Media: Stop Covering Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies

When this person speaks about policy, please ignore her.
When this person speaks about policy, please ignore her.

Sarah Palin damns Obamacare to Hell and lies in the process, leaving me to conclude that the best course of action for this country is for the media to join the rally for sanity and leave Palin’s Facebook lies out of our policy debates. She’s a celebrity, not a policy-maker. Her “ideas” are no more relevant to our public debate than Paris Hilton’s ideas.

“Lies, Damned Lies – Obamacare 6 Months Later; It’s Time to Take Back the 20!”
by Sarah Palin.

I’m not sure why an evangelical gal like Sarah feels she needs to use swear words like “damned” in her Facebook titles, where young eyes can’t be sheltered from her potty mouth, but apparently this is how she rolls. Or, rather, how RAM, her well paid Facebook ghostwriter, rolls. Gosh, nothing says ready to lead like having to pay someone to write your less than accurate homages to policy for your Facebook Page.

Let us note that this is brought to us courtesy of the Politifact” Liar of the Year Award” Winner for her lie on this very same subject. Yes, who can forget the “Obama Death Panels” lie Palin used to frighten white people with just a year ago. Also, too, I’m moved by the churlish use of “Obamacare”, as if the President should be ashamed that he cares about the American people’s healthcare needs. Oh, my, we hail from different lands, Sister Sarah.

Let the lies begin.

Palin begins her Facebook screed against Obamacare by attempting to delegitimize “Obamacare” by alleging “in defiance of the will of the people, the President and his party rammed through this mother of all unfunded mandates.” Mother of all mandates? Again, with the language, sister Sarah. Tsk tsk. Mothers are good things where I come from. But see, I think Palin is still smarting from the will of the people in November 2008, so this is a particularly hurtful topic for her. In order to avoid reality, she likes to pretend that the election was some fluke brought to us by the Devil instead of an actual election reflecting the will of the people. Sore losers are not usually known for their objectivity.

“We found out that it’s even worse than we feared.”
So, I guess lots more people have died from ObamaCare than she feared when she brought up death panels. What evidence does she use to support this allegation? None. No one died because of Obamacare.

However, look at this shiny distraction! On day two of the healthcare reform kick off (Palin clearly misses that the bill is being implemented slowly, over a period of several years), she quotes, “The president of the Texas Medical Association, Dr. Susan Bailey, warns that “the Medicare system is beginning to implode.” Yes, she wants you to believe they know this on day two. My goodness, those are some clever witches they have in the GOP. And they say witchcraft is out.

Linky linky for this? Oh, yes, the link leads to an article which has a backstory Palin left out. Surprise surprise.

Here’s the whole Breitbarted quote courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:

“This new data shows the Medicare system is beginning to implode,” said Dr. Susan Bailey, president of the Texas Medical Association. “If Congress doesn’t fix Medicare soon, there’ll be more and more doctors dropping out and Congress’ promise to provide medical care to seniors will be broken.”

More than 300 doctors have dropped the program in the last two years, including 50 in the first three months of 2010, according to data compiled by the Houston Chronicle. Texas Medical Association officials, who conducted the 2008 survey, said the numbers far exceeded their assumptions.”

So, this began two years ago. Hmmm. Which is kinda hard to blame on Obamacare. However, more to the point, Palin’s main point that Obamacare is causing Medicare to implode was directly contrasted from a report last month from the Medicare trustees that healthcare reform has actually added an additional 12 years to the life of the program.

Palin also left out of her mention of the Houston Chronicle article that one of the main reasons doctors were abandoning Medicare was due to the vast amounts of paperwork and required hoops to jump through before payments were made. However, this problem will also be addressed at least in part by the conversion to electronic records and billing. A conversion which healthcare providers are being rewarded for with an addition 1% on each reimbursement if they convert to an electronic system.

Not that Sarah would understand this, as she let over 250 people in her state DIE waiting for care from Medicaid due to her incompetence. The Bush federal government had to shut down Palin’s state run program, making another first (the first first being her quitting her job mid-term to cash in on her celebrity) for the ex-governor as the first governor to have a federally funded state run Medicaid program shut down. Lawsuits are still pending on this one.

Perhaps now is the time to point out that the woman Palin is quoting believes that Congress needs to keep their promise to seniors. We all know that Palin thinks Medicare is “socialism” and shouldn’t exist at all. After all, if Obamacare is a Death Panel, what does that make Medicare? But taking her at her word, that she cares about Medicare, why is she against Obamacare, which is addressing the funding problems with Medicare? Methinks she doesn’t know this rather salient fact.

Making matters worse, the entire article she quotes so disingenuously is about the dysfunction of Medicare over the past few years, not about Obamacare. The article cited even blames the problem on something that occurred in 1997.

“The problem dates back to 1997, when Congress passed a balanced budget law that included a Medicare payment formula aimed at reining in spending. The formula, which assumed low growth rates, called for payment cuts if spending exceeded goals, a scenario that occurred year after year as health care costs grew. The scheduled cuts, expected to be modest, turned out to be large.”

In 1997, Republicans controlled both the House and Senate. But in all fairness, the funding problems with Medicare are more complicated than that. It is a legitimate problem, but it is not the result of Obamacare. Anyone who uses under-funded Medicare as a reason to point fingers at President Obama is obviously completely out of their element as well as being unfamiliar with the eight years of Republican rule under George Bush, or they wouldn’t even go there.

Perhaps this kind of complexity is simply above someone who had to write her three ideas for the Republican Party on her hand, and in doing so, revealed that she did not understand the difference or relationship between tax cuts and budget cuts. A failing, I might add, she apparently shares with many of her Republican brethern.

So it is in Palin’s second paragraph that she has already deliberately abused public trust by Breitbarting a scary quote and falsely attributing it to Obamacare, which is never related to said quote. In point of fact, Obamacare took steps to remedy this problem, so if Palin really cares about seniors and is serious about solutions, she should at least grasp this very important fact.

When the media reports on Palin’s Facebook screeds without fact checking them, are they suggesting that we take budget advice from someone who doesn’t even understand that she’s discussing a budget issue? She thinks the Medicare problem is a result of Obamacare. Hello? And while she sells herself as a fiscal conservative, Palin took over Wasilla when they had a surplus and then quickly ran into a 18 million dollar debt from sheer incompetence. She pulled a similar hit and run on the state of Alaska, leaving it to chase the limelight with the largest debt burden in the United States — a 70% debt to GDP ratio.

Pardon me if I’m not bowled over by her jingles about Death Panels and sore loser screeches about common sense conservatism. Thanks, but no thanks, to that bridge to nowhere, Ms Palin. I prefer a Medicaid program that is actually allowed to operate and I prefer candidates who at least try to be a part of the solution. Also, too, crazy debt is not my thing.

This is a festering, inaccurate pustule of a post by Palin and only serves to demonstrate her stark unwillingness to be serious about policy, her failure to understand budgets and her craven need to insert herself into a debate that has nothing to do with someone who quit her job as governor and furthermore, so mismanaged her own state’s Medicaid program that it was shut down by the federal government.

The blatantly out of context quote took place in her second paragraph out of sixteen paragraphs. Now you can see why she gets away with this nonsense. I shudder to think what the rest of this Facebook screed holds, but I have a long standing belief that if you lie this obviously in the second paragraph, you don’t deserve to be read or taken seriously. I hereby revolt from the notion that I must even bother debunking such garbage.

On that note, I encourage you to laugh heartily when confronted with these specious talking points which will infest the Right today and linger for several months until Palin has once again been outted as the liar she is. It’s not even worth engaging with anyone who is so dogmatic and demagogic that they would take this woman’s word for anything. If they don’t bother to click on her links and actually read the material she pretends back up her arguments, they deserve to be suckered.

Just stop the insanity and turn off the crazy. If the media wants to let Palin run another two month end game around sanity, so be it, but I’m not going along for the ride this time. She isn’t attempting to debate and she isn’t confused. She is deliberately using lies, fears and smears in an attempt to delegitimize this president. This is not an ideology debate. This is political terrorism via emotional fear.

Sarah Palin is a menace to civilized debate and a cancer on the morale of this country. She doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously anymore.

Let the revolution begin: Tell the media to leave Sarah Palin’s Facebook page out of our policy debates. Let this be a part of of Stewart’s “restoring sanity” rally. Please, for the love of all that’s reasonable and sane. And remember, healthcare reform has actually added an additional 12 years to the life of Medicare.

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  1. Sarah trying to reach u. Yesterday we discovered on tape that Sarah said “The baby was born in Anchorage” (yes it’s on PG). For 2 yrs we have heard the Wild Ride to Wasilla and Mat=Su Regional for delivery. WHAT mother cannot remember where her baby is born?

    Today Kim Chatman and another woman from Alaska have begun to speak out. Kim saw Sarah after she announced she was pregnant – and she was NOT. She is on Twitter telling her story as well. “debunked” this story 9/2008 BEFORE any of this came out.

    Please go to PG and read (especially) Update 5. Also there is a post by Celia Harrison re: her computer being hacked that is interesting.

    Thanks…great post (as usual) .. I have run out of complements for you!

  2. Palin is either so dumb that she doesn’t know what she’s writing or she is stupidly clever. No wonder Fox news wanted her so bad.

    Wait and see what’s coming if the Republicans don’t win the House and Senate, and she isn’t invited to be on the presidential throne.

    How anyone can support her is totally beyond me

  3. It’s the first one – she’s dumb. Furthermore, she doesn’t even write this crap. I hope the MSM doesn’t give this a moment of air. How can we miss her if she won’t go away?

  4. What endlessly confounds me is how Palin can rant against a policy that would ensure that every American has access to medical care… including those with special needs.

    And we have one of her ArizonaTea Bagger pets telling crowds how horrific it is that medical insurance companies will have to *(gasp)* actually cover people who need medical care, including people with Autism… which she denigrates.

    Palin is in this for Palin and the rest of us can drop dead. At the rate we’re going, that seems more likely to happen than ever.

  5. Conservatives, Republicans and tea bags are in this for for themselves and their pathetic plastic values that only exist when conveinent

  6. One of your best posts ever, Sarah Jones — and you’ve had many great posts!

    As Bill Maher said on “Hardball,” the media are Palin’s true “base.” Her fans are a small fraction of the electorate, yet the media persist in propping up this liar’s status at every opportunity for their own cynical agenda in creating “news.” They are as culpable as Mrs. Palin for the lies and distortions propagated to the public. Unbelievable disservice to their readers and our country.

  7. Thank you Sarah Jones for this post. I do blame the media for the Palin relevance. They created the power and influence that she carries but does not deserve. She should be on her hands and knees thanking them for making her so popular. It’s not just Fox faux news that gives her power. All the main stream media outlets do. Why is a person’s facebook ramblings, true or false, the relevant information that challenges the President and his administration? What has our great country disintegrated into? It’s gets more frightening everyday. I’m seriously concerned about the power of the networks’ influence on the struggling American citizen. There’s far more propaganda reported daily than any real or factual news. Progressive steps accomplished by this administration for the people of the US has been woefully diminished and demonized. Obama is hardly perfect, but no President in decades has been faced with the enormous issues that this President has had to address. And this President continuously acts for the good of the whole with even his own base and party talking and working against him. The lady from the town hall who has been highlighted this week for saying she’s “exhausted with defending” Obama was such a disappointment to me. She allowed herself to be used. I wish she would have had the courage, insight and intelligence to say that she was exhausted with the media’s coverage and influence against Obama as he attempts to solve these massive issues confronting our country. She does not speak for me. I wish she had asked what can be done to restore America now? He has not even completed two years in office yet. Give me a break!

  8. I agree with your comments. Many people are hurting now and do not believe President Obama is doing enough because they haven’t personally been affected yet. I think if the lady you were talking about had really thought about it she would have realized that at least her 401k has increased considerably and her children will be able to be insured on her insurance until they turn 26. She was on Hardball the next day and said that she was behind the President 100%. I believe all the negative publicity got to her, as it has a lot of people. Some people are beginning to act like children, not realizing the awful mess President Obama was handed and the difficulties involved in solving problems. Many can’t even handle their own household budget.

    One thing you never hear Palin talk about is the fact that her family, including the grandchild, has free health care provided by the government because Todd is 1/8th Native American (one grandmother was 1/2 Native American). It’s odd Palin doesn’t seem very worried about Death Panels for her family.

  9. Thanks so much CL. It’s absurd that this woman’s Facebook page diatribes inserted into the national dialogue when she has been proven to be a liar over and over again, and when she’s not lying, she’s so clueless as to render her “opinion” only worth any other citizen’s opinion. She’s certainly no policy or political expert.

  10. She can rant against it b/c all her kids (who are 1/8 native via *cough* Todd) get Free Healthcare through the Native healthcare in AK. FREE! No death panels but FEDERALLY FUNDED HEALTHCARE even grandson TriPP who would be like 1/16 gets this.
    She doesn’t give a good crap about “We the people”! She cares about “me, myself & I” mama grizzle.
    And Yes the dumbass Lame STREAM media (which she is a part of) should not pay attention to her or RAManSOUR 8th grade written screeds.
    This is not news.
    Garbage…tripe, crap. MSM acts like she farts Rainbows and I’m sick of it!

  11. I give a large part of the blame to the media for giving credence to her well-documented lies in the first place. Not too long ago, she would have been soundly discredited and consigned to the oblivion that she has justly earned. But because the media refuses to live up to its obligations, opting instead for ratings, they confer an undeserved dignity on people like Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Angle, and Rand Paul. That gives them the impetus to continue with their blatant lies and stupid statements. If the media decided to black her out completely, she would be beside herself with frustration, because she has a pathological need for constant attention even when it’s negative.

  12. “.one of her ArizonaTea Bagger pets horrific it is that medical insurance companies will have to *(gasp)* actually cover people who need medical care, including people with Autism… which she denigrates”

    I believe the autism reference is due to teabagger Sharron Angle who with her husband, formerly an employee of the Federal Land management dept, her kids and grandkids, have been receiving and continue to receive federally administered health care, partly paid for by the federal government
    The government has no money, it uses that of us the taxpayers, which translates into us, the taxpayers, paying for part of the Angles’ health care
    Is that socialism, or isn’t it?

  13. Todd is 1/8th Native American (one grandmother was 1/2 Native American).
    So continuing in the progression, the offspring of Sarah and Todd Palin are 1/16th “Native” American
    and the grandson Tripp, poor innocent kid without a legal father, is 1/32 “Native” American but from what I read in an article is “an enrolled TRIBAL member of the CURYUNG TRIBAL COUNCIL, receiving medical insurance coverage by IHS and the Alaska “NATIVE” Medical Center”
    Wouldn’t that fall under the description “generational socialism”?

  14. Topping the list of changes this year is a sharp reduction in the number of Medicare Advantage plans. … Government studies have concluded the ‘advantage’ in many of the Medicare Advantage plans goes not to the policy holders, but to the bottom line of the insurance companies selling the policies, and there’s a move by the government to phase them out. … The other significant change this year is more prescription drug coverage for many, but not all, Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in the voluntary drug plan

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