Glenn Beck Teabags Star Wars

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On his radio show today Glenn Beck and his crew claimed that the perfect movie for these teabagging times is Star Wars. Beck managed to turn Star Wars in into a Tea Party epic. Beck said, “Wow, is it a appropriate story for today. My gosh, the Republic is going down. The Empire is starting.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “Have you watched it lately?….You should watch it because, wow, wow it is a appropriate story for today. My gosh, it is just such a, you know the republic is going down the empire is starting. Your Jedi that old religion is gone and not powerful.” Of course, Pat picked up the theme and chimed in with, “Well, one of my favorite lines that I think applies today comes from was it the latest Star Wars where Queen Amidala says, “”So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.” I mean how many times have I thought that as people are applauding redistribution of wealth, or some other stinking concept that these guys are putting forward.”

In Glenn Beck’s Tea Party retelling of Star Wars, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and progressives are the Empire. He and the Tea Party are the resistance that is fighting to restore the Republic. I guess this makes Beck, Luke Skywalker, and Sarah Palin is Princess Leia. Darth Vader, because he is black would be Barack Obama. The problem with this is that it doesn’t match up with the obvious theme and message of the any of the prequels.

As usual, Beck has taken a quote completely out of context. What Queen Amidala was referring to with the liberty dying quote was the Proclamation of the New Order when Palpatine proclaimed himself Emperor and outlined his vision for transforming the Republic into the Empire. The movie’s proclamation bears a not so coincidental resemblance to the post-9/11 authorization to use force and George W. Bush’s vision of empire through preemptive war. George Lucas may be a lot of things, but he is not subtle.

Here are a few other quotes from the same film that contradict Beck’s retelling of the story:

Anakin: “I think this war is destroying the principles of the Republic.”

Amidala: “What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists, and the Republic has become the very evil we’ve been fighting to destroy?”

Amidala: “This war represents a failure to listen.”

No matter how Beck tries to twist, Star Wars is not an epic of Tea Party values. The original trilogy based on the work of educator and mythologist Joseph Campbell and his concept of the hero’s journey, which is in classic work The Hero With a Thousand Faces. The trilogy of prequels is a reversal of this story to show the demise of a hero. It is a classic myth that spans all cultures and thousands of years.

The beautiful thing about film is that the message is often left up to audience interpretation. This has never been the case with the writing and films of George Lucas, who is as subtle as a jackhammer. Lucas’ prequels were warning against the dangerous direction that George W. Bush and the GOP were taking America towards. Beck, Palin, and the Tea Party aren’t defenders of the Republic.

They are the very people who are manipulating the Republic while trying to establish their empire. They are foes, not friends of democracy, and they are the people who our democracy and Republic must be saved from, because as they claim to defend freedom, they are dreaming of the day when they can strip it away.

23 Replies to “Glenn Beck Teabags Star Wars”

  1. I’m sure I can hear him laughing from my kitchen window. I wouldn’t consider him a conservative by any stretch of the imagination….and the Tea Party isn’t fighting for liberty. One wonders when they will figure this out.

  2. the funny thing about Glenn Beck is he can take a tube of toothpaste and turn it into an enemy just to fill his time on television and radio. The poor fellow can’t think far enough ahead to understand it is making a fool of himself.

    (fooled you, it’s a short post)

  3. Nailed it Shiva…

    Has anyone yet figured out what chemical Beck is swallowing these days? For awhile I thought maybe meth/crank…but he’s too fat for that. Then maybe cocaine…but he acts “wrong” for a cokehead.
    Amphetamine? not sure…
    It’s something that makes him totally nuts. PCP?
    I know he has admitted that he was stoned EVERY SINGLE DAY for 16 years and he drank alcohol at the same time..but what in God’s name is he taking?
    Unless he totally pickled his brain during that 16 year period, in which case what we are seeing is massive brain damage due to substance abuse.
    There is something CLINICAL wrong with Glen Beck. He is not mentally sound.

  4. Jason is obviously high when he writes this silly screed.


    Whenever their names are mentioned, liberal heads explode!!! BWWAHAHAHAHA!!

  5. So far, you have Jason high and Sarah on crack. Project much?

    Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to write anything longer than a few insults, but it does take a modicum of concentration. If I were you, I’d stop the buckshot and try aiming better.

  6. Wow, you sure made that argument. Either of you have any facts to debate or is it just preschool time?

  7. Jesus Christ smarg, are you too stupid to die? If you own the gun, I’ll buy the bullets for you. What makes you think that anyone here gives a flying fuck about what you think? No one does. No one cares. I am sure that you have learned a lot from your hero Glenn Beck, so why don’t you follow in his footsteps? Get an addiction. Hopefully a powerful one. Since you are obsessed with people getting high I would suggest something like heroin, and don’t do a little. No, no, do a lot. Do it until you get really sleepy, and although some people might try to keep you awake, don’t listen to them.

    Give into the sleep.

    The sleep is slow relaxing, Just close your eyes, because you know that no one loves you or miss you in this world. I’m sure that the next world will better. It won’t be so disappointing. You’ll get everything that you have deserved but that nasty black man won’t let you have here. You deserve better so just put the needle in your arm, and take the last journey of your life, loser.

  8. @mie What kind of gay ass 10 year old can only think to post +1 in a comment section. What is wrong with you? Don’t have any of your own thoughts? Here is a tip for you. If you can’t think of a complete sentence to type then don’t type anything. No one gives a damn that you can find both the (+) and the (1) on a keyboard. Once you get smarg’s balls out of your mouth, you may be able to form a sentence, but until then, keep it to yourself. Oh, and smarg likes it when you swallow, bitch.

  9. Bill, are you totally angry tonight or what? Holy cow!

    It’s a Star Wars story! They’re upset because they just found out Lucas was pointing the finger at them all of those years ago….think of the Halloweens they wasted, Bill and you will find some compassion.

  10. —-
    Star Wars becomes a rather iffy comparison on a lot of things when you go as far as the Expanded Univserse.

    For one, it becomes clear that the Emperor rewrote history, turning himself into a benevolent martyr for the cause of humanity, and a cult essentially formed around him and the dark side (Isanne Isard being one example; she earned her nickname “Iceheart” quite quickly). You also have businesses taking over entire regions of space and pretty much being entirely autonomous (the Corporate Sector is capitalism on steroids^2).

    Basically, it’s pretty clear that the Palpatine Empire is a horribly racist, capitalist-gone-overboard, facist state.

    You’ve also got the Rebel Alliance / New Republic, which (as the books go on) runs into the problem of having too little central government; think Articles of Confederation-era America. Yes, people are free and doing MUCH better, but all the old little bickerings come up again, and people start arguing what constitutes as “best.”

    Then (and this starts really entering plot spoiler territory) you have the late Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Empire of the Hand; essentially the Empire, minus the cronyism and racist undertones. It is still a fascist state (in the same way that Thrawn is very affably evil, rather than a true good guy), but more because it’ll need to survive all the little horrors beyond the edge of the galaxy (the Yuuzhan Vong being the chief and most dangerous threat).

    Basically, if you look at the core stuff, the Tea Party has more in common with the Empire than anything else: the usage of fear (and the threat of force from one source or another) to govern the masses, with religion and economics being chief tools.

    That’s not to say the Democrats are the Rebels/Republic though; we’re comparing Blue-Orange morality with Black-White. Things get weird, and things get weird quickly.

  11. Here’s Big Bad Bill (BWAHAHAHA!!!) threatening people behind his monitor. I bet he’s 5’4″ and 135 lbs soaking wet. Hee!

  12. How’s this for an insult…this is fun.

    Silly Billy, is your mother a welfare whore? You certainly write like she was. How many half-siblings do you have? Is your anger the result of watching her have sex with numerous partners??

    Hmm, I’ll get to the bottom of this…


  13. @smarg You’re banned. For the millionth time people, no personal insults and name calling, and the ban applies to Big Bad Bill too.

  14. Yes, please disagree all you want but please please refrain from personally insulting/attacking authors and comment posters. That is our only rule. If you can behave, and the same thing applies to Bill, anyone can come back with their old account. There is no need to hide or create duplicates, because I will ban those too and all the IP addresses and proxys.

  15. Wonderful how you liberals are so hypocritical even when writing about something you obviously know about. Here you go:

    ” The original trilogy based on the work of educator and mythologist Joseph Campbell and his concept of the hero’s journey, which is in classic work The Hero With a Thousand Faces. The trilogy of prequels is a reversal of this story to show the demise of a hero. It is a classic myth that spans all cultures and thousands of years. ”

    Yet somehow the trilogy can apply to George Bush, but not Obama? There goes the “classic myth that spans all cultures and thousands of years.”

    You see, I agree with you that Star Wars applied to George–in his way of trying to have the government usurp the power of the people. But in the same way, Star Wars, however unintentionally, also applies to Obama’s way of trying to have the government usurp the power of the people. But because you’re anti-conservative, your liberal glasses only allows you to see one perspective.

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