What About the Headless Bodies, Governor Brewer?

Governor Brewer Realizes Why Palin Doesn't Do Interviews

Yes, it’s another day in Republican land where naturally, such questions as, “What about the headless bodies?” are bound to come up. After all, nothing says Republican like wild, unfounded accusations. Oh, but wait, what about the general incompetence? Oh, that was here too. We had the whole show last night during a televised debate between Gubernatorial political opponents Incumbent Republican Jan Brewer and Democrat (current state attorney general since 2003) Terry Goddard of Arizona.

The White House Gives Glenn Beck A Big STFU

At his daily press briefing today White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about Glenn Beck's attacks on Obama's Christianity. Gibbs said, "People are entitled to their own opinion as ill informed as it may be, but they're not entitled to their own facts. The president is a committed mainstream Christian."

Fox News Finds Hidden Messages in Obama’s Iraq Speech

On Fox and Friends this morning the panel claimed that President Obama's Iraq speech contained hidden messages about a second stimulus and cap and trade, and that using the term "middle class" was a buzz word. Eric Bolling said, "We must jump start industries, sounds to me like stimulus, and end our dependence on foreign oil, sounds to me like cap and trade."

About Last Night, Republicans….

And then yesterday, as the President got ready to announce the last combat troops were out of Iraq, and the nation could finally let out its war-weary breath on one front, Republicans had the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to warn the President of the United States to not take "credit" for Iraq. Instead of acknowledging these sacrifices over your mistake, instead of fighting for Veterans' benefits, instead of finding one damn thing to be positive about, Republicans can not stop being ungrateful, petty, small-minded, empty-hearted partisan hacks.

Why Can’t Republicans Understand the Constitution?

The Constitution is clear on a couple of things, and one of the most obvious is that it's not the Old Testament and that you don't have to think any particular thing about the Old Testament or any other religion to hold office...Republicans don't seem to get the whole "no religious test" thing, so maybe we need to nudge them along a bit.