Glenn Beck Admits On the Air that He Hates America

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck not only admitted that he hates America, but he laid out the rationale for why it is okay for the Right to hate America too, “No, we’re not always great. Sometimes we really suck beyond imagination, and we have had out and out evil presidents,” so when a president is evil, it is okay to hate America.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “I was somebody that during the Clinton administration said, Can we please stop saying that the president is killing people in our national parks? Can we please stop saying that? You know, because what I said at the time was, if we believe that then we are farther down this road than you even imagine. You can’t have a president offing people in the national parks and think, well, but he’s good with the dot com thing. You can’t have it.”

Beck admitted that he hates America, “I’m a guy who has always believed that we’ve had good presidents and bad presidents, but not presidents who want to destroy the United States of America, and that may remain true. They may not think they’re destroying the United States of America, but I have come to a more adult conclusion after I have stopped just chanting USA, USA, USA, and stopped just waving the flag because it’s the flag and this is America, and we’re always great.”

He then attacked Obama as the worst president of them all, “No, we’re not always great. Sometimes we really suck beyond imagination, and we have had out and out evil presidents. Woodrow Wilson is one of them. Andrew Jackson is another one. Barack Obama may be the worst of all of them, and Barack Obama is a guy that fundamentally. He really I believe I think he’s doing the right thing, and in fact with his idea of collective salvation, he thinks he’s doing the moral thing, and he wants to fundamentally transform America, which means more regulation and telling people how to live their lives, and this would be a perfect opportunity.”

What Beck laid out here is the conservative definition of conditional patriotism. Conservatives love America when a “non evil” a.k.a. Republican people have elected an “evil president.” This is why we all were supposed to rally around George W. Bush and wave the flag, but doing so for Barack Obama is wrong. Beck is providing justification for the Tea Party’s hatred of America. He is saying that it is legitimate to disrespect the office of the presidency, and the Commander in Chief when that person is of the opposing political party and therefore “evil.”

In this area Glenn Beck and the Tea Party are different than Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. They both hate America. They hate America, but not only did the country elect a Democrat to the presidency, but even worse, we elected a black Democrat, and because this black Democrat is from the wrong political party, in their view, the president is illegitimate and it is their patriotic duty to hate him, his office, and the people who elected him.

Glenn Beck’s point is that it is okay to hate America when America does not do what you want. Instead of being an adult view as he contends, this worldview is the height of childishness. As much as progressives and Democrats loathed George W. Bush after the 2000 election, once he was sworn into office they never attempted to delegitimize him like the Right has done to Obama. George W. Bush was the President of the United States and even if people didn’t respect him, they respected the office.

Not only does the Right currently hate America, but they are carrying out a campaign of rage and political terrorism. By not respecting the basic institutions of our system is not only unpatriotic, but it is undemocratic. People on the Right like Glenn Beck only love America, when it is shaped in their image. Beck, Palin, the Tea Party, Fox News, these people aren’t patriots. They are terrorists conducting a guerilla campaign against our flag, our freedoms, and our democracy. Call me old fashioned, but I’ll support the red, white, and blue no matter which party controls Congress or the White House. A real patriot always supports their country no matter what. Glenn Beck, and all of those who share his beliefs are traitors to America, and don’t deserve to live in our great nation.

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  1. Sadly, this poor excuse for a HUMAN being has followers. He should be HONORED to be an American, because he has freedom of speech. However, instead of using that power to influence tolerance and patience, he spouts his hate filled agenda.

    Stuffing it down our throats if you will.

  2. this is kind of contradictory in a way, given the fact that he was totally against the iman who is building “the mosque that isnt a mosque” because he said that America was partially complicit in the reasons that Osama bin Laden did 9/11. Let us note how easily these people throw around the word hate.

    judging by the posts I read here yesterday, that really has some brainwashed people. Given the fact that he constantly tells people not to believe him, these people don’t understand that that is a psychological tool to make them believe him.

    Glenn Beck is a fraud as an American. But let’s face it is only in it for the money

  3. Glenn Beck you have just crossed the line by saying: “Obama is the worst president of them all” knowing that your following is right on the edge with pure hatred for our President, because of the things you say..Your way of thinking and talking is NOT acceptable for moving this country forward..YOU ARE HURTING OUR COUNTRY by talking such lies to your following..SHAME ON YOU!..You are out of control and it needs to stop before something horrible happens to someone that you say you hate or dislike that is in the public eye..Someone needs to pull the plug on you on your radio station and on TV show… I think you have completely lost you mind! You are a very hateful and corrupt man!..There isn’t enough money in the world that should make you say the terrible things that you say..I don’t know what GOD you pray too, but it is NOT the same God that I pray too! You need to sit down and watch yourself and listen to the hurtful and hateful things that you say, because if you did you would be hang you head down with shame! I feel sorry for your family!

  4. Glen Beck fits right in with the mindset of the al Queda and Talaban. I think he needs to go live in Afghanistan,Pakistan or even Iraq. America does not need the Glenn Becks nor the Limbaugh’s of this country.

  5. On his Pox show yesterday, Beck targeted the Tides Foundation again and accused it of indoctrinating the nation’s children. This is significant because a couple months back some Pox viewer in CA was headed to the Tides Foundation but was stopped in Oakland, I believe, where he ended up in a shootout with police officers. His mom was interviewed after the event, and she was a walking, talking, living, breathing Glen Beck conspiracy theory nut. She said that she and her son were afraid of the government taking their guns and of the government taking away their freedom. Never mind, that neither President Obama, Congress, nor any government agency has taken one step toward bringing these Beck claims to fruition. Beck has done a hatchet job on his viewers/listeners minds and should be ashamed of himself, but I guess he’ll do anything to bring Obama and anyone who supports any of his policies down.

  6. He’s doing the logical thing – for him. He just really doesn’t care about the damage he does. He sees a path to gold, he takes it. As long as he profits, nothing else matters.

    Greed, pride, lust, sloth, envy, gluttony and wrath. He’s committed each of the 7 deadly sins.

  7. I just love the picture at the top of this article. It’s a good indication of the level of education attained by typical Glenn Beck fans.

  8. An excellent post, but I gotta point out one boo-boo:

    Actually, some people did question GW’s legitimacy as President because he was not properly elected. Ironically, there was no where near the screaming and whining back then like the Tea Baggers are doing now. It turned out that GW was not duly elected. In the case of the Tea Baggers they are displaying a mass temper tantrum and justifying pointing their guns at the flag based upon silly fictions.

  9. Jason, you are a complete fool. Your ‘articles’ have no basis in fact, are not backed up by credible citations, and are basically diatribes and leftist dogma.

    They are amusing, however. Hee!

  10. Ummm… I didn’t really hear Glenn Beck say he hated America. Where was that in your clip? In fact, I’ve never heard him say that. I challenge you to provide any untampered with – clip that proves he has said that. And yes, Obama is the worst president ever. I long for the days of the Clintons!!! You should read my blog. You might learn something.

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