Blood Hungry Palin Fans Threaten to Kill One of Their Own

Pit Bull Attacks are dangerous
Pit Bull Attacks are dangerous

Palin Fans Threatening to Kill a Disturbed Young Man

We’ve long documented the utter nuttiness of the Palin fans; their rabid attacks on anyone who dares to even question Sarah Palin, usually brought on by Palin herself suggesting that damage is being done to her unfairly by political “operatives”.

Now we have the Palin cult threatening to kill a young man against whom Palin got a civil restraining order. Palin fans are suggesting they will shoot this man with “liberal lead” as if he, too, must be a political operative.

He is not. Shawn Christy is a Palin fan, who donated to her PAC. He is also obviously mentally disturbed. He has made threats against many other political figures, including President Obama and Senator McCain, whose fans have not threatened to hunt down this young man and kill him.

Why is that? Well, Palin’s no media stance has allowed her to forge a unique trend in American politics wherein reality can be fabricated from the candidate’s imagination and easily spoon fed to brain washed and often mentally unstable people.

Palin is good at drumming up hate. Here she is “unfiltered” on a radio show earlier this week.

Palin has always excelled at getting others to do her dirty work for her and her political career is no different. We can recall the recent bullying of the school teacher as just one previous example of her inappropriate behavior. Note in this interview how she calls admired journalists Joe McGinness a “freak”; this is the man she implied was a child molester and was spying on her. Her fans also threatened Joe McGinness after hearing Palin’s tales of manufactured woe. In this interivew, she calls union members “thugs”. This isn’t normal behavior for a political figure or even a celebrity. Palin is, at the very least, careless with incendiary words.

This interview is riddled with lies that I’m not going to bother debunking, but I will question Palin’s claim to being a strong, independent frontier gal. Having known a few of these in real life, I never knew one of them to be afraid of anyone. If Palin is such a “strong” woman, why won’t she do interviews with any media other than the far right extremists and propaganda network Fox?

Palin’s 20 day civil restraining order is based upon her word, not any actual facts – though I don’t think anyone is disputing the facts in this case. But rational people will note that a restraining order that indicates guilt is a criminal restraining order, which takes evidence to obtain — rather than a civil order which relies upon testimony from the victim.

It’s a terrible thing for anyone to be stalked, but in reality, this man has never flown to Alaska. The FBI, along with many other law enforcement agencies, has interviewed him extensively. They have not prosecuted him for any of his threats to any public official. Who knows why?

The Frontiersman reported:

“He has had lots of opportunities to be arrested. The U.S. Capitol Police launched an investigation because Christy made more than 20 threats against President Barack Obama, more than 40 threats against 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain and another 40 against Palin. The Secret Service did its own investigation. Agents have visited Christy’s home and spent hours talking to him on more than one occasion.

They did not arrest him. They did not charge him. Neither did the FBI in Anchorage and Allentown, Pa., who also investigated.

But on our web page, readers have tried, convicted and sentenced Christy. Based on his public trial and suggested execution, his hometown police department has brought in patrols from neighboring towns to help protect his family.

Yes, that’s right. Palin fans are making such egregious threats against this young man, as if two wrongs make a right, that his hometown police department felt he and his family needed extra protection. Now who needs a restraining order?

“Even after we broke the story that Christy is not in Alaska and has never been to Alaska, threats against him continued on our website and Facebook page. Many comments were not approved because they suggested hunting Christy and killing him.

Folks asked us to post a picture of the young man so “decent” people could hunt him down and kill him. And that is exactly why we won’t publish a photo that could identify him.

We were shocked at the number of people from across the U.S. calling for his death and offering to pull the trigger on a .45 loaded with “liberal lead.””

Gosh, that seems normal and sane, no? No word on why John McCain has not rushed down to get his restraining order against someone who has never visited his state.

This might be a good time to note that Palin’s order might not be any good in Arizona, where one of her Mama Grizzlies says she is against recognizing restraining orders from other states. Just a head’s up. Of course, this won’t impact Palin who has her own security team everywhere she goes, unlike most restraining order recipients – many of whom are stalked by seriously threatening people and deserve to be protected the same as Palin. See, it’s issues like this that really make it hard to buy the Mama Grizzly feminist line. They sell one thing for the rest of us, but when it comes to their lives, they want all of the rights and protections we are lobbying for, and fighting them to achieve.

The Right Wing web is ablaze with threatened violence against this “Left wing stalker.” But then, they always shoot first before getting facts. Any wonder why they make normal people nervous?

The Right’s argument will be that anyone who dares to point out facts in this case hates Sarah Palin and deserves to die a death only fit for liberal. They’ve gotten the entire Right wing blogosphere crazy enough to be threatening to kill someone and using their IP addresses to do so. Apparently, they don’t understand why it matters that neither President Obama or John McCain have vigilantes out to take “justice” into their own disturbed hands. And of course Ms Palin herself has not bothered to set the record straight or throw water on the her fan’s flames of unmitigated and unregulated rage. She is an exceptionally irresponsible “leader”. The entire nation needs a civil restraining order from Palin fans, and I dare say, from Palin rhetoric.

This young man is not a liberal or a political operative. He is a crazy Palin fan. They are turning on their own kind now. Hurry, citizens, get out of the way. This isn’t going to go well.

H/T: Immoral Minority

26 Replies to “Blood Hungry Palin Fans Threaten to Kill One of Their Own”

  1. More disturbing but unsurprising news from the Right-wing…Something has gone awry with American politics that this kind of behavior can be condoned. “Second Amendment remedies” and “death threats” do not even raise an eyebrow. The allegedly left-wing media barely notices this extreme behavior; it might as well not be happening.

  2. This reminds me of that crazy McCain worker who carved the backwards B into her cheek, trying to say a big, scary black Obama supporter did it to her. When it came out that she made the story up (in a likely ploy to win the election for McCain), the conservatives all tried to claim she was an Obama supporter “pretending to be a McCain supporter.”

    I guess that’s why they call them cons.

  3. Exactly. The blood hungry will never allow facts to be absorbed into their info stream — they are too conditioned to attack first.

  4. I guess that’s why they call them cons.

    As in con-men(or con-women), yes. Just like Henry Gondorff.

  5. The Paliban seems to have an awful lot in common with stormtroopers with their extralegal proclivities

  6. They’ve already sent out the alert re this article along with the phrase “Don’t retreat, reload!”

  7. I wonder what these crazed fans of hers will do in the event that the candidates she has endorsed lose the general elections. I’ve encountered many of them on other forums, and they are a hateful bunch who are disconnected from reality. Remember when some of them threatened the writer McGinnis, who dared to move next door to Palin?

  8. Sarah, this thread is showing the utter nuttiness of you and the left.

    Actually, this is quite a funny article. Hee!

  9. I see none of her supporters are defending this. This confirms my theory of her being just another Teahadist.

  10. NO they are still trying to get that guy killed in PA. They don’t even know he isn’t a liberal. They live in dungeons i guess.

  11. I wonder what the Palin fans will do if and when the judge in the case doesn’t grant a permanent restraining order against Christy. Will they then direct their hate and threats towards the judge? Based on what they’ve done in the past, my guess is yes the judge will be threatened and attacked (at least) with emails. When that happened during the Levi-Bristol court case, Sarah never opened her mouth to shut the threats down. Same with threats against Joe McGinniss.

    Since Christy had been interviewed many times by the Secret Service and by FBI authorities in Anchorage and PA, Palin’s camp had to know that he had mental problems. I can’t help but wonder why she made this case public.

  12. You know why she did it. She did it for attention, to create drama and pity. She’ll be asking for money based on “liberal threats” in 3..2….1….Has anyone seen any proof that she graduated college or anywhere else?

  13. I’m disappointed that you thought it was necessary to portray Christy as a Palin fan to make the headline and conclusion of the article more dramatic. Wasn’t it crazy enough that “blood hungry Palin fans” threatened to kill ANYONE? Come on. You only list one fact that supports your claim that Christy is a “crazy Palin fan,” which is that he donated to her PAC. How much? How many separate donations? Has he also donated to other candidates that he may or may not have also threatened? More importantly, if he really is crazy, can you really take a donation of money to indicate that he is, at heart, a Palin fan? What evidence do you have to suggest that he is “not a liberal” either? Don’t take me wrong…I’m not suggesting that he is a liberal, but you didn’t list any evidence supporting that claim either.

    And for how much extremists on the Right try to polarize Americans and paint a political picture of Us vs. Them, articles like this one seek to do just as much.

  14. Wow, why don’t you read first? He paid 200 dollars to see her when she came to PA and he didn’t give money to anyone else. Happy now.

  15. I hate it when people do this. why didn’t you read the links? he is a conservative christian. it says so in the article. his family is too. he was home schooled. ok? he’s that kind of conservative.

    maybe she left it out to as not to smear homeschooled christians.

  16. Remember too the rabid Palin cult went after the Judge in the Bristol/Levi custody hearing in Alaska. The Judge was required to have security to protect her and her family as they had posted her address, etc.

  17. This is a continuing and ongoing pattern of attention getting contrived on schedule in part by Palin’s attention addiction, and in part at the advice of her “handlers”. As soon as the latest flurry settles another one is waiting in the wings…and lucky for her…there are wingnuts out there who are equal opportunity crazies.

    Clearly this guy doesn’t know what it is he hates, or who it is he is angry at, or even what he supports (given his SarahPAC donation). He is mentally ill, people. They come in all Party ‘colors’ liberal and conservative. Including those who think it is remotely appropriate to kill him with “liberal lead”, or post a photo so that he can be identified and harmed.

    Palin has never had a functioning edit button on her thoughts or her mouth. She is reckless by design and she has never tried to suppress the hate…the spews the vitriolic fuel and stands back hoping someone will lite the match. Quit defending what you do not understand…(smarg)…and start thinking about how we can respond like mature citizens. Threats against someone’s life are unacceptable! And we should ALL be appalled at THAT behavior…dems, repubs, non-partisan, etc.

  18. the fact that Sarah Palin has not come out and condemned these people is telling. this is exactly what would happen at the beginning of her reign from here on out in any public office. Total deference to the laws of America. It’s fine for her to get a restraining order( and given this person’s history I approve of that) but it’s not fine to allow your loyal minions to say they will kill this person. That doesn’t look good for Sarah in front of America. she needs to nip this in the bud immediately in order to have a shred of credibility if she is running for office

    Mark Levin is a total lapdog. The man is hilarious. He gets the hand-me-down crumbs from Hannity and the rest of Fox news


    “If we were living in another country, what we, all of us together, would go down to Washington and stone Henry Hyde to death, stone him to death, stone him to death!” said Baldwin. “Then we would go to their house and we’d kill the family, kill the children.”

    Nuff said?

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