Sarah Palin is Now As Popular As BP

A new Public Policy Polling survey of undecided voters released today shows that Sarah Palin’s “leadership” may cause GOP candidates around the country to crash and burn in both 2010 and 2012. The survey revealed that 65% of undecided voters disapprove of Palin, while only 17% approve of her.

The PPP survey of undecided voters was done to see what prominent figures might influence voter decisions this fall. President Obama turns out to be a wash as 44% approve and 44% disapprove of him, but other Democrats fare much better. The top Democrat in terms of favorability is Hillary Clinton. The Secretary of State has a 55% approval rating and a 31% disapproval rating. Next is her husband Bill Clinton who has a 52% approval rating and a 39% disapproval rating. First Lady Michele Obama has a 51% approval rating, and only a 28% disapproval rating.

However no one in either party inspires such strong levels of disapproval as Sarah Palin. Palin has a gigantic 65% disapproval rating, and only a 17% approval rating. The dislike of Palin blows every other Republican out of the water. Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich lag way behind the half term governor each with a 41% disapproval rating. They are followed by Mike Huckabee with a 33% disapproval rating and Mitt Romney with a 25% disapproval rating. Most telling and troubling for Palin is who these undecided are, 14% were Democrats, 21% were Republicans, and 65% were Independents.

Democrats around the country need to be running against the Palin endorsed candidates, by using Palin’s endorsement against them. They should be linking these candidates to the unpopular Palin at every turn. A 17% approval rating is unheard of, and Democrats would be wise to be capitalizing on it every single day. Polling earlier this summer revealed that a Palin endorsement was viewed as a negative in voters’ minds. By injecting herself so heavily in the 2010 campaign, Palin has given Democrats a reviled opponent to run against.

In the bigger 2012 picture, these numbers mean that any 2012 presidential run is certain to fail. Palin may be popular with Republicans, but she is only popular with Republicans. To put her approval rating into context, George W. Bush wrecked the entire country, and he left office with a higher approval rating (22%) than Sarah Palin has (17%). The only approval rating lower than Sarah Palin’s is BP (16%).

The more Palin is seen or heard, the more her approval rating drops. At her current pace, she should register the first ever zero approval rating within a year. Any candidate that is happy to be linked to Sarah Palin needs to ask themselves if they would be as excited by an endorsement from BP, because in the minds of undecided voters, the support of Palin is like getting a giant thumbs up from British Petroleum. Sarah Palin is not only an anchor around the necks of the GOP, and in the general election her support could be the kiss of death for many GOP candidates.

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  1. The best news I’ve heard in two years! Thank you so much much for this Jason! Made my day! This woman frightens me with her level of lying for power. She puts ugly in everything she says and does and ultimately makes us all look ugly and mean. And we are absolutely nothing like her.

  2. Oh, finally….the day we’ve all longed for is on the horizon. Soon she will be nothing more than a footnote to GOP desperation and the evidence of just how low they were willing to stoop in order to maintain or regain power.

  3. Statistically speaking there is an inverse relationship between the amount of media coverage and Sarah Palin’s approval rating. The more coverage she gets, the more she drops, so yes, Ms. Jones your astute comments about the demise of Palin are right on the money. Of course, I would expect nothing less from our brilliant Palin expert. By the way, your piece on Carter and Fox News kicks major ass. Everyone should go read this right now!!!

  4. okay okay darn it. I admit it. I was the one guy who voted favorably for her.

    I’m possibly certain this may be on CNN news today if they get the balls to do it

  5. Thank you so much:-) I’ve spent enough time creating narratives in the edit suite to call bs on O’Reilly for this. All media outlets have to edit footage, but they don’t edit footage about their own network to destroy the meaning of it and then argue against the phony cut as if they don’t know it’s an edited and inaccurate version of what the person said about their network.

    I get dizzy just thinking about that dog chasin’ its propaganda tail.

  6. I stopped telling her how good she is, one of these days she is going to demand money, and the $250,000 wardrobe

  7. What is most interesting about the results is the composition of the survey subjects. 2/3 of them were Independents which speaks volumes about Palin’s lack of a future outside of her protective GOP bubble.

  8. She belongs on MSNBC, and just to clarify as long as there is a breath in my body, I’ll do my best to keep Sarah Jones right here at PoliticusUSA.

  9. Walking kryptonite. Look out GOP. Maybe the Democrats should pick up her air-fare tab and get her around to as many places as we can.

  10. If anyone has a chance go to MSNBC and watch the clip Rachel Maddow did on the tea party. All these people who are running in the tea party are actually social conservatives who want to take away our rights to choice even in rape or incest. That should scare everybody. These people are the religious right contenders going main stream. Please encourage democrats to vote. This is extremely important. We don’t need these religious contenters imposing their idea of Shira Law.

  11. Her loyal fans are paying for her private jet travel and high end hotels — so, we should thank them, I guess:-) Poor things. You should read their posts about not feeding their family any meat for a week so they can send “the gov” to save America. It’s a cult.

  12. You lie! I got SarahPAC to pay for those wiglets and you know it!

    Shiva, that 255,000 is just for two months. I require a lot of upkeep:-)

  13. I rue the day the RNC went to Alaska and brought that rogue out of the wilderness, although I bet they got more than they bargained for with her.. She doesn’t really care about ratings though, she’s getting paid major bucks, as is her ‘don’t get preggers’ daughter who is now ‘Dancing With the Stars’… A whole family of attention hogs that we have the RNC to thank for unleashing them on the lower 48..

  14. I would like nothing better than to see the “Palinites” and “Tea baggers” get what they really deserve. A small country of their own (north of the arctic circle) where they can have their own laws and ideas. This way they’re out of every sane persons hair we wont have to listen to their lies and fear mongering and hypocrisy. Of course anyone that has half a brain will go to that country,or even attempt to make a phone call to the area. They already have their chosen ones to lead them like Rush,Hannity,O’rielly and of course their golden girl the holy “Sarah” and the self chosen one Glenn Beck. ( i hated even typing that name) Their constant state of “NO” is disgusting and should be considered criminal. If the people in this country dont wake up and DEMAND that our elected officials listen to what WE tell them to do,were in for alot more of the same, and i dont think i BELIVE we deserve better. We just have to go and get it. VOTE PEOPLE, IT’S OUR RIGHT AND IT’S OUR DUTY.
    Encourage others to go vote. Voter turnout in this country is abysmal,get everyone you know to go vote. We now go back to our regularly scheduled rant already in progress. lol

  15. True but in all honesty Jason, it is hard to pay for people who are sending her $$ and waiting for her to move them all to Jim Jones “farm” in Jamestown, Guinea.

    Like everyone else, I can feel pity. But the UrineNation descended into their own Cult long ago – no one will ever change their minds and she will continue to bleed them dry.

    THEIR loss, not mine. With unfavorables like she has, she’ll NEVER get a National political office.

  16. Hey Shiva – I totally DISagree with you (love yu…though).

    It isn’t the TBigots. It’s the RW HUGE Corps that are running all of this. The TBigots are the “tools”. If you believe that all these giant corporations like Koch, Bechtel actually GIVE A DAMN about TBigots, I think you are very mistaken.

    The are doing this for what THEY can get out of the situation. They’ll sell the TBigots down the river in a heartbeat.

  17. LOL it’s the corporartions duuude, their out to get us maaaannnn. Load another bowl and get ready to bow to your soon to be president momma grizzly Sarah P.

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