Keith Olbermann Educates Sarah Palin

Confused Sarah Palin Types
Confused Sarah Palin Types

Poor Sarah. I’m considering starting a Palin Actin’ Badly section at Politicususa, because every day the quitter gives us another moment to mourn the epic failure of the current public education system.

Today, Palin must have been high on her Tea Party video release, and full of that dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence, took to twitter to tell the Left off. However, I don’t need to tell you that in the process of this she revealed her utter ignorance — a fact which Keith Olbermann was kind enough to point out to the Tea Party leader.

The Paranoiac (aka:Fox) News contributor and quitter of her job as Governor Sarah Palin was clearly confused when she tweeted:

“With all the talk from the Left re: who funds Tea Party Americans, one might point out the Left’s “tea party” is Acorn, funded by Fed Govt ”
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

To which Keith Olbermann responded:


“RT @SarahPalinUSA… the Left’s “tea party” is Acorn, funded by Fed Govt /Gov: we know you’re clueless but ACORN, slandered, disbanded 4/1″ about 3 hours ago via Twittelator

and ouch:

“RT @SarahPalinUSA … the Left’s “tea party” is Acorn, funded by Fed Govt /Later I’ll explain to you what “disbands” means” about 3 hours ago via Twittelator

I guess no one warned Keith about the Palinbots, because before you could sneeze, they were filling in his inbox with angry tweets about their revised version of reality. Keith attempted to kindly educate one of the bots:

“RT @Sean_for_3 @KeithOlbermann How were they slandered? /surely by now you know the O’Keefe tapes were doctored & ACORN called cops on him” about 3 hours ago via Twittelator

“RT @Sean_for_3 @KeithOlbermann How were they slandered? /oh and the part about Fox treating then like they were a bigger threat than Iran” about 3 hours ago via Twittelator

“RT @Sean_for_3 @KeithOlbermann How were they slandered? /& bs that they filed fake voter lists when in fact they were SOLD fake voter lists” about 3 hours ago via Twittelator

and a new one:

“@SheafferHistory they hired employees who defrauded THEM; meaning to your petite mind that THEY were perpetrators. In fact they were victims” about 2 hours ago via Twittelator

Keith had to give up his brave attempt to educate the Tea Partiers in order to get ready for his show (he hasn’t quit his job) on the evil MSNBC where Teapublicans don’t dare go lest someone pitch them a hard, fast one.

Sarah Palin thinks ACORN is the “Tea Party” of the Left, even though a) Acorn has been disbanded and b) being funded by the federal government to advocate for poor people is not the same thing as being funded by two Bircher Brothers driving a faux populist movement that is being tricked into voting against its own best financial interests.

She then tried to claim via twitter that the Tea Party is not “one” party but the will of the people. Maybe she forgot how she told the Tea Party to vote Republican? And speaking of the will of the people, Ms Palin, the people spoke on November 4, 2008. Why is Palin trying so hard to overthrow the will of the American people with her transparently false tales of fear?

The real question here is whether Sarah Palin truly believes the paranoid, anti-poor (and clearly dog whistle racism) rhetoric she spews or if she is cynically using a dead organization as a boogeyman to scare her bots.

Palin is the expert divider – just look what she has done to the GOP with the Tea Party, so this strategy of setting up enemies to position herself against comes to her intuitively. If I were taking bets, I’d go with Palin not knowing that ACORN is no longer in business. Because, you know, she doesn’t keep up with politics or read stuff and she also knows that it won’t matter to her bots because they also don’t read. They get their news from her twitter feed and Fox.

But then, I’m sure Palin engaged in high-fallutin’ gloating after she and her Paranoiacs at Fox killed ACORN based on lies. One wonders how she could have forgotten so quickly such a victory. I’m afraid things don’t always settle on the side of sanity within her mind and that instead, she is led by her rabid instinct for propelling herself forward over the bodies of others — an instinct that does not rely upon reality, facts or knowledge.

Keith’s valiant efforts to educate Ms Palin will be in vain and indeed, as no good deed goes unpunished, Keith will find himself deluged by willfully ignorant, angry Palin fans for weeks, demanding to know how Keith could possibly believe that ACORN, the anti-christ, is not working secretly to bring down Bubba.


12 Replies to “Keith Olbermann Educates Sarah Palin”

  1. Yea, ahem granny grizzle is high on (aderall) teabaggy “Bowel” movement to notice acorn has been gone for quite some time now…and speaking of Federal funds…her butt boy Joe Miller been taking Fed funds…yep Joe the teabagger got bagged for taking federal funds…for a farm…paging michelle bachmann?
    I think we should call the teabags all grifters and shorten it to BM. The Bowel Movement.

  2. Ah – “educating” Palin. Sort of like a circular firing squad.

    This is what happens when a drug addled hillbilly who barely got through school tries to play in the big leagues.

    Not even capable or mentally competent to fight her own battles, she turns the Bots loose on him – (hence known as the Flying Money Brigade) who are SO stupid and in awe of their leader that if she told them to drink cyanide, they would. She must indeed be, the reincarnation of Jim Jones.

    It doesn’t matter – not really – she will NEVER EVER get any smarter. And she has enough baggage in that past life up there at the RoadHouses that people will eventually get so tired of her that they spew what they know.

    She’s like a trained seal who barks for fish. She is a Narcissistic media whore. As I see it, everyone in this country has made up their mind about her by now. It won’t change and she isn’t going to get any more popular nor is she going to ramp down her “unfavorables” which are sky high.

    THIS – what you see – is all that she will ever be. Cheap trash in a suit paid for by the #GOP via the Koch Brothers. She’ll never be classy, she’ll never ever move into high society or hang with the wealthy. She’s a giant joke….she’ll make money but she will never get the Power in this country.

  3. Killing ACORN was a calculated effort by the GOP in my mind. They killed something that several million people depended on for advice and housing advice. The GOP had to kill it to stay in business in their own petty minds.
    And I agree, palin probably has no idea up there on the ice throne that ACORN is defunct. How could a person be so stupid? Or is that question rhetorical?
    Its such a pity that we all do the @sarahpalinusa and we know she never reads a one of them. She tweets and runs, tweets and runs. If this is the future of politics I dont want any of it.
    The tea bags are in for a very large surprise should any of their ilk get elected

  4. my feelings exactly. She may get to the brass ring, but the GOP will pull it out of her hands.

  5. The point the Palinbots (at GretaWire blog) seemed to be trying to make on behalf of the Queen Alien was that ACORN was funded directly by the Federal government, therefore it must be OK if the Tea Party “movement” is funded by Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks with the shadow organization of the Koch brothers backing THEM.

  6. It appears that no one can educate Sarah, Glenn Beck or Christine O’Donnell and the people who share their outdated mindset. They have closed minds and do not care to learn anything new or different. They view the world through hate filled ugly glasses which they believe entitled them to their opinion and only their opinion counts.
    The only way people like them will ever change is when a life changing event happens directly to them and they are knocked down on their ass in disbelief.
    In the meantime it will be the rest of us who have to pay the price of their ignorance, stupidity and laziness.
    Good post Sarah, Thank You

  7. You have to give Keith credit for trying, even if his valiant effort was wasted. The old “Do not throw pearls before swine” was never more true than in this case, and speaking of the fruits of liberalism and the Tea Party we could also accurately say, “Do not give to dogs what is holy.”

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