have up to 2 years extra if he stepped in from a Vice Presidential position. This was set in place in 1951 in the 21 amendment to our Constitution)

    The Senate has 6 year terms (We have 50 states, so the Senate is composed of 100 people; that’s 2 people (seats) for each state so each state has equal representation under this section of Congress). This body typically represents the voice of the State, and thus their terms are longer, and they can afford to better take the ‘long view’ over immediately pleasing their voting population.

    The House of Representatives (The House) has 2 year terms. The number of Representatives for each state is dependent on their Population. A state with a larger population gets a larger portion of representation in the House. There is no term limit to either the House or the Senate, meaning they can be re-elected as many times as they wish to and can win the vote. This means that the House is the voice of the people, and thus, since public opinion is so… (cough) fluid… (cough)… their turnover is faster, and they must constantly be in touch with the people in order to win the votes necessary to hold the seats.

    And just to toss in the other branch (Judicial)… the Supreme Court Justices have lifelong terms. And they’re not elected by the people but appointed and approved. There is no fixed number of Justices on the Supreme Court according to the constitution, although it gives the right of Congress to set the number of justices, which has been set at 9 since 1866). The job of the Supreme Court is to weigh any new laws that pass against the Constitution itself, to determine if the law both on paper and in practice abides by the limitations of who can do what as laid out in the Constitution and all of its amendments. (That’s why any case the Court sees must make it’s way through the entire judicial system of appeals and counter-appeals to make it’s way up to the Supreme Court.)

    In summary:
    The President: 4 years (10 years max). Finalize/reject a bill.
    Congress: To create new laws and repeal old laws, depending on current needs. Divided into 2 sections. Each bill must pass both sections.
    House of Representatives: 2 years (no maximum). Write/pass/research bills. Part of Congress.
    Senate: 6 years (no maximum). Write/pass/research bills. Part of Congress.
    Judicial: Lifetime. To determine whether laws that make it all the way through the system are actually constitutional or not.

  93. I saw it in the bookstore and found it to be hilarious, before I even heard him peddling it.

    So yes. :)

  94. Wow… Is Beck drinking again? If not, he better take the tinfoil hat off his head, come out of his bomb bunker and get back on his meds,

  95. I am an independent most of my co-workers are independents or conservative. 1 really strong progressive. I occasionally watch the show. I was really surprised to find out that most of my co-workers who are in their early 40’s to late 50’s are all going. I am in sales and most of the people I talk to on the phone keep asking me about it. There is something stirring. The dems really have no face. I wouldnt be surprised if the numbers are not larger just because both individuals bring out that same passion inside people to want to come to a rally.

  96. Dr. Alveda King has tunnel vision. She is a big-time, pro-life activist and the Teabag politicians and their dismissive attitude for healthcare and women’s rights are her only hope for changing the laws she believes are against the teachings of Christ. I am sure it’s easy for her to turn a blind eye to the confederate flags all over the place.

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