Fox Flakes Out and Worries that Democratic Lame Ducks Will Roar

I’m tellin’ ya’, you’re going to be hearing a lot about how lame ducks shouldn’t be doing anything – because, well, if they were to do something, it would be more liberal legislation than the Republicans want. In order to avoid this, Republicans are attempting the preemptive strike against lame duck legislation. This is, of course, the opposite of what the Republicans thought when they were the lame ducks and they did small things like impeach a president.

Media: Stop Covering Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies

When this person speaks about policy, please ignore her.

Sarah Palin damns Obamacare to Hell and lies in process. Again. If the media wants to let Palin run another two month end game around sanity, so be it, but I'm not going along for the ride this time. Sarah Palin is a menace to civilized debate and a cancer on the morale of this country. Let the revolution begin: Tell the media to leave Sarah Palin's Facebook page out of our policy debates. Let this be a part of of Stewart's "restoring sanity" rally.

Fox Running Scared from Carter’s Fear Mongering Accusations

Former President Carter recently called out Fox News as being a source and propagator of paranoia against Obama, including birtherism and Christianism. Even though the Right loves to make fun of President Carter, Fox was scared enough by his accusations to attempt to debunk the former President via their old Breitbart fallback of misleadingly editing footage to cover their sins. Media Matters called them out on it.

Sarah Palin is Now As Popular As BP

A new Public Policy Polling survey of undecided voters released today shows that Sarah Palin's "leadership" may cause GOP candidates around the country to crash and burn in both 2010 and 2012. The survey revealed that 65% of undecided voters disapprove of Palin, while only 17% approve of her. To put this into context, BP has a 16% approval rating.

Keith Olbermann Educates Sarah Palin

Today, Palin must have been high on her Tea Party video release, and full of that dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence, took to twitter to tell the Left off. However, I don't need to tell you that in the process of this she revealed her utter ignorance -- a fact which Keith Olbermann was kind enough to point out to the Tea Party leader.

Rachel Maddow and UAW Workers Tell GOP Hypocrite to Go Home

Last night, Rachel Maddow applied her razor-like intellect to expose the inherent hypocrisy in the modern GOP, hiding beneath a thin veneer of cowardly double-talk. One of her examples was Bob Corker, R-TN. Corker fought to kill the US auto industry. He filibustered the auto bailout, holding it hostage until he could be promised that the auto workers would be paid less and ultimately voted no on it.

Mama Grizzly Sacrificing Cub at Dancing with the Stars

Bristol has finally made it to opening night and her mama Sarah Palin will be in the audience, making sure her daughter doesn't become part of that evil "pop culture" Palin blames for our country's woes. And accompanying the Mama Grizzly Pit Bull is tons of security, who have been warned that if security is breached, Sarah is a higher priority than her daughter.

Beck Demonizes Real Mama Grizzly Elizabeth Warren

Beck is attacking Harvard graduate and former Vice President of the American Law Institute Elizabeth Warren, using his usual lamestream media accusations and lies. Beck is upset because the President appointed Warren to oversee the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Warren "is one of our country's fiercest advocates" for the middle class, Obama said Friday when introducing her. Right there, you see what the problem is.

Obama Sets a Tea Party Trap

Obama at CNBC town hall

President Obama participated in CNBC's Investing in America Town Hall today where he called out the Tea Party and told them to get specific about exactly what spending they would cut. Obama said, "It's not enough just to say get control of spending. I think it's important for you to say I'm willing to cut veteran's benefits, or I willing to cut Medicare or Social Security benefits."