Ed Buck Stands Up Against GOP Bully Chris Christie

Ed Buck Stands Up to Republican Chris Christie
Ed Buck Stands Up to Republican Chris Christie

Out of the madness in a world gone crazy, stepped Ed Buck – straight from central casting as an American citizen standing up for the right to question our candidates. Buck showed up on The Ed Show to take a stand against Republican bully Governor Chris Christie who tried to intimidate him into not asking a question during a Meg Whitman forum in California.

Buck is a retired multi-millionaire looking for someone to vote for in this election. He attended Whitman’s rally wanting to ask Whitman a question (she’s another Republican who is avoiding all questions from media and constituents – this should be a warning), but she wasn’t taking any questions and this upset Buck. Buck simply wanted to engage in the American process of democracy, which of course, ticked off Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. We have no idea why a Governor from New Jersey was running interference at a forum for candidate for California Governor.

Buck merely wanted to tell Meg Whitman that he stood with Warren Buffet, and that he doesn’t need a tax cut; he wants his taxes to go to investments in infrastructure. He got bullied instead. But guess what? He showed up on the Ed Show and turned that around, calling Whitman and Christie out on their cowardly behavior. If you want to see how to stand up to a cowardly Republican, watch this.

Meet Buck:

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BUCK: I’m a retired, multimillionaire, former republican, who was looking for a — for someone to vote for in this election. And you can be sure it’s not going to be Meg Whitman as a result of what Chris Christie did.

ED SCHULTZ: Mr. Buck, what was your reaction when Mr. Christie, the governor of New Jersey, told you that you were the problem in this country? People that stand up and paraphrasing now, that’s pretty much what he said to you, isn’t it?

BUCK: Well, yeah you know, it’s very hypocritical of a man who wants to espouse this whole free speech, and that to say that we need to have a dialogue, but not have it with me. As soon as he doesn’t agree with my speech here, cuts me off. As long as I’m saying apple pie and waving the American flag, he’s okay with that. but if I begin to ask a critical question, Chris Christie becomes a school yard bully.

So it’s come to this now; in an effort to avoid transparency, Republicans refuse to answer any questions (lest they have to explain how they’re going to make those “spending cuts” — i.e., privatize social security, kill veterans benefits and get rid of Medicare). And if a citizen dares to ask a question, they will be bullied by one of the henchmen sitting watch over the silent candidate. Why have a forum at all? Why don’t these Republicans just make a talking doll of themselves and pass it out?

Sadly, we can thank John McCain for this new low, as he ushered it in during the 2008 campaign when he told the media Sarah Palin would no longer subject herself to questions until the media showed her “deference”. That was the turning point that birthed these Republican cowards who refuse to do any media and think they are above answering questions from the people. It doesn’t get any more unAmerican than refusing to engage in the democratic process. These folks are acting like they are divinely entitled to the throne instead of running for election by the people.

The AP and AOL reported on this story and their source was a New Jersey media outlet. Now why would a New Jersey outlet have the best insight into a forum in Hollywood, California? Oh, and by the way, these outlets called Buck a “heckler” and said Christie got on his face — but this is written as a compliment. Since when are elected officials supposed to run interference for candidates who refuse to answer questions and why can’t Republicans seem to behave like civilized human beings? Since when it is applauded when an elected official uses his bully pulpit to denigrate a citizen asking a question? Why is Christie inserting himself into a California race, anyway?

Here’s what Christie said:

CHRISTIE: (standing on dias above Buck pointing his finger in Buck’s face) Hey, listen. You know what. You want to yell? Yell at me. It’s people raising their voices, yelling and screaming like you, who are dividing this country. We’re here to get this country back.

Is Meg Whitman a delicate flower who has to be protected by the male Republican bully? Boy, these Mama Grizzlies sure are an odd bunch. And who exactly is Christie taking the country back from and why does that process involve not engaging in debate or answering questions? Sounds like they want to take the country away from Americans and hand it to some sort of corporatacracy wrapped in the flag. I’m just spit ballin’ here because of Meg’s history.

And here’s what the Newark outlet The Star-Ledger reports Whitman said afterward:

“Talking to reporters after the event, Whitman said she figured Buck was planted in the audience by her opponents. It’s not surprising to me … I think that’s what we’ve come to expect,” she said. “I think what’s really true is as Californians and Americans we need to restore some civil discourse.”

Right out of Palin’s playbook; any questions she doesn’t like are deemed political opponents and then she says people want “civil discourse”, but she refuses to engage in any kind of discourse except one way talking points and jingles that do not add up to real solutions.

Here’s a hint: Maybe, Meg, if you actually took questions, people wouldn’t be so upset. It is part of the job description, after all.

These tactics are being employed to avoid debate. They are not part of any legitimate debate or ideology. This is not a matter of differing political platforms – this is an attempt to duck and dodge accountability, even before the candidate is elected. It’s insanity and should not be tolerated by any citizen regardless of party.

But back to Buck. Buck wants to pay more taxes. He framed paying taxes as part of a patriotic duty to reinvest in this country; something every reasonable person should not have a problem understanding. His demeanor framed the debate so as to bring to mind those old-fashioned values I remember from my Grandparents of noblesse oblige. Buck is one of those real Americans I keep hearing about from the Right, but have yet to run into at a Tea Party rally unless stinginess is the new American.

Ed Buck managed to do in three minutes what the entire Democratic Party has not been able to do effectively, and that is make the case for letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire.

He’s sick and tired of the Tea Republican bullying, their cowardly refusal to engage in the democratic process, and their lack of respect for citizens’ freedom of speech (unless that speech serves the Republican Tea Party). And he knows just how to stand up to them.

Ed Buck, the Democratic Party could use someone like you.

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21 Replies to “Ed Buck Stands Up Against GOP Bully Chris Christie”

  1. Sarah ,Thats why we need Reporters like You , Who tell the truth. Dems better start speaking up . It would not surprise me if Christie gets his hat in the Presidential Race.(Or tries)

  2. I did not realize so many republicans were refusing to answer questions but it really doesn’t surprise me at all. I am surprised that she is tied with her opponent after not taking any questions. What are people thinking? Why would they vote for someone who wont talk to them?

    Christie is just an idiot. People raising their voices made this country

  3. That is the word on the street; he’s out there stumping for Republicans with an eye on 2012, which explains why he grandstanded his way into the media over something so stupid — pandering to his base of powerless cowards (because no one loves a bully more than a wanna be bully).

  4. She’s spending a ton of money — in fact, she’s broken records for spending; she put $119 million of her personal fortune in it — and Brown didn’t think he had to start fighting early since he is so well known to CA voters, but of course, that is a mistake we’ve seen around this country during primary season. He JUST started running ads. I hope the results aren’t the same here. I can’t imagine CA going for Whitman over Brown.

  5. Lets hope that a fresh face, (fresh in that he hasn’t inundated the airwaves) will come out victorious. Not answering questions should tip something off to someone, but I think this is a time of only voting along party lines and not using common sense.

  6. Well if people in CA elect this woman just think what you are going to have when she is in office. If you think it is OK now that she doesn’t have to answer questions what is she going to do once in office. Republicans are buying this country and to many people are falling for the crap. No wonder we get what we deserve. You have all these teapublicans running who think they are entitled yet they throw it into peoples faces for asking questions. I am ashamed of the american people for falling for stupid. Lets home they wise up by Nov. Democratics need to give us a reason to vote for them. They are so damn meek it scare the crap out of you. All I want to say to democratics get some backbone and do your damn jobs we voted you in for. I am so pissed right now I can see straight. I am so mad at our citizens. What is it going to take for americans to finally get mad and get in the streets. I mean citizens who aren’t from the top down. I mean citizens from REAL grass roots. Come on young people it is your time. Get mad as hell and do something for the good of the nation, we need you more now than ever.

  7. Off the top of my head, Shiva, I can recall some of the names of republicans running for office who aren’t participating in any debates:

    Rand Paul

    Think Progress has a more comprehensive list of republicans who are refusing to debate democratic opponents. One republican congressman told his democratic opponent that he hasn’t “earned” the right to debate him yet.

    Mr. Buck is right. These tea party republicans want to govern without accountability.

  8. According to one blog in AK, Joe Miller will appear in CA next month with Palin to raise funds for his campaign. I didn’t know he and Palin could see CA from the front porches of their houses. Palin is also being compensated by the GOP for her fundraising efforts on its behalf.

    You can read about it here:


  9. I read about the RNC paying Palin’s legal fees — 275,000.00 — very interesting. Sad to say, she has friends in high places, as this wasn’t in place prior to the change over. It happened after the 2008 defeat. Rather odd arrangement.

    These are the same legal fees she has a trust fund set up for….the second trust, as the first was found to be illegal. She should be ashamed of grifting off of people, but she’s a Paris Hilton gimme mine celebrity.

  10. This is their new media strategy. It’s deliberate, it’s effective, and it’s anti-democratic to the core.

  11. Thank you majii, I will look that list up tomorrow. Does anyone know of a list of all republicans that are running at midterms?

  12. Names of more Republicans running for office who aren’t participating in any debates:

    Rep. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, R-NY
    Tom Ganley, R-OH
    Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA
    Roy Blunt, R-MO
    Rep. Steve King, R-IA
    Gov. Rick Perry, R-TX
    Stephen Fincher, R-TN
    David Cicilline, Mayor, Providence
    Josh Mandel, R-OH
    Marsha Blackburn, R-TN
    Fred Upton, R-MI, refused in R-primary, won R-primary

  13. I remember it being said during the 2008 campaign that the Bush administration had refused to answer questions and that McCain had gone a step further, refusing to even allow questions to be asked, and they have continued in this vein ever since. Public debate is not something authoritarians can tolerate – or survive, and these people are authoritarians.

  14. Ed Buck is an outstanding example of a truly patriotic, wealthy American who is looking at the big picture and thinking long-term instead of selfish immediate wants.
    It’s refreshing to see someone like him stand up to the GOP bullies who want to regain power without any accountability either before or after being elected. But the Americans who condone this, and those who refuse to vote in order to keep these bozos out of office, will have no one but themselves to blame for the inevitable calamity that will result if any of these fools are elected. The Party of No has made it abundantly clear what they are about, and those who vote for them do it at their own peril and everyone else’s if they get elected.

  15. Gee, Sarah, great reporting! Maybe next time you quote a public official in an article, you can actually repeat what they said, and not make up words that that fit your leftist agenda. What Gov Christie actually said was,”…We’re here to bring this country together, not divide it”. NOT ‘…we’re here to take the country back’. as you wrongly quoted. Major Fail. But then, who can blame you for your muddled thinking? After all, you get your talking points from MSNBC, and they almost never get any of their ‘facts’ correct.

    Now. Let’s see if you ‘staunchly defend’ the right to free speech and open dialogue and let my post stand.

  16. Your post is still here, but fyi, if you start name calling posters here, you will be censored. See, this is a privately owned website that is paid for by the owner. You don’t have the right to free speech here. You might want to read up on what free speech is and how it applies to you and in what circumstances so that you can appear to be more knowledgeable and less paranoid.

  17. Thank you Sarah for the great reporting & for pointing out the obvious to Albertson – that his self-perceived ‘right’ to insult, berate & generally bully others does not extend across the media universe.

    Unfortunately, conservatives seem to believe that they have the right to express their views, insult & belittle anyone who doesn’t agree with them and THEN try to capture some version of the moral high ground when those they’re insulting object to their abuse, like Ed Buck did.

    As each of the conservative candidates & pundits have so abundantly expressed to all of us, knowledge is not their goal. (They deny their own paranoia, but the proof is in the pudding).

    No, their goal is NOT a knowledgable U.S. citizenry … NOT for elections, NOT in primary & secondary schools (e.g. creationism), NOT in universities (e.g. John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy), NOT in media coverage of news & issues (Fox news, talk radio). Rather, their goal is for the utter, mindless conformity of everyone in the United States to THEIR views, THEIR ideology, THEIR religion, THEIR worldview.

    These people & their oppressive goals are, as Alan Grayson’s newest ad so aptly points out, quite simply American Taliban. They & their ilk’s tactics are just as corrosive to freedom & liberty here in the U.S. as they are in the middle east halfway around the world.

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