GOP House Tea Party Candidate Tells Sarah Palin to Stay Home

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The latest piece of evidence that being labeled with the Sarah Palin brand is more of a curse than a blessing comes to us from Republican Massachusetts US House candidate Jeffery Perry who when asked about Palin said, “I don’t want her to come down. She’s an entertainer.”

In an interview with NECN according to the Boston Globe, Perry made it clear that Palin’s support is not welcome. Asked if he would like Palin to stump for him, he said, “I don’t want her to come down. She’s an entertainer.” Later when asked what he would say if Palin offered to come to state for him, he answered, “I’m going to say no.” What makes this even more interesting is, not only is Perry the Republican nominee, but he is also supported by the Tea Party.

Perry is not only the Tea Party supported candidate in the race, but he is also considered the one Republican that has the best chance of breaking the Democratic grip on the Massachusetts congressional delegation. People should not believe the hype about Sarah Palin being the national Tea Party leader. There are many states where Sarah Palin is not only unwelcome, but she is absolutely toxic to the hopes of Republican candidates.

An endorsement or visit from Sarah Palin would likely be the kiss of death for Jeffery’s campaign. The secret to Palin’s Tea Party success is simple. She targets low population states, dumps a bunch of cash into the race at the 12th hour all with the intention of getting her supporters to come out and vote. It is a neat trick that also enhances her brand, but it’s effectiveness is limited.

The problem is that the Palin brand has proven to be a candidate killer in general elections. Palin’s popularity with Republican voters is a big help to candidates in GOP primaries, but she is so unpopular with Democrats and Independents that her endorsement actually hurts Republican candidates with the overall electorate in general election contests.

As I wrote in a previous post, “The news gets even worse for the Republican Party and the candidates that Sarah Palin is endorsing. Only 8% said that a Palin endorsement would make them more enthusiastic about a candidate, and 15 said they would be comfortable with a candidate that Palin endorsed. Fifteen percent said that they would have reservations about a candidate endorsed by Palin, and a whopping 37% said that a Palin endorsement would make them very uncomfortable with a candidate endorsed by Palin, and 21% answered that her endorsement made no difference.”

The only reason that Palin is a serious threat to win the 2012 Republican presidential nomination is that she is the only possible candidate who has any sort of committed following. The Republican Party is still a barren wasteland with no leadership, organization, or structure. Some say the GOP is embroiled in a civil war right now, but it is really more of a turf war. It is not defined or organized enough to be a civil war, but it is this kind of chaos that has allowed Palin to become important within the GOP, but no one should confuse her ability to exploit interparty anarchy with legitimate popularity. Sarah Palin isn’t popular, and that is why Jeffery Perry wants nothing to do with her.

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  1. This why I am SO GLAD she stumped for Rand Paul in Kentucky! Her endorsement of him is just one more nail in his coffin here, even though we do seem to have one of the dumbest electorates in the U.S., sadly. I think it’s because there are a lot of uneducated folks in the rural areas who gather around the new cable discovery of Faux Noise TV and feel as if they are part of something, even if they can’t tell you what that “something” is.


  3. It will be very interesting to see what she tries or is able to do with the primaries in the past, because as you say, mainstream voters hate her. But you know she won’t be able to just sit a home and watch. She’s going to go out there and destroy campaign after campaign and energize the Left. Will Angle even want her around, now that she has reinvented herself as a mainstream Republican?

  4. The show Perry appeared on is titled “The Braude Beat” on New England Cable News. Perry is running in an adjacent congressional district (10th) to that held by Scott Brown (9th), both cut from the same cloth.

    Sarah Palin’s remark on Fox Business News (Aug. 27, 2010) was not well received in Massachusetts:

    “In an interview with Fox Business News that mostly focused on the Alaska Republican Senate primary, Palin railed on Republicans that go along with the “herd mentality” by supporting what she called the “Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.” The host asked, “Is Scott Brown on notice?”

    “That’s Massachusetts and perhaps they’re not going to look for such a hard-core constitutional conservative there, and they’re going to put up with Scott Brown and some of the antics there,” Palin said. “But up here in Alaska and so many places across the U.S. where we have a pioneering independent spirit and we have an expectation that our representatives in D.C. will respect the will of the people and the intelligence of the people. Well up here wouldn’t stand for that.” TPMMuckraker

  5. Right On Brother! Right On! When is the “lamestream” media going to call her out on her lies and hate? She has no achievements to speak of, has articulated no policy, just soundbites!

  6. So what does it take to get this message heard? Maybe we should cut and paste it onto every blog we can find! What do you say, everyone? Is it worth a try?

  7. up till now I had really not thought about the effect that Sarah Palin would have on Democratic and independent voters who may be swayed to vote Republican. I only considered whether or not she would be successful in helping the candidate himself and his image. But you are absolutely right, her presence will do nothing to help a candidate get votes outside of his own party. In fact if Sarah Paley came down here to support Lamarr Alexander he would lose my vote. Well he has already lost my vote, but that’s beside the point.

    Palen has a double-edged sword to set on, in which she talks about representatives respecting the will of the people and then going on to talk about hard-core conservatives. I don’t think the two go together in a sentence. not even close

  8. native son, I live down here near Knoxville and I know exactly the people you are talking about

  9. Excellent comment. And so true. If we didn’t hear anything about her for two weeks, no one would even notice.
    She is a media creation. She isn’t even relevant. She has NO job (although the GOP is still paying her legal bills) and she holds no office.

    Both she and John McNasty have never recovered from losing the election. Both of them are vicious losers and it’s making them nuts. McNasty has always been this way and I suspect Sarah isn’t a happy little good loser either. So they’ve taken their hatred of their opponent and their LOSS to the airways and the MSM (you know, Sarah is right, they ARE the lamestream media) panders to them.

    This is what happens when we have non-stop elections in this country.

  10. “pioneering independent spirit” …

    Gimme a break. She was born in Idaho. And she’s about as “pioneering” and “independent” as a mule. She wants everything handed to her on a silver platter and has possibly the BIGGEST sense of entitlement as anyone I have seen in my entire life.

    Many many MANY people in Alaska cannot STAND this woman. She has turned them into a National JOKE. But many people are also “owing” to her for jobs – and for the State and Federal money she is funneling to people via “loans that need not be repaid”. Particularly to the dairy farmers outside of Palmer through the Matanusak creamery. She OWNS these people – and her “appointed” funneler does what she is told to do. Approve loans and not require repayment.

    This is just one example of her manipulations – and it also explains a bit of what she’s done in Alaska. She is very powerful and people are afraid of her. She holds the purse strings. People OWE her.

    She is very very dangerous. But if she is ignored totally, she could go away. With Sarah it’s all about money and that mean girl revenge. When she lost the Miss Alaska contest to a black girl, it shaped her hatred. Losing to President Obama shoved her totally over the edge.

  11. That is a problem the Repukes will have to learn to deal with. Like when she said the other day to Christine OD to go on Faux to “talk to the independents”. INDEPENDENTS DO NOT WATCH FUX NEWS.

    The big problem with Sarah is that although she is politically clever, she is an absolute intellectual moron/idiot. She has very very low intelligence. She thinks she’s in charge, but she’s really a tool. And she will never be able to leave the kingdom she has built up in Wasilla.

    In spite of the fact that locally she is know for being “loose” and having her own personal barstool at the Roadhouse.

  12. I’ll fight you for the honor of living in a state with the worst idiocy and most moronic dickwad voters.
    I’m in AZ …
    land of McNasty.

    Voters here are HATERS. There is no such thing as free speech except theirs. Obama is a marxist socialist communist … (can you do all that?) They want less Government but they are literally all on Medicare and Social Security.

    Welcome to Arizona – Land of the Stupid.

  13. Now that he has said he doesn’t want her….I have a feeling that Sarah will announce her endorsement for him anyway. Palin revenge? Yep!

  14. I’ll fight you for the honor of living in a state with the worst idiocy and most moronic dick-wad voters.

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