Bill Maher Goes on Fox News and Demolishes Bill O’Reilly

oops image not found Bill O'Reilly aired part one of his interview with Bill Maher on his Fox News program, and to put it mildly Bill-O took a beating. O'Reilly tried to defend the Tea Party and Maher responded with, "I mean the teabaggers. They're the ones, who are so upset about the debt. Most of the debt came from Bush. That's just a fact."

Bill O’Reilly aired part one of his interview with Bill Maher on his Fox News program, and to put it mildly Bill-O took a beating. O’Reilly tried to defend the Tea Party and Maher responded with, “I mean the teabaggers. They’re the ones, who are so upset about the debt. Most of the debt came from Bush. That’s just a fact.”

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O’Reilly started off with the classic Fox News talking point about how much trouble Obama is in due to his approval ratings, which Maher knocked down immediately, “Well, first of all, he’s not having that much trouble historically. He’s about where Clinton and Reagan where a little higher than where they were in their first administration. But, it’s partly the fault of the opposition. There’s a lot of disinformation out there. I’m not saying where it comes from. And, the lion’s share of the fault goes to the Democrats. They do not brag about their accomplishments.”

Bill-O brought up his favorite Obama criticism about Obama’s presentation, inferring that Obama is cold and out of touch, and Maher replied by pointing out that much of the Obama criticism is racially based, “Well, obviously, people think he’s a little bloodless. I happened to like that in a president. I like a president that uses his brain and not his faith or his heart or his gut as the former president did. I kind of like that in our president. But, you know, again, they don’t brag about their accomplishments and when you downplay the economy, all of the dissatisfaction with him is about the economy. Because a lot of it is racially….”

O’Reilly claimed laughably that none of the Obama criticism is racially based, “Of course not. You know, he was elected by 53 percent of the public. And, when he took office, his approval was over 70 percent. Come on. Come on!” Maher then brought up the deficit and why the Tea Party ignored it under Bush, “But, Bill — but Bill, just for example, I mean the teabaggers. They’re the ones, who are so upset about the debt. Most of the debt came from Bush. That’s just a fact. Under Bush, Cheney said it, “Deficits don’t matter.” Nobody was angry about the deficit when it was President Bush.”

The Factor host then when full on clown by defending the Tea Party as ignorant, and called Obama the biggest spending president in history “Because they didn’t know about it. Look, President Obama has spent more money…No, they didn’t. It wasn’t a big issue as it is now. He’s the biggest spending president in the history of the republic, Maher. You got to know that, man!”

Maher correctly pointed out that Bush was the biggest spender, but O’Reilly changed the definition of biggest spending president in history to mean, “No, Obama is the biggest — his budget is bigger than Bush’s budget.” Maher got to the heart of it when he stated that the Tea Party and the Right are not completely racist, but they are selfish, “No, not entirely. People are individuals. But, I think in general, yes, they’re more selfish and they’re more likely to advocate policies that serve their own interest and don’t think anybody else.”

O’Reilly asked Maher how he got so liberal. Maher answered that he is the same but the country changed, “The people who were — Basically, yes. I mean, at some point in the last 20 years, the left moved to the center and the right moved into a mental institution. I mean, there used to be ideological differences that were understandable and there used to be moderate Republicans. That has gone away. I mean, the Republican Party now is just a bunch of religious lunatics, flat earthers and civil war re-enactors, so I don’t think it was me that changed so much.”

Bill-O seized what appeared to be an opening to bring up another favorite boogeyman left wing extremism to which Maher replied that most of the extremism is on the Right, “There really isn’t extremism on both sides. That’s a canard…There’s not that much extremism — There is some but not — nothing to talk about. Not really. There’s no movement like the Tea Party movement.”

Bill O’Reilly has really had a tough week. First, Jon Stewart came on O’Reilly show and completely blew up his talking point that Obama is out of touch, but as tough as Stewart was he was nothing compared to the beating Bill Maher put on Fox News’ top host in part one of their sit down. Maher would, in today’s environment be classified as liberal on many issues, because the Right has completely flipped out, and he is now too moderate for them.

It is rare that a guest comes on Fox News and dominates the way Maher did, but Bill Maher isn’t the usual FNC guest. He knows how the talking points game is played on Fox and he effectively shut it down. Maher didn’t give O’Reilly an opening and by the end of the segment, he had Bill-O on the defensive. Maher’s performance was a textbook example of how guests should handle being on Fox. Who knows what part two holds, but Maher really did an outstanding job. He effectively used facts to combat propaganda, by keep his answers short, simple, and clear. I hope more Fox News guests adopt Maher’s methods.

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  1. Many saw it differently. Maher showed himself a fool after O’Reilly made him say that those who are against Obama are all racists.

    Typical leftist America-hating garbage, Maher is.

  2. Yeah, Bill O’Reilly, the reason the budget is bigger NOW is because this president put the friggin war on the budget. You know, like you’re supposed to.

  3. You call people you disagree with “leftist America-hating garbage” and then wonder why we have problems in this country. Wow.

    You do realize that what you just did is as anti-American as you can get; historically, people who say things like that are always on the wrong side of liberty. Your mind is so hostile and closed you wouldn’t know a fact if it hit you in the head.

  4. Smarg:
    I’d wager it’s the right that hates America. Why? Because they can’t deal with the fact that Republicans aren’t always going to occupy the White House. Also, the Teahadists are mostly people wishing for the reappearance of the CSA. Care to guess what the CSA is?

  5. Precisely. Transparency was one of Obama’s campaign promises, and it’s expensive after an administration like Bush/Cheney.

  6. What interview were you watching? Maher didn’t demolish anybody, he looked foolish and ill-prepared. His answers were full of inane comments, like saying that the Democrats’ problem is that they don’t advertise their accomplishments enough. Excuse me…what accomplishments? Then he goes on to say that the whole economic mess is Bush’s fault and that Obama’s stimulus package was necessary to fix the deficit. HUH??? So in Maher’s twisted view, to fix a deficit, you spend even more? I’ll have to remember that one. I’ll go take out ten loans to pay off the one I have, that’ll solve that problem. Sheesh. He then goes on to refer to tea partiers with the derogatory “teabagger” term, like people are too stupid to figure that out. And then refers to these people as “selfish”. Yes Maher, it’s “selfish” when you are working class, have a mortgage and bills to pay, you are out of a job because your company just laid you off, your property taxes just went up, your 401K is losing its value, you don’t know if you will ever get your social security one day, and you’d like a change to a more responsible government that won’t sell you and your family down the river. As opposed to these “selfless” rich Hollywood liberals who Maher hangs out with, who can spout off their half-baked elitist leftist ideology while sipping mai tais by their swimming pool. Maher’s implication that those who oppose Obama are largely racist is also another example of his ignorance. Obama’s own politics and ideology are what people have the issue with, as well as the obvious and disastrous results of his amatuerish attempts to “fix” the economy, not his skin color. Maher uses the typical tactic of the left to make up a red herring argument when they don’t have a leg to stand on. “You’re all racists, that’s it!!…uh….yeah” And he concluded part one of the interview by describing some of the left wing groups that O’Reilly mentioned (MoveOn, etc.) as “normal people”, lumping them in with all liberals. Yes, to people like Maher, extremism only exists on the right, not the left. I used to like Maher, even when I disagreed with him. He was always liberal in his views, but savvy and smart. He was libertarian. Not anymore. Just another Marxist-elitist now. The guy has been sipping the Hollywood Kool Aid for way too long, and you can see it on his HBO show, which has become almost completely unwatchable with its leftist bent and no counterpoint, along with its handpicked barking seal audience which to a one enthusiastically supports all of Maher’s comments and opinions like they are the word of God. (sorry Maher, I know you’re an atheist) His show used to be a forum for the exchange of ideas, but now has been reduced to a sad propoganda piece that has virtually no relevance for critical thinkers.

  7. After reading Hraf’s earlier post on liberty post on liberty, it’s not hard to see how this all came from Bush. Bush took the deficit almost $4 trillion up in the last six years of his term. Let’s look at the Obama spending. Bailouts. What were the bailouts? They were loans. All that money comes back to us in interest and principal. We never got anything back from the Iraq war the Bush funded on borrowed money. We became the largest shareholder in General Motors and Chrysler in loans, and all of that will be divested as the two companies pays us back. There was not a single return on the 4 trillion that Bush put up on borrowed money. What it means was we never pay the principal on the debt, we will be paying on these loans of his until well after the United States is no longer a country.

    One thing I wish Bill would’ve said what O’Reilly said no improvements, was that we are not losing 750,000 jobs a month. Or was it a week? That’s an improvement. Because as soon as we started the bailouts we stopped losing those jobs at such a rate.

    Yes it’s hard to see what has been done in the general population because of the jobs issue. But Obama has done more in two years for people’s lives than Bush did in eight. Or Bush could have done in 15 for that matter.

    I’m tired of the sickly little crying “sure blame Bush”. Well guess what 85% of our debt is due to him, you’re damn right I will blame him. And I still want him in jail every day of the week

  8. er, the teabagger’s call themselves that first. historical fact.

    And thank you for the Marxist elitist talking points. But I don’t think you see any groups like the tea party coming from the left. No one on the left is that Kookie

    when you’ve seen one post like yours, you’ve seen them all

  9. Also, I believe the budget has increased under each President since Reagan, so if the frame is that a larger budget makes the President “bad”, then O’Reilly is saying that each President is a “bad” President, including their heroes Reagan and Bush. Furthermore, the largest budget issue is the military, which is supposedly the Right’s great cause, though we all know that their militarism doesn’t translate to support for the military or vets.

  10. My response to “sure, blame Bush” is “Are you saying you don’t want to deal with reality? Whom should we blame for Bush’s mistakes? And is this part of the Republican culture of ‘responsibility’, where you refuse to accept responsibility for your actions?”

  11. Dennis you are an idoit I was going to spend about three hours and a post a comment three times the size of the article that you commented on when I realized no matter what I say or no matter how many times you read the truth you are in fact a racist who is to stupid to see the train on the tracks. Do the world a favor and just go kill yourself I am too tired of assholes like youself running around screaming like chicken littlethat the sky is a falling. No it is not, you do not understand Economics, Politics, History, or Math. Just go die in a ditch somewhere and make this world a better palce!

  12. Bill Mahr is typical of liberals. Nothing that the liberals do is wrong; they are not accountable for the hideous increase in spending, etc. And to say that there is no extremism on the left? Ridiculous. Right is right and left is wrong, wrong, wrong. There is no improvement. There still is torturing. And keeping kids on the parents insurance until 26? Crazy. Anyway, for the most part it is cheap for 20 somethings to have health insurance. And the parents can pay for the kids if they want.

    Mahr is bitter as are most progressives. They don’t have a clue about what most of us have to go through every day. They really think that most people want to be cared for by the government. Get a life. The ruling class is the ruling class.

    Get a life Bill Mahr. You are so smug. Like most psuedo intellectuals. No extremism on the left? Soros, Jeremiah Wright? Well, Mr. O’Reilly, I happen to disagree with you on one point. I do not think liberals are normal.

  13. By the way, Bush was not the biggest spender. O’Bama is the biggest spender in our history. But he wants to crash this country. And people’s dislike of his policies are not race based. But Obama has made many race based comments. Frankly, he is a racist. So what. He sucks as a President. That is his legacy, worse than Carter and more dangerous to our way of life than Wilson. There is no way to find any common ground with the far left.

  14. Wow Sarah and Jason, you must be doing something right the Trolls are out in force today aren’t they and Sarah Palin wasn’t named once in the entire article. (Thank you for that- it is quite nice to read something that doesn’t include her name or inane thoughts and opinions)

    Good Job once again.

  15. Sorry, Bush did raise the deficit the most. Cutting taxes, borrowing to run 2 wars did it. 4 Trillion in 4 years. Almost everything Obama is spending comes back in repayment. Healthcare puts us up with the civilized world and also drops the deficit

    “dangerous to our way of life than Wilson.” Beck fan, loaded with hate and short on facts.

  16. Soros is not an extremest like the Koch Brothers. Wright is not an extremist.

    Face it. The right has made extremism famous.

  17. So in your world view, are all liberals elitists or are they all welfare bums? Just wondering, because your POV makes no logical sense. You say liberals are elitists and then you say they think everyone wants to be taken care of and then you accuse them of being smug. They can’t be both empathetic and smug re the same issue. You sound very biased and it’s clear that you lump all “liberals” into a negative generalization. That’s too bad for you. The world is not black and white, and I suspect you are missing out on the joy of reality by hating people you don’ t even know enough to hate.

  18. Slogans like “small government” are great. Wearing tricorn hats and screaming, “socialism” can also be fun. But at some point, GOP supporters must realize that their fiscal policies will cut vital services that mostly help middle and lower-wage workers, while keeping taxes historically low for the rich (Medicare, Medicaid, and social security are most helpful to middle and lower class workers, while not for the rich). This same old, worn out policy idea that the GOP has been championing for decades has contributed to the stagnant real wages that Americans have been experiencing since the 70’s. It has also perpetuated the record disparity between the rich and the poor/middle class. Cutting defense spending (which the US spends more on than every other country combined) is never discussed as a possibility when balancing the budget (as demonstrated in the ‘Pledge To America’). Diplomacy & commonsense approaches towards foreign policy are seen as cowardice and rejected. While the world progresses and continues to develop a competitive edge that matches the United States, the GOP continues to gridlock congress without any meaningful solutions (besides the continuance of the bush tax cuts, which have been proven to be the worst ‘bang for your buck’ economic stimulus) and offers a backwards step in intellectual and commonsense approaches.

  19. Thanks Dusty,

    I don’t read or care about the trolls. They are here everyday. It is amazing that they hate us so much, yet they keep coming back. As far as Palin goes, if she does something interesting or newsworthy she will be back on here, but we aren’t a Palin site, so we are free to write about other things.

  20. Conservatives don’t want a small government, they want a weak government. Much easier to control and make sure their own agenda is put in place. Constant war, constant slavery that way

  21. Good observation — the trolls usually hit with Palin and Glenn the hardest, but now that their beloved propaganda network is losing it’s authoritarian claim to excellence simply by “beating” others (notice that level of competence is not part of the grade, it’s all about being number 1), they’re getting riled up. I think it’s too much to expect people being brainwashed to play well with others, so we all have to either ignore them or realize we’re talking to people who aren’t dealing with reality.

  22. Please link to facts that support this argument and be prepared to explain why leaving two wars off of the budget makes Bush a better president than Obama.

  23. What the democrats have accomplished:

    1. HIR aka Health Insurance Reform
    2. Pay as you go restored.
    3. Ended wasteful loan subsidies to banks.
    4. Finally raised auto fuel standards.
    5. Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights.
    6. Cash for Clunkers.

  24. Sorry liberals, but Fox is killing everyone else in numbers. Why? Because for over 40 years, the leftists had the monopoly on social engineering mainstream media.

    Remember how the leftist skag Walter Cronkite went on his anti-war jags in the 60s and 70s?? No one ever disputed the bum.

    Thank GOD for Fox News!

  25. Dennis buddy, you killed yourself there when you listed all these reasons you wanted a responsible government and then threw the liberals under the bus. You do realize that a majority of these ‘tea baggers’ are propped up by corporate elite and lobbyist right? Oh, I know, I know, the typical response is ‘so is all of Washington’. But who’s talking about the middle class now, huh? CEOs and Wall Street sell outs? Nope.

  26. Smarg says:
    September 30, 2010 at 6:57 pm
    Sorry liberals, but Fox is killing everyone else in numbers. Why?
    Ad Populum Fallacy

  27. Sorry moron- number of viewers doesn’t mean quality of content… The Jersey Shore has many viewers, but does that mean it is a great show? Or that it is mindless nonsense, like Fox News. Besides everyone knows viewership for these major organizations is cyclical depending who is in power. Instead the joke is on the people of this country that they would be as dumb & ignorant to follow such a biased news organization.

  28. Susan, you’re out of your league here. Notice how people are using actual facts in their arguments here? And notice how you’re just spewing sound bite shrapnel? Facts please. Oh right, you don’t have any.

  29. Maybe you don’t realize that the first nine months of 2009, the budget was Bush’s budget, not President Obama’s. It was a budget prepared in 2008. Also, due to the number of jobs lost under President Bush, a number of people were no longer paying income tax and many more people needed government assistance. Many people 62 or older who lost jobs starting taking Social Security early and most people do not pay any income tax on 1/2 of their Social Security income. You really should take your ire and frustrations out on the weathly corporations that have laid off employees and/or reduced employees’ wages, but are paying their officers more and giving them huge bonuses.

  30. I agree that Dennis lacks a lot of critical thinking, but by calling him an idiot and not offering any discourse as to why you disagree with his un-informed points of view (spending DOES help the economy because our twisted economy is based on confidence not on manufacturing) definitely reinforce the divide between ideologies.

    I believe in a very liberal way of living. I think society works better with laws that reflect human nature and a pragmatic approach to problem solving through legislation and not through outdated religious morals (although those religious morals DID make for effective societal structures before modern medicine, world wide transport, and the other luxuries that have become part of our daily lives.)
    My point is that the only real way to move forward is through education. Any time you disagree with someone don’t simply tell them they are wrong (or stupid) but do the research and guide them to the correct information. Hell, sometimes you end up proving yourself wrong. And he did have a couple valid points: Bill Maher’s show very much falls prey to confirmation bias. I agree with almost everything on the show, and it feels nice to have my point of view be preached back to me, but often it’s overzealous and inflammatory. Little of the show actually informs the audience or offers any proof to the assertations. It’s mostly a liberal circle-jerk (and I’m ok with that, but it has to be acknowledged).

  31. I get your point, but are you watching the same show? He actually has real conservatives on and gives them plenty of time to spew their talking points. Take last week: The fact that the panel of two conservatives to one liberal fail to prove the lack of global climate change is not because there’s a liberal bias to the show………it’s because they are wrong and have no facts to support their opinion.

  32. They probably don’t know that a Saudi prince is the largest shareholder next to Murdoch of Fox News. That Saudi prince is the one that tried to give NYC a check for $10 million right after 9/11, but Mayor Gulliani refused to accept the check because of the prince’s ties to terrorist organizations. The prince also alleged that the U.S. was partially responsible for the 9/11 attack. Yep, Fox News has ties to a terrorist sympathizer.

  33. We were told that the war with Iraq, which was based upon lies, would only cost the U.S. only $60 Billion because the Iraqi government would pay most of the costs from its oil revenue. It didn’t happen. Also they set up universal health care for the Iraqis at our cost.

  34. I didn’t see anybody being demolished. I did see a close-minded Mahr. Not able to see extremests on both sides? Give me a break.

  35. He did not once say that it was all racism, or all racists. He actually went out of his way to say that it is individuals and did you not read the part where he blamed the media and the democrats for misinformation and not bragging about accomplishments?
    The typical defence of a right winger is to try and say that the left thinks you are all racist. NO ONE HAS EVER SAID THAT; we just acknowledge that it exists instead of burying our heads in the sand and pretending it isn’t, or even worse, twisting the narrative to paint racism against whites as the real problem.

  36. He’s actually not an atheist. He doesn’t define what he is. If you had any relationship with the facts you’d know he has more in common with Deist’s or agnostics than atheists. He’s a rationalist. God might well exist, but we cannot understand God or what he wants, what he hates as we have no relationship with him. THe bible was written by many men, not Yahweh. THAT’S a FACT.

  37. I don’t know if so much of it is race-based as it is “Hey, he’s the OTHER party so he’s evil!”, that sort of mentality. I think I would disagree with him there, but otherwise, I liked pretty much everything else he said.

  38. You too are an idoit to you cannot educate these people I have tried go over past posts and take a look these jackass are better off dead. You Anon (scared to use even a fake name) have not fought with them, you have not corrected them time and time again. I do not watch show like Maher’s it is to simple and does not educate much Fox. I will no longer do the research that they should do themselves I will no long be cotton to them or quite frankly to people like you, go FUCK yourself I am to tried to deal with you, you want to educate them go ahead beat and beat you head into the ground I done with them and with spineless Democrates like you NO COMPROMISE, NO BACKING DOWN, AND NO LETTING GO, SHUT UP OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  39. I am not a fan of Bill Maher. I do not have respect for him, and I find him to be a shallow womanizing atheist who really has no regard for ANY human life. I think this interview is bleh. Bill O’Reilly, as usual doesn’t have the fact. I do believe a lot of the Obama hate is due to his Ethnicity, and I also believe that Conservatives are a bit more extreme than the Liberals.

    To me, this arguing about who is worse and who is not is really taking this country in the wrong direction.

    Bill Maher did say something that interested me, he said that Obama is similar to where Clinton and Reagan were at when they were in their first term. Anyone else agree with that? Or have some data to help back that claim up?

    I wish we could just SUPPORT our president. Forget hate, race, political views. Work together. The Party of No is just making this country the Un-united States of America.

  40. Susan Butler is a good little Beck soldier. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in his innaugural class at Beck U. She received honors in RW talking points and has all her gold coins hidden under the double-wide. The coins are in a safe but easy access place in order to grab them quickly when she drives her pickup to Alaska for the rapture.

    Who has seen hide nor hair of Jeremiah Wright recently? Is he hogging the airwaves like nutbars Palin & Beck? Please share with me what Rev. Wright has done in the last year that is stoking the “leftie, progressive, liberal elites” that has you so scared?

  41. Maher is obviously high on his drugs. We in the tea party are not racist, we just point out the fact that Obama is a radical socialist Muslim who was born in Kenya. George W. Bush is guilty of nothing, but keeping the country safe from Terror, something Obama has been horrible at. Maybe Maher can explain why the country was doing great until the moment barack HUSSEIN obama’s regime came in and started giving out bailouts and indoctrinating socialism in our lives. The Tea Party comprises what’s left of real Americans whose duty it is to take our country back from this dictator. Maher is just on the Obama payroll trying to spread lies about the Tea Party.

  42. You might find that funny, but one by one the things that “equal out” the expenditures of Obamacare are being repealed. For example, one of the greatest revenue off-setters is the new 1099 reporting requirement, which pretty much everyone agrees needs to be repealed.

  43. So, you actually believe that Obama pays Bill Maher? LOL. Y0u are crazy.

    Can you prove that Obama pays Bill Maher? And tell us, why would Bill, who is rich, need money from Obama?

    But let’s assume this is true. In that case, you’re saying it would be bad for Maher to accept money from Obama, which means you think Halliburton should be put out of business. Right?

  44. And how about the columnists Bush paid off to pimp No Child Left Behind – Armstrong Williams — they paid columnists to push their agenda. He paid 241,000 of OUR money to push NCLB. You’re cool with that? Yeah, way to go you small government fraud.

    You’re cool with that, but not with Maher saying anything bad about Tea Partiers and if he says anything bad you assume he’s being paid to do so?

    It’s not as if Tea Partiers don’t have bad enough rep on their own, dude. And lastly, Bill is no huge Obama fan. You’re obviously drinking the KoolAid.

  45. Did the author of this fail blog watch the same video as the rest of us? Maher was destroyed in this interview.

    He called them all racists, he won the argument!

    Keep drinking that kool-aide. Lol!

  46. And you wonder why people think you’re racists.

    Gee,w here you were complaining about the deficit when Bush was in office? FRAUD. You just woke up one day, the day a black man got into office, and decided you were upset about the deficit. Give me a break.

  47. Yeah, you people are so clueless. In what way did he win?

    Tell me, how are you NOT racists? Why did you suddenly start caring about a deficit but you were OK with Bush bailing out wall street? Obama gave the auto companies a bail out and we’re already getting money back from that. Bailing out Main Street and you whine, but bail out the rich guys and you’re asleep in your easy chair.

    You only cared about the “deficit” which by the way was brought courtesy of Bush, after a black man took office and you wonder why people think poorly of you freaks.

    How about the signs at your parties? The disgusting racist emails you send out? FRAUD. You guys don’t give a shit about Main Street or your children or the deficit or you would have been rioting in the streets under Bush.

  48. “The fact that the panel of two conservatives to one liberal fail to prove the lack of global climate change is not because there’s a liberal bias to the show………it’s because they are wrong and have no facts to support their opinion.”

    Uh, you can’t prove a negative. You can’t prove there is a LACK of climate change. You are asserting there is change, and saying “Prove me wrong.” You first need to objectively demonstrate change has occurred. Then you need to conclusively prove the cause of that change. Objectivity in attempting to demonstrate change is lacking (see: UN report falsifying historical data, other scientific data falsifications recently reported) and conclusive proof of the specific causal mechanism involved even if such warming exists is lacking (i.e., ruling out all other mechanisms). In typical fashion, the liberal left has created a problem, defined it as “fact”, ignored alternative explanations of that phenomenon which conflict with their pet solution to the problem they created, and then said “Well prove me wrong”. Doesn’t fly, sorry.

  49. A very convenient rationalization for not dealing with people with whom you disagree. Call them “Trolls” (a perjorative label), define them as brainwashed or mentall deficient and therefore not worthy of being included in dialogue. Very “Liberal” minded of you. How do you feel when people say things like “Fags are all mentally ill.” Perjorative + unfounded judgement, doesn’t work for you when other people do it, but I guess you put yourselves above the rules you make for others eh!

  50. The bottom line is that nothing is free and we will all pay in the end. Just wait until China calls and wants payment of their loan. Get real everyone were bankrupt and Our President still wants to spend more. It’s everyone for themselves, take responsiblility for your life and quit expecting the Government to give you a handout!

  51. I love it when people get tough with BillO – this is how you have to do it. The BillO talking points are BS and he knows it, that’s why he doesn’t want to go further after he gets called out on it (for example that Obama’s approval ratings are higher than Clinton’s & Reagan’s at this point in their presidencies and that most of the deficit comes from the Bush admin.)

  52. Sorry, but labeling Tea Party, Republicans, and conservatives as racists and bigots only works in the mainstream media.

    Next month we will cripple the Kenyan Teleprompter Reader, then eject him 2012.

    Thank GOD for Fox News.

  53. Shiva, “teabagger” is a sex-based slur referring to someone scrotum in the mouth. Left wing garbage, including the mainstream media, use the term freely.

    Next month you will be put in your place. Thanks.

  54. Sarah, your messiah, Barry Soetoro, tried his socialist wealth re-distribution and it doesn’t work.

    Thankfully, next month he will be crippled in the elections.

  55. Sarah, our cities are teeming with millions of fatherless welfare thugs, welfare super-breeders, illegals and their anchor babies, all parasites on the taxpayers. Do you refuse to acknowledge that??

  56. aaahhhh……its always nice to a hollywood stoner intellectually thrash the pompous,tough-talking,brown-nosing, overly patriotic pinhead. And as for the tea parties, yes they’re racist, lets not be naive about it, lets move on………

  57. spoken like a true capitalist, nothing is free ? really ? nothing ?………man id hate to live in your world.

  58. kool aid, haha, i get it kool aid, cuz black people drink alot of kool aide, thats pretty clever, anywho, tea baggers ARE racist. that worst part is, they’re so removed from reality, thy dont even know it.

  59. social engineering media? come on guy, thats some ole’ glenn beck malarky, Fox has top rating becuase they have monkees doing cartwheels on your t.v screen. besides who doesnt enjoy watching a train wreck unfold every now and then. that glenn beck guy is my favorite, reminds me of kramer from sienfeld.

  60. Enough snark and delusion. Fact: the term “teabagger” was one that the tea party first used to describe itself, not realizing the connotation you described existed.

    Your empty threats about how “we’ll show ’em next month/next election” aren’t based upon facts, they’re based upon rhetoric and propaganda. There isn’t one GOP/Tea Party candidate who isn’t some whack-job who wants to end Social Security, Medicare, Education or who is impervious to being exposed for the neocon dressed in the American flag that they are.

    For those of you like Dennis who insist upon burying your head in the Fox News sand but are not above educating yourselves with facts, there are a number of sites that provide explicit details about what this administration has accomplished. Here’s a good example: .

    If you can see past the veneer and determine the merits of accomplishment with pure objectivity, you might be surprised.

  61. Typical GOP/Teabagger response:
    “Yeah, well your (insert DEM/moderate/progressive here) did (insert common sense action to benefit the country) with his/her (choose one: socialist/marxist/communist/muslim/islamic) which really screwed this country!

    (Smarg adds:) Nanny, nanny. Nanny Boo Boo!

  62. I wish you opinions were based upon rational thought and substantiated facts. I’m trying to think of how the president wants to “crash this country”. As far as race, I believe that issue was raised by the opposition once it became clear that he was a viable candidate for the job he holds. If Obama was not black and you read his resume, you’d probably be impressed. There’s plenty to point to as far as merit.

    If Obama wanted to do what you say, he could have simply done NOTHING. The economy would have gone over a cliff on the road built by the previous administration. The country and perhaps even the world would have imploded. Instead, he drove the TARP (Bush’s last attempt to fix the biggest screw up in history) reforms, healthcare (no mean feat. we’ve been dancing around this for 50+ years) and wants to leave tax cuts for the middle class in place, while letting those for the 250k/yr crowd EXPIRE.

    At this rate, the president will crash the country…never. The next administration will have that to contend with.

  63. Sarah, I’m glad you brought that up. Now with the standard bearers beginning to fade, some will have to recognize that maybe these people were what others have purported all along – opportunists. People who said what others wanted to hear in order to make a considerable amount of money. The political scene in the past few years has been like watching Jerry Springer with its cast of weirdos and freaks, mob mentality and the underlying threat of violence.

    A hard rains gonna fall when these folks realize they’ve been had.

  64. Susan…Bill M. almost always talks about how the democrats need to do better. He blames them for a lot of the problems still to this day. Your comment makes no sense. I watch his show every Friday and he is constantly talking about how the democrats need to get off there butts and do more…Your comment makes no sense…

  65. Your first sentence is a complete oxymoron and proves the very point you’re trying to refute.
    George Bush did not keep us safe. 911 happened ON HIS WATCH. And he had reports that it could happen BEFOREHAND. How many attacks since Obama took office? By your logic, Obama has done a better job.
    The country was doing great before Obama huh? Just before he came in, we saw attacks on American soil, the housing bubble, the start of a pointless war and a potential economic apocalypse. Wow. Good times.

  66. The tea party in my area is openly racist. They carry signs that say “no black in the white house” or “I don’t want a black man for MY president.” I have seen them with my own eyes. Are you attempting to tell me its not true? Where was all this complaining when Bush turned as SURPLUS into the biggest DEFICIT in history? Don’t be foolish, not all are racist but the majority are.

  67. I, for one, do not expect a “handout”. I want my government to pick up my trash, keep my roads paved, build new ones, enforce laws, protect the innocent, prosecute criminals, provide firemen, policemen and rescue workers. I want a department of education because based upon what I see on TV and the internet, this country is full of people riddled with ADD, short-attention spans and no long term memory. I want seniors to get the care they need when they need it. They earned it. The same for veterans.

    Most of all I want a government who spends more time talking about what great things lie ahead and less on what’s wrong in America and who’s to blame for it. Each generation is supposed to stand on the shoulders of the one before it and improve the lives of all countrymen. It’s not everyone for themselves. It is the United States of America.

  68. I live in NC, you’d be disgusted at how many people around here hate obama cause he’s black. Yes it is mostly racial.

  69. Wow Smarg has some serious personal issues to deal with.
    Judging from that train-wreck worldview, Smarg knows next-to-nothing about poverty, illegal immigration, economics, welfare or taxes. It’s difficult to maintain a functioning democracy when we have sociopaths like Smarg demanding policy. If anyone has an inflated sense of entitlement and privilege in this society, it’s people like Smarg.

  70. Troll: In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

  71. You didn’t answer my question.

    Are liberals the “evil elite” or the welfare “thugs”?

    Oh, and as for your attempt to slur “cities”, it would be wise of you to stop pointing fingers since red states suck blue states dry, and we could easily call red states the welfare thugs of this country: the uneducated and undisciplined red states where the most porn is more consumed, more children have babies, more unwed mothers suck off welfare and divorce rates are higher and THOSE people, the minority too stupid to vote according to their own interests, think they are entitled to run the majority through mob rule…..Yeah, I could call that RED STATE THUGS.


  72. Amazing…I honestly think Smaug must either be from Jupiter or is a computer program failing the Turing test…it really doesn’t seem possible that detachment from reality can exist to this extent. Wow. Just…Wow.

  73. Everyone in the tea party movement is a racist. Period. No need for discussion. I have more respect for Klan members, at least their racism is out in the open.

  74. Ha, what’s it like living in Bizarro world?

    Do you actually think about anything or do you just listen to everything the Tea Party Puppet Masters tell you? (yea, hate to break it to you but the history of the Tea Party is a matter of public record…and it’s not nearly as blue-collar “regular” grassroots americans as the Teabaggers would like everyone to believe…).

    >Then he goes on to say that the whole economic mess is Bush’s fault

    Yes, because it’s true. This is a matter of public record and is borne out by the facts. Bush took a healthy economy and through a series of ill-advised and irresponsible policies ruined it.

    Go look at the figures, and you can watch the economic decline during Bush’s watch, and how it lines up with his handouts to his rich buddies.

    > So in Maher’s twisted view, to fix a deficit, you spend even more?

    Yes, sometimes you do.

    I’m guessing you’re not a business person, because you seem to be a bit dull…

    Though I am guessing you’re the type of person who goes to the mall and buys a bunch of useless plastic junk… So, you know that big shopping day…”black friday”? Do you know why it’s called “Black Friday”?

    Because that’s when the business go into the “black”….meaning they start making money. Yes that’s right….for the entire time up until that point they are spending money without making any….

    If you ever started a business you’d realize that business are rarely profitable right off the bat….they have to spend a bunch of money to jumpstart the business.

    So it is with an Economy.

    The problem is people like you like to yap a lot about stuff you don’t really know about. You use your “common sense” instead of taking the time to actually educate yourself and learn all the nuances of the issue….

    You don’t need to examine the facts, you just listen to what the puppet masters tell you.

    An economy is like you or me: it needs nourishment… needs exercise.

    That’s why Bush’s brilliant idea to shovel tons of money to the ultra-rich didn’t do jack for the economy: the facts show if you give the ultra rich money (which they don’t need)….they sit on it for the most part. It stays in their pockets.

    If you give money to the middle/lower classes….they SPEND IT….they spend it at the Grocer….and the Grocer turns around and spends it.

    You give a dollar to a rich person, and they stick it in their bank account….and it just sits there doing nothing. Give it to a poor person and it will change hands many times, helping the economy… will even find it’s way into the hands of the rich.

    >u are out of a job because your company just laid you off, your property taxes just went up, your 401K is losing its value, you don’t know if you will ever get your social security one day,

    Yea, and a lot of the problems you are complaining about were caused by Conservative policies.

    The Bush administration let big business and Wall Street play fast and lose with your 401k. People are losing their jobs because the conservatives put more importance on the rich’s ability to make money than on economic stability.

    A lot of the rules which made sure our economy was stable were relaxed in the interest of being “pro-business”, but all they did was allow the mega-rich to suck money out of the economy instead of growing it.

    You complain about not knowing if you’ll collect SS….do you know why that is?

    There’s no inherent problem with Social Security…..the reason we can’t pay for it is because Bush and his cronies redirected the money elsewhere: to the war.

    …and before you start rambling about national security……it wasn’t spent on national security. It was spent on giving lucrative contracts to Bush’s pals.

    They took the money we could have put into social security, and spent it on $40,000 cases of soda and pimped out escalades that never got used (again, go educate yourself).

    We could still pay for social security by putting a modest tax increase on BILLIONAIRES.

    Fools like you are always babbling on about tax increases….but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Tax rates as they are now are relatively low compared to some points in the past (including the terms of some Republican presidents).

    Furthermore, unless you’re in the very top rung, nobodies really raising your taxes. Bush made a big deal about his tax cuts….but they did almost nothing for regular people….they were a handout to the rich. Now there’s resistance to a 3% increase on the RICH?

    Again, you need to educate yourself. America is no longer the greatest country in any sense of the word, except sheer size.

    In terms of quality of life, health, healthcare, hapiness, education….every single statistic that matters….WE ARE LOSING.

    That’s an indisputable fact….we are behind the other countries. They are beating us. Again, this is a *fact*.

    If your neighbor lived longer than you, had more money than you, was better educated than you, was happier…and on and on and on…..wouldn’t it maybe make sense to try what they’re doing?

    Here’s another indisputable fact: the distribution of wealth in this country is out of whack.

    Go look at the statistics….you can’t argue with them.

    The majority of the wealth is concentrated amongst a small number of people.

    That’s not what you’d expect to see mathematically, and it’s not what you see in other countries.

    The rich conservatives you keep voting for are holding you back from becoming rich.

    Everyone tries to pretend we live in a free market, but we don’t. A small group of megarich have taken control and tipped the scales in their favor.

    Now middle class people have less and less chance of earning a piece of the dream for themselves.

    Seriously, your ignorance is repugnant.

    You keep bringing up petty squabbles like Maher mentioning teabaggers are racist…NEWSFLASH: he didn’t say they all were….he explicitly said otherwise.

    It’s a proven fact that there are a decent number of racists in the tea party….their own rallys prove it. You won’t see much racism at a liberal rally, that’s for sure….

    It’s very telling that you have no actual facts or arguments to make….instead you just rant and stomp your foot like a child and complain that Maher called the Tea Party on the fact that a lot of them are racists,

    I love this country still….I love what it used to be, and what it has the potential to become again…….if idiots like you don’t ruin it for everyone.

  75. Yes, leftist Walter Cronkite was wrong-headed. Clearly we should have remained in Vietnam– we only lost 60,000 soldiers and spent $700 billion in the civil war of a small, non-strategic country. And while we’re burning witches attacking dissent, we should add Sec’y of Defense Robert McNamara to the list– he belatedly joined the leftists in 2003 and admitted the tragic mistakes of that war.

  76. Relatively speaking, cable news isn’t very popular in terms of ratings. Mainly older folks (ironically, people on Medicare and Social Security). The average viewer age of FOX News is in the 60’s.

  77. The issues you bring up that you personally face exemplify the disconnection between Republican voters and their elected officials. If you think these Republican politicians give 2 cents about what you need. The policies they support currently and have supported in the past have done nothing to help you. The tax cuts they love might drop $10 in your pocket but they drop $10 million in theirs. Their opposition to the new healthcare legislation has nothing to do with increased costs and everything to do with oversight and regulation with respect to insurance carriers. I agree that this bill is not perfect, none of them are. But it is at least a step in the right direction so that we can get more people insured. (which inherently means less cost to insured people) There is so much disinformation being put out that most people have no idea what is actually going on. And again, if you think Republican politicians are looking out for your personal interests you are absolutely insane. They are elected using corporate donations and that buys face time, which inherently buys sway. If you want to keep getting elected, you have to scratch the backs of Walmart, UAW union, banks, etc. On a side note, the expenditures coming from the stimulus package were not designed to decrease the deficit as you stated. They were designed to help you and people like you that are out of work. So the next time you want to talk up all that garbage, take a look at who is responsible for you being able to draw unemployment so that you don’t lose your house and end up living in your car….clue: it isn’t Republicans politicians. None of them are perfect but I’ll choose the ones that actually try to make this country better rather than the ones looking out for corporate and personal interests.

  78. Well if if your first loan was basically wasted on buying things that provide minimal return, then the next ten loans you take out are actually put to use (I.E. INVESTING) in things that will reduce cost/provide gains for future, then you are essentially making good use of the stimulus.

    If you have a budget, then claim that you arent spending because you take the largest amount of consumption “off the books” then you are engaged in practices that would have the IRS crawling up the @$$ of the average man and or company.

    The policies you are supporting are actually against your own self interest.

    and to show your ignorance… define “Marxist”

  79. Actually what the dems accomplished that’s WAY more important than that list is this:

    They kicked the Republicans out of power.

    Thank you thank you I’m here all week.

  80. Who wrote this article??? I read it before watching the video. The text shows Maher pimp slapping O’Reilly, then you watch the actual video, and it is nothing of the sort. Good grief this is sad!!

  81. Do you have any facts to back that up?

    Sure it happens…but how often does it happen?

    Every year a few people get struck by lightning….does that mean we need to start a campaign to construct domes to protect our cities from rain storms?

    Here you elegantly demonstrate the problems: your policies are based on crap.

    You need to educate yourself about a problem before you can try and fix it.

    Exactly how many people are on welfare?

    Why are they on Welfare?

    How much is it costing us?

    How many of them are only on it because they are lazy, and not for “legitimate” reasons.

    You’re not basing your opinion on anything except your own ignorant fear and your half-assed guesses at what you think is happening.

    I’d hate to break it to you, but there’s almost certainly not nearly as many “welfare mooches” as you think there are.

    Sure, it happens. Sure it’s a problem. Sure we need to fix it…

    ….but not by going off halfcocked.

    Let’s take your figures even though you clearly just pulled them out of your butt.

    We have millions of fatherless welfare moochers…ok….lets say 3 million. About the size of Fox New’s audience.


    Sure that’s a problem…..but not really a big one.

    But what about the 35 of the population WHO CONTROL MORE THAN HALF THE WEALTH.

    You tell me: which is the bigger problem:

    The 1% who “mooch” ~45 million off the country a year?


    Seriously, go educate yourself

  82. Conservatives went into a ‘mental institution’? Maher still doesn’t get it & continues the left wing name calling. I don’t see where O’Reilly was made to look foolish. As mentioned above, FOX could have been like CNN & cancelled it or did some film cutting of the interview, but they didn’t.

    Maher’s name calling only shows that, if you can’t talk the issues then revert to name calling. That is their only defense. It’s a basic debate tactic that most see threw.

  83. Anyone else agree with that? Or have some data to help back that claim up?

    I agree with that. There’s a cool search engine called Google (I know, goofy name, but set that aside for a moment). When you get to that site, you type a few words related to your question, hit enter and presto!

    Here’s one of the results that I got when I used the google.

    August 23, 2010 Obama Weekly Job Approval Average at New Low of 43%

    Obama’s current 43% rating is well below the job approval ratings for both Presidents Bush at this point in their second year in office, but at roughly the same level as Presidents Clinton, Reagan, and Carter. None of the three presidents who were in the 40% range in August of their second year got back to 50% by the time of the midterm elections.

    Pretty nifty, eh? Do check it out, because trust me, this Google thing is gonna be a major game-changer.

  84. No it’s not….

    Fox News is the big fish in Cable news….but that’s nothing…it’s a small pond.

    Fox news is the biggest goldfish in a cramped goldfish bowl…congratulations.

    Fox viewer ship is CRUSHED by things like network news or the internet….by a much wider margin than they “beat” the other cable channels.

    You do realize that Fox viewers are only a tiny portion of the entire population right?

    Oh yeah…that’s right you’re a dumbass who can’t do basic math and just makes up the reality you want to believe instead of actually educating yourself.

  85. The 1099 reporting requirement was expected to raise 17 Billion over a 10 year period. That doesn’t qualify as “one of the greatest revenue off-setters” by a long shot. Got any other examples?

  86. Just wait until China calls and wants payment of their loan.

    I don’t think you know how financial markets and government issued bonds work.

    ‘If you owe your bank a thousand pounds, you are at his mercy. If you owe him a million pounds, he is at your mercy.’ –John Maynard Keynes

  87. America hating? That’s absurd and unfounded. You mean to say…he disagrees with what YOU consider to be american values which according to you is right wing ideology. This is nonsense.

  88. Nice try, though methinks this Smarg guy is in a bunker somewhere.

    His empirical knowledge of the America we live in is anything but empirical. It sounds more like he’s watched Adventures in Babysitting a few too many times.

    Sorry you’ve never left the ‘burbs or ozarks or whatever two-bit town it is you live in, buddy, but our cities are not seething Gomorrahs where we dodge bullets and step over discarded crack babies on our way to collect our welfare checks. They are beautiful, vibrant places where people work harder than you ever will and keep America running.

    BTW – America’s highest concentration of poverty is in the deep South, where there aren’t any functioning cities.

    Because reading and critical analysis is probably challenging for you, I’ve included a pretty picture with bright colors that shows you where America’s poor (i.e. welfare recipients) are concentrated:

  89. Smarg,

    Jersey Shore, Spongebob, and Pawn Stars are the top rated shows on basic cable today.

    Intelligent people don’t watch television every second of the day. By your line of reasoning, Kanye West is a genius. He’s popular, right?

    Sorry, but using television ratings as your barometer for success in the lefty v. righty debate doesn’t carry much weight amongst people who know how to think critically.

    Thank GOD for The Situation!!

  90. Smarg: Go to and search teaparty demonstrations and count all the minorities you see in the crowd. Once you’ve exhausted that search, take a look at the demographics of the crowd themselves. You’re going to notice something; middle age white folks and nothing else.
    Now once you’ve noticed all the middle age white folks, take a look at their signs and count how many have a reference to their God.

    “Sorry, but labeling Tea Party, Republicans, and conservatives as racists and bigots only works in the mainstream media.”

    Turn Fox News off and try something else for a change. It’s rhetoric and you’re only padding Mr Murdoch’s pockets. I’m assuming you won’t though as you seem rather comfortable being a sheep.

    “Kenyan Teleprompter Reader”
    It’s astonishing that our president can now read a teleprompter. Our last president made up words and had a significant stuttering problem; but hey, what does that matter.

  91. Clearly, all RIGHT Thinking, GOD Fearing Americans (Born here BTW) know that Barak HUSSIEN Obama is a kenyan born mau mau tribesman, radical muslim communist waging jihad on America! He attacked BP with as Congressman Joe Barton said a “chicago style” shakedown of 20 billion to cleanup his oil spill and help the small people of the Gulf! We need to support Senator Bunning and end all these so called “unemployment benefits” for lazy, shiftless workers. We need to join Boehner and McConnell and demand the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealth! Soon Obama will be impeached. The Supreme Court will appoint Jeb Bush President – just like 2000! Take that libturds!

  92. Clearly, all RIGHT Thinking, GOD Fearing Americans (Born here BTW) know that Barak HUSSIEN Obama is a kenyan born mau mau tribesman, radical muslim communist waging jihad on America! He attacked BP with as Congressman Joe Barton said a “chicago style” shakedown of 20 billion to cleanup his oil spill and help the small people of the Gulf! We need to support Senator Bunning and end all these so called “unemployment benefits” for lazy, shiftless workers. We need to join Boehner and McConnell and demand the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy! The Detroit XMAS Day bomber was the worst terrorist attack in our History, watch Fox and they explain it to you, unlike the liberal lame stream media! Soon Obama will be impeached. The Supreme Court will appoint Jeb Bush President – just like 2000! Take that libturds!

  93. No. Maher does actually fit that description. I’m sure Smarg doesn’t say that about everyone he disagrees with.

  94. How does the lack of minorities make tea party members racist? Are they actively denying minorities?

    You keep making this connection, but I really don’t see how it makes sense.

  95. “kool aid, haha, i get it kool aid, cuz black people drink alot of kool aide, thats pretty clever,”

    No. That isn’t what that expression means, nor do you have any idea what you’re talking about.

  96. “Don’t be foolish, not all are racist but the majority are.”

    Really? Because of a few signs that you saw in your neighborhood, the majority of tea partiers are racist?

    How about some actual statistics? I have yet to see any from your side. I’ll bet that’s because they wouldn’t support your claims.

  97. Does this website need an editor? Wow this is a poorly written article, go back and fix the grammar mistakes before you post your articles. This looks like it was written by a highschool student.

  98. It’s kind of sad when the right is getting so extreme that I can’t even tell if people in the comments are just trolling or if they genuinely believe what they’re posting.

  99. And O’Reilly didn’t show as a fool after Maher shoved his statement saying there’s been no improvement under this administration down his throat?

    Personally, I think O’Reilly is a horrible debater, he throws out comments left and right trying to make you look stupid, and practically calling you stupid, then as soon as he’s proven wrong he brushes it off like it never happened, and goes back to calling you stupid.

    You people need to get your information other places than fox news, its ridiculously biased.

  100. If you listened to ANY other news organization for 1 hour, you would understand how racially charged, and republican biased fox news is. You are stupid for watching it.

  101. I read the first sentence of your little rant and I think less of you already. I’m not going to read the rest, I’m just going to call you a faggot.

  102. @ Your King….clearly you don’t understand how time and finances work. There is nothing free, nothing at all.

    The cost isn’t just financial, it is the cost of opportunity. If you choose to not go to work, you lose the opportunity to make money, but you gain the opportunity to enjoy a day off. If you choose to look for a job, you lose your day, but gain the opportunity to make money.

    There is no “free lunch” or free healthcare. Someone HAS to pay for it, you don’t get ANYTHING for free. Something many people don’t understand.

  103. Some of these far right comments are laughable.

    I’d comment on them if I could get past the fact that this article is full of typographic and grammatical errors.

    Maher put O’Reilly in his place… this really isn’t news. Any open minded sane person can easily keep himself out of the closed minded O’Reilly spin zone… we’re just short on open minded sane people who are still crazy enough to sit next to O’Reilly!

  104. Maher is open minded? All conservatives are selfish was the comment he made and racist, sounds very open minded.

  105. Hey Jeb Bush 2012, come to Chicago, I’ll give you my address, and I’ll give you a good idea of how we do things in Chicago. They call it the City of Broad Shoulders for a reason.

    I also find it ironic that people that claim to be true Americans follow the lead of a news network (Fox News) WHOSE MAJORITY OWNERS AREN’T EVEN FUCKING AMERICANS! Rupert Murdoch is an Australian, and Fox’s second largest shareholder after Murdoch is SAUDI PRINCE AL-WALEED BIN TALAL, THE MAN FUNDING THE “GROUND ZERO MOSQUE!”

    Moderates, true progressives, and people that don’t want to bring the country into the dark ages: Begin arming yourselves now, because these jingoist, xenophobes WILL turn violent, and more than likely you will need to protect yourselves from these psychos using any means necessary.

    Final thought, at least I get my news from organizations owned by American citizens!

  106. Over the past few years I’ve discovered I’m more liberal minded than I thought I was, but it grinds me to no end when blanket statements are made asserting that all tea partiers are racist. That is simply not true, and you lose all credibility when you make such a claim. I suppose it has just become easier to say that than take the time to explain why you disagree with someone. I think the tea party consists primarily of frustrated middle class citizens that are buying into a great deal of disinformation and rhetoric, some of which is hateful. While I have no doubt that there is still a great deal of racism in this country, it is not fair to paint an entire group with such a broad brush.

  107. Actually, it isn’t surprising at all. It seems to me that people rarely give another point of view significant consideration to the point that it might actually change their basic belief system. As such, Fox can air the interview knowing that most, if not all, of the viewers are like-minded in their thinking and will conclude that Bill O’Reilly’s points made more sense and Bill Maher was just another “libtard”. Alternatively, a liberal viewer would likely draw the opposite conclusion.

  108. Actually, to be fair, he said people are individuals. But he did say that conservatives generally favor more selfish policies. Judging from most of the comments I read on blogs, I think he is accurate in that assessment.

  109. having read a few of the comments on this page I am glad that Civil Discourse is alive and well in our society. You all should go back and read your comments and then review some of the things we learn in Kindergarten. Some of those things that fall into the category of everything I need to know.

    And P.S. yes anyone who makes a charge that Obama is Muslim, or Kenyan or any other comment that falls in line with the Birther philosophy or Newt’s comments regarding Obama’s “Kenyan Worldview” is either:

    A. A Rascist.
    B. Someone who is being played by racists.

    Pointing our that our President’s middle name is Hussein is about a specious as an argument can get.

    For those of us in the crowd not familiar with the word specious it means:
    1. Superficially plausible, but actually wrong: “a specious argument”.
    2. Misleading in appearance, esp. misleadingly attractive: “a specious appearance of novelty”. More »

  110. So the only requirement for being racist now is being a part of a large group that is predominantly one ethnic group, or believe in God? In that case, I guess you think the NAACP is racist as well (they are, but not for the reason you are implying).
    Also, I love that everyone who is not in support of Obama is a racist now. Just because he is black, that doesn’t mean anyone who disagrees with him is a racist. That is a very convenient retort for liberals and frankly, you could argue that your use of the “race card” against anyone who disagrees with Obama is racist in and of itself. You are using the mans race to your advantage, and that my friend, is racism.

    See how I flipped it around…

    Lets leave race alone and focus on the actual problems instead of the ones people make up to gain political advantage.

  111. You’re trying to present it as if it has to be either/or when in fact it is both. The leaders of the liberal movement are elitist, looking down their noses as they claim they know what is best for everyone and that they are helping the poor. The poor who believe them make up a large part of their base and vote them into office because either they believe they will get help or they want to continue being lazy and can under the policies of the liberal leaders. This is not to say that other types of people aren’t liberal, just that both of those types of people are liberals.

  112. Well trollbait, you are both corrected and wrong.

    He is dating a woman named Cara Santa Maria, a neurologist. PLEASE show us or just me, where Bill Maher is Gay.

    You must not know much about Bill Maher, his show or his views.

    Good luck getting them trolls.

  113. Republicans fought Obama before he had even spent 30 days in the White House.

    The Republicans running the GOP are soar losers who put individualism before community.

    When Bush was President, Leftist movements focused on, peace, the working class, and American prosperity through education and civil rights. The Obtuse Republicans protest, and it’s with Racist remarks, Anti Gay sentiment and a deficit none of them seem to understand was RUN UP by the GOP. If you can’t identify this as ignorance you’re blind.

    It really angers me to see republicans make a farce out of protesting and social movements, by endorsing radical groups like the Tea Party or foolishness like Sarah Palin.

    One day it hits moderates in the face, and they realize they’ve been played for fools. Enough is enough!

  114. Yes, I will say it again, NOTHING is FREE! People quit waiting for the government to solve everything. It’ s just not going to happen. If you want a paycheck and can’t find work, get off your dead ASS and come up with a brilliant idea and market it. Then you can pay 1/2 of the millions of dollars your going to earn. Welcome to Socialism or the Progressive ideal , as the Left wingers now call it. For those of you with out a high school education, that is the state of Government we are at now. Either work your Ass off and watch the govenment take it all away or say Hell with is and join the Obama Welfare state.

    You all know I am totally right and for those that can’t understand stay home and don’t vote cause you are way to stupid. Bring it on, you left wing NUTS!!

  115. actually, we know that you are not right. No one waits for the government to solve everything although the e-mails that you get telling you what to says they do.

    Try and get off the talking points and come up with something original that may be remotely true

  116. I still watch Maher’s show, just for the break from reality, but O’reilly kicked his ass. It just showed us how staged Real time really is. Maher was left speechless several time in the fox interview. I even started to feel sorry for the guy.

    It’s so hard to defend yourself when your in the minority. I will still watch Maher and hope that he doesn’t find himself in the unemployment line.
    Poor Maher go home and get high man ,at least you have that or until the admin takes that from you too. :(

  117. Who knew Yoda was so right wing? Typical leftist America-hating garbage, Maher is. Cold and out of touch he has become. HItler reborn he may be…..

  118. Im a republican and I don’t watch FOX news or any of that propaganda BS. I am a republican because I make a lot of money and I don’t like giving it away. simple. The majority of the party believes what I believe. We need idiots like the tea party to do our dirty work so we can stand in the back and count our money :)

  119. Left wing nut! Hey if you want to pay more taxes, I’ll be glad to forward my tax bill to you.

    What your address? What most non educated left winger don’t understand. is that the working class pays about 1/2 of their income or more to taxing authorities. I know this because I am an accountant and a business owner. We are taxed in ways that you don’t even realize. The bottom line is right or left . We are all going to take it in the shorts.

    It needs to stop. Government needs to get on a budget, or American as we know it it done for.

    The rest of you that seem to think I am wrong, get an education.

  120. That people think things are free is a talking point. Everyone knows that healthcare is not free and lunch is not free, however many people refer to healthcare as “free healthcare”. I laugh every time I see this “Nothing is free” garbage. The fact that there are millions of people unemployed in this country does not mean they are not looking or dont want a job. The right wing nut job talking points that all unemployed are lazy and living off the government is easy for people to suck up, until they lose their job.

  121. Mel, I dont think anyone is paying any attention to you. I can assume you possibly replied to the wrong post, cause what you said has nothing to do with what I said.

  122. Well lets face it, you couldnt refute what he said with statistics. I have yet to see any from your side. I’ll bet that’s because they wouldn’t support your claims.

  123. Lets be clear, NO president can keep us safe from an attack. There is evidence that Bush could have stopped 9/11, but Im not going to blame that attack on Bush. If one happens tomorrow Im not going to blame it on Obama either. If we could stop any attack, then there would never be bank robbery’s or anything like that. Someone would have to be reading minds.

    I will say that the wars Bush started have drastically increased our chances of getting hit sooner or later by someone internally.

  124. “We in the tea party are not racist, we just point out the fact that Obama is a radical socialist Muslim who was born in Kenya.”

    You are right, you are not racist, you are just incredibly under educated and just plain out there to be pitied.

    Hilarious post

  125. Why are conservatives coming off ad a-holes so often on comment boards? Just sit back and think on that nugget for a while.

  126. A few comments down from this you call Obama the “Kenyan Teleprompter Reader”. How is that not racist? Stupid hypocrite.

  127. The Republicans/Teabaggers have become nothing but a bunch of inbred religious fundamentalist racists. They truly are the American Taliban and they are an embarrassment and a disgrace to the country.

  128. I definitely didn’t think big O man got owned at all.

    It bothers me that so many people are extremists on both sides. There’s very little crossover.

    Why is being selfish a bad thing? It’s a natural thing. Embrace that and people become less narcotic since they’re not denying basic instinct. Helping others, and living peacefully can go hand in hand with being selfish.

    Just sayin.

  129. Funny that you saw the time delay issue as leaving Maher speechless. Goes to show that when people don’t “know” they’ll just make something up to make themselves feel better.

  130. Dude this wasn’t no time delay, he was actually stumbling to find words to respond to the O’reilly.

    Was like last weeks episode of Real time when the panelist ask Maher if he was a Socialist, stumpling again he replied a European Socialist. Like putting the work European in from of Socialist made it more acceptable.

  131. You obviously weren’t watching the same video everyone else was watching because Bill Maher spent most of the time stuttering around with his completely biased rants. It is easy to attack someone’s beliefs when you don’t take a stance on any belief. Bill Maher took the easy way out by stating that he doesn’t have a clue how we actually came to be, yet he is “smart” enough to “not know”, while 60% of America is so stupid because they believe God is the answer. How does that make any sense at all? Since when does not answering a question become the most intelligent answer? I am glad I ran across your article because I truly needed a good laugh tonight. It was nice to see O’Reilly show the hypocrisy in almost everything that came out of Maher’s mouth. Liberals have a tendency to point the finger at everyone else to take the attention away from the fact that they don’t have a clue. At least Maher admitted he didn’t have a clue, which obviously anyone watching that video could see. Sorry to say, but this is another point for O’Reilly.


  133. I also love how easily the left starts name calling. Why not come up with some facts instead of calling everyone racist, idiots, teabaggers, etc. Is that the best that you have? How come Liberal lobbying groups are “justified” social movements yet the Teaparty movement is considered by the left as a hateful, racist organization aimed at holding everyone down. Liberals try to create public jobs, paid for out of taxpayer money, which anyone that has taken any sort of economics class knows is actually negative income. When you pay someone in taxpayer money and then receive a small portion of that same taxpayer money back as taxes, you don’t create any new income coming into the system. When you continue to take out loans to pay for new programs, government entities and already drained entitlement programs you are just adding to debt we don’t need. Also, how did Liberals get so brain-washed into thinking that the only important thing today is how much money the government is getting in taxes? Why do people keep referring to “The Bush Tax Cuts” when they should refer to them as Bush taking away the government’s tax hikes. The government has continued to raise taxes over the years and some of you don’t care, I don’t get it. The most important thing is keeping more of your hard earned money so you can take better care of your family. You wouldn’t need so many government programs if you didn’t give a quarter of your income to the government each paycheck. And you call Conservatives idiots….wake up people.

  134. The only people I’ve ever heard “Fags are all mentally Ill” are from right wing extremists. Along with Obama is a secret taliban agent who eats babies.

  135. explain to me, please, how fox news is both the most watched news network on cable and yet somehow not part of the “mainstream media.” that kind of defines mainstream.

  136. Derek, at least you speak the truth. I wish the Republican party lower tier could see just how used they are by their 250k+ brothers.

  137. Wow, Maher might be smug and annoying, but I think O’Reilly really comes of as an idiot here. Quote, “If you want to believe that a little meteorite crashed into the earth and Bill Maher emerged from some swamp some place, you go right ahead and believe it, man.” Apparently that’s sums up his understanding of evolutionary theory. He clearly has no idea what evolutionary theory tells us about the origins of the planet or the universe, yet he mocks those who consider evolution more likely than creation theory. And he clearly has very little idea what is in the Bible, yet he claims that it shapes the entirety of his world view and his notions of man’s origins. What an astonishingly ignorant “performance” on his part. If you are going to believe or disbelieve something, at least have some idea what that something is.

    And for everyone making under $100,000 who is married with kids and thinks they pay too much in taxes, the reality is that you probably pay almost no Federal income tax (or you end up making money on the deal). Don’t believe me? Check your tax return. And why is this? Because the government not only taxes you at lower rates and gives you a $3,650 tax deduction (“personal exemption”) per kid, but, thanks to Bush, you also get $1,000 in fully refundable tax credits per kid too – that’s exactly the same as writing you a check for $1,000 – you get to keep it even if you paid no income taxes at all. So basically, the government taxes single people at a much higher rate than they tax you – in order to give you cash credits for your kids.

    Sure, it costs a lot to raise kids, but if that’s not textbook socialism, I don’t know what is. So much for “self-reliance”. And that enhanced child tax credit is a significant part of what would be preserved by extending the Bush tax bill. So before you Tea enthusiasts go calling Obama a socialist, you might want to go returning all those big fat socialist Bush child tax credits. I believe the I.R.S. takes voluntary donations.

  138. I really wish there was a way of forcing people to leave behind their stupid assumptions and fact-less shenanigans.
    But assuming “all” on any opinion is a mistake simply because a single fact against the “All” group can undermine the point of your opinion.
    By the way, Smarg, you’re thanking God for Fox News of all things?!

  139. I really need to start chiseling and honing my ask-me-if-I-give-a-shit face if I’m to deflect all of these people on my way to the liquor store.

  140. So accurate as well. I love a tea party. It devolves into a name calling smear fest every time a teensy weensy amount of rational dialogue comes into the picture. RETURN TO SANITY!!!!!!!! 10/30/10…. Don’t even think about going to that Stephen Colbert’s Keep Bears Alive gig… We will win Colbert…the sane shall reclaim this great nation!

  141. How hillarious. I watch fox news because of what the rest of them don’t report on. They never ask the manchurion cantidate any of the tough questions. They activly promote him through their whimpy questioning and misdirection. If you think big government and a welfare state is what you want in america continue to watch katie kuric.

  142. What sort of a fucking “demolishing” was that? I could have done better…

    Bill-O (01:23): “You think it’s racially… are you on that bandwagon that if you don’t like him you’re a racist? You can’t be there, Maher, that’s not you. You can’t be there.”

    I would’ve answered: “I didn’t say if you don’t like him it means he’s a racist, I’m saying SOME, perhaps even a lot, of the teabaggers are protesting him because of their racist views.

    Then Maher talked about Bush’s debt, “nobody was angry about the deficit when [it was Bush’s]”, O’Reilly responds “because nobody knew about it!”. I would’ve cut him there and said “and whose fault is it? Whose duty is do you think is it to inform people about things they should know?” and went on a rant about Fox News’ heavy criticism of the sitting government when that sitting government is a Democratic one. Bill-O even said “it’s a bigger issue now.”, well who the fuck do you think didn’t make it a big issue for 8 years and are making it such a big issue now?

    As to Bill-O’s “trillion dollars of debt”, I wish Maher had responded with the 2 very expensive wars.

    As to sleighting of DailyKos and MoveOn, I wouldn’t have come up with a quick response on that spot.

  143. what the fuck was that. this is a political blog, not some place for your southern ass to complain about your problems and how you say to start a witch hunt. the real problem here is that theres going to be a hindu temple being built shortly across the street from ground 911. now i do understand your problem with the gays but as a taboo practicer and major i take great offense to your witch hunt plan. our tax money needs to go to the progress of the reconstuction of segment c of the polygon after october 11th. so damni saw you get your shit together and re-think your post. whose with me?

  144. Noodles won’t help me now. Just conversing with these people is a real let down. I had no idea public school was this bad.

  145. Both O’Reilly and Maher blasphemed God’s Word!
    God is a God of miracles…Noah’s Ark is just one his miracles!
    Also The Old Testament practices were a shadow…the reality is found
    in Christ [Heb.10:1/Col.2:16,17] in the New Testament. God is
    veiled in a shadow in the OT but revealed perfectly in the NT.
    Dane Muhlig
    El Cajon,CA

  146. not all tea-baggers are racist… some are libertarians who want very limited federal govt including cutting out most federal services, some are militia who want guns-guns-guns and are just lookin for a reason to use em, most are republicans who lost in ’08 and are still bitter and angry… I believe deep down though, there is a thread of racism throughout… they can barely handle blacks being equal but it’s unfathomable to them to imagine a black man as the most powerful man in the world and they then equate America as becoming a third world country… they may be in denial… all I know is, Obama is one of the smartest men I have ever witnessed in my life … and I am proud to call him my President … with modern transportation and the Internet, we are a Global community, like it or not… America is and will always be a melting pot, attracting all including the brightest minds on the planet… let’s all work to get along and keep America as the greatest leader EVER!!

  147. SomeGuy, you make some valid points… especially about the upper 1% controlling the money…. I never really saw it until the financial meltdown and the BP spill…. to think that a company like AIG is too big too fail means that some of their guys really were incredibly reckless and they weren’t afraid of any consequences … they took risk with other people’s money and made HUGE profits practically taking the economy down with the mortgage derivatives… they ABSOLUTELY knew it was a bubble but kept gambling… the TRILLION dollars that was lost, wasn’t lost…. it went into their pockets!!! with the US taxpayers (and some European countries) picking up the tab…

    and then with the Oil Spill and the Republicans defending BP so forcefully… people saying don’ t hammer BP too hard because we don’t want them to fail….corporations and profits before people’s lives!! if a terrorist did as much damage as BP they would have been crucified with no mercy….

    really saddens me to think that so many are distracted from what’s really going on and are easily co-opted because the power-brokers find just the right topic that taps into certain people’s sensibilities (guns, God, taxes, debt) and turns it into a ‘Trojan Horse’ rallying cry…

  148. Bill M is an a$$. He always was and will always be. The way he wins arguments is to get louder than the other person. When doesn’t get a chance to be louder, he loses, just like he did here. Hollywood and the elitists are so out of touch with reality. Obama is two faced and arrogant and people are seeing him for who he is. He will lose his power in November.

  149. To all Americans,

    Your country is fucked! The rest of the world is sick of hearing you argue with each other. Straighten your shit out already.

  150. do yourself a favor and educate yourself. Hollywood and the elitists? come on. you are so stuck in your disgust that you cant see the truth. If you looked beyond talking points you would see that the real patriots are working for the betterment of America and not self serving, wealthy empowering, fear mongering policy. you belong to a sad group of ignorant sheep, viewing the world and America with your eyes closed.

  151. Seriously? The chair of the RNC doesn’t even know the federal minimum wage, the Republican party is nothing but shills for unrestrained corporate greed and does nothing but deflect any talk even pretending to address the disparity between the poor and the rich in this country and it’s the people in Hollywood you’re calling elitists? Holy sh*t that takes some big brass ones. Or a total lack of brains. The only reason you view Hollywood that way is because most Hollywood liberals stand up and say you know what, I can afford to pay more taxes. The republican media machine HATES this because it blows the lid off their little script about taxes on rich people being totally evil and communist. It makes the rich people who whine about having to get their taxes increased by 3% while the average Joe slips below the poverty line look like what they are…greedy *ucks. Anyone who is rich and says wait a minute, I can afford to pay more taxes must be painted as a red pinko commie latte sipping limo driving liberal elitist.

    The myth of the liberal media is a joke. The right wing press wants it both ways. They want to tell you that left wing media gets crushed in the ratings by them all the time and that nobody watches liberal commentators because they’re not fair and balanced. So we’re supposed to believe in the free market principles they’re espousing EXCEPT when it comes to media. For some reason when it comes to media, everyone really WANTS to hear right wing media and everyone listens to right wing media (which the ratings apparently demonstrate) , but the media continues to be totally left wing liberalism that no one wants to hear despite the fact that there are few consumers for it? If you asked anyone in the republican party whether any business, much less an entire network of business’ could survive this way, they’d laugh at you and call you crazy. But this is what they want you to believe is the case with media?

    Right. Got it. Left wingers are the elitists for saying tax the rich 3% more and the right wing rich who say that they won’t be able to create any more jobs if you raise their taxes 3% are the upstanding nonelites in this picture? Up is down, left is right, good is bad. Got it.

    See, the truth isn’t hard to follow if you just redefine the terms you’re using. It’s funny how right wing christians will chastise liberals for moral relativism and then they’ll use BS logic like this to reconcile their Christianity with their unashamed pursuit of greed and wealth.

  152. Its now 3 weeks until the midterm elections. I don’t normally watch Mr M on
    HBO. In fact the last time I did, I watched this professional give our President,
    President Bush at the time the finger and tell him to go F himself on his HBO
    In his interview with Mr O, he informed me that if I didn’t agree with our
    President, I was a racist. He also told me that I was a moron if I believed in
    God. Didn’t matter what god.
    I disagree with your evaluation relevant to how he responded on the Factor.
    He sure wasn’t his self assured wise cracking self you see on his program.
    Tell the truth, he got hammered!
    I’m looking forward to watching his next program after the midterm elections.
    Should be fun watching and hearing him blast the racist and morons who don’t
    know what they are doing.
    What most people fail to realize is, the differences are what make our Country
    great. It just takes a little Statesmanship to make it work on both sides.

  153. We probably won’t stop arguing. Our country seems to have a unique problem. Most countries are either religious/moral rule, or keep religion and morality out of politics and focus on a person’s rights and well-being. About half of our country (the most vocal of whom are Christians) want religious rule, and the other half want religions to butt out of politics all-together. Until that gets settled for good, we will still argue about fun things like gay marriage, abortion, don’t ask don’t tell, and anything else that has some moral implication. With major issues like those, who has time to care about our economy. /sarcasm

  154. That ignorant, pot-smoking, atheistic kike “demolished” O’Reilly? You’re so full of shit.

  155. Spoken like one of the racists that worships the ground that Bully O’Racist and Glen Xenophobeck walk on.

  156. whow un liberal has a lot of ranti really didn;t understand all that but i would to hate disagree with him i guess you would be a racist or bigot .

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