Jon Stewart Busts Fox News’ Obama Is Out of Touch Talking Point

Jon Stewart was on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor tonight, and when Bill-O tried to claim that Barack Obama is out of touch with “regular Americans,” Stewart delivered a little bit of truth to Fox News viewers when he said, “I think that sounds like a meaningless thing to say.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

After Stewart busted the very rich Bill O’Reilly on his bogus everyman schitck, the conversation turned to President Obama, and Bill-O repeated a favorite Fox News talking point, “I’m telling you that the President has separated himself from the folks and that is why he is having so much trouble at the polls.” Stewart replied, “I don’t even know. I think that sounds like a meaningless thing to say. You keep saying folks. What are folks?”

O’Reilly answered, “Working Americans don’t understand his thought process.” Stewart said, “That may be very well true, but he did not separate himself from working Americans. He hasn’t done enough, to he ran on the idea that the middle class was going to be his focus.” O’Reilly said, “And it isn’t.” Stewart continued, “Well he’s trying right now to preserve the tax cuts for them, and remove the ones for the people making $250,000 or more.”

Stunned by the sudden appearance of intelligence and logic on his show, O’Reilly immediately moved the goal posts by asking, “Did you get your healthcare premiums?” Stewart answered, “My healthcare premiums have been crazy for years. I pay healthcare premiums for everyone on our show.” O’Reilly claimed, “That’s a tax on the folks.”

The GOP talking point on healthcare reform is that since a law that has not even been fully enacted yet has not lowered healthcare premiums, healthcare reform is a failure. Notice that Bill O’Reilly could not handle Jon Stewart’s facts so he was reduced to spewing some nonsense about healthcare premiums being a tax on working people. The first problem with that statement is that taxes can only be levied and collected by the government. Health insurance is not government run. The rising cost of premiums is what Republicans would usually defend as the free market at work. The second problem is that parts of healthcare reform that are expected to lower premiums won’t kick in for years yet.

It was nice to see Stewart bust O’Reilly on his bogus I’m everyman nonsense. It was even nicer to see Stewart go after the Fox News talking point that Obama is out of touch with regular Americans. What was funny was how O’Reilly defended regular Americans as the people who watch his show. Interestingly, O’Reilly audience is the oldest on cable, while Jon Stewart’s is the youngest. The generational divide was on full display in this interview as Stewart tried to intelligently discuss, while O’Reilly kept feeding his audience senile half truths wrapped in the fear of the black man in the White House.

O’Reilly does have a point though. Most of his viewers probably don’t watch Jon Stewart. They are either in bed by 11, or so wrapped up in their Tea Party hate that they would never watch the Jew on Comedy Central talk about that black man who is occupying the White House. It was fascinating to watch the dynamic between the sane half of America represented by Jon Stewart, walk into the lion’s den of crazy known as Fox News. In our polarized media environment this was a rare sight to behold, and as usual facts triumphed over gibberish.

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16 Replies to “Jon Stewart Busts Fox News’ Obama Is Out of Touch Talking Point”

  1. How do you educate a populace that succumbs so easily to propaganda? Seems like most people want to understand the ins and outs of an issue, but it’s just easier to listen to someone who sounds relatively educated on a subject and take their word for it.

    Maybe more interviews such as this will help convince people that some at Fox News are paid to hold a specific view and you can’t change someone’s mind if that is what they are paid to think.

    Party On!

  2. Well I am part of the people who don’t know where they fit. I am 62 yrs old and I love watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Yep, I really dig them. They cut right through the bullshit and tell it like it is. Not all old people but the Foxpublican line. There are exceptions to the rule. Am glad I don’t fit that mold. I consider myself a social democratic. I feel government is part of the solution and not the problem.

  3. I love the Daily Show, and I think it can be very witty at times. However, I just do not get why Stewart goes on O’Reilly. It makes no sense to me. Of course, the ONLY thing I like is when he puts Bill in his place. Which, is probably why he does it. However, I feel it is beneath Jon.

    Rally to Restore SANITY 10.30.10

  4. Bravo! I know for certain that not all older people are fox viewers but rather most fox viewers are older than 50 which is not old
    We need the wisdom of folks who have lived a bit so its always great to hear that they are out there paying attention.

  5. It’s frustrating when I read/watch news and the political pundits treat The Daily Show as if it’s a legit news source. It’s like they forgot what satire was and that Stewart is on a comedy cable network. AND if young people are getting their news solely from Comedy Central and not looking it up on legit/scholarly/least biased news sources, then they’re idiots. The interview on O’Reilly Factor was worthless as O’Reilly has forgotten what satire is.

    I’m 25. I love Stewart and Colbert. I’ll be at the rally, but for nothing more than a free comedy show.

  6. I think thier point is, not to give you the news, but to make you think about the news. Fox and some other news sites do not invite thinking. They tell you and thats it. Satire is designed to make you think as it usually presents an alternate or obvious way of looking at something

  7. You are 25? So? What does that have to do with anything? My Dad is 50, he watches both of these shows.

    To me, it is hard to believe you watch these shows, but do not derive accurate news from either program. Please state what the Daily Show and Colbert Report have FALSELY presented its viewers. Since you believe it is not legit and people have to look it up.

    You act as if they are both affiliated with Fox News.

  8. I am not following you, how does this show that Daily Show Viewers do NOT get their news from the Daily Show? I thought the article articulated that Viewers of the Daily Show scored Higher and were more knowledgeable than any other show.

    Can you clarify?

  9. I’m not claiming that their news or commentary isn’t relevant, or by any means affiliated with Fox News. Satire is a great tool to point out absurdities in politics. I’m advocating that a comedy show shouldn’t be anyone’s sole source of news, possibly a gateway for thought to prompt one to look these topics up for themselves. My comment was in frustration to O’Reilly being an idiot during the interview, treating Stewart like his show was a platform for political debate and just totally dismissing Stewart’s explanation, that the new book is a satire on the history of Earth, not a history book. People who watch O’Reilly and aren’t familiar with The Daily Show, are again, getting a very Fox-skewed view of the news voice to many of young generation. And I don’t think Stewart should have been on O’Reilly, personal preference, I seemed pointless. Stewart’s (and his writers) assessments of actions/policies/etc are spot on. I’m concerned that this/these are comedy shows and should be treated with a grain of opinionated salt and young or old, it shouldn’t be a news source. If it’s a news source (which they have claimed many times that it isn’t), then they should say so and act accordingly.

  10. I agree. It points to higher intelligence, but nothing about where the viewers get their news. Also, it’s a 2004 article, do you have newer ones? I think with the emergence of the Tea Party, statistics could have changed.

  11. I like Jon but he didn’t blow up anything here. In fact I think he got blown up. Hollywood and liberals are out of touch with reality. How does he not know what folks means? Is he stupid?

  12. I find the following quote quite offensive: “They are either in bed by 11, or so wrapped up in their Tea Party hate…”
    Some of us are in bed by 11 because they are too tired after working countless hours as doctors, lawyers, managers, inventors, etc…
    They do make more than $250K and they don’t have time to go to a doctor as they as they get up at 5am and come back from work at 10pm unless they have to work all night.
    Yes, we are the people who drive the free economy; not the “workers united”. So excuse us for not being able to watch the comedy show. We are not consumed by hate. We are sick and tired of uneducated lazy idiots living off our hard labor.
    As a person who spent 25 years in a communist country and has observed closely the cult of personality I am shocked and amazed when I saw it happening in USA.

    Stalin had a personality cult but he was a strong leader with strong principles whether you would agree with him or not and lastly he was the leader of the country that defeated the Nazi Germany. Obama has a personality cult but for no apparent reason.
    Obama is insecure, inexperienced, and vain figure-head with a pathetic ego, and no principles of his own. Perhaps after his stint on the Comedy show he can do “dancing with the stars”….

    Jon Stewart is a comedian who is only taken seriously by unintelligent people. We should be thankful for the existence of FoxNews as it provides balance to … pretty much the rest of the media which is either left-leaning or outright communist while not realizing it.
    The language and the style of the the article are consistent with its [lack of] logic.

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