An Epidemic of Stupidity is Sweeping America

Listening to rants from Conservatives, teabaggers, and Republicans is difficult and insults intelligent people in America. However, it is clear that a large group of Americans believe lies and stupid reasoning from the right, and it signals the decline of intelligence in this country.

It doesn’t matter which topic RWNJs throw out, every conservative policy is ridiculously stupid. The distressing part is it’s not just the whacked-out fringe who believe pundits like Beck, Limbaugh, and Fox News’ crew, but seemingly regular folks who are buying into the lying sophistry from extremists.

It is understandable that ignorant, uneducated people believe Fox News because they don’t have cognitive skills to ascertain the veracity of a story. But with polls showing half of America willing to vote for candidates who will rape the life out of all but the richest Americans, one must contemplate the level of stupidity in half of America.

Teabagger rallies are filled with older, white Americans who subsist on Social Security and use Medicare for health care. These saps protest government programs and will vote to see them eliminated regardless their only means of support will be eliminated .

These are the fools who protested banking regulations, and acted as if the government were taking something away from them. It is a matter of stupid people believing hard-to-believe lies from the right.

The big deal now is ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans; the right is portraying it as a tax increase on ALL Americans. True to form, there are stupid poor people who are rabid about the illegal Kenyan president raising their taxes. Most teabaggers are barely out of poverty, and do not pay taxes on Social Security income, but protest and claim they are taxed too much.

Pundits say all this stupidity is because of the economy, and that people are angry. But they were not angry when Bush’s policies ruined the economy while enriching the wealthy and corporations. It’s easy to write-off the stupidity of a small percentage of whacked-out nut-jobs, but the numbers exceed fringe groups.

The numbers reflect the level of stupidity in America, and signals the decline of our way of life. When people support the group that intends to rape them, the only conclusion is that America IS becoming more stupid by the day.

Climate change deniers, evolution deniers, birthers and the like are complicit in America’s degradation. Of course, in the future they will say they didn’t know, but it’s arrogance and laziness that is the cause of their stupidity. It’s laziness because they hear one source and accept it as fact, and arrogance because they depend on their stupid Stone Age Bible to dictate facts; regardless that it’s based on Jewish mythology.

It is sad for America that stupidity is the driving force for policy decisions, and extremely sad that people with intelligence must be dragged down the road to destruction. America’s greatness is waning because of corporate greed, but it is stupidity that enables the wealthy to exploit our country.

The days when Americans valued education and technological development are gone. In America today, the value system is based on stupidity and superstition, and the right’s goal of shutting down the education system except for religious schools will ensure America remains stupid.

Apparently, intelligence is bad and superstition is good…for everyone. The right has convinced stupid Americans that knowledge and education are elitist and dangerous, and God and prayer needs to return to schools (although neither was ever in schools).

We should ship idiots to a place where they could live like Stone Age man, but that would be inhumane. Until stupid, old, white Christians die off, America will continue its slide into second-class status. Hopefully, the other half of Americans can persevere until intelligence and education is valued again. It is sad we are in this situation, and seems nearly impossible that America will regain its place in the developed world.

Perhaps America will climb out of the grasp of stupidity and the Dark Ages, but it doesn’t look like we will ever be more than a third-rate society. But, for half of Americans, we have bombs, Bibles, bullets, and churches; and that’s good enough for them.

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26 Replies to “An Epidemic of Stupidity is Sweeping America”

  1. Only a former minister can get away with saying some of the things you do, RMuse:-) But you are dead on accurate.

    It pains me to see these folks fall for the current R plan which will involve privatizing SS, cutting veteran benefits, etc! They never ask HOW they are going to pay for these tax cuts.

    I’m beginning to believe those studies that conservatives (the followers, not the leaders) can’t handle ambiguity or nuance and that’s why they’re prone to falling for bumper sticker jingles.

    As you say, even as they throw mud in our faces, we’re going to have to be charitable and kind and keep trying to help them in spite of themselves.

  2. Stupidity is not the only problem among a large number of Americans. It is coupled with the kind of complacency that makes people with this mindset susceptible to charlatans who openly signal that they want to finish the destruction that started under Bush. It apparently escapes them that a part of national security is financial stability in addition to military readiness. Because they are blind, they view any attempts by the government to level the playing field for those less fortunate as “socialism.” They can’t see past their noses to see that the folks using them are appealing to their selfishness and their penchant for instant gratification even in the case of political solutions. It’s scary, because they are the worst enablers of those who want a permanent underclass of easily controlled sheep that they can mess over any way they want.

  3. The right wing knows that their only hope for lasting power is the dumbing down of the citizenry. That is why they want to do away with the Dept. of Education. Of course they don’t want to do away with education, they just want no oversight of the curriculum and they want the government to pay for it in the form of vouchers. Evil assholes!

  4. I have said many times the least to myself, that the tea bag people have no idea what the world will look like if the people who meet their approval get into office. the Conservatives have never done a single thing for Americans and have never been the fiscal conservatives that they claim to be. And quite frankly they will not be what they claim to be.
    Conservatives complain about education in the United States and how bad it is, yet want to cut money and cut out the federal education Department altogether. That sounds good to the loyal minions until they find out it means that the Conservatives can control what happens in schools, what is taught, and just how deeply it will erode America’s education.
    I cannot figure John Boehner stating we must get the deficit down and then doing everything he can to get it higher. The people have no clue that privatizing Social Security simply means that the government will have more interest to borrow from. They are not doing this for your benefit for a heartbeat. getting rid of healthcare which drops the deficit makes absolutely no sense unless it is to simply give profit to healthcare providers who are continually making monopolies of themselves.
    I do not think people are angry. I think they have been whipped into a froth and being told they’re angry. Taxes are lower today than they have been for a long time and they are complaining? That doesn’t make any sense. But I do agree that it is the uneducated and easily led people that will fall for this every time. the BS about every time you put in a bill having to point to the clause in the Constitution that supports it is just absolutely insane. The Constitution supports very little of what we do today, at least in the actual text. These people are dumber than rocks

  5. i have been pondering for 18 months on what has changed in my country that makes it ok to publicly show your stupidity…and i have concluded that when sarah palin was introduced on the political stage..these supporters found a role model…and when she was defeated by barack obama the hurt and anger was so great that they would throw aside their love of country and the faith that i thought we all shared in our democratic traditions…the outrage became mundane and acceptable

  6. I love, love love this post. What is currently happening in America today is a crime.
    The GOP and the powers that be that run the likes of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and the other usual suspects are destroying the integrity and power of this country and it’s people. I can’t imagine, after the election of Barack Obama, what the rest of the world must be thinking about Americans now. The media’s view of America is embarrassing.
    The polls reveal that many Americans have bought the lie. The anger seems to be coming more from the racist and bigoted. What’s real is the actual struggle that is consuming the lives of Americans because of the state of the economy and the lack of jobs. But still big business continues to profit. Wake up and smell the coffee. Barack Obama has been in office less than two years. This disaster took many years to create. Give him a chance. If the Dems came together anywhere near what how well the lying GOP do, we could actually really restore this country to it’s rightful place. The Dems are for the people. The GOP are for the wealthy getting more wealthy.

  7. Rmuse,
    I’m very pleased to hear others echo what I have been telling the people around me. It’s a combination of laziness (because some refuse to think for themselves and after 911 these same shell-shocked people (The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein is illuminating!) gave away their liberties to the Bush administration) and stupidity (when there’s a problem you’re supposed to seek out the very best, not one of the 3 stooges) in the willingness to have Social Security, Medicare and Education (EDUCATION???) voted out of existence. These people are easily manipulated and that is just how the Koch brothers and others like them want them to be.

    Thank you!!! Awesome post!

  8. The quickest way to this garbage.
    Everything that happens, everything that gets produced, every Commentators millions for comment-pay, as opposed to cents for planting-pay, is provided by The Most of Us.
    Compare hours, if nothing else. One Hour of any Lefty Yapper, paid by Us, on any screen, gets the same as any farming family in a lifetime.
    The People’s Pals are routine Liars. As always.

  9. I read on the huff post this: 16 states were listed as the ones with the least number of college graduates. Then 16 states were listed with the most college graduates. Funny thing…the ones with the least were all… states. The ones with the most were blue states.
    It is logical then to assume the red states are the least educated….thus they fall for the Tea Party Gods and what they state as fact. we have plenty of examples of this sort of stupidity……Palin,Odonnel,the guy from Alaska .

  10. You hit it on the nose!!! This is exactly what I have been telling everyone I know and what I have been trying to convince my father (the retired Baptist minister) of for a long time. Of course, having been raised in one of the reddest of the red states in a home dominated by superstitious nonsense, I know you cannot reason with these people. I just hope to retire to Canada. I really mean it. I can’t stand to be surrounded by these idiots any longer. I’d prefer one of the Scandinavian countries but they’re harder to get into. By the way, there are a couple of typos/grammatical errors in the post that need to be corrected: should say “eliminated regardless that they are their only means ” or something like that, should say “God and prayer need to return” with no “s”, should say “until intelligence and education are valued”. Excellent job unburdening yourself and, vicariously, the rest of us. It needed to be said.

  11. I must agree that stupidity has overtaken America. We have an illegal alien for president who refuses to release any documentation concerning his entire life. All evidence points to him being born in Kenya and being an Indonesian citizen. We cannot get an independent investigation into 9-11. Most Americans are not aware of three skyscrapers being brought down by controlled demolition in NYC on 9-11. The media and the government have covered up the facts about WTC Building 7 falling at free fall speed into it’s own footprint without any serious damage to the building.

    84 videos of the Pentagon attack are classified for reasons of national security so we have never see what hit the Pentagon. Why are they hiding all the videos, what don’t they want us to see? They are hiding the true facts of whatever hit it. Air traffic controllers and many pilots stated commercial aircraft could never make such maneuvers especially with somebody at the controls who could not even fly a Cessna. Too many facts are being hidden such as the Israeli Mossad agents with the van full of explosives caught by a New York City bridge, all information was classified and hidden from the 9-11 commission. 6 of the 10 9-11 commissioners have stated the investigation was impeded by the Pentagon and the entire report was a fraud and a scam on the American people. We need a true independent investigation into the facts of what really happened without the hiding of the facts.

    There is no doubt that 9-11 was an inside job done by Mossad to start wars by blaming on Muslims, Israel’s favorite trick. Just like they planned to do with the USS Liberty attack which was covered up by the corrupt government and corrupt media for 40 years. The internet is the only reason we learned what happened and now they are going to shut it down and censor every website with the Lieberman-Rockefeller ( AKA/Israel-Rothschild ) Cybersecurity Act.

  12. The sad part is that the Democrats and Republicans have ignored people cry for protecting the environment. Neither has stood up to big oil for clean energy. People are fed up and looking for someone new.

  13. And we mustn’t forget that now that Texas has opted for state-wide parallax error in its education system, and passed its “We’ll only teach History to our school kids as seen through the prism of our Creationist conservative values”, and given that at least 21 other US states follow suit and buys the text books Texas publishes, the situation, as laid out in the opening article above, can only get worse.

    Indeed, I’d tie in this piece with a recent New York Times Op-Ed piece, by Timothy Egan: “Building a Nation of Know-Nothings”

  14. the way i see it… you must first be completely immersed in stupid to believe the verbal diarrhea of any extreme political agenda… whether it be conservative or liberal.
    extreme beliefs of any kind rarely survive the litmus test of critical analysis.
    as i retired teacher, i know, our educational system has done an excellent good job of teaching people NOT to think as an individual.

  15. Michelle,
    Your words…..
    “as i retired teacher, i know, our educational system has done an excellent good job”
    Retired school teacher? Damn…..

  16. You’re right.
    Got to stay cool. No matter how much we hate you red clowns.
    It’ll all be okay at the end.
    You’re right.

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