Mama Grizzly Sacrificing Cub at Dancing with the Stars

Sarah Palin Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars courtesy of TMZ
Sarah Palin Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars courtesy of TMZ

America awaits the appearance of Wasilla celebrity-political dynasty daughter, Bristol Palin, on Dancing with the Stars tonight. The abstinence only spokesmodel and unwed mother will be dancing with partner Mark Ballas.

Amid controversy regarding her wardrobe of fur (which PETA assures us is not real), Bristol has finally made it to opening night and her mama, Sarah Palin, will be in the audience, making sure her daughter doesn’t become part of that evil “pop culture” Palin blames for our country’s woes. And accompanying the Mama Grizzly Pit Bull is tons of security.

TMZ is reporting that said security has been warned that if security is breached, Sarah is a higher priority than her daughter:

“Our spies say security guards at CBS Television City in L.A. — the place where “Dancing” is broadcast — is on “heightened alert.” Although Palin is not officially running for anything, security is treating her like a government official.

TMZ broke the story … Sarah will be front and center tonight when Bristol dances to “Mama Told Me (Not to Come)” with partner Mark Ballas. Guards have been told to be especially vigilant with anyone entering the lot.
Our sources say security will decide which vehicles to thoroughly search — though not every car will get the once-over. As for audience members who are attending the show … we’re told their bags will be searched and a metal detector is always there.

And this is the best — security has been told if there is a breach … Sarah is a “higher priority than Bristol.”

Say it ain’t so, Joe. That’s not very Mama Grizzly, Miss Sarah. Cubs first.

It is standard in security contracts to detail the order of priorities, but it is not standard for adult celebrities to put their children after themselves. That is, in fact, quite abnormal. This must be part of the conservative feminists’ agenda, because it doesn’t resonate with any of the notions of feminism that I am familiar with and it makes me profoundly sad for Palin’s children.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last that we witness Palin being a less than admirable mother:Trig on the book tour in cold with no socks or sweater or pants, Trig without his glasses or hearing aids being dragged around for months, Piper being dragged around the country and missing school to attend Pain’s speeches with her, Palin outting her daughter’s pregnancy to the world to kill rumors regarding her fifth child, etc.

And this wouldn’t be the first time Palin has been accused of putting a child’s welfare in jeopardy. She was ordered by a judge to cease and desist behavior constituting “child abuse” by a judge in Alaska.

Cue the Palinbots screaming about how Palin would never ask for this and no one can prove it. True enough, this is TMZ. But all of the rumored diva-esque requirements leaked from Palin’s speaking engagements that she still denies to this day turned out to be more than factual. And sadly, this sounds just like that “other Sarah” we keep hearing about in Vanity Fair and via Steve Schmidt.

I ask you, on what basis can we believe Palin at this point? Certainly not on her word. She’s going to need to reveal the security detail documents in an unprecedented act of transparency if she wants people to stop talking about how she put her Cub at risk.

Kind of like she wants us all to ask Obama for his birth certificate, except not that bad, since Obama did release it for those of us who can and do read.

Is the myth of the great Mama Grizzly is nothing more than a fantasy? It seems that when Sarah Palin rears her head and swings her paws, it’s because someone has insulted her image rather than her children and their welfare. Let’s hope TMZ got this one wrong, because this is beyond wrong. Sacrificing your live children should not be a pro-life or a family value. Most mothers, on either side of the aisle, would agree that our children come first.

As an aside, I wonder why someone who is so adamantly pro-gun (encouraging citizens to show up at Obama rallies armed) would have citizens searched at a TV taping? Is she saying that her life is somehow more important than Obama’s or does she only believe in guns when it’s her “side” that’s armed? If guns are a danger to her, they are a danger to the rest of us. She can’t have it both ways.

Update: Palin did not show to watch her daughter dance tonight. Not sure if this was connected to TMZ, but we do know Palin keeps her eyes on TMZ.

Image courtesy of TMZ

13 Replies to “Mama Grizzly Sacrificing Cub at Dancing with the Stars”

  1. What are they so afraid of, an assassination attempt?

    Exposing her plastic surgery?

    Outing Bristol’s pregnancy #3 or 4?


  2. What are they so afraid of, an assassination attempt? Wasn’t she wearing a vest under that white jacket on the National Mall with the Beckster?

    Exposing her plastic surgery?

    Outing Bristol’s pregnancy #3 or 4?


  3. Why should the audience be inconvenienced for Palin? She is an ex governor. Why should anyone have a contract with her if she is showing up to watch Brisket dance? They should have told her, if you want to show up, buy a ticket and come on down.

    And, and…..FFS she is in the city of liberals! She would have more to fear from them fake moose she has been shooting

  4. Palin sees herself as something more than she is. Ever since she lost the election, she has a large security detail which many jokingly refer to as her wanna be “secret service”, which I am sure SarahPAC pays for. This goes nicely with her new “Wasilla White House” toward boosting her ability to deny the loss in 2008.

  5. If Sarah did not know about this, it goes to making sure she vets the people working around her etc. Once she knew about it, she should have backed out completely. A mother should never purposely put herself in a position where harm could come to her child and if security thinks this is a real possibility, she should watch from her bunker in Wasilla.

  6. These instructions would come from a security contract/agreement she has, so I’d be dubious of any attempt at plausible deniability. These things are not last minute things ; they’re negotiated and written out and apply to all of her public appearances. In other words, these instructions weren’t handed down willy nilly to the CBS folks. And it’s not as if CBS has LAX security to begin with; getting onto a lot is akin to flying these days. CBS Television City has tons of real celebrities they deal with every day.

  7. “Sarah Palin, will be in the audience, making sure her daughter doesn’t become part of that evil “pop culture” Palin blames for our country’s woes.”

    She should have been in the audience when her daughter was getting her culture popped by Levi. That would have prevented some personal woes.

  8. Watch security guards tackled the poor guy the moment he touches her. This is a hoot.

    Just seeing a young Palin progeny in that dress killed my libido for the next decade. Well, it would have, if Palin’s breast enhancement hadn’t already done it.

  9. If she were walking on the same side of the street as I was and heading in my direction, I’d cross the street to avoid being contaminated by her madness.

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