Fox News Viewership Plunges 21% While MSNBC Grows

The cable news ratings for the third quarter of 2010 were released today, and Fox News is showing signs of decline as their viewership has decreased by 21%, and their top shows all posted double digit losses, while MSNBC’s shows grew and the network attracted more younger viewers.

Fox News is still dominating the cable news ratings. The network has the top 11 programs in cable news, but there are ominous signs that the empire is starting to crack. Compared to the third quarter of 2009, Fox has lost 21% of their total viewers, and 26% of their younger viewers. The biggest loser on the network was Bill O’Reilly who saw his program The O’Reilly Factor lose 12% of its total viewers and 21% of its young viewers. Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bret Baier, and Greta Van Susteren rounded out the top five cable news shows, and they each posted double digit declines.

Fox News is now averaging 1.831 million prime time viewers a day, and only 443,000 viewers age 25-54. The problem for Fox News is even more acute because second place MSNBC is actually growing. While Glenn Beck suffered double digit losses at 5PM, Chris Matthews posted modest gains of 1% overall and 8% in the demo. While Bret Baier declined, Ed Schultz has seen his viewership skyrocket at 6 PM. The Ed Show is up 24% over last year in total viewers and 8% in the demo. Keith Olbermann’s Countdown was down over last year by 6% in total viewers and 19% in the demo, but Olbermann’s was the only cable news show to gain audience since the second quarter. Rachel Maddow gained 6% in total views, but lost 1% with the demo.

MSNBC has a total prime time audience of 687,000 which is a bit more than a third of Fox News’ total, but they have more than half of FNC demo (age 25-54) audience, with 229,000 younger viewers. I don’t think the summer blues is an answer for the loss of viewership over at Fox. If it was seasonal then why did MSNBC’s viewership increase? The answer I think is rooted in Fox’s shift to the far right. As FNC has become the Tea Party news network, and engaged in straight GOP propaganda, moderate and liberal Republicans along with conservative Democrats, and Independents fled.

Some of these people have probably gone over to MSNBC, which now looks flat out moderate compared to the programming on Fox News, and MSNBC overall is far from moderate. The shrinkage of the Fox News viewership mirrors the shrinking of the Republican Party. As the tilt of FNC’s programming becomes more niche based, fewer viewers will watch. Bill O’Reilly’s show has become one of the more moderate on Fox News, and the lack of teabagger enthusiasm is a likely explanation for Bill-O’s drop. It is fascinating that in a year when Republicans are so excited about the midterm elections, Fox’s viewership would decline so drastically.

This could mean that the generic polling about voter enthusiasm and the media narrative that goes with it is off base. One would suspect that in anticipation of the midterms, more conservative viewers would be tuning into FNC. If the narrative is correct, MSNBC should be declining not gaining, but the looming long term threat to Fox is their inability to attract younger viewers, which can be directly attributed to younger skewing programs like The Daily Show that discredit FNC’s brand of “news reporting”, on a regular basis, and help viewers approach the news with a more critical eye. Fox is still the giant of cable news, but they are an aging behemoth staring down the barrel of a steep decline.

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  1. Wow, this is REALLY good news, I have to admit. I hope it is backed by solid statistics.

    This actually made my day. Are people actually realizing that Fox News, Palin, Blondie, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity and all the others on the station are LOONS!??!

    Great post!

  2. The data is Neilson data, so it is far from perfect, but for a quite a while now, since the end of 2009, if you look inside the numbers, Fox has been showing some weakness. They do have a legitimate problem attracting younger viewers, which is why the Stewart/Colbert rally terrifies them. Aging viewership is never a good omen for long term health.

  3. the Republican Party is getting a certain amount of new people into its numbers. But many of these people are pro-abortion simply because they are young people. I think the same is true of young people and Fox news. The more radical people like Hannity and Glenn Beck get the less people are going to watch them. And I think Glenn Beck is really laying it on thick desperately trying to get a huge audience who believes in him. Hannity just can’t stop lying no matter what he does. I think people are starting to see that.

    I don’t think young people are as radical as Fox news, and they don’t go in for the drama. And almost every program on Fox is a drama show. and almost anything that you hear on MSNBC can be collaborated on other networks. With Fox no one else does the same things they say.

  4. The older FOX audience is dieing off and most young people are turned off by the HATE AND FEAR that Fox News spreads – just like terrorists – they spread TERROR!

    Instead of trying to encourage this country to come together FOX NEWS was just pissed that they couldn’t get old man McCain elected – now they are determined to destroy Obama and they don’t care if they destroy families and the country at the same time.

  5. And I’ve noticed on some blogs, Shiva, that many rw posters often ask why Pox is the only network focusing on a certain issue. They don’t seem to realize that Pox is not a news network. If it were, an issue like the New Black Panthers claim Pox is reviving this week would be reported by the other major outlets. I think the Shirley Sherrod matter taught the MSM a much needed lesson about allowing Pox to set the news agenda. Pox and Breitbart led the rest of the MSM over the cliff on the claim that Ms. Sherrod was a racist. They ended up with egg all over their faces, so I think they’ve been hesitant about carrying water for Pox ever since.

  6. This is good news for me, since I am a regular viewer of MSNBC, especially the Ed Show, as well as Keith Olbermann’s Countdown and the Rachel Maddow Show. There is no touting of FOX’s alleged popularity that would induce me to engage in the kind of self-abuse it would take for me to listen to their non-stop messages of hate and fear. Back in 2008, I watched them for 2 weeks, and was completely turned off by their negativity. They have not only done nothing to change my mind, but they have also gone completely over the top with their incendiary “reporting” on such subjects as the NYC mosque, the Shirley Sherrod issue, and their naked hatred of President Obama.
    I look forward to the day when they become an unpleasantly vague memory after being consigned to the scrap heap of history, where they rightly belong.

  7. How exactly is standardized polling done? Is it over land lines or does it also include cell phones? I have the impression that the polling showing Republicans with this large enthusiasm and likely voter leads are not accurate. I know this is tangential to the news show polling but I thought it may be indicative of what seems surreal in the overall mood of the country.

  8. How Neilson collects their data has always been a debated process, and one that is far from perfect. The Neilson system tends to neglect both cell phone uses and people who watch programming on their computers. It can be argued that they tend to collect their sample from an audience of more traditional viewers.

  9. Thanks Janet, I’m happy that you and “the peeps” are enjoying it. The overall point is that FNC isn’t going to vanish anytime soon but that their move to the right does seem to have had consequences for them. We could really do a better comparison of MSNBC and FNC is both were available in the same number of homes, but MSNBC is nowhere near as widely available as Fox News.

  10. Just new as a view of MSNBC and really enjoy Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. It is great to hear listen to some intelligent conversation on television!

  11. I think your suggestion that the media reporting is off this election year is a good one. Progressives and liberals might be critical of Obama, but know that there is too much at stake to sit out the midterms. Just the thought of Tea Party loons with Congressional power is enough to send us running – horrified – to the polls. And I’m certainly not going teabag or Republican simply because Obama and Dems in Congress didn’t do exactly everything I wanted them to. Never has there been such a stark difference in between parties. The only question mark, I think, is how many college students will be involved in campaigns, and how many will turn out at the polls. Obama’s trip to UWisc was a win, and I hope he does a lot of that in the coming weeks.

    And yes, it seems that days are numbered for Fowl Noise, just as they are for the Republican Party, or what remains of it. America just isn’t that crazy.

  12. Thanks Jason, that somewhat confirms my suspicions that they are targeting a less mobile audience and by traditional I infer a more than likely WASP demographic.

  13. Fox believes the numbers when they are ahead and strong. I wonder what they’ll say about these figures…

  14. Me to. Funny, am older 62 and I love Jon Stewart/Colbert and MSNBC. I have always been liberal in my life. Why would I vote republican, am not rich. They sure don’t care for the lower middle class.

  15. They really do not. They never have. The Outsourcing vote proves that (although 53-45 doesn’t really add up, though.).

    I know plenty of older viewers who watch and love Stewart and Colbert and watch MSNBC as well. I enjoy Olbermann, he seems to really know his stuff. I love it.

  16. To answer your question the polling is done by a box that you agree to have attached to your TV and DVD and VCR if you have one I was a neilson family member at 4 AM the box dials out to HQ with your watching habits.

  17. Yeah, I agree with that. When your entire audience is taking the Social Security and Medicare that the network so blatantly opposes, it’s a matter of time before they die off. And look at what the younger conservatives like James O’Keefe are doing – they can’t find any “gotcha” moments, so they have to try (and fail) to create them.

    Personally, while I enjoy Olbermann and Maddow, I watch CNN for my news. Even without the filters, the left is on the right side.

  18. A recent report showed that ONE PERCENT of their audience is African-American. I don’t know the percentage of Hispanic and other non-white viewers, but I can’t imagine it’s much better.

  19. I can’t get MSNBC where I live, so I watch it on my computer! Beck’s gonna need another chalkboard to revive his show!

  20. All I have to say is it’s about time. Fox News has been spouting lies and fomenting fear for way too long. They aren’t a “news” organization at all – and not entertaining enough to be “infotainment,” either. I will happily dance on their metaphorical grave.

  21. Go Rachel! I watch Rachel and the rest of the MSNBC shows because these people are well educated. Why watch Glenn Beck and Hannity — did they even finish college?

  22. As President Obama pointed out there is WAY too much information out there for the good of a government. In European countries which we all know are better off than here in every way except jobs, they have MSNBC style TV where the government can get their message across without all the hateful noise. People are calmer and they don’t argue constantly with the government. They do what they are told and they are happier. Once crazy negative rable rousers like Foxy are finally off the air we can all hear the GOOD news.

  23. I cannot believe you people for criticizing Fox News. What they do, in my opinion, is to provide a different view of what you hear on all of the other news outlets. Do you really want to hear only a liberal point of view. How would you ever be able to make choices based soley on what you hear from one source. Talk about being controlled and manipulated!! It sounds to me like many of you are already brain washed. Think about it!! All of the news from one source? To me thats a scary thought, especially when that source sees nothing wrong with our government and the direction they are taking our country. An example: Olberman and Schultz. Have you ever heard either of them criticize Obama. or for that matter, any democrat. They spend most of their time, that I have watched, ranting, raving and calling any non democrat crazy, stupid or loons. Thats not my idea of reporting the news. How in the world can you make any kind of an informed decision based on that swill. Please, people, listen to both sides before judging.

  24. Fred! Put down the pipe and back away. European countries are better off in every way? I suggest you either spend more time in Europe in ways other than as a tourist or expand your research. You will find your above statement is very shallow and without merit.

  25. Yes Ron, I have heard both Olbermann and Shultz criticize Democrats for the sometimes confusing things Democrats do. Apparently you do not watch everyday like I do. I actually see objective reporting. Fox deliberately obfuscates it’s reporting to slant it to their perspective. Remember the GOP contributions made by Murdoch and company? MSNBC reports much more accurately on the facts and that is what I watch for. I do not only get my news from them however, I do monitor mainstream news, AP, Reuters etc… ; conservative news, Drudge, Ace of Spades etc…; Alternative news, AlterNet, Huffington Post etc…, Using the propoganda channel of Fox news for discerning information is not a responsible option.

  26. Maybe people are getting tired of having propaganda shoved down their throats? I also read 267 advertiser have asked Fox not to run their commercials on Beck’s show or on O’Reiley or Hannity when he is on. From a business standpoint, his show is called “empty calories” a term used for a show that has lots of viewers, but little revenue potential.

    Then there is the fact Fox has four leading Republican Presidential candidates of it’s payroll and gives them airtime other politicians have to buy to get their message out. THAT is scary. But even there there is a backlash because people hearing their message and think it is too extreme and crazy. Sarah Palin’s endorsement has value in Republican primaries, where a few rabid, motivated voters can turn an election, but polls show four to one that for the general public her endorsement causes people to question if the candidate is too extreme for them to be comfortable with them.

    Hopefully Rupert Murdock’s effort to hijack the American political process by hiring Roger Ailes, political advisor for Nixon, Ford and Reagan, and creating a tabloid news channel is failing because the American public is not that stupid to fall for it?

  27. I am 56 and have been worried that liberals are old and younger people have bought in to the failed conservative ideology of the last 30 years, since Reagan. The younger viewers really excites me.

  28. The Tea Party and Fox are all about an imaginary past and a disastrous future. Fox has proven you can terrify people into tuning in to find out what they need to worry about today. But that wears on people and they do get tired of it. I think people talking about solutions and a better future will attract people in the long run, after the panic wears off.

  29. the liberal view does not have to use lies and innuendo to get its point across. Fox news does. If you read other papers or Internet sites for the Fox lies are documented you might think differently. They do not present a different view, they present a different fantasy

  30. actually the list of the best countries to live in just came out recently and France was number one. I am in contact daily with people from the UK, the Netherlands, and a few other places. The stress levels for many of those people is far less than here. I am not saying living here is a bad place because I love living here but I’m not going to knock any other place just because I live here. There are other places to live that are just as good as here

  31. Don’t forget Comcast dropped msnbc via basic cable. You have to have extended cable. Not many people have an extra $50 to fork over. It started 3 years ago that MSNBC could not be viewed if you just had basic cable. CNN and Fox are available.

    I had to pay for more just to watch MSNBC. Stupid comcast! Which I think owns MSNBC .. how ironic.

  32. Let’s see… Fox is down 10 odd percent against their ALLTIME HIGHS in the 3rd quarter of 2009? Hmm that was when? June thru September of 2009? During the height of the Tea party/Townhall meeting summer? Oh, I see. Fox’s ratings SOARED to ALL TIME HIGHS, then settled back to normal and they call that a viewership loss. Hmm. Interesting that after that “double digit loss” of viewership, they’re still kicking the asses of all the other cable “news” outlets!!

  33. My family and I have participated in the Neilsen ratings polls several times over the last few years. They send a type of “diary” in which each family member records the programs he/she watches and their time slots within a certain period of time. After you record the data, you then mail the form back to them. I participated in a Neilsen poll on the phone a few weeks ago. The interviewer asked me a series of questions about TV and radio programs I watch/listen to, and the networks they are on. The interviewer recorded my answers as I responded to each of her queries. Although I’ve been a registered voter for 38 years, I’ve yet to be included in any political poll.

  34. High ratings do not equal accuracy in reporting. Sponge Bob Squarepants has ratings that are higher than Pox News’ ratings and contains just about as much hard news as Pox.

  35. I’m 65, and am an avid fan of Stewart, Colbert, and MSNBC. I don’t like Dillon Ratigan on MSNBC, but the others are great. I can even take Joe Scarborough but he’s certainly not my fav. I wouldn’t watch Fox if it were the ONLY channel that I could get.

  36. WONDERFUL! Now I hope the rest of the cable stations FAIL!

    CNN has been Fox lite for over a year now, and I can’t stand MSNBC’s lily white lineup of pundits and talking heads. Save for Tamaron Hall, it’s all white, all night. and they’ve just added that snarky, smug, Lawrence O’Donnell.

  37. I too am a bit “overly” excited! Whatever the reason is – that equals 21% more Americans waking up to Fox.
    And the fact that Fox is available EVERYwhere and MSNBC is not – definitely plays a big part in overall viewership for Fox – that is NOT cool. But even still MSNBC gained and Fox Viewership is down… la la la la la!

  38. That is a great point about the lack of diversity on MSNBC. CNN is diverse but can be as dull as watching paint dry.

  39. I am not rich and I vote Republican. I vote for those who do not want to take my hard earned money and give it away! This government thinks we are too stupid to think for ourselves. It is not about parties, it is about COMMON sense! You cannot spend us into oblivion and expect this nation to flourish. I am 27 and know that! You 58 year olds should know better. My goodness!

  40. Radical, that is funny, radical meaning “extreme”. Fox news encourages religion, truth, and individualism; that must be so scary for you.

  41. Christy said:
    I am not rich and I vote Republican. I vote for those who do not want to take my hard earned money and give it away! This government thinks we are too stupid to think for ourselves. It is not about parties, it is about COMMON sense! You cannot spend us into oblivion and expect this nation to flourish. I am 27 and know that! You 58 year olds should know better. My goodness!
    You vote Republican? Then you vote for those who would prefer to borrow even more than Bush did from China to finance the ongoing tax gift to the wealthiest 2% in America. You vote for a continuance of the policies and mindsets that got our nation into this financial fix. You vote for the party of no cooperation whatsoever with President Obama, lest they hand him any kind of victory…and the populace be damned.

    BTW, young lady, I’m a 61 year old 4th generation Texas woman. And, as a matter of fact, I DO know better than you based on your comments above.

  42. Oh, Christy… dear child, I fear for your naivete’…Please learn to do some rudimentary fact checking of FOX? You will learn for yourself how dishonest and extreme they are.

  43. You might want to try the Newshour on PBS for a pretty straightforward delivery (complete with all sides representated) of news.

  44. Really, interesting how the author fails to post any numbers. If you have 10 viewers and you pick up 2, it is a 20% increase, the real numbers show that Fox crushes all the competition. Losers.

    Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for September 28, 2010
    P2+ Total Day
    FNC – 1,286000 viewers
    CNN – 394,000 viewers
    MSNBC – 421,000 viewers
    CNBC – 213,000 viewers
    HLN – 256,000 viewers

    P2+ Prime Time
    FNC – 2,530,000 viewers
    CNN – 464,000 viewers
    MSNBC –966,000 viewers
    CNBC – 234,000 viewers
    HLN – 396,000 viewers

    25-54 Total Day
    FNC –340,000 viewers
    CNN –145,000 viewers
    MSNBC –118,000 viewers
    CNBC – 60,000 viewers
    HLN – 107,000 viewers

    25-54 Prime Time
    FNC – 672,000 viewers
    CNN – 180,000 viewers
    MSNBC –265,000 viewers
    CNBC – 122,000 viewers
    HLN – 135,000 viewers

    35-64 Total Day
    FNC – 595,000 viewers
    CNN – 184,000 viewers
    MSNBC – 203,000 viewers
    CNBC – 100,000 viewers
    HLN – 132,000 viewers

    35-64 Prime Time
    FNC – 1,242,000 viewers
    CNN – 232,000 viewers
    MSNBC –480,000 viewers
    CNBC – 96,000 viewers
    HLN –216,000 viewers

    Morning programs (6:00AM-9:00AM) P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    FOX & Friends- 995,000 viewers (303,000) (483,000)
    American Morning- 263,000 viewers (141,000) (160,000)
    Morning Joe- 419,000 viewers (133000) (210,000)
    Squawk Box- 142,000 viewers (52,000) (98,000)
    Morning Express w/ Meade- 348,000 viewers (182,000) (212,000)

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 2,161,000 viewers (566,000) (961,000)
    Situation Room—568,000 viewers (151,000) (182,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 489,000 viewers (81,000) (149,000)
    Fast Money– 248,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 50,000) (122,000)
    Showbiz Tonight — 176,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 41,000) (a scratch w/ 49,000)

    6PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Special Report w/ Bret Baier – 2,049,000 viewers (400,000) (759,000)
    Situation Room—430,000 viewers (135,000) (176,000)
    Ed Show —711,000 viewers (119,000) (274,000)
    Mad Money — 200000 viewers (62,000) (125,000)
    Prime News – 278,000 viewers (80,000) (105,000)

    7PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The Fox Report w/ Shep – 1,744,000 viewers (374,000) (795,000)
    John King USA – 421,000 viewers (130,000) (179,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 663,000 viewers (169,000) (349,000)
    Kudlow Report– 178,000 viewers (55,000) (96,000)
    Issues – 374,000 viewers (113,000) (170,000)

    8PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The O’Reilly Factor– 3,154,000 viewers (775,000) (1,555,000)
    Rick’s List –412,000 viewers (137,000) (186,000)
    Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 999,000 viewers (275,000) (516,000)
    New Age of Wal-Mart – 164,000 viewers (58,000) (61,000)
    Nancy Grace – 561,000 viewers (165,000) (297,000)

    9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Hannity–2,306,000 viewers (664,000) (1,158,000)
    Larry King Live —420,000 viewers (151,000) (204,000)
    Rachel Maddow Show —1,018,000 viewers (300,000) (524,000)
    Pixar Story – 228,000 viewers (114,000) (79,000)
    Joy Behar – 378,000 viewers (143,000) (216,000)

    10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    On the Record w/ Greta—2,115,000 viewers (568,000) (1,000,000)
    Anderson Cooper 360 — 560,000 viewers 251,000) (304,000)
    Last Word w/ L.O’Donnell – 860,000 viewers (218,000) (381,000)
    Pixar Story – 311,000 viewers (195,000) (148,000)
    Nancy Grace –279,000 viewers (104,000) (151,000)

    11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    The O’Reilly Factor– 1,430,000 viewers (508,000) (827,000)
    Anderson Cooper 360 – 374,000 viewers (177,000) (231,000)
    Countdown w/ K. Olbermann —593,000 viewers (185,000) (312,000)
    Mad Money – a scratch w/124,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 65,000) (a scratch w/52,000)
    Showbiz Tonight– 276,000 viewers (116,000) (137,000)

  45. “One source”, Ron? Hm, no….I get my news from many, many different sources, including newspapers, magazines, network news and other cable news outlets…EXCEPT FAUX “News”. They have proven they are unreliable and totally one-sided, offering nothing but the best about TP’ers and the GOP, all the while looking for any oppty to vilify anything remotely Dem. Oh, and they routinely post push polls to stir up their base (you, I guess). Look up what a push poll is, I don’t have time to explain it to you. And the closest thing FOX actually has to a REAL news journalist is Shep Smith….all the rest are “commentators”, big busted young women and whack jobs.

    Oh, and Ron? Truth has a liberal bias.

  46. With all that common sense, you certainly should know better than to vote Republican. Also, I suggest you learn the facts about the government spending, stupidity on the Right, and giving away money. The GOP has been doing that for years. PLEASE stay away from FOX and do your own fact-checking. A little knowledge CAN be a good thing.

  47. Christy, aren’t you embarrassed to say these things to intelligent people on a public forum? I’d certainly be ashamed to know that I was being lied to and used for political gain, as you (and thousands of others ) obviously are.

  48. Christy,
    It is always nice to see young people engaged and taking a look at the state of affairs that challenge all of us. However, supposing that the current administration is spending us into oblivion is partially incorrect. That practice flourished in the past decade under the conservative leadership of the Bush / Cheney cabal. Many of us “older folks” don’t feel any more “safe” from the dangers of terrorism today than we did years ago (and don’t need to). We have lost fortunes that we legitimately earned over our lifetimes to finance two wars, and Wall Street bailouts all while trying to create a better world for our children.

  49. Thank you, Velcro, for making the point that many conservatives fail basic reading comprehension. The author wrote: “Fox News is still dominating the cable news ratings.” and ” Fox News is now averaging 1.831 million prime time viewers a day . . .”.

    The rest of the article is about trends in the viewership, which makes the use of percentages entirely logical. But since you made the point that “If you have 10 viewers and you pick up 2, it is a 20% increase . . .” that means (if we use your numbers and if the authors percentages continue) O’Reilly would lose 378,480 total views, and Keith Olbermann would lose 59,400 total viewers over the reporting period.

    I think the applicable phrase is: “Heckuva job, Bill O'”.

  50. AMFH–

    I’m close to 40 and I have plenty of knowledge as an Indpendent and I will definitely not vote Democrat this coming election. I’ve been a Dem for years, but this has to be the worse administration so far. I don’t have to have the media to influence my vote and in fact, the liberal media is a turn off. Reality is that even though I didn’t vote for Bush, he had some good points and Obama to me, is equal to Bush just on the opposite side. Clearly if I dont’ believe age makes you wiser, it’s being a bit open minded on your views, being able not to get sucked into this media war, and make common sense decisions. Whether you side with me or not.. well, what am I saying, I don’t care! lol

    The best Presidents were those who actually bridged the parties and met everyone in the middle. Independents are the ones who make decisions and guess what, the decisions for November will clearly have those outcomes.

    Proud Texan! Proud Independent! A REALIST!

  51. Well put! I read the same thing and thought, where are the numbers. You know the elections are around the corner and of course, items like this are popping up left and right. I also love how the liberals eat it up and posted on their facebook or sites….

    Unlike everyone, I don’t believe everything on the surface, I like to investigate! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  52. take your hard earned money? what did you think was happening as the last 3 rep presidents build what is now 80% of out outstanding debt?

    who did you think was going to pay it off that debt? did you think the debt was going away with the reps that made it?

    You voted for debt, now shut up and pay up.

  53. fox promotes truth? through all those outright lies and tape edited to change meaning?

    the low information voter is the fox voter. bet its your only source of news

  54. WOW talk about missing the point from this year to last same time 20% drop was the point I help you just pull the trigger and save us all from you.

  55. All sides represented? When was the last time they had Noam Chomsky on? (Hint, Chomsky, one of the greatest American intellectuals ever, has been on the News hour for a grand total of…….11 minutes… out of the tens of thousands of hours Newshour has been on the air.)

    I like my news partisan but fact-checked. A point of view is a good thing as long as it’s honestly documented.

  56. Lincoln said, “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” Fox viewers are the people you can fool all the time.

  57. Actually, Clinton left the country without a deficit. He was a Democrat.

    I think that Obama sincerely came into office hoping to work with Republicans, but they decided as a bloc to be obstructionist. This is not helpful to the country.

    The tax cuts for the wealthy are a sham that rewards the biggest campaign donors. Why should we got $700 billion into debt for these people who already cut the American people an extraordinary amount by all policies, laws and earmarks they already influence. They gets theirs. Fear not. It obviously did not matter — the economy melted right in the midst of the tax cuts, and every reputable economist who isn’t on the Fox News payroll agrees that they do not affect the economy in a positive way long term.

  58. The Tea Party candidates are definitely an anchor on the GOP’s hopes for midterms. Most of them are extreme right-wingers, deeply inexperienced or both. Honestly, Sharon Angle? Joe Miller in Alaska? Christine O’Donnell? These people are simply not national candidate material.

    Their points are vague, sound-bites about “patriotism” and “family” and “big government.”

    The reality is that the majority of Americans consider themselves moderates. Everyone loves their family so I’m not even sure why this “values” argument even works. I’m sorry, is their argument that being a liberal means you hate your children? That wish ill of the military troops? I find that offensive.

    Also, I don’t mind some taxes if it means that I get roads and police. Polls show that 95% of Americans expect and want Medicare and Social Security. All the entitlements they complain about (especially when it comes to illegal aliens) are actually small change compared to those two programs and military spending.

  59. I wouldn’t mind if they actually provided information. They provide misinformation combined with opinions that they’re told to express by well-financed puppeteers to support their own self interests.

    That’s very different.

  60. I don’t think that was the point of this article. The author noted that the FNC was still the largest network, but was losing viewers.

    He never once articulated that was not the case. But funny, your numbers support the premise — that younger viewers tune into FNC at much smaller numbers than older viewers.

    I also look on these numbers with suspicion since I know you’re looking at news networks, but failing to note that the Daily Show nor Colbert are included, they both have 1 million+ viewers in their time slots. In fact, the Daily Show now has better numbers than O’Reilly on most nights, and has a strong online viewership as well (often 400k+ downloads per episode).

  61. How absolutely rediculous a comment!

    While the Bush administration spent more than conservatives would have liked them to, the fact is that the DEMOCRATS controlled congress. Still, spending in the LOW BILLIONS is NOTHING as compared to the TRILLIONS that Obama has racked up and continues to rack up.

    The fact is HE DOESNT CARE because he is going to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth and destroy this country…..and boy oh boy is he doing a GOOD JOB!

    November is just around the corner, and you are going to see an abrupt turn away from the reckless socialist policies of Obama and Pelosi!

    God Bless America!

  62. To Anna!

    What are you talking about going “into debt” for the Rich???



    Why should the government be allowed to take 40 or 50 % ??? Half of all your earnings?

    Do you REALLY believe that the Government knows BETTER how to spend that money?

    Instead of the wealthy spending it on new businesses, or even cars, homes etc. if teh GOVERNTMENT gets their hands on it, all that happens is that it is syphoned off all the way through the system by the countless government workers pushing paper, their unions for government pensions, and whatever LITTLE remains after they finish with it, will likely end up going to Pig Sweat Research or some Senator or Congressmans friends project!

    Wise up….it is NOT the governments money!!!

  63. Really Joe?

    So you call the CONSTITUTION the “imaginary past”?

    What the Tea Party and Conservatives want is what the CONSTITUTION states. Small government and low taxes.

    What you liberals continue to forget is that we DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY we live in a REPUBLIC and a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY.

    Worse yet with the Obama redistribution of wealth agenda, we have slipped even further towards a socialist leaning country.

    If you want socialism or a Democracy then I recommend that you move to France and give me a shout in 2 years and tell me how that works out for you and your family.

  64. Jason and others…obviously you people are the typical liberal who talk among yourselfs to reinforce your preconcieved notions. So you all give yourselves a pat on the back!

    It is quite obvious that non of you watch Fox news. Unlike you all, I watch them all to find out what all is being said.

    But to suggest that FOX is not balanced (yes perhaps they lean right but they ARE balanced) demonstrates that you DO NOT watch them and therefore are uninformed.

    On 99% of the FOX interviews you will have both a Conservative and a Democrat debating the issue at hand.

    Yes yes yes….I have had to endure Bob Breckel, and Lib politicians, and other lib pundits….but at least I hear BOTH sides and I can make up my mind with ALL the fact.

    The Fox anchors are ALWAYS careful to moderate the debate giving both sides equal time and opportunity. Even on opinion shows like O’Reilly I have to listen to the Libs debate.

    You people aught to tape your eyelids open and force yourselfs to watch a week of FOX.

    No other network gives you both sides like FOX and THAT IS WHY THEY ARE BEATING THE OTHER NETWORKS!!!!

  65. It’s so sad to see a 27-year old woman so misinformed. Thank god people like you are not in the majority of this country. We’d be royally screwed if that was the case.

  66. Fox news encourages religion, truth, and individualism…

    Fox News doesn’t know what truth is. They only know propaganda.

  67. Do you have ANY single bit of evidence to back up your claims? This isn’t Glenn Beck’s show, buddy… you need FACTS and evidence to make it around liberals. Otherwise, we’re going to chew your @ss out until you have nothing else to say.

  68. First of all, you’re clearly a Fox apologist, and a liar, just like the network that you adore.

    Second, when making your point about the interviews, did you forget to mention the softball interviews O’Reilly, Hannity, and Van Susteren give to all the wing nuts that the channel employs? Since you’re such an expert about Fox’s programming, you should know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Like all the fawning interviews with Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Michelle Malkin, Dick Morris, Brent Bozell, etc. Those are just a few examples… many of which happen to be possible Presidential candidates for 2012. Ironic, isn’t it?

    So, don’t give me all this BS about fair interviews when there are so many softballs. But, you’re just the typical wing nut who leaves out facts to push forth your apology agenda for Fox News.

  69. Then stop watching Fox. When did they ever check facts before putting anything on the air. If anything they report is the truth, it is by accident

  70. Have you watched Lawrence O’Donnell’s new show yet? He just debuted it this week, and doing a great job. His style is like Rachel’s… very systematic and calm. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  71. Ignore them, just like they ignored the recent James O’Keefe story when he failed to “punk” CNN. They ignore all the stories that doesn’t push their far-right agenda. They might as well receive money straight through a tube from the Republican party.

  72. An example: Olberman and Schultz. Have you ever heard either of them criticize Obama. or for that matter, any democrat.

    You, obviously, have no idea what you’re talking about. Olbermann criticized Obama, and the Democrats, so heavily regarding the health care bill, financial “reform”, the escalation of troops in Afghanistan, etc. Why don’t you actually watch coverage of that, and come to us and say that he has never criticized Obama/Democrats? I dare you.

  73. If you are old enough to receive Social Security or Medi-Care you should give it up and refuse to use both of them. Because by your way of thinking both are socialism. By the way, so is public education, veterans benefits,ect. and many other things that the founders of this country invisioned for this country. They wanted freedom of religion, not just Christianity, and they wanted this country to be the greatest country in the world. It seems that your way of thinking is more Nazi like than what Democracy represents. Perhaps you should move to Red China or Afganistan, Iran or somewhare that really has the things that you want this country to have. Which is nothing for its citizens.

  74. By the way, since you asked about Olbermann and Schultz criticizing Obama/Democrats… how often do you see Hannity and O’Reilly criticize the Reupblicans, let alone, George Bush during his presidency? They saw VERY little, if anything at all, regarding his presidency. They tried to sugarcoat it to try and sound objective, but failed miserably. Furthermore, they claimed if ANYBODY criticized Bush during a time of war, they were un-American and unpatriotic. Now, with Obama as President, that is done almost every single day and in every way possible.

  75. There is something else that Fox is missing—FACTS to back up their farytales—Their Network should be called Fox Fairytales instead of news.

  76. Yes, NBC Universal is in the finalizing process of being purchased by Comcast. Hopefully with their purchase of the network, including MSNBC, they will be fair in showing them in as many households as Fox and CNN.

  77. I wonder if the owner of this Fox Fairytale network has a grudge against the United States and wants to turn our country into some kind of police state. The owner of Fox Fairytales Network is not even from this country, Hes no American Citizen ! I wonder why he spends so much time trying to ruin it. Whats his motive?

  78. Unlike everyone, I don’t believe everything on the surface, I like to investigate! Thanks for sharing! ;)

    It’s interesting that you claim to investigate, yet, you chose not to investigate into the Fox’s DROP in ratings since last year. Investigating doesn’t mean copying and pasting the ratings like the other guy did. You, clearly, didn’t get the bigger point. FAIL.

  79. Did you miss the part of the article where the author pointed this out?

    Fox News is still dominating the cable news ratings. The network has the top 11 programs in cable news

    So, while you like to claim that he ignored Fox’s huge lead in the ratings, if you had actually read the article, you would have seen it’s all there right in front of your face.

  80. Great news for MSNBC. I just hope they keep it up. And, with Lawrence O’Donnell’s show just starting up, and the debut of some others, it’s looking to be a good 4Q in the ratings for the network.

  81. The Republican/ Naztee Party are adicted to corprate welfare, that is, fundind from them. The middle class American is just something that they see as something that is in the way of their radical adgenda. They feel that we must be removed. I wonder what there “final solution” will be if they gain full power?

  82. Hitler spoke for all Germans, that is till he was elected ! Thats right, he was elected ! Also by a large margin. We all know what happened next

  83. Fox would really be news if they would stop lieing to manipulate the news. Until they get ledgitimate they will eventually loose the ratings race and it is happining now.

  84. Jason, you’re getting humiliated here with the stats. Fox is crushing the competition.

    How long have you been an ice user??

  85. MSNBC is far more extreme and one sided than Fox. I get so sick of the left crying about the “extreme” hate and fear of FOX. Unbelievable. 32 days until the election…Tic Toc Tic Toc

  86. David takes issue with Just a Joe’s accurate appraisal of extreme right groups’ fixation on an ‘imaginary past and disastrous future’ by posing the question: “You think the Constitution is an imaginary past?” They always refer to the Constitution as a perfect document and if we would just live as our Founding Fathers intended – all of our problems would disappear.

    The Founding Fathers made provision for amendments because they were wise enough to realize they weren’t perfect and decided it would be best if their imperfect document could be amended, which means changed, updated if you will as time and events and the needs of the people shifted.

    They have this view of the Founding Fathers as saints, all knowing, implementing lofty ideals in a kind Lost Horizon dreamscape of the early years of the United States. The reality is much different. They talk about taxes, taxes, taxes today, and cherry pick snippets of history that support their agenda and ignore the facts. Facts such as, when we finally gained independence from Britain and Washington took the oath of office, we had a war debt of 75 million dollars. The first thing Washington did, was levy taxes on the colonists to pay for the War.

    They are wanting a Never Neverland where the hard realities of life and governing do not exist. It is a fairytale fed to people who are uninformed and frightened. Cult politics for the weak minded – follow me my children, have no fear, there was a time when the land was ours, and every man could carve his own destiny out of the wildnerness. Follow me and we will return to that magical time before taxes and government led us into the Garden of Evil.

    The fact is there never was a time before taxes and government and problems and humans feeling their way from the darkness into the light.

    The complexities of today’s world cannot necessarily be solved by referring to a document written over two hundred years ago. The manual has to be updated as history evolves.

    I always wonder how the extreme right can blame the Democrats for all of the current crises we face when 20 of the last 30 years a Republican occupied the White House, when 12 of the last 30 years Repubicans held a majority in the House, and when 16 of the last 30 years the Republicans controlled the Senate. Either they are not owning up to their contribution to the current state of affairs, or even though they have been in control for more years than Democrats, they failed to promote conservative values.

  87. I love you David. You are such an easy target. Hannity’s Great American Panel is any BUT balanced. He has one liberal and two conservative guests, plus himself. So it is always three against one and the liberal is always OUTSHOUTED by Hannity and his two conservative sycophants. I have a hearing loss and read the closed captions. There is NEVER a day during the Great American Panel when the captions at some point do not read …”Talking over each other”…which means everyone is yelling and no one person can be heard.

    I watched a Hannity special on the ‘evil’ Cap and Trade policy a couple of weeks ago. According to him Evironmentalists are Marxists. Among his bits of evidence…Earth Day falls on Lenin’s Birthday…therefore. I am not making this up. The Silent Spring was a subversive book, Global Warming is a liberal conspiracy with no basis in fact.

    The word is colleagues at Fox feel Beck’s extreme rants are eroding the crediblity of FNC as a news organization and therefore their own credibility. There is something amiss when over the course of a year 226 national advertisers pull their ads from Beck’s program. Are you listening David?

    Glenn Beck grew up not far from where I live north of Seattle. The mayor of his hometown of Mt. Vernon Washington declared a Glenn Beck Day last June, I believe it was. When word got out, city hall phone lines were jammed with calls protesting. In all about 16,000 people contacted the Mayor office by email or phone expressing their outrage. If you do not believe me go to the Seattle Times and do a search.

    Finally, it is so typical of right wingers to attack people personally. It really springs from a position of weakness. When you cannot back up your position with facts and reasoning, you resort to: (You liberals) ‘who talk among yourselfs to reinforce your preconcieved notions.’

    You conservatives have this lovely habit of accusing liberals of doing exactly you do. Are you going to tell me you don’t talk amongst your conservative friends? When did discussing politics with people who agree with you become a crime?

    Why are you right wingers so angry?

  88. That’s right, the ink isn’t hardly dry yet but Comcast does own MSNBC. I would love to see the numbers if MSNBC were as widely available as Fox.

  89. “Fox shifted to the far right”. No, Fox has always been to the far right. America may finally be waking up to the fact that Fox is NOT a news organization, but a fully vested arm of the GOP!!!

  90. David, David, David, how can you expect us to take you seriously when you have no regard for the facts. Congress was not controlled by the Democrats during Bush’s Administration.

    Here are the facts: The Senate from Jan 01 until May of 01: 50D and 50R with Cheney being the tie-breaker. From May 01 until the end of the 107th Congress, the Senate was controlled by the Democrats – as the sole independent member sided with the Democrats.

    The 107th Congress House Tally: R 221 to D212 and 2 Independents

    108th Congress: Senate – R51 D48 and 1 Independent
    House tally: R229 D212 and 1 Independent

    109th Congress: Senate R55 D44 1 and Independent

    109th House Tally: R231 D202 and 1

    110th Congress: R49 D49 and 2 Independents

    It wasn’t until almost Bush’s last year in office that the House had a democratic majority which was R199 to D236.

    Here is your quote from above: “While the Bush administration spent more than conservatives would have liked them to, the fact is that the DEMOCRATS controlled congress.”

    Where are you getting your information? Except for a portion of the 107th Senate, and the House of Representatives from the 110th Congress, Republicans controlled both Houses and the White House during the Bush years.

    The extreme right does not seem concerned at all with facts. Why is that? Can you please explain?

  91. Velcro Houdini and Texan 29……thanks for trying to bring in some sense although I doubt it will do any good with this group.
    Live and Learn.

  92. Excellent comment, Robert. Agree 100%. So many people complaining about America turning into a “socialist” country are gladly taking in government benefits – e.g., Social Security, Medicare, farm subsidies, etc. You don’t see them turning those things down!

  93. haha, David, “burn” to France. Good one. France — must be a terrible place to live…you always hear about the crime, violence, poverty, and…oh wait.

  94. Yeah, that dirty government (all forms) make you pay those evil taxes to pay for the military, roads, schools, food and housing for the poor, security for the country, states and cities, etc. etc. We are one country dependent on each other. Without roads you would not have trucks bringing you food and all other supplies you need to survive. Without schools…it’s doubtful you would be able to read or write on this blog, without the military we would be overrun with our enemies, and if we didn’t help house and feed the poor, they’d be littering up your parks, streets, and beautiful lawns spreading disease and dying on your front lawn. You compassionate conservatives are a strange version of human.

  95. I don’t know if this matters to anyone but here are the facts from the day this came out.

    *O’reilly Olbermann
    The O’Reilly Factor– 3,370,000 viewers (766,000) (1,57,000)
    Rick’s List –570,000 viewers (230,000) (224,000)
    Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 1,215,000 viewers (323,000) (591,000)
    Marijuana Inc. – 189,000 viewers (85,000) (106,000)
    Nancy Grace – 628,000 viewers (217,000) (294,000

    Glenn Beck – 2,258,000 viewers (625,000) (1,042,000)
    Situation Room—504,000 viewers (97,000) (133,000)
    Hardball w/ C. Matthews – 542,000 viewers (134,000) (235,000)
    Fast Money– 249,000 viewers (69,000) (114,000)
    Showbiz Tonight — a scratch w/ 122,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 45,000) (69,000

    Total day
    P2+ Prime Time
    FNC – 2,583,000 viewers
    CNN – 775,000 viewers
    MSNBC –1,046,000 viewers
    CNBC – 336,000 viewers
    HLN – 420,000 viewers

    I’m not going to comment on anything I just wanted to show where things stood on the day this article came out.

  96. That Fox News’ ratings have declined 21 percent isn’t only because it has moved too far to the right. A recent demographic survey by the Pew Center for the People and the Press found that Fox news is drawing by far the OLDEST audience of any TV network — broadcast or cable — in the country.

    Even CBS, which had traditionally drawn the greatest percentage of over-50-year-old viewers for more than 40 years, now has a younger audience than Fox News, whose viewers have a median age of 65. Incredibly, the Pew survey found that a disproportionately high percentage of the Fox News audience is over 80 years old!

    Fox News’ audience is also whiter than that of any other TV network, broadcast or cable, a whopping 89 percent, far higher than the white proportion of the U.S. population as a whole — 65 percent and falling, according to the Census Bureau, as the Latino birth rate now outpaces that of whites (The same thing can be said of Fox News’ on-air talent: Other than White House correspondent Wendell Goler and Fox News Sunday panelist Juan Williams, how many of Fox News’ on-air talents are non-white?).

    So I’m not surprised that Fox News is closely mirroring the Republican Party in terms of audience demographics –and its shrinking viewership.

  97. Im a Republican and I always watch MSNBC. I find them to bring better guests on and a wide range of guests. Plus I love to watch their foolish commentators not know what they are talking about. Chris, Ed, Keith, Rachel, and Larry put their foot in their mouths on a daily basis and I love watching.

  98. I guess the Right is super mad about this article lol. some dude named mike stack just tweeted this link out saying something is rotten in denmark and said he was doing “research” (watch out, sounds like O’Keefe is headed your way!).

  99. Wow, this is hilarious to watch. A few poor Republicans getting crucified by a bunch of liberals. A fair fight? I think not… As a Christian sorry I could never be Democrat, let alone liberal. The party of gay rights, abortion, welfare for those who don’t need it? I don’t agree with some Republican policies, but how could anyone in their right mind vote Democrat unless the other candidate running on the Communist ticket? I am a college student Nuclear Engineering Major, 19, and yet in my short life I have never understood why anyone would vote for any left-wing candidate other than possibly a conservative dem, go ahead and blast me for being radical right wing:) I can take it because even though you may think you are smarter than me, I know otherwise:)

  100. //..”A few poor Republicans getting crucified by a bunch of liberals”..//

    The words “poor” and “Republican” do not belong in the same sentence. I just learned that Tom Colburn has a “secret hold” on the US Aid to Haitian victims of the earthquake. Not one penny of our money has reached those people. How could someone BE that evil ?

    Peter Diamond is good enough for the Nobel Prize, but not for Senator Richard Shelby ……… It’s not about Peter Diamond. It’s not about the Federal Reserve. It’s about dishonesty. to Hell with you… to hell with me. to hell with our country. Stop Barack Obama, THAT’s what it’s all about. No matter if Obama wants good for us, LIE, CHEAT, STEAL,.. DO what you have to DO… just STOP him. Obama wants the middle class to get a fair shake; the Republicans want the Rich to be even richer.

    That’s the Republican party and Fox news in one word: LIES. The GOP is the enemy of the common working man or woman in this country.

    The right-wing thinks that somehow, they are going to rid the planet of gay people. Gay people were on this planet before you were born, they are here now, and they will be here long after you’re dead. Wake up and smell the coffee; nobody can be that stupid.. can they ?

  101. You’re fighting a loosing battle on this site, or with most Democrats or Liberals.

    You see, Bush and the Republicans had a deficit, therefore, Republicans cannot criticize a growing deficit. Only Democrats are allowed to Criticize someone for having a deficit.

    Never mind that the deficit under Obama has grown to the point that even if you taxed the rich 100% of their income you could not possibly pay it down. The reality of the situation is that to pay off our current spending there will be large middle class tax increases in the future. When you say you don’t want to pay more of your paycheck, the liberals on a site like this are so short sighted as to think you are protesting a tax increase that will pass sometime soon.

    The choice here is simple, we can have a European style system with European style taxes across the board, or we can do things as we traditionally have in America. Personally, I lean towards the European model. But I’m tired of clueless Democrats and their fanboys acting like we can get a European social safety net with by just taxing the Ultra-rich. It’s an impossible fantasy and a total lie. I hate to say it, but this means the tea party protesters are for the most part better informed than the counter protesters.

    By the way, a few month decline hardly establishes a clear trend. If anything Fox News will go wherever the money is, as has MSNBC. MSNBC has veered left because they realize there is a niche there. If Fox News realizes they can make more money by changing their programming down the line, they will.

  102. Don’t be facile.

    Arguing against government run Universal Healthcare (something I support by the way), Government provided College Education and a vast expansion of the social safety net is not the same thing as opposing roads or police.

    There are some anarchists and Libertarians out there who favor getting rid of government provided roads and services, but its almost certainly not the guy you are replying to who obviously opposes the more general idea of implementing a European style social safety net. By pretending that he opposes roads or police, you’re not going to convince him of anything, because you’re debating a straw man. Instead you should debate him as to why the European model is better, why should we have higher taxes to pay for universal health care or welfare programs?

  103. Anna, you have some bad facts. The tax cuts for the rich under no realistic measure cost $700 Billion. More like $30 Billion per year, or ~$400 Billion over ten years. All the Bush tax cuts, combined, cost $700 Billion over ten years, but this includes the tax cuts for the middle class and poor. And even if all the Bush tax cuts were repealed, and we instated a 70% tax on the rich, it wouldn’t pay off the current budget deficit (It’s true, check the numbers).

    So while you’re focused on a piddling tax on the rich, the reality is that all of us are going to be facing higher taxes down the line to pay off current spending. Personally this is something I support, I want a European style system. But I just want you to know what it is you’re voting for when you vote for Democrats.

  104. Rob, deficit spending increased drastically after the Democrats took over congress in 2006. It has really exploded in the latest session. If the current deficit keeps up, we could tax the Rich 100% of their income and not pay the deficit off. So although deficits have been a biparitsan thing, the vast expansion has been on the watch of the Democrats (Since the house controls the budget).

    Really, if you want European style government spending and social services, you have to expect a European style tax system (eg. 50% income taxes on the middle class). So the way you’re framing this, that we just need some taxes on the rich to leave a “better world” for our children really just isn’t the case.

    Actually, for reference, rolling back the Bush tax cuts on the rich wouldn’t have even paid off the 2005 budget deficit, at this point they are a drop in the bucket.

  105. Right. Obama has vastly increased deficit spending and every time the Republicans block his spending efforts, it’s lambasted as being against the interest of the American people. The one point where the Republicans argue for a greater deficit, is the piddling $35 Billion Tax on the rich, which is a meaningless drop in the bucket compared to the spending increases the Democrats have initiated.


  106. Actually David, I have lived in France and Germany. I am working hard at getting transferred back to either one. One reason health care cost and the other being the importance of family in those countries. They put their money where their mouth is when it comes to families. There is a very large ex-pat community in both countries and a few others too. Still love America, still proud of my country but really wish you conservatives would let the US move into the 21st century.

  107. Last time I saw Chomsky on Newshour was just before the beginning of the first Iraq war. He was only on the early edition because GHW Bush gave a speech at 8PM, and later editions were all coverage of the speech, omitting Chomsky entirely.

    It allowed PBS to make a Chomsky check mark, while obliterating his message for most of the country.

  108. Here is something to be proud of:



    • Ordered the White House and all federal agencies to respect the Freedom of Information Act and overturned Bush-era limits on accessibility of federal documents (2009)

    • Instructed all federal agencies to promote openness and transparency as much as possible (2009)

    • Placed limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House (2009)

    • Placed limits on White House aides working for lobbyists after their tenure in the administration (2009)

    • Signed a measure strengthening registration and reporting requirements for lobbyists (2009)

    • Ordered that lobbyists must be removed from and are no longer permitted to serve on federal and White House advisory panels and boards (2009) * Note: After saying he would not hire lobbyists, a few have been hired in the Administration

    • Companies and individuals who are delinquent on their taxes or owe back taxes are no longer allowed to bid for federal contracts (2009)

    • Initiated the “e-Rulemaking Initiative” (in cooperation with Cornell University) to allow for online public “notice and comment” of federal laws and initiatives (2010)

    • Issued the “Open Gov Directive” ordering all Cabinet departments to promote transparency and citizen participation in their policies (2010)

    • Signed extensions on banning lobbyists from serving on agency boards (2010)

    • Developed the “Don Not Pay List” with data on contractors and recipients of federal funds who are deemed to be ineligible because of fraud and abuse (2010)

  109. What is the definition of Truth? If truth is relative, than who is right. Rudimentary fact checking? Saying things to intelligent people? Enlighten me and tell me what truth is. Then you can tell me where truth comes from? MSNBC, FOX, CNN, DISNEY?

  110. I wish people would quit worrying over the deficit. It’s really the least of our worries. Ask Robert Reich the economist. What we need is to stop spending money on WARS. We are making the private military industrial complex rich, and achieving very little. If President Bush had not lied to us about Iraq having WMDs, we would have saved a bundle by skipping that war altogether. Not to mention, we are “rebuilding” the countries we destroy in these wars. That’s what should bother people. The price of war–in dollars and lives. I wish the news media would show footage of the war on your big screen TVs every night, like they did during Viet Nam. Then it might hit home. It seems most Americans, unless they are a veteran or have a family member in the military, are not thinking about the war at all. Go ahead, complain about the deficit–the deficit we would never have had were it not for the Bush/Cheney policies and the wars they started. Check it out:

  111. I like to know the republican record ,Reagan and Bush W created 11 trillion deficit,2 wars with lies ,

  112. Right wingers want adherence to the Constitution….really? What about the part where, “Separation from the church and state” is outlined? Hypocritical rhetoric, and an aggregate of spin dogma is what right wing politics is all about. I

  113. @NorskeDiv In Germany we don’t pay 50% income tax for middle class. This is upper class and btw. in our taxes are healthcare, pension, unemployment ensurance and some other savings included. Our Taxes begin by around 15% up to around 50%. You could get best health care policy by around 280€ monthly. I wouldn’t compare US and DE taxes. We are totally saved when unemployed, get money for house and Heat. Our economic is growing in records since months, we had three stimulus packages and even if you pay 50%, where is the problem, if you earn much more?
    I even not understand why you all look only on the dept? The dept is irrelevant until the day you have a stable economy again. You can’t reduce the dept by cut spendings, if no one is working for tax income. Stop spending is the strait road into the next depression. and I say you, you want everything but not a depression. But why not, you have the change to vote the next depression. I hope you are a bit open minded and inform yourself more. Here some links to begin with: Enter your ZIP here e.g. or or xOOb3nytLVMj.JPG Your economy data look nice, only unemployment rate is struggling, but it gets better …

  114. @David: As I wrote before: In Germany we don’t pay 50% income tax for middle class. This is upper class and btw. in our taxes are healthcare, pension, unemployment ensurance and some other savings included. Our Taxes begin by around 15% up to around 50%. You could get best health care policy by around 280€ monthly. I wouldn’t compare US and DE taxes. We are totally saved when unemployed, get money for house and Heat. Our economic is growing in records since months, we had three stimulus packages and even if you pay 50%, where is the problem, if you earn much more?
    And btw. the money of the stimulus package isn’t by the government for free, it’s directly for the people as loans, tax cuts e.g.
    You have so nice government websites, why no one uses them?

  115. @Robert:
    Isn’t it a bit exaggerated to compare Hitler with FOX? And btw. Hitler doesn’t spoke for all Germans. But he used the same subtle tricks to get elected, as many extremists do:

    * Don’t give much information about your plans
    * use a simple language
    * preach hate
    * get them by their fear
    * and make them angry about dissidents
    * Give them weapons

    And I’m sorry, but the Tea Party is exactly such a subtle crowd. Even if I understand their longing for change ever 2 years, I fear they are not well informed about government, economy and future plans of their Administration.

    It’s astonishing, we live in the information century, but people don’t have the time to inform themself about facts. But I understand it’s easier to walk with the crying crowd instead of searching for data on it’s own.

    We have the information, but only a handful people is using it :(

  116. I’m a Christian and a Democrat. Thanks for judging. Doesn’t the Bible say “judge not, lest ye, yourself, be judged”? If Jesus were to come to Earth again and came to the U.S., He would not be welcome in today’s republican party. Remember the prostitute. “Let he who is without sin among you, cast the first stone”.

  117. I hate to break this to u…. but when u say Beck is down at 5 pm slot, u have to remember that his show is on several times a day. Visit which tracks the Nielsen ratings daily. U will see there is really nothing for MSNBC viewers to get excited about.
    Also…. if Chris Mathews, Schultz and Maddow r so great…. why r “Locked Up” and other stupid reruns played ALL weekend?

  118. All you stupid extreme liberals….if you actually think that MSNBC is “news”, you need to get laid. Oh, and do check your “facts”, and you’ll see that FOX is still growing, and even CNN is outnumbering MSNBC – very sad for all you liberals. Dream on. Dream on.

  119. I had my laugh for the day. “Some of these people have probably gone over to MSNBC, which now looks flat out moderate compared to the programming on Fox News”

    Thank you to the Author for this humorous statement. :-)

  120. It has been said by those on Fox that they wanted this administration to fail. Rush Lumbaugh refered to it the instance Obama won the election. Would not that be considered Treason?

  121. A bigger point that is CONSISTENTLY glossed over is Fox cable’s near 50% edge in total house holds 112 million vs. 78 million for MSNBC. When advertisers adjust the ratings for households that have a choice between the two… surprise surprise they run neck and neck just like the electorate.

  122. As I reside in upstate, New York–I have wondered about the way these ratings are garnered.My VCR used to be set on channel 3 same as Cablevision’s Fox Channel.If I used the VCR remote to watch MSNBC, but kept the TV channel on 3–would statistics be gathered by Cablevision?Would it falsely show data that I “watched” FOX Channel –WHICH I definately DID NOT???

  123. Did the Author Really say “Teabaggers”……..right there discredits anything that you have to say.

  124. I had my laugh for the day too! This was the best part of this article! The “righties” though, dont believe in math either.

  125. johnjameson, Techangel –

    So true! Why risk learning anything when we can dismiss the entire piece because of one word, right?

  126. The article states that seasonal effects are likely not the cause, but goes on to note that “Olbermann’s was the only cable news show to gain audience since the second quarter.” That would suggest to me that there is some sort of viewer bias against cable news, though perhaps not one based on change in seasons. Wouldn’t it be helpful to compare against trends from Q2 and Q3 in 2009?

  127. That sums it up.

    I don’t watch much Fox myself and I am in the older demographic. I do watch MSNBC and while I know their viewpoint is liberal, what I admire is that commentators like Maddow, Olbermann etc. have never been caught in a lie and don’t make things up. The view point might be liberal but the view itself is accurate, investigated and can be relied upon to be the truth…

    To me that integrity if available on Fox would be welcome. I don’t mind hearing a conservative point of view if it is equally honest and truthful.

    Fox has no concept of truth.

  128. The media industry hires a couple of companies who distribute special boxes as well as survey forms etc. to measure a cross of all American demographics.

    Using a cable company’s own boxes would be a conflict of interest and not permitted in the rating system.

    Neilson is one of the major players in TV ratings.

  129. Research is done by looking at one or two conservative blogs for all their facts….like the $200,000,000 million per day price tag for Obama’s visit.

    Got it from a blog…made not one call to verify it.

    I been thinkin’ of creating a web site of silly facts just for them !

  130. The $200M per day came from a Chinese diplotmat, who said the cost of security and launching the 50-some U.S. warships is staggering. Just the cost of increase itn pay ‘out to sea’ pay for the crews of those ships is over $25 million per day. Add in the cost of the equipment on those ships which is not in use when they’re docked. The per dium expsenses at the Taj Mahal hotel for Obama’s huge entourage was nearly $3M per day.
    An estimated 400 extra world-class security agents … look, all of this runs into the tens of millions per day, far, far from the $200M per day. Virtually all of the TV references I saw of that figure — on FOX or anywhere else — were done somewhat tongue-in-cheeek and referred to the Chinese diplomat as a source for the number.
    Can we all agree that the trip was eye-popping expensive? Was it beneficial to the U.S.? Was the trip necessary?
    Put aside your hate and use the intellect God gave you. Just ask yourself what the mainstream media — those who deliver the news, not those who offer opinion — would have said and done had President George W. Bush embarked on such a trip!

  131. The “TeaBaggers” call THEMSELVES “TeaBaggers” – what are you talking about? As usual from the right. your anger is misdirected!

  132. Hello! MSNBC never airs news on weekend nights. Do you call lock-up in Indiania news. I watch Chris Hansen on sunday night. They air these shows,because there ratings so low.

  133. Aren’t most of the stats from ‘self-directed’ equipment? Like robo polls!

    Seems a lot of distorted contorted math–with no science behind it!

    Fox numbers are skewed on everything else—probably inflated here too!

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